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Sophie’s First Brazilian

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Sophie sat nervously in the chair at the salon, waiting to be called. She absentmindedly flipped through an issue of Cosmopolitan, unable to focus on 50 New Tricks to Try in Bed or How to Decode His Facial Expressions. She had decided to get a brazilian wax as a surprise for her new boyfriend, Sean. Secretly, she hoped it would encourage him to go down on her, which he had yet to do in their six weeks as a couple. However, she was quite nervous. She had never gotten anything waxed before, and had heard it could be quite painful. The logistics also worried her a bit. Would she be totally bare from the waist down? Would things be awkward during the wax? What if it hurt so much that she screamed or cried?

To reassure herself, Sophie thought of her friend Beth, who got waxed every single month. “It’s no big deal,” Beth had said. “Want me to go with you?”.

Bringing a friend had seemed even more embarrassing to Sophie than going by herself. As she sat waiting, she released her long brown hair from its ponytail and twisted it into a bun. Her appointment was with Lisa. What would Lisa be like? The woman on the phone had said, “Lisa is one of our most popular technicians. She always takes good care of her clients.” What did that even mean? Sophie hoped that meant it wouldn’t hurt too much.

“Sophie?” A woman emerged from a room to Sophie’s right. She had golden blonde hair braided back into a bun, and was tall and slender. She looked to be in her mid-twenties, a couple years older than Sophie’s 21, and she was absolutely gorgeous. Her smile made the skin around her eyes crinkle as she watched Sophie put down her magazine and get up.

“Um, yes. I’m Sophie,” she replied awkwardly. Lisa greeted her with a warm handshake and led her into the room. It was small, with a massage table in the back next to a cart of waxing supplies.

“Just go ahead and get undressed from the waist down, and lie here on the table.” Lisa smiled and turned her back as Sophie slipped off her flip flops, pulled off her denim skirt and panties, and lay down on the table.

“So, what are we doing today? Everything off? Or a strip in the middle?” asked Lisa.

Sophie hadn’t considered this. “Everything off, I guess. Please.”

Lisa smiled. “First time?”

Sophie grimaced. Was it that obvious? “Yes,” she admitted.

“Don’t worry,” replied Lisa. “You are going to be just fine.” She winked. “And, whoever the lucky man is, he is going to love it.”

Sophie hoped so. She tried to relax as Lisa ataşehir escort sprinkled baby powder between her legs, then asked her to bend her right knee out to the side.

Sophie then felt how Lisa spread hot wax on an area of her inner thigh, pressed a paper into it, and then yanked the paper off. Sophie’s body automatically stiffened, but the pain was bearable. Lisa pressed her fingers down on the area that had just been waxed, and looked up at Sophie.

“All right, honey?” Sophie managed to smile and nod. God, Lisa was beautiful! She could have been a model or a movie star, Sophie thought. What was she doing working in a salon?

Lisa continued to work, waxing Sophie’s inner thighs and on top of her pelvic bone. While Sophie didn’t like the pain each time the paper was ripped off, she enjoyed having the hot wax spread on her skin. It had the consistency of honey. And she breathed a sigh of relief each time she felt the pain wear off and Lisa’s hand pressing down on her skin.

“We use a hard wax for the lips, because it hurts less,” Lisa explained, as she applied a thicker, black wax to Sophie’s labia. Lisa spread Sophie’s lips slightly to avoid getting any wax in the middle. “It has to harden for a bit,” Lisa continued, and she pulled out a pair of tweezers. “I’ll just get a few stray hairs while we wait.”

Sophie felt tiny twinges of pain as Lisa worked with the tweezers. However, she was mainly concerned with how it would feel when the black wax was pulled off. Also, after she pulled it off, would Lisa put her fingers on Sophie’s labia to ease the pain? Sophie found herself hoping she would.

“All right. Ready? Deep breath.” Lisa grasped the edge of the hardened wax and pulled. Sophie felt a wave of pain, but nothing as bad as she’d expected. And, sure enough, Lisa’s fingers pressed gently on her lips for a few lingering seconds afterward. As she pulled her hand away, Lisa’s fingers brushed against Sophie’s clit, and Sophie almost gasped. That must have been an accident, she thought. I really need to calm down.

Lisa pulled the wax from the other side, pressed her hand down, and then asked Sophie to turn onto her stomach, saying they were almost done.

“Just put your hands here for me,” said Lisa, putting Sophie’s hands on her butt cheeks to push them up slightly. “This part doesn’t even hurt as much.”

Sophie found that hard to believe. She hadn’t expected to be face down on the bed, with a gorgeous avcılar escort woman waxing the area around her asshole. She felt that she ought to be more embarrased than she was.

