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Snow Day

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Hearing the soft exclamation coming from ahead, I lifted my eyes from checking the climbing gear I was patiently untangling. My eyes immediately moved to the peaks before me, their tops covered in a solid blanket of white. The smooth unblemished fields extended down about halfway slowly transitioning in undulating waves to the uncovered bases. As I watched, the landscape before me shuddered slightly and I noticed some small cracks appearing in the white as she let out another soft “Ooohhh” of exclamation.

Putting the climbing gear aside for the moment I turned my attention to the situation at hand. Seeing her face was slightly flushed and her breathing was deeper than normal I moved forward, gently touched her shoulder and asked, “Are we good? Ready to keep going?”

“Oh, yes,” she said determinedly. “We are definitely ready.”

“Good,” I nodded.

Reaching back to my equipment I grabbed my warm cup and slowly allowed the heat to seep into my hands for a moment. The temperature was perfect; just where I wanted it. Glancing at her again I offered it to her with a slight gesture. Upon seeing her nod I raised it up towards her.

This time the exclamation was more pronounced as the hot wax landed on her already partially coated breasts and slid slowly down. It looked for all the world like a slow-motion avalanche. I slowly moved the stream of heavy liquid across the valley between her breasts and added another layer to the left side as I had done to the right. I smiled at her as she shuddered at the change in temperature once more.

Setting the cup down for the moment I proceeded to return to the ropes I had been working on. Before moving to the bunch I had been untangling I checked the knots securing her hands to the headboard to make sure they were snug after all the wiggling she had been doing. Next I paused at what I assumed had caused the exclamations, the rabbit vibrator lodged firmly in her sex. Wanting to prolong the enjoyment a bit longer I adjusted the speed so as to draw out the pleasant torment.

I quickly got the ropes sorted into small piles by length so I could easily grab them as I desired. I then took a moment to assess the scene before me. She was stretched out before me with her wrists tied together and then stretched up to the headboard, gently biting her lower lip with her body sensually wriggling back and forth as she processed the heat and intensity from the wax I had just applied across her breasts. The rest of her torso glistened slightly with oil (the easier to remove the wax) and glowed softly in the light. My eyes lingered once more on her sex quickly assessing her arousal and the Yozgat Escort speed of the vibrator again. Deciding things were moving along at the right pace I continued my visual travels down her legs as they writhed slightly against each other in response to the stimulation being applied as the vibrator shifted between the random patterns I had set it for. Those beautiful legs were the next area of attention and I tapped my finger absently on my chin as I made up my mind as to how to bind them.

I had just made my decision when I heard a soft whimper escape her lips as a particularly stimulating vibration caused the prongs of the vibrator to move rapidly against her clitoris. Knowing she was rapidly moving towards orgasm I began working. Humming along to the music, I attached carabineer clips to the corners and middle of the headboard, “dum-de-dum delightful, and since we’ve no place to go…”

Moving back down to the foot of the bed I began attaching ropes to her ankles subconsciously pacing my wrapping with the tune. Over, over, around, under and through and then pulling slightly to snug it into place I tied one ankle and then pulled her heel to her buttock and did a quick wrapping turn around her thigh with a half hitch to secure the rope in place. I ran the rope up toward her knee and then did a couple of wraps around her upper calf and secured it in place with a surgeon’s knot. Checking the remaining length of the tail and finding it suitable for what I had in mind I moved over and repeated the process on the right leg.

I stepped back and checked things again. Both legs were secured and could be moved to the sides, along her body, towards the foot of the bed, or even tied together. The position also gave me easy access to her sex and beautiful round ass. Her hands were out of the way and the contrast of the white wax against the light tan of her skin was quite striking. Her eyes were closed as she focused on the sensations of the ropes, the wax and the continuously shifting stimulation to her vagina and clitoris. Wanting to emphasize the ministrations I was about to apply I turned off the vibrator and slowly began to withdraw it. Realizing what was happening she tried to clamp down and I chuckled softly as I had to work harder to pull it away from the grip of her kegel-strengthened vulva and the slight grasping of her labia as if finally emerged fully from her sex.

