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Snowstorm with Strangers Ch. 02

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//Part 2 of a series, from Tae’s POV//

I open my eyes and see a naked Nisha sandwiched between Brandon and I.

So that happened. What a way to end a vacation. Snowstorm, power going down, and a threesome.

I run my hands over Nisha’s tits, down her sides. My hands can almost circle her waist. She reminds me of the Bengali girls I grew up with her kajaled eyes and dark skin.

As I touch her, she stirs briefly, making a soft noise that reminds me of our fucking last night. Brandon wakes up, he’s a light sleeper and I can see he’s ready to go.

We grin at each other, we’ve been friends since college, barely needing words to communicate.

We both start caressing her.

“Wake up, honey, we got some breakfast for you,” Brandon says.

Her eyes flutter open and she smiles at me sweetly. All sharp edges from our first encounter are gone. We fucked it out of her in the living room, and then fucked it out of her the next day in this upstairs bedroom with a gorgeous view. Now on day 3, the day we’re leaving, she’s batting her thick dark lashes at me, well, us to be fair to Brandon.

I do think she likes me more.

“Let me guess, sausages?” she says, as she straightens onto her back and wraps her arms both of us.

I move out of her grasp and find her small tits with her very responsive nipples. They are probably a B cup, and almost disappear when she’s arching her back. Now, they are a perfect mouthful and I’m licking them all over.

She starts to moan, jokes falling to the wayside, and with each lick, she gets louder.

Brandon turns her over so she’s on her side facing me, and he disappears lower. A true ass man.

She lets out a guttural moan, “Are you eating out my ass?”

“Yeah, that okay with you?”

“Yeah, I just thought I was getting breakfast, not you.”

“You’re so corny,” I say, as I feel the warmth between her legs. I circle her wetness before pushing a finger into her pussy.

I move in and out of her, and feel her tilt her hips, arching her back closer to Brandon’s tongue. Her breasts start to flatten and I gently bite her nipple.

She screams and her pussy clenches as some liquid drips down the sides of my fingers.

I pegged her for a pain-pleasure girl early and I was right.

“Want to be fucked by both of us, Nisha?” I ask, keeping my teeth gently on her nipple. My cock’s rock-hard and I need to get into her soon.

“Uh-huh, yeah, fuck yeah. Do you have more condoms? I’m out. Fuck.”

“How would it be if Tae fucks your pussy and I fuck your ass?” Brandon asks as he comes up for air. I look at him, and I stop myself from nodding before she agrees. If she’s okay with this idea, I get to see her face when it happens, which will be fine.

“I’ve never done DP,” she says. “I need you two to go slow.”

“We can do that,” I say as I keep pumping her pussy. I need her hot and horny, begging for cocks.

Brandon gets up and walks away — on the condom mission.

When Brandon is gone, Nisha and I continue kissing and fondling each other. Her hand finds my cock and her hands run up and down the shaft.

“Start fucking me somewhere?” She asks, pulling my hands out of her pussy. The begging started. Sweet.

“Not yet.”

“Come on! I’m horny! And I know you are too.”

I push my fingers into her mouth and she starts to lick each finger. My hand finds my cock and I’m stroking myself slowly. I notice her arm wriggling behind her back and see that she’s shoved kaçak iddaa two fingers into herself.

She’s killing me.

She pulls away from my fingers and gets on her knees, slurping my cock into her mouth. She can barely gets half of me in her mouth in this position, with her ass up and fingers still in her pussy.

I move my hips slowly up and down, fucking her face gently. I can tell she wants a faster pace, but I don’t want to come so soon. I pull on her nipples and she sucks harder, getting all of me into her mouth.

“Found some.. wow, you’re going at it!” Brandon says, holding condoms in his hand.

Nisha lets go off my cock and straightens up, her eyes turning lustier. She pulls me in for a kiss and I feel her fumbling, pulling Brandon onto the bed.

I decide I want to eat her out, soften her more. I lower myself, fingers grazing her tits, her waist and I push her legs apart slightly. Her pussy is glistening, and I start with her labia.

“Fuck, that feels good,” she moans, her fingers digging deep into my hair. She pulls my face closer into her, and I feel Brandon tilt her onto her side. I see his pale hands spreading her ass, his legs brushing against mine, and know he’s going back in with his tongue.

