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So Juicy – But Not Joanna

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Even the creases in Joanne’s jeans were sensual.

Other women would just glance, in that quick all-enveloping approving/disapproving way that women have, but I sat staring. Joanne had a slow, confident walk and the creases and crevices of her jeans moved in a slow, confident “I don’t give a fuck” way.

The denim fitted her arse like it was painted on and her arse was stunning. Little creases played out from the seam that divided her cheeks and they rippled as she walked, turned and even stood still. Joanne was never really still and, as she leant against the doorframe of the pub talking into her mobile, her bum still jiggled in a nervy kind of way. As she chatted her free hand moved about constantly either unconsciously pulling up her low-slung jeans or smoothing the material over her arse.

How I wished it was my hand. My fingers gripping the warm thin denim and sliding between her cheeks, then pulling them apart and probing deep into the crack.

But then Joanne spun round and showed me her crotch.

I always thought she had a bulge like a boy down there. Her plump mound protruded most noticeably from below her waistband and was clearly defined by the sexy creases. The tightness of her jeans emphasised the notch that hinted at her cunt. She started pacing again, as people do when they talk on the phone, and she passed inches from my face. The creases grabbed at her crotch giving me teasing glimpses of how she’d look naked but then she was back at the bar and I was again transfixed by her backside.

Yes, I was obsessed with Joanne. I’ve had two long-term partners, a few brief flings and several one-night fucks but none of them affected me like her, they had been fun, they had been infuriating but they weren’t Joanne. I was 34 going on 14, dreaming of the ‘head girl’ and infatuated to the point of going mad.

Now, she was gossiping with Joe, the girl behind the bar.

Her hand brushed her hair as she laughed at Joe’s stories. What was so funny? I was jealous at their easy intimacy. She must fancy Joe – yes that was it. She wanted to fuck the bitch and everyone knew that Joe was an easy lay.

Joanne’s phone rang thank god!. She stooped to get it out of her bag and her waistband slipped down. I could see her tanned back but mostly I glimpsed the top of her white knickers. I imagined them on her, pure white cotton against her tanned arse, completely pure I’m sure – I couldn’t imagine skidmarks on Joanne’s pants.

It was a text message, she read it, smiled, and put the phone back. Who was it from I thought? She had so many friends so was it a new lover? Now Joanne was leaning over the bar totally involved in some story she was telling Joe. Her back was bent and her arse was thrust out as if she was inviting everyone in the pub to fuck her. She was jiggling again as she laughed at her own jokes, her bum teasingly dancing. The creases whipped my imagination. I could see the white knickers trapped in her crack, her arse cheeks grinding, the pure cotton moistening…now I was moist too…the cat was licking her lips and…


I was lost for a moment and them I looked up. A woman looked down at me, she was familiar but I couldn’t place her.

“Long time no see” She gave me a questioning look.

Brown hair, tan, sporty figure, round glasses…yes I knew her name I really did.

“Ah yes…hi, hey please sit down”

I pulled out a chair. Yes it was an R… Rosie, Robin, Ruth…Rachel!

I recovered. “Rachel, it’s great to see you again”

She smiled. Was it a knowing smile? I was sure it was. She leant forward and spoke:

“You seemed a little pre-occupied”

Her head turned slightly towards where Joanne stood. Or at least I thought it did.

I blushed, I really did. I tried to laugh it off.

“Oh fuck, sorry, I was in another world, fucking work you know”

She giggled back and nodded then she suddenly stood up and indicated my empty glass

“Fancy a top up?”

“Sure, thanks”

She walked over to the bar. In any other circumstances I’d have given her the once-over: face, arse, tits, clothes, you know the form – but now she was next to Joanne and…they were talking. Joanne obviously knew her, they laughed, they talked more, they flashed a look at me but then Joe served the pints and Rachel was walking back.

“You know Joanne?” I enquired trying to make it seem matter of fact.

“Bottoms up” she replied.

For a second I panicked, thinking it was a pointed joke but then I realised she was just raising her glass toasting me.

“Cheers” I replied

She sipped her pint then spoke: “Christ, doesn’t everyone know Joanne?”

She raised her eyebrows then smiled. Her voice took on a jokey tone.

“Sorry, saucer of milk, table for one”

She got serious, “Sorry, is she a friend of yours”

I blushed again, Christ! I must look a complete twat. I tried the cool tone.

