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Sometimes Size Does Matter Ch. 02

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I would like to thank all of the people who e-mailed and encouraged me to continue writing. I also would like to dedicate this to my friend Chad who is as much an ass man as I am. This is a continuation of my original story, in which the male in the leading role does not possess a 7 to 11 inch long penis as big around as a beer can. You may need to read my original submission to pick up the thread of the story which is about the husband (Bob) who has an extremely large penis and his wife (Roxanne) who loves anal sex but can’t take Bob’s big cock in her ass. Enter the friend (me) with the slightly smaller than average cock, just right for Roxanne’s ass.

* * * * *

When I left Bob and his wife last week they invited me to come back again this Saturday night for a continuation of some fantasies they wanted me to help them out with.

When I arrived and knocked on their door, Roxanne met me and gave me a big hug and kiss. She looked just as sexy as the first time I met her. Only this time she was wearing a short spaghetti strap dress that showed off her tan legs and perfect body.

She took my hand and led me into the living room where her husband Bob was mixing drinks. Bob greeted me with a drink in hand and told me to sit down. We enjoyed a relaxing time drinking and talking. After awhile Roxanne suggested we play a game of strip poker –normal rules: the loser of each hand of poker has to remove an article of clothing. Soon we were all pretty much into the game. Roxanne was down to her bra and panties, Bob in his pants only, and I was in my boxers (I’m a terrible poker player). After Roxanne lost the next two hands in a row, she was out of her clothes, much to Bob’s and my delight. When she lost the next hand, Bob told her that since she was the loser she had to submit to whatever the guest asked. I told her that I wanted to eat her pussy. She looked at her husband and all he said was, “Let the Guest do what he wants!”

His wife got up and walked over to the table on my side. She sat on the table in front of me and spread her legs wide. I could see her pussy already dripping from her excitement as I leaned in to bury my face into it. His wife turned and watched her husband’s expression as I noisily lapped at her wet pussy. He could see that she was enjoying my attention to her pussy as he began stroking his hard cock. His wife hitched her legs up around my shoulders, her back arching as she approached climax. She cried out as she climaxed, grabbing my head and holding it hard into her pussy.

She looked at both of us and then smiled as she said it was time to make some fantasies come true. She told her husband to lie down on the rug, which he immediately did. She straddled him and, as he began playing with her tits, slowly lowered herself onto his huge cock. She began pumping Bob at a furious pace as he lay back squeezing and fondling her bouncing breasts. Then she leaned forward on all fours, and with Bob’s cock still deep in her pussy, güvenilir bahis she reached around with both hands and spread her ass cheeks as far as she could and told me to told me to fuck her in the ass. She said, “I want to feel your just right cock fucking my backdoor hole.”

I moved in between them, positioning myself to enter Roxanne from behind. Her ass and pussy were soaking wet; I could see her moisture dripping down Bob’s cock. I lubricated my cock with some Astro Glide that I had spotted on the table while we were having drinks. As I pressed my dick against her ass, she began pushing back against me slowly easing my lubricated cock into her ass. Man was she tight. It was the first time we had ever done a double penetration and she was moaning at both the discomfort and the pleasure it was causing her. After a moment I was all the way in and could feel Bob’s cock moving inside her as he began thrusting. Slowly at first then with increasing tempo I began thrusting with a tempo matching his thrusting while Roxanne screamed out in pleasure. She was bucking against us, tits slapping against Bob’s chest as we double fucked her. I felt my balls slapping against Bob’s as we both fucked wildly.

At one point I imagined the neighbors calling the cops because of Roxanne’s cries but soon forgot about it as I approached orgasm. By the spasms of Roxanne’s body I could tell she was already there. I felt Bob pull his wife onto his cock and hold her as he released deep inside of her beautiful cunt. I let go, filling her ass with my cum. I pulled out gushing cum all over her ass and onto Bob. As soon as I pulled out she collapsed on to her husband, kissing him deeply as I went towards the bathroom to clean off.

When I came back she was between her husband’s legs sucking on his slowing reviving cock. I sat down on a chair where I had a good view of her beautiful mouth sucking his huge cock. Roxanne removed her husbands cock from her mouth and turned her head just enough so that she could see me. She then started running her tongue across the tip, tasting his cum soaked cock and then took him deep into her mouth and began sucking on him intently.

“Oh, baby,” Bob moaned, “You really know how to suck my cock to make it hard again.” Roxanne than began pounding his throbbing cock deep into her throat with her fist.

The sight of Roxanne eagerly slurping up her husband’s creamy load brought my cock back to life. Just then their doorbell rang. Roxanne jumped up and skipped to the door like an excited little girl squealing “They’re here”!

I turned to Bob with a “What in the hell is going on” look. As Roxanne returned with a guy and girl following her, Bob introduced them as Ray and Ann. They explained that they were their close friends with the same problem they have. That is, Ray has a large cock (9 1/2 inches) and Ann loves anal sex. They apparently told Ray and Ann about my smaller than average cock (5 inches) that Roxanne loves in her ass. Therefore, güvenilir bahis siteleri they wanted to join the party and have me fuck Ann in the ass so she could satisfy her need for anal sex without extreme pain.