“Fuck!” she screams, her hips grinding into us both, giving me more access, more pussy juice. My cock feels almost painfully hard, desperate to find a place to pound into her again. My tongue slips across to her clit and she explodes, crunching up her body, a leg almost kneeing me in the stomach as she curls in.

“Fuck me?” she asks, glowing from her orgasm.

I grab at one of the condoms on the side table and toss one to Brandon, who catches it with a grin.

I rip mine open carefully and put it on before getting on my side. I slowly push my cock into her, loving the feel of her warm and wet pussy. Her hands are wrapped around me, tracing my back, cupping my ass. And she begins to slide up and down my cock.

“That feels so good, you feel so good,” she murmurs, as she bounces.

I see Brandon sliding up behind her, and I realize there’s no way he can get in if she’s moving like this.

“Stay still, Nisha,” I say, holding her at the waist. I move my hands lower and pull her ass cheeks apart.

“What’s he doing to you?” I ask, as I watch her face shift from comfortable lust to cautiousness.

“He’s putting a lubed finger in my ass.”

I could feel it.


“He’s pushed in, god it feels good.”

“Do you want more?”

She nods, her eyes widened, focused, all caution gone, just pleasure.

I look over her shoulder and Brandon nods.

“OH god..”

“what’s happening now?” I ask as I feel her muscles pushing up against my cock as she takes in more of Brandon.

“He’s put two fingers in.”

“Like it?”

“Love it,” she says, her voice throaty with arousal.

“Want him in your ass?”

“In a bit, I want to adjust to him…”

I fuck her gently, watching her face. At times I look over and see Brandon grinning to himself as he moves his fingers in and out of her. I begin to play with her left nipple, dark brown and raised high, and she moans softly. I start to pull, playing with a bit of pain.

“Fuck, fuck yeah…” she groans, as she begins to bounce harder on me, increasing her speed.

I move my hand away, and she looks at me and turns to Brandon.

“Want in?” she asks.

The pressure eases as Brandon pulls his digits out, and I start to fuck her kaçak bahis slowly, continuing to spread her ass as Brandon coats himself with lube.

“Faster, Tae, just for a little,” she says, brown eyes looking up at me.

I fuck her hard and fast, kneading her ass cheeks with my palms. I want to push fingers into her ass but hold off.

“Ready for more?” Brandon asks, lying down next to us.

I nod, slowing down completely to a halt, so Brandon can get inside of her.

“I think cowgirl will work better,” Nisha says, looking at me and then Brandon behind her.

I grab her waist and slowly turn onto my back.

She groans loudly as she lands upright, beautiful small tits up, her feet tucked behind grazing my knees.

“Fuck, you feel good,” I groan, as I feel her slide up and down my cock.

She bounces up and down me for a while, and I see Brandon waiting patiently, adding more lube to his covered cock.

She slows down again and turns, pulling Brandon in for a kiss. I reach for her tits and start to cup them, pulling on her nipples gently as I wait for Brandon to fuck her.

They break apart and Brandon kneels behind her. He starts to slowly move into her ass and I see her eyes get bigger, almost absurdly so.

“How does that feel, Nisha?” I ask, as I can feel Brandon inching in. The pressure changes drastically and the base of my cock feels like it’s in a vise.

“oh god, so full.. so full..” she moans.

“Do you like it?” I ask, running my hands up and down her sides of her waist, seeing her get goosebumps with each touch.

Brandon’s hands are on her hips, holding her steady.

“I’m going to pause for a second, okay, Nisha, let you adjust?” Brandon says.

“Okay, fuck.. this feels so full.”

Nisha’s eyes look so focused as she adjusts, her mouth slightly open. She’s so short that I can see Brandon over her easily, and he looks both aroused and concerned.

“Breathe, Nisha,” I say, as I reach for her clit. As she breathes, I feel her muscles relax slightly.

Brandon grins at me from behind her, and reaches around to cup her tits, the paleness of his hands such a stark contrast to her skin.

“Okay for me to move in more, honey?” Brandon asks.

“Yeah,” she says, her words sounding almost ragged. “No clit, Tae. Its too much.”

I pull my hand back, settling into gently touching her thighs, her knees. She continues to erupt into goosebumps wherever my fingers caress her, and her mouth stays open, making soft moans.