“No, not at all, I’ve seen her around at parties…chatted once or twice”

She mecidiyeköy escort bayan turned and this time she did look at Joanne. Now the arse was resting on a bar stool and the back was arched as the obviously intense conversation rambled on. The knickers were very much on show now. Rachel kept looking.

Then she turned back. I remembered everything now. Rachel was part of a group that I was friendly with a year or so ago. We’d been to drinks and parties together and one night we had a good snog. We’d agreed to meet up again but you know how it is?

Now Rachel looked a little pre-occupied but she quickly snapped out of it.

“Well, what have you been getting up too since Steph’s do? “

We talked about life as we finished our pints.

The next round had us exchanging work stuff, holidays, the usual things.

Another pint and we were on to relationships. The talk was good, fun, we were getting on famously – but the arse was like a magnet.

During all this time Joanna had finished her marathon gossip, made a few more calls, visited the loo and jigged to the music. It was getting a bit too much for me, I was getting that sensational yearning feeling in my cunt.

I loved that feeling but the disappointment when it was all for nothing was all the more painful. If it hadn’t been for Rachel I’d have left, gone home and wanked the feeling away.

So, thank you Rachel you’re very nice – but you’re not Joanna.

Rachel was looking at me. She was listening but her eyes were following mine. Occasionally she’d glance away as Joanne passed by but then she’d be back locked on even more intently.

A raising of voices broke into our warm little world. Two men and two women were greeting Joanna. She was ecstatic and air-kissing everyone. She’d obviously been waiting for them as they left immediately. They reached the door and as they paused, one of the women put her arm round Joanna’s waist. Her hand slipped down and stroked a bum cheek.

And then Joanna was gone.

Rachel looked at me and smiled, her lips wet and shiny.

She raised her almost empty glass.

“Fuck Joanna” she said.

“Fuck Joanna” I replied. We tapped glasses and got up.

Outside the pub we stopped, both not sure what to say. Rachel broke the silence with the oldest line in the book.

“Fancy a coffee?” she said. I should have laughed but I knew what I wanted and I wanted it now.

“Sure, great idea after all that beer” I said knowing what came next.

“My flat’s just around the corner” replied Rachel and off we strolled.

I felt great. I knew I was going to be in for something hot and wet and it wasn’t going to be Maxwell House.

* * * * *

Rachel’s flat was on the first floor and as she climbed the stairs in front of me I, at last, focused totally on her. She was a big girl, taller than me, big tits, and with muscled arms that hinted at sports or at least a regular visit to the gym.

She was in a well washed T-shirt and combat pants. At my level on the stairs I was in line with her arse. Nothing like Joannas’ as it was on the biggish side but quite sexy when you’re slightly pissed on a Saturday afternoon. The outline of Rachel’s thong was clear through the thin cotton – that top bit before it disappears into the crack.

It formed a V shape like a directional arrow that was pointing down to where the naughty girls go.

I love these moments. That brief time before you stop being just friends and when you discover and explore each other. I was going to unwrap Rachel and get to know her dark places. I was going to uncork her essence for the first time. Her feel, her touch, her smell, her imperfections and, most important of all, I was going to reveal her most intimate needs. Later on you get to know each other’s bodies and the sex is so much better but these are the moments I always remember.

Now we’re inside Rachel’s flat and she’s apologising because she’s re-decorating and everything is covered in dust sheets. She goes into the kitchen and actually puts the kettle on, what is she thinking of, there are so much more urgent things to do. Meanwhile, I tug a sheet off the sofa and sit down.

She’s back and sitting next to me. She’s talking about the colour she’s planning to paint the walls but her eyes are locked on to mine. She staring at me and her lips are wet. She looks at my lips and leans forward. Our lips meet and it begins.

I’m famished and my tongue seeks her out. We kiss deeply and her hands pull me towards her, they slip down under my T-shirt but stay at my waist feeling what I prefer to call my love handles.

I’m hot but I’m cooling. This snogging could last all afternoon and we could still end up just saying, “bye-bye, we must meet again”.

So my hands slip under her T-shirt and pull it up over her shoulders and off. It’s a trigger, it’s set the agenda and when her eyes meet mine they’re up for a fuck.

I lean back studying her. Her wet tongue flicks across her lips but I’m looking at her tits.

She’s wearing a black sports bra that barely holds her ample breasts. Her tanned cleavage is speckled with freckles, there’s a mole peeking above her right tit but my attention is on her nipples thrusting through the black cotton.