Ray moved over to the lounge chair and began undressing. Ann moved over to her husband and slowly pulled down his underwear. His cock sprang out and began to rise to meet Ann’s mouth. She grabbed the base of Ray’s cock and slowly started to stroke it. Her small hand couldn’t reach around Ray’s huge cock. She slowly jacked his cock and rubbed her thumb across the mushroom shaped head. A small drop of pre-cum appeared and Ann’s small tongue flicked the head of Ray’s cock and took it in.

It was obvious that Ann was a natural-born cocksucker. She opened her mouth and began to take Ray’s cock down her throat. She worked her lips and tongue around his cock and it slowly sank out of sight into her mouth.

Ray let out a moan and said “Yeah, baby suck my cock good!” Ann began to work the cock in and out of her mouth-teasing the head with her tongue. Ray grabbed the side of Ann’s head and slowly started to fuck her mouth. He pulled his cock out until only the head was touching Ann’s lips and then slowly pushed it back down her throat. Ann’s saliva mixed with pre-cum covered Ray’s cock and was dripping from the corners of Ann’s mouth.

Roxanne crawled over beside me and leaned against my chest. She reached down and took my cock in her hand and slowly started to jack me. She watched Ray fuck Ann’s mouth and started encouraging Ray with comments. “Fuck her mouth Ray-fuck her good! Give her a big load of cum.”

“That’s it baby, suck that big cock. Make it cum, baby!”

As Roxanne continued to jack my cock, I slowly started to get a hard-on. Roxanne whispered in my ear, “Ann has always wanted to be fucked by two guys. Now we can make her fantasy come true!”

Roxanne turned to Ray and said, “Ray, why don’t both of you fuck Ann.” Ray slowly pulled his cock from Ann’s mouth and said, “That’s what we’re here for!”

Roxanne grabbed one of the cushions from a lounge chair and laid it down on the floor. Ray lay down with his ass on the cushion and Ann straddled her husband’s hips. She grabbed the base of his cock and slowly guided it into her wet cunt. She worked his cock into her cunt slowly and then started to ride up and down on it. Ann’s eyes rolled back and she really began to get into a good fucking motion. As she moved up and down on the hard cock, she began letting out moans of pleasure and ecstasy.

Roxanne jumped up and said, “Wait just one second.” She grabbed the bottle of Astro Glide lubricant that I used on her ass. She then moved over by Ann and Ray and told Ann to lean forward. Ann leaned forward exposing her ass to Roxanne. As Ann continued fucking Ray, Roxanne slowly dropped lubricant on Ann’s puckered asshole. She then poured a small amount on her fingers and began to work one finger and then iddaa siteleri two fingers into Ann’s ass. Ann continued to let out moans as Ray’s cock worked in and out of her cunt and Roxanne’s fingers moved in and out of her ass.

I grabbed my cock and started jacking it. What a sight to behold. I couldn’t wait to get my cock into that tight ass. Roxanne motioned for me to come closer. As I moved over behind Ann, Roxanne leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. She gave me a couple of good sucks and then poured some lubricant on my hard cock. She guided my cock to Ann’s ass. Ray stopped fucking Ann long enough for me to begin working my cock into her ass.

I slowly pushed my cock against Ann’s asshole and told her to push back. Roxanne whispered in my ear “This is only her second time to be fucked in the ass-so be gentle with her.” That got me even more excited. It was a tight fit-the tightest I had ever felt. I slowly worked my cock into Ann’s ass. I could feel Ray’s cock on the other side of the membrane separating Ann’s two fuck holes.

Roxanne talked to Ann and offered her encouragement. “That’s it baby-almost there. You are so hot with two cocks in you. Baby, if you could only see the look of ecstasy on your face.”

I finally worked my cock all the way into Ann’s ass. I stopped for a few seconds and let her ass adjust to my cock and then I slowly began a fucking motion. I wanted to get her used to my cock before we both started fucking her in earnest. Ray obliged by just lying still for a while as I fucked her ass. After a few strokes, Ann let out a low moan and said “Oh yeah, fuck me, both of you, fuck me!”

That was all the encouragement we needed. Ray and I set up a fucking motion like a machine. Both of us began to plunge our cocks in and out of Ann’s cunt and ass. Roxanne began to shout. “Fuck her, fuck her hard. Pound her ass! Fuck that ass and cunt. Make her cum, make her cum!”

Ann offered up encouragement of her own. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Both of you cum in me. Oh, yeah-cum in my ass and cunt. Fuck meeeee!”

This was too much for Roxanne; she had to get in on the action. She got on her hands and knees and started lapping my balls from behind as I fucked Ann in the ass. At this point Bob was fully erect again and moved behind his wife and started fucking her doggie style. None of us guys could last long with two wild women fucking and lapping like that. I rammed my cock deeper into Ann’s ass and Ray did the same thing to her cunt. Ann collapsed on Ray’s chest as we both shot our loads deep into her ass and cunt. I could feel Ray’s cock pulsing in Ann’s cunt. I’m sure he could feel mine doing the same. At almost the same time, Bob blew his load into his wife’s pussy and Roxanne shuddered in climax.

“That was great,” shrieked Ann, “I’ve never cum so hard in all my life.”

“That was great for me too,” Ray said as he gave his wife a hug and a kiss.

After Ray and I had finished cumming we both drew our cocks out. Ann rolled onto her back exhausted. Cum started seeping out of Ann’s cunt and ass. Roxanne crawled over between her friend’s legs and began to suck the cum from her cunt. I thought to myself-“Sometimes a smaller dick does matter.”

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