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Social Media Shenanigans

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Nothing Peter did seemed to work. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t get her out of his thoughts. He felt guilt every time he finished masturbating over her social media photos. He knew the posing, pouting lips, the hair and make-up, booty pushed out for the camera and that cleavage was just for attention.

By now he understood it was all the rage and he hated that his own eighteen-year-old daughter, Sarah did it to. Influencer she told him, fully supported by his wife, her own mother, when free clothes and make up began to arrive at their home for her to model and advertise on her Instagram account.

Peter was horrified when he discovered what his daughter was doing. So much so that he set up a fake account and began to follow her to make sure she was safe. He couldn’t believe her apparent lack of awareness when it came to privacy, but he understood to be an influencer she needed to have an open account to attract new people. She had near ten thousand followers, mostly females from what he could see when he started following her. It broke his heart that his little girl was no longer little and she was openly flaunting her teenage body online in order to obtain free products and clothing.

One night, when Peter’s wife was in bed, he pulled out his phone and logged in to his private and anonymous account. He clicked on his daughters photos and began reading the many comments. He took some comfort that the comment section mostly read how “beautiful” and “on fire” his daughter looked. He had to agree she did look stunning and beautiful. He then clicked on some of the girls who had commented… and that’s where his problems truly began.

Peter was vaguely familiar with one of Sarah’s friends named Elisha. Like all of her friends, he thought they were pretty young girls who’s bodies had now tranistioned into adulthood. He had seen so many of her friends visit the house over the years that he hadn’t paid too much attention to get to know any of them closely. He hadn’t thought sexually of them either. A red-blooded male he may have been, but he was happily married and didn’t look at young girls in that way. Elisha however, or rather Elisha’s profile soon changed all that.

Her profile photo was stunning, sexy and provocative. The way her hazel green eyes looked into the camera and straight at him made him shift in his seat. He scanned the rest of the photo with deep interest, consciously and sub-consciously absorbing every inch of her tight, yet curvy, teen body. Her long dark hair, her soft pouting lips, her supple neck and the low-cut top, which was clearly struggling to hold her big braless teen tits, made him hard. He stared at her cleavage, wondering and guessing her ample bust to be at least a DD if not an E cup. She was definitely bigger than Sarah and he had washed enough of her clothes to know his daughter was a 32D. Girls these days appeared far more developed than when he was a young lad he came to think.

Captivated by such a beautiful, sexy and wanton pose, Peter instinctively pulled down his shorts to free his appreciation. He clicked on more of her photos and began to scroll. Each image showed her cleavage in all its glory, she had captured her charms deliberately and executed every pose perfectly.

“Sexy bitch,” he grunted with his phone in his left hand, thumb scrolling while his right hand gently pulled on his cock.

He stopped on a photo of her wearing a plunge neck floral print crop top with tight jean shorts. He gasped and grunted calling her a whore in his head as his cock reached full erection. Her big tits were forced together, creating a valley of soft flesh he didn’t think was possible for such a young woman. Visions of straddling her chest and parting her cleavage with his hard cock consumed his mind. He lifted his gaze for a moment, staring at her naughty smile, she knows exactly what she’s doing he thought, before fixing his gaze upon her tits again and stroking a little faster. She knows all the boys… and men… are wanking over her.

Sensing he would cum soon, he put down his phone and grabbed some tissues from the box on his coffee table. Positioning himself with his legs apart, ready to shoot his load, he picked up his phone and continued with his wank. He didn’t have time to take in the next photo, it all happened so suddenly he couldn’t hold back. Elisha’s next pic had her cleavage filling the screen as usual, but this photo showed her nipples erect against the fabric of her tight tank top. But it wasn’t just the protruding nipples which pushed Peter over the edge, it was her smile baring her teeth and the braces she had hidden in her photos up to that point.

The provocative photo of his daughters eighteen-year-old friend, thrusting her big tits with their stiff nipples while she smiled her braces at him, had finally sent him over the edge. Peter shot so hard his cum missed the tissue and landed on his coffee table. He grunted and groaned, unable to take his eyes away from the image as he carelessly bursa escort released his gratitude.