I feel a stop in movement, and just as I’m about to make a comment, Brandon says, “I’m in all the way.”

“Do you like knowing you have two cocks in you?” I ask Nisha, moving my hands around her waist, fingers stroking her belly.

She smiles, her eyes feeling lighter, no longer as focused as before. She starts to move very gently, and with each roll of her hip, her pussy massages my cock.

Fuck, this is intense.

“Are you comfortable, honey?” Brandon asks. “Can we start to thrust a bit?”

“Yeah, yeah…” she says, still seeming really focused on her hips.

“Go for it, B.” I say, wanting to stay still as they figured it out. And then I feel them both move, and oh fuck.

Nisha starts to make guttural moans, no longer the cute soft noises from this morning, but deep groans with every move. I automatically start to respond, very slowly thrusting into her, matching them with my movement.

“I… don’t know… how… long I can…do this for, ” she illegal bahis says, her sentence being interrupted with our thrusting. Her hips keep moving, riding, milking our cocks with an intensity that doesn’t match her words.

“Are you okay?” I ask, gently touching her face.

“Yeah… I just don’t… can’t go long.”

“Sounds like you’re giving us permission to cum, honey,” Brandon says, as his hands continue to caress her tits. He hadn’t moved them at all, and I jealously wanted something to hold onto.

Her body moves harder onto us, and she smiles.

“Yeah…Give me your hand…Tae,” Nisha says, smiling at me. She grabs my right hand and starts to lick each finger, and then slowly starts to push my fist into her mouth.

Brandon starts to move faster, fucking her ass harder now, and I slow down, letting their movements massage my cock, letting my focus feast on Nisha as she begins to stuff her mouth with my hand. She doesn’t make it, but those soft lips stretched out around my fist look so hot.

Brandon starts to grab her tits harder and I say, “Nisha, do you want B to pinch a nipple?”

She nods her head, and I grin at Brandon as I keep fucking her pussy. I watch his hands shift from cupping her tits into using a finger and a thumb to pinch her dark nipples.

She screams as she cums, the noise muffled around my fist still inside her mouth, and Brandon cums immediately inside of her.

I groan, trying to stop myself from cumming too. Brandon pulls out, and so do I.

“Are you done?” Nisha asks, looking fucked out of her mind and still sweetly concerned.

“Not yet, are you?”

She ponders in a way that makes me nervous.

“I’m not, but I can’t go too much more.”

I grin with relief, “I can work with that.”

I caress her waist, sliding my fingers down her hip bones before I push a finger into her cunt. Brandon gets up and pads over to the en suite bathroom, I assume to wash up.

“I’d like to fuck your ass,” I say as I push my finger lazily in and out of her cunt.

“Okay, do it.”

She pulls away and gets on her knees, sticking her ass up and dropping her torso onto the bed.

I run my fingers over her asscheeks, taking in the slight stretch marks. I pull off a condom and put on a new one, lubing my cock up.

I knead her ass and she giggles, a softness that feels new, probably from being fucked so much. I slowly start pushing in. There’s not as much resistance today compared to our first evening. She lets me do the work, and I love pulling out almost completely before pushing back in.

“That’s it, baby, just like that,” she moans.

“Do you like being fucked like this, Nisha?”

“Yeah, I love it.”

“Let me help you out,” Brandon says, as he returns to the bedroom. He lifts one of her arms and slides underneath her torso, raising her up and us up just an inch.

As I continue to fuck Nisha’s ass, I watch Brandon and her make out, his hands caressing her torso, dancing lightly against her skin.

Loud groans start to escape from her mouth and her hips stand pounding into me with a vengeance. I slam into her and slip a hand to her pussy, that’s so wet it’s almost a shame no one’s fucking her. As soon as I find her clit in the slippery mess, she cums hard, her ass milking my cock with such pressure that I explode into her. I pull out and slump to their side, a mere inch or so from Brandon and Nisha’s satisfied faces, Nisha’s looks more spent, aroused.

I smile stupidly and close my eyes, taking in the glow of my orgasm. As my orgasm for fades, I sense Brandon watching us. When I open my eyes, he’s grinning at me.

“Aren’t you glad I rented that shitty Hyundai?”

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