She pouted slightly as she realized I wasn’t immediately replacing it. Her eyes locked with mine pleading silently for more. I simply smiled and began with the next phase of my plan. Grabbing the tail of the rope on her left lag I pulled it through Yozgat Escort Bayan the clip attached to the left corner of the headboard and then moved to the base of the bed pulling on the rope and drawing her knee up towards her chest. I stopped when her knee was even with her belly button and her leg was angled away from her body at about a 45 degree vertical. I secured the rope to the footboard with a half hitch and square knot so I could move it easily when I wished. I quickly did the same to the right leg with her eyes following my actions the entire time. She was now secured by all four limbs and her shaved sex was openly displayed and glistening slightly in arousal.

The music had moved on I noticed as I gently stirred the melted paraffin and refilled my cup for the next application. I couldn’t help myself as I leaned forward and began pouring the wax in large drops starting in the valley between her breasts and beginning a trail down her torso, “Baby, it’s cold outside…” I made sure the drops were falling so she could feel each splash fully before the next one hit ensuring a constant barrage of stimulation to her entire torso. I moved down her body leaving a lovely trail of slowly solidifying white, stopping at her mons to allow the wax to flow slowly along the slight rise of her pubic bone. As I watched the wax slowly cascade and begin to slightly pool at her hip sockets I reached down and began lightly running my fingers along her labia and rubbing my thumb in light circles around her clitoris. A soft moan escaped her lips as she tried to thrust her hips up to increase the contact but was only minimally successful because of her bindings.

Deciding it was time to let things escalate I grabbed a wand vibrator and began to lightly tease her labia with the head of it on a lower setting. While she was thus distracted I began once more to drop the wax on her body and was rewarded with a light gasp as the first drops hit her legs. I traced a trail of droplets down one leg and up the other curving away just before reaching her sex. I moved the wax back and forth in this fashion stimulating her sex with the wand the entire time. She was definitely approaching orgasm now as she was moaning louder and pressing against her bonds trying to increase the stimulation in her vulva. I rewarded her patience by increasing the intensity of the vibrations and pressing it more firmly against her lips and moving it tantalizing closer to her clitoris.

Wanting to bring her to her first orgasm of the morning I continued my ministrations with the wand and began to drip the wax ever closer to her sex. I teased her by letting it Escort Yozgat fall just at the base of her outer lips and trailed the heat of the wax along one side getting teasingly close to her clitoris before moving it across and trailing it down the other side. Watching her closely I saw her sex open slightly and turn a deeper shade of pink as she strained forward trying to engulf the head of the wand. Her skin glistened with the heat of the wax combined with her arousal and a slight flush had begun to spread across her chest and her cheeks were beginning to turn a deeper red. Recognizing the signs of her impending and, by the signs, powerful orgasm I moved the wand to her clitoris and watched as she thrust her hips into it maximizing the contact with the vibrating head.

Holding it in place I watched for the next few moments as her orgasm built and then crashed over her in a wave. Her moans increased steadily until with a small cry she began writhing against her bonds, her heels digging into the bed and her hips bucking wildly against the bonds and the wand being held firmly to her sex.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she panted. “Oh god, yes! Yes! Yes!”

As the bucking began to subside slightly I continued my ministrations. Keeping the wand pressed against her clitoris, I began moving it in a small rocking motion to stimulate her clitoris and the upper labia. With my other hand I began thrusting two fingers into her moistened vagina matching my thrusts to the pulses of the wand. I didn’t have long to wait as the second orgasm followed on the heels of the other barely allowing the first to pass before the second wave crashed over her. No more words came as she was reduced to monosyllabic exclamations from the power of the multiple orgasms piling on top of each other drowning out the music.

“Oh! Ah! Ah! Ah…mmmm. Oh, yeah, uh-huh…mmmm…ooohhh. Aaahhhh.”

I gently pulled the wand away and massaged her sex lightly with my fingertips as the orgasm slowly subsided. Eventually her breathing became steadier and her eyes and face lit with a radiant smile as she met my gaze. I returned the smile and moved up to brush the hair away from her face.

“Wow,” she gasped.

I nodded and smiled as the music changed songs again. Our ears filled with “Winter Wonderland” as I let my eyes wander across her body and take in the pale white of the wax against her skin. No longer was it just solid fields of white as her exertions during orgasm had filled it with cracks and some pieces had begun to fall away. Reaching for my blade to begin removing it from her glowing body I looked out the window at the snow as it continued to fall, “And it looks like we have all day to play.”


Thanks for reading it has been too long since I submitted anything. Please comment on what you liked, didn’t like, or would add to it…I am always looking for feedback. And, as always, please remember to vote!


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