“Fuck!” He cursed and then quickly cleaned up the mess before his wife came downstairs asking why he hadn’t come to bed yet, or worse his daughter catching him.

Consumed with guilt that he had masturbated over an eighteen-year-old girl, and friend of his daughter, he quickly deleted his profile and went to bed.

The next morning, Peter went to work having forgotten all about his seedy night. By lunchtime, mental images of Elisha began to taunt him. A couple of younger lads were in the canteen talking about some girls they follow on social media. They were “trading” girls usernames similar to how Peter used to trade football stickers when he was a kid at school. How times have changed he thought as he eavesdropped on their conversation. He wondered if there were any guys out there “trading” his own daughters username and talking so crudely about her. Highly probable he decided before returning to work.

That evening when he arrived home he found Sarah rifling through a new package of products. His wife was working nights at the hospital so Peter ordered a pizza and, with a few beers, settled down to watch the midweek evening football match.

Having finished his beers during the first half, Peter was inevitably dogged once more by mental images of Elisha. He simply couldn’t shake her fantastic body from his thoughts. Half-time arrived and he decided to go back on his phone and reinstate his account. He could hear Sarah’s music upstairs; it wasn’t loud and he wondered if she was taking and posting selfies as his account reactivated.

He quickly found Elisha’s account and began stalking her again. He didn’t know that was what he was doing, he was still a novice. Deciding it was too risky to get his cock out this early in front of the TV he instead scrolled through all of Elisha’s photographs before clicking on more of Sarah’s friends. Each one of them was beautiful in their own way. Some were provocative and a little slutty, while some were conservative and respectable. Many also hid behind private accounts with just a sexy profile picture to tease.

None of them however, had the effect on Peter that Elisha did. As the second half of the match began, Peter was fantasising about seeing her naked, groping her big, round, firm tits and smacking her tight arse. He wanted her between his knees, submitting to him with that smile, showing her braces as she exposed her tits and wrapped them around his hard forty-year-old cock.

“I’ll show you, bitch!” he grunted at one of her bikini photos. “I’d make your tight pussy come all over my hard cock before covering your big tits with my hot cum!”


“Yeah, you’d love that wouldn’t you, Elisha. My hot cum all over that pretty face, coating your braces and dripping onto those big tits!”

“Dad… Daaaaad!”

“Shit!” Peter shot out of his chair and dropped his phone. “Yes, Sarah!” he shouted and clumsily fell his way to the bottom of the stairs, making himself presentable as he went.

“I’m about to do a live feed so don’t enter my room ok.” Sarah told him from the top of the stairs.

“A live feed?” Peter looked puzzled.

“I’m trialling some new makeup and I’ll be live to my followers. I just don’t want you coming in and embarrassing me.” She laughed.

“You’re dressed aren’t you!” Peter worried.

“Dad!” Sarah scoffed at him. “It’s make up not a sex show!” She then scolded him, whilst pointing at the full set of pyjamas she was wearing.

“Of course, ignore me. I’m your father, it’s my job to worry.” He moaned then quickly left her to it.

Now Peter was curious. He quickly went back to his phone and clicked on his daughters profile. He saw a link to a live feed and clicked on it. Suddenly, Sarah burst onto his screen and she was talking about the new make-up products she was going to be trialling. He giggled at how technology really had changed the world before logging off and going back to the football on the TV. He felt stupid and a tad guilty, as if he had invaded her privacy in some way.

That evening, alone in bed while his wife worked and his daughter slept, Peter logged into his account yet again. Elisha had posted a new photo. He clicked on it and his eyes grew wide in amazement. What a sexy little whore he thought as he stared at the beautiful teen. Her new hair style was wavy, her smile as sexy as ever and she was revealing her braces again. The photo only showed her from the waist up, but it was all he needed. She was modelling a hot as hell black basque which pushed her tits together and up towards the lucky followers. He grabbed his cock and wanked as hard and as fast as he could whilst staring deep into her photogenic eyes. A few moments of frantic masturbation and Peter was erupting his cum once more to the sight of Elisha and her gorgeous tits and sexy braces.