I have to feel them, my fingers brush them and she sighs. My hands embrace her tits, cupping them and feeling their fullness and I kiss her wetly, smearing my saliva over her pouting lips.

My hands run down her body. She’s a sporty girl but she’s got a way to go to get that toned trim body. I grab flesh, quite a lot of it in fact, more love hoists than handles.

I know the form, it should be bra off next but I want to strip her slowly. I’ve got all afternoon, it’s hot, I want to relish every moist inch of her body and she not prepared for it, so it’ll surprise her and that’s the way I like it.

She lets me lead, I unzip her combats and she raises her arse teasingly to let me slip them off. I pull them off, she raises her legs and for a second shows me her cotton clad cunt, the creases outlining her lips. She knows she’s doing it and pouts provocatively.

The combats lie on the floor and I inspect her thong. These aren’t pulling-pants, she wasn’t planning for a fuck, these are much more for a trip to the launderette.

However the well-washed, slightly faded, stripey patterned cotton grips her mound and divides sexily as it flows between her thighs.

I kiss her deeply and she smiles sexily and slips my T-shirt off. I stand up and lift her with me, I kiss her lips, her eyes then I move down to her chin and now she thinks she knows what’s coming and I feel her body slightly trembling with the anticipated thrill of it

I move to her neck, licking her up and down then between her tits, the sweat has gathered there and I relish the salty tang. I bend slightly and lick her panting belly, then I slips my tongue into her navel and tickle her with the point. She squirms and I hear her sigh but I have other ideas.

I sit down on the sofa my head facing her faded thong, her plump love mound and her tanned thighs…then I spin her.

Her big arse is inches from my face. Her thong twists slightly as it sinks into her crack. I grab each cheek and bury my face between them. I feel her react, surprised, shocked even. Her smell hits me, mildly sweaty but lightly perfumed, bath stuff probably. That’s ok with me, lots of natural human stuff turns me on but shitty is a deal-breaker!

Her thong divides her white bits – this is certainly a place where the sun don’t shine. It barely covers her arsehole before it dives down and divides her cunt lips.

I lick the slightly stretched skin of her crack . She tastes salty and soapy, there’s good girl nice clean botty for mummy! I bite her arse teasingly, naturally she’s got a tattoo on her right cheek – it’s now compulsory for dykes. This one’s a butterfly, not very original, still I suppose it could have been a fluffy kitten.

I nibble her arse flesh, bums are absolutely my thing and I could play with them all day long. Rachel’s is tanned and plump and feels springy between my teeth. I nibble and lick and the bum trembles – she’s loving it. She arches back and pushes her arse deeper into my face.

But…then I think of Joanne, what if this was her beautiful butt that I was washing with my tongue. Fuck it, I don’t notice I’ve paused until I sense Rachel looking down at me.

“Anything wrong” she huskily but nervously asks.

It’s kind of killed the moment,

“Sorry Darling” I whisper, “you’re soooooo sexy”

She giggles but I’ve got to do something

So, I hook my thumbs under the band of her thong and slowly slip it down. I get a quick flash of her pinky brown, rippled hole before her cheeks close over it,”bye bye sweetie” I think, “I’ll have fun with you later.”

As her thong clears her bum cheeks it dangles for a second between her thighs and I see the gusset is soaked through – this is an earthy girl.

The thong lies on the floor and I stand up slowly, my hands sliding up her slightly sweaty back until they slip under the straps of her bra and ease it off. It catches in her hair and she reaches up to pull it over her head.

I reach around her taking each tit in my hand. She has meaty nipples but then I knew she would, the ring too, of course Rachel would have a piercing. They roll between my thumb and forefinger. She arches and her naked arse grinds into my crotch. She’s naked and exposed and I’m still dressed, it’s a good feeling and I enjoy it until she suddenly turns and looks jokingly cross at me.

She huskily speaks.

“What’s this eh? I’m bare arsed naked and she’s fully dressed, now what am I going to do about it?”

At this she grabs my tits and takes control. My bra comes off and her mouth hungrily seeks out my nipples. She sucks on them like a baby, sucking until I can feel it in my cunt. She rolls each nipple between güngören escort bayan her teeth and my desire is almost painful. Too soon I want to say but now she’s stopped and she’s looking at me and her eyes are hooded.

“Let’s see what she’s got down here”, she says and she kneels on the floor.

“OK, get those jeans off” she commands and I obey undoing the belt and letting them drop to the floor. She inspects me.