Sophie felt the wax sliding on around the edges of her hole. And when Lisa pulled the papers off, Sophie found it really didn’t hurt as much as getting waxed on the front. Afterward, Lisa asked her to turn back over.

“Let me just clean you up a bit,” Lisa said. She squirted something, probably some sort of body oil, onto a tissue. Smiling, she used the tissue to wipe down all the places she had waxed, including the labia. To Sophie’s surprise, she also swiped the tissue right down the middle of Sophie’s slit, making her clitoris tingle. Sophie realized she liked having all of Lisa’s attention focused between her legs, and that she could feel her inner lips beginning to moisten. She didn’t want it to end.

Lisa looked up at Sophie and smiled. “Well, Sophie. You survived! Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Sophie looked confused, and Lisa continued somewhat hastily. “Some of my clients,” she explained, “like a little massage when we’re finished, just to help them relax. It’s included in the price, if you want one.”

Sophie wanted one. Trying not to seem too eager, she agreed. She wondered what kind of massage it would be, and tried to push back inappropriate ideas that started to float through her mind.

“Great. Just take your shirt off and flip back over, I’ll start with your shoulders.”

Sophie obeyed. She was now completely naked, face down on the table. Lisa dimmed the lights and squirted some oil onto Sophie’s back. She then started rubbing her hands in circles, soft and then harder, using her fingers to seek out all the knots of tension in Sophie’s shoulders and back. She then pressed her knuckles all along Sophie’s spine, moving to her lower back. It felt amazing. She massaged big circles into the skin right above Sophie’s butt. Then, to Sophie’s surprise, she put her hands right on her butt cheeks and squeezed lightly. She then proceeded to rub oil into the backs of Sophie’s upper thighs. Sean had sure never spent this much time making Sophie feel good.

Sophie felt Lisa’s hands trying to get her to turn onto her back, so she rolled over. Lisa then squirted a line of oil all down Sophie’s torso. She rubbed the oil into her shoulders, between her breasts, and all over her stomach. Sophie felt her nipples starting to harden and avrupa yakası escort crave attention. Lisa massaged the oil in big circles around Sophie’s ample breasts. Then, the circles started getting smaller, and Sophie realized Lisa was massaging her breasts. Lisa’s thumbs brushed over her nipples and she gasped. She was getting really turned on. She felt wetness oozing out of her pussy. It had been a long time since she’d felt this good. In fact, she wasn’t sure she’d ever felt this good.

Lisa gently pinched Sophie’s nipples, and then moved down her stomach again. This time, she didn’t stop, and soon she was rubbing the top of Sophie’s pubic mound that she had waxed a few minutes earlier. Lisa flattened her hand and ran it all along Sophie’s slit, much like she had done with the tissue earlier. Sophie moaned softly. Her clit was throbbing. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. Sophie had never imagined being with another woman, but all of a sudden an image of Lisa licking her pussy flashed through her mind, and she wanted it. Bad.

Lisa used both hands to rub Sophie’s labia, then ran a finger up from Sophie’s wet slit to her waiting clit. Sophie moaned again. She was so wet. Did Lisa enjoy this? She hoped so. Lisa suddenly slipped a finger inside Sophie’s pussy, and used her thumb to massage her clitoris. Sophie felt an orgasm building up inside her. Lisa inserted a second finger, and moved them in and out as she rubbed small circles onto her clit with her thumb. Without thinking, Sophie had started to play with her own nipples while Lisa worked between her legs. She was in ecstasy.

Lisa pulled her fingers out of Sophie, and Sophie opened her eyes to see Lisa sucking the wetness off her fingers. She smiled that gorgeous smile.

“You taste great,” Lisa said. “Can I lick you?”

Sophie groaned her consent. She felt Lisa’s fingers spreading her lips, and then she felt her tongue licking a smooth line up her slit and over her throbbing clitoris. Lisa flicked the tip of her tongue over Sophie’s clit over and over, and Sophie squirmed. Then Lisa put two fingers back inside her pussy and pulled them in and out while she sucked on Sophie’s clit. Sophie felt herself getting close. Her eyes were closed, and she was aggressively squeezing her own nipples as Lisa’s tongue and fingers brought her closer and closer to the brink. Lisa stuffed her fingers deeper inside and started licking her clit furiously. Sophie’s hips bucked, and she felt waves of pleasure from her clit to her nipples as her pussy clamped down on Lisa’s fingers for the most powerful orgasm of her life. Lisa kept licking as Sophie moved against her hands and tongue, and then laid still, with only her pussy contracting against Lisa’s fingers. Lisa removed her fingers slowly, and Sophie smiled. She could get used to having a wax every single month.

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