This alarming behaviour continued over several months. Elisha was averaging görükle escort three photos a week and Peter couldn’t help pleasuring himself over each and every one of them. Each time he stared at her photos and got his cock out he felt himself being transported into another world, his fantasy world. Nothing mattered it seemed. Nothing would stop him ejaculating over this teenager. His brain released dopamine and he felt a sense of relief and calm. This new found pleasure helped de-stress him at the end of each day. Before he knew it, he was hopelessly addicted. By the time he realised, it was too late.

Peter tried porn to take his mind away from Elisha, but it wasn’t the same as staring at her when he shot his load. He made love to his wife twice a week and began finishing in doggy style, his eyes firmly closed as he grabbed his wife’s large, hanging breasts, imagining it was Elisha’s tight body he was fucking and filling with his seed. He even spoke to himself, telling himself to imagine that some likeminded pervert was doing the same thing to his daughters profile. He had deleted his account numerous times in an attempt to break the addiction, only to find his curiosity hauling him back online to see what new photos she had posted. He had now reached a point whereby stopping with shear will power alone was never going to be possible. He just had to see what her next photo would look like, something deep within him yearned for her next image.

What had started out as a curious pleasure had now turned into an obsession which had only gotten devastatingly worse. When his wife was in work, Peter developed a habit of looking at as many different profiles as he could find while he stroked his cock. The fact these girls didn’t even appear to care about their privacy, gladly accepting anonymous creeps like him to add and follow them, giving anyone access to their photos which were often taken from inside their bedrooms, justified in his mind that they wanted him to perv over them and wank his cock. Only one girl ever got his cum though… Elisha!

Every free moment he had was now spent viewing these girls. When his wife was at home he grew agitated that he couldn’t check his phone in fear of getting caught. He knew this would have disastrous consequences and when the angel on his shoulder was in control, he found the strength to search the internet for help with addiction. He even considered counselling, cancelling his phone contract and destroying the device, pretending it was stolen. But in a world controlled by hand held devices, he knew he would find some way of going back online.

Eventually, Peter decided he had found a reasonable solution. Instead of frequenting social media, he instead screenshot all of his favourite photographs and then saved them onto a large USB stick. He believed that if he just used the photos for a quick release then he wouldn’t waste hours of his night scrolling through photos online.

As he saved many photos, he noticed Sarah’s friends sporadically posting birthday photos of themselves looking glam and beautiful while holding balloons. Holding up an inflated one and a nine he couldn’t believe these girls had not long finished school and he was obsessed with them. The guilt hit him hard as he realised his own daughter would be turning nineteen next month.

Then, just like that, Peter deleted his profile and then sat for two whole hours with his head in his hands. He was angry with himself, ashamed and disgusted. These girls were all adults, but only barely, and they were his daughters friends. He thought about what his wife and daughter would think if they found out. He thought about the arse kicking he would get from the girls fathers if they knew. Reality had just given him an almighty right hook to the head and he was finally done.


The evening before Sarah’s nineteenth birthday Peter was helping his wife wrap their daughters presents. She didn’t need or want for much but she loved sentimental gifts, especially from her parents. They always gave her money for clothes and Peter had already paid and booked for an intense week-long driving course so she could learn to drive sooner rather than later. They loved to spoil their little girl but there was no pre-planned surprise birthday bash this year.

Much to her mother’s disappointment, Sarah had stated that she was going clubbing with friends for her birthday. Peter felt a mixture of relief and sadness that he wasn’t going to get to spend an evening ogling all the pretty young ladies in their risqué outfits and heels at some hired venue like they did for her 18th. The traditional birthday parties were going to be a thing of the past for Sarah, now that she was older.

With the presents wrapped, Peters wife told him to join her upstairs in half an hour for his present. A devilish smile crept across his face as his wife escort bayan left with a wink and mischievous smile of her own. Precisely thirty minutes later, Peter entered his bedroom to find his wife standing in just her dressing gown with her hair up in a bun and face beaming with light make-up and freshly painted red lips.