At least my underwear matches, I think, but then she speaks again.

“umm, sexy knickers…now get ’em down”.

I start to push them down but she reaches out, grabs them and pulls them to my ankles. She looks up at me and her sexy smile returns.

“Now let me look at you”, she says huskily.

I have an idea. I turn and reach towards her cd player. I can feel her eyes on my back and arse, I look over my shoulder and she’s standing there, every bit of her is abundant.

Her long unstyled hair, her big pouting lips, her breasts glinting with sweat, her nipples – great circles of pinkish brown, her belly, her bush and her thighs. She’s breathing hard and her tits rise and fall. I grab a cd and push it into the slot.

Music starts and I start to move to the rhythm. I turn and walk towards her. My bum sways gently, my arms move to the beat, I pout, it’s a sexy walk…it’s Joanna’s walk.

She grins and joins in. I sway up to her and press into her warm flesh lightly brushing against her tits and belly. I lean forward, licking my lips like a slut, and brush my hard nipples against hers. She responds and we nipple fuck. Our fleshy points touching for seconds, sending tingles, then touching again. Her eyes are shining, her tongue emerges suggestively and I meet it with mine. Our tongues parry in time with the music, they explore each other wet like our cunts.

Suddenly, as the drive of the music quickens I spin away dancing in front of Rachel. I arch my back and thrust out my arse. I bend forward, reach behind and spread my arse cheeks. I’m feeling mad, this isn’t me, flashing my hole at a total stranger but today I feel free.

Could it be the Joanna effect?

The music quickens, yes that’s it, this is what Joanna and me would do. Now I’m swaying towards Rachel cupping my tits. She holds out her arms and I fall into her hug. We dance together in a fleshy embrace our hands feeling and exploring each other’s bodies. My fingers slide between her sweaty thighs and emerge glistening with juice. I stare into her eyes and lick my fingers. I thrust one finger into her mouth and she sucks on it greedily.

I push her back onto the sofa.

She settles back, I raise her legs and push them back, she slips down and her legs part. I pause. I’m in heaven and I never cease to amazed by the beauty of a cunt.

I sink down onto my knees and now my face is barely inches away. Rachel’s cunt is just like her – meaty, not delicate or flower-like at all. I tease the tip of my tongue along that fleshy strip between her arsehole and cunt. Little hairs glisten with sweat, the skin is so smooth and my tongue savours the sensations.

How much more intimate can you become with someone who was a stranger only hours ago? The whole situation makes my body tingle, Rachel naked, exposed almost animal-like with her face between her splayed legs, flushed and sweaty, her eyes closed, her mouth panting.

Me, naked, on my knees, forcing her legs apart so I can reveal her secret places and feast on them – two entwined forms unashamedly enjoying raw sex.

“Hold yourself Darling”, I whisper to her, “I want to really enjoy your cunt”.

She pouts and sexily smiles at me.

“My cunt would just love that”, she says.

She grips her legs and pulls them even further apart. She looks at her cunt then straight at me, her position is submissive but her eyes are demanding.

My hands are free and they move straight to her thick, glossy lips. My thumbs part them and my tongue seeks out their nectar. I trace their path from bottom to top, pausing at the hood of Rachel’s clitoris. The sensitive skin on my tongue bonds with her membranes. She’s wet and slippery yet in my desire my tongue is dry, it rasps across her clit and she gasps.

“Oh fuck” Rachel croaks and her whole arse shudders.

I press on, I can feel her tense as the sexual agony of approaching orgasm grips her whole body. She desperately wants to close her legs but my head blocks them and my tongue is remorseless.

“Oh, oh, oh” she gasps as if I’m hurting her.

I stop for just seconds, visions of Joanna appearing in my head, sitting on the bar-stool with her legs apart, her denim clad cunt displayed.

Rachel’s questioning eyes look at me. Is that some accusation, can she sense I’m someone else or am I imagining it? But I’ve started the avalanche and it cannot be stopped. Rachel groans and her cunt spasms. It’s only a small orgasm but I’ve done my duty.

A groupie once told a story. She fucked rock stars but dreamed of fucking Mick Jagger. After fucking famous guys she’d think “he’s good but he’s not Mick Jagger”.

Rachel is sexy but she’s not Joanne.

Her eyes open and she gives me a somewhat tentative smile.

“That was fucking marvellous” she says huskily but then her tone changes.

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