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Something Special

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It’s cold and dark. We are wandering down by the water, laughing under the stars. Dinner was good and the night still young. You look so handsome in your suit. I know you hate wearing it but I am touched you dressed up for me. I am in a short dress, its deep green with a thistle stitched into the side, it barely covers my ass. You laugh knowing how cold I am in the wind. I am stubborn and refuse to go back to the car yet.

“Why don’t you warm me up?” I tease, smiling back at you and wiggling my ass.

You grin and grab my hips, almost tripping me as you pull me back against you.

“Oh? And how should I do that?” You whisper in my ear, sending shivers down my back.

I toss my hair and twist around in your grasp smiling up at you.

“Well, we are alone, in the dark, at the beach, what do you want to do to me?” I slowly run my hand down your chest to your crotch rubbing and squeezing.

You Zonguldak Escort moan, not loudly but enough to let me know you want me. I laugh and dance out of your grasp, grinning as you growl and chase me. I run down the beach, letting my scarf fly behind me. I know you will catch me easily enough. I don’t go far, when I feel you grab the scarf and pull me back. I am still giggling as you press me against you.

“Down!” You growl as you push on my shoulders. I drop to my knees panting and grinning. You slowly unzip your pants and I mew as I watch you pull out your cock.

“Suck.” It is the command I have been waiting for all day. I eagerly lean forward and lick your cock. I moan and take the head into my warm mouth. You are so big, so thick, you fill my mouth and I am only halfway down. I listen to your moaning as I slowly suck your cock deeper into my mouth. You are holding my Zonguldak Escort Bayan head. I stop and let you take control. This is what I long for, you in total control, using me to satisfy your needs. I growl and moan as you begin slowly pumping your cock in and out of my mouth. I choke as you go deeper. You are so big, so filling. I can feel drool running down my mouth as you speed up. I keep choking, but I need you to finish. I whine helplessly as you suddenly pull out and push me away.

“Bend over!” Your voice is gruff now, you are close. I quickly bend over a branch, hoping it will hold my weight. You lift my dress and run your hand over my ass. I have a toy there, stretching it just for you. I whimper when you rub against my dripping pussy. I want you there, but tonight I am being punished. You moan as you rub my wetness on my asshole. I whine loudly as you start tugging Escort Zonguldak on my toy. It feels so good, but it hurts too. You pull it out and I feel empty. The feeling doesn’t last long. You have spit on your fingers and are working them deep into my ass. It is sudden and I have no time to react. All I can do is moan and push against you. I need your cock in me. You know this and are happy to do so. I cry out as you suddenly take away your fingers and replace them with your cock. I can’t help it, you are so big, and it hurts so much. But you feel good, and deep, so deep. We have done this before but I always seem to forget how deep you go. I can’t help it, I am moving with you, moaning loudly. You are going so hard and fast in my ass, I know you are going to cum soon. I am too, I am so close. You are growling and your fingers digging in as you pound my ass. I am begging you to cum, fill me with cum, please. I need it. You need it. Please.

You cry out as you cum. You shove your cock balls deep. I can’t help it, I scream as I cum with you, biting my arm as I try to hold it back. You stay still letting me calm down before you pull out, letting your cum slowly drip out of my ass. It has been a good night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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