“Oh, Angela,” he cooed from across the bedroom.

She giggled and ran her tongue across her top lip. “Are you going to stand looking at your present or are you going to unwrap it?”

Peter didn’t need asking twice. He hurried across the bedroom and planted a big kiss on her lips. Their arms embraced one another and their mouths opened as they began to moan and sway. Angela then reached for her husbands belt and unbuckled his jeans.

“Wait, wait!” he smiled and stepped back, his eyes fixed on her dressing gown.

Peter reached for the bow and pulled it. The gown parted, revealing a hint of a sexy lingerie set. He reached towards her shoulders and pulled the gown down her arms. It dropped to the floor and he stepped back in total amazement.

“Wow!” Was all he could say.

Angela felt proud of her husband’s response as she stood in her new red and black silky satin lace basque with matching lingerie and stockings. The plunge shaped cups sculpted her ample cleavage and Peter quickly shook the flashback of Elisha in her basque from his mind. He grinned at his wife and her gorgeous body which was now beckoning for his touch.

“Take off your clothes and sit on the end of the bed!” She demanded playfully.

Wondering what the hell had brought this on in his wife, Peter quickly stripped naked and sat at the end of the bed as instructed. He had fantasied about having Elisha like this so many times, but he fought again to eliminate her from his thoughts as his wife positioned herself between his legs and sank to her knees.

“Oh fuck!” He groaned loudly.

His wife took hold of his cock and stroked him gently a few times. “This is your treat for being a wonderful husband.”

The guilt he felt from hearing her words lasted only a few seconds before his swollen head disappeared into her mouth. The warm, wet “tongue massage” took control of his thoughts and feelings as his wife sucked his cock in the most amazing way he could ever remember. She picked up the pace, bobbing her head as she stroked his shaft and cupped his balls.

“Oh, baby, you always did know how to suck a cock.” Came his throaty compliment.

Angela smiled and groaned her appreciation as she continued for a few moments longer. She then stopped and stood up, proud of her selfless treat so far. Removing her knickers, she climbed onto Peters lap and positioned his cock at her soaking wet entrance. She was so turned on she didn’t care for her own foreplay.

“I want to return the favour, ohhh fuck!” He tried to say as she rubbed his bellend between her folds, coating him in her juices. “I want to taste that wet pussy of yours, she’s fucking dripping!”

Angela giggled at his excitement. “I’m in charge here,” she told him before submitting to her own moans of pleasure, “I need your cock inside me!”

They groaned in unison as she let go of his cock and began to slowly lower her body. A modest seven thick inches of muscle between his legs, Peter had always satisfied his wife sexually. He wrapped his arms around her body, squashing her cleavage against his face as she proceeded to push off the floor in her heels and then squat back down again. Over and over she flexed the strength in her legs whilst they made love. It was slow and deliberate, passionate and hot. Both knew it would be over soon. Peter didn’t want it to end though, wishing he could last in that position all night while his wife was more than happy to climax just the once. She closed her eyes and began to bounce, waiting for that special moment when they would climax together.

“Ohhh, yes… fuck Ang, here it comes!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” She encouraged him as she slammed down harder and harder on his cock. “Cum inside my pussy!”

The smell of hot sex filled the air, their animalistic groans bounced off the walls as Angela’s pussy clamped tightly around her husbands cock and drained his balls of warm cum. Peter felt his balls tighten, his cock pulse as he shot his load hard up inside his wife before they both collapsed in a fit of panting giggles.


“Oh God… what are you doing to me?” Peter complained from his bedroom window whilst clutching a bottle of beer, mesmerised by all the sex on legs exiting the taxi cab at the end of his drive. Downstairs he could hear his wife opening the front door to welcome the girls inside.

“Your friends are here, Sarah!” He shouted at the wall beside him, somewhat delighted and disappointed that Elisha was not among them.

“Almost ready!” Came his daughters reply from her bedroom behind the wall.

“God… this is going to be torture?” Peter complained again under his breath, not having removed his gaze or blinked since the moment he cast his eyes over his daughter’s friends. “What I’d give to be twenty years younger.”

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