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Sleep Tight

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Sleep Tight

Alysha, go to bed. I know you’re just home from college. But you know it’s time. How we do things. I’ll be in when you’ve done your teeth and are in bed.

Hey, Aly. Teeth done? I know you don’t need me to be strict, but it’s always good to reinforce what’s important. It’s discipline. For both of us. So, how are you? How has your first semester been? Are you making friends?

That’s nice. What’s he like? A nice smile eh? That’s sweet. But a bit immature? I can picture that. He would have so little experience at his age. No sisters? Well in that case he must be out of his depth. I’ll fold mine here. I haven’t seen them beside yours since before you went to college. Its a nice memory!

Squeeze over. This bed is so little. Perhaps we’ll get a double bed when you come home next. Or perhaps we should wait a little. I like lying here with you. This snuggle hug is good. Happy memories. For you too.

You miss it, do you? No one at college? No one come’s close? You can’t imagine it? From anyone else? I can understand that. I know you, and you know me. We fit each other? We do indeed. I miss you too.

Yes, I know you just want to pull the sheet down. Yes I do like looking at you. But let’s pull it over both of us. So we can snuggle. I like your head on my shoulder, squeezing up close. Your lips look nice.

I think it was the right thing to take a gap year before you started college. Don’t you agree? No school for you. We both worked and just hung out together when we weren’t working. We got to know each other as adults. To know each other properly for the first time. To learn to help each other. You’re my helper. And I’m yours.

You had turned eighteen, left school, gotten a job, and started to feel adult. But you were so inexperienced and in such a hurry. You wanted to learn more new things. Grown up things. Like about men.

We’d never talked about it. I think mom and you had but you wanted to learn more. How would a man kiss you. And things like that. You were very nervous. But very determined. And so vulnerable. First I just showed you how to cuddle. I thought it would end there. Then kiss. And that would be it. Then use your tongue. Yes like that. And so it went. And then you got good so quickly.

And also impatient. You wanted to learn as much as you could as soon as you could. You knew it would take forever to learn it from boys your age. You were so shy, or thought you were. The other girls at school were way ahead of you in that department. You worried about fitting in at college.

So you pushed me to show you more and more. After cuddling and kissing, you wanted to see my penis. It was almost like a science project. You were so serious. You even took notes. So funny!

No I wasn’t laughing at you. In fact I was really nervous myself, and that’s why I made fun of the situation. Imagine a dad showing his daughter his penis! That is really weird. But it was important to you so I gave in.

First you just looked at it. It wasn’t erect and you thought it was funny yourself. You wondered what all the fuss was about. Then you wanted to touch it. And that’s when it happened. It started to twitch and grow. I was so embarrassed. But you kocaeli escort were fascinated.

Then you wanted to hold it. Yes, like that. Then to kiss it. Then take it in as much as you could. You were starting to teach yourself what you needed to know. It was almost like your body knew what to do and you just had to let it happen. You were so proud. And I was proud of you. I showed you what a man liked then just went along for the ride.

Mmmm. Your tongue is so soft. Yes. That’s it. You loved pleasing me. You still do, don’t you. Oh my God. You’ve grown up so much in eighteen months. All that practice last year really shows.

Remember when I showed you how to cum the first time? Yes, I know you told me you had tried by yourself before then. But you didn’t know quite how to do it. Only that it felt good. And you knew there must to be more to it. And I showed you what it felt like when I rubbed your clit, and ran my fingers through your slit. And rimmed your asshole. You liked it all from the start, and then you couldn’t get enough. And learned to do it by yourself. But when I did it you liked it more.

Yes, that’s right. You would even call me from work on the special cell phone we got for you. Our special phone, just for us. Your pussy would even react when you heard the sound of the phone ringing. Pavlov’s pussy I’d call it. I’d call you in the middle of the day when it was on vibrate and you’d get so wet so quickly. If I let it keep going you’d even cum. Right there. While you served a customer.

And you were just getting to know Rachel. She’d be watching you from across the shop. She’d see you shake and ask if you were ok. You told me all you could do was nod and say “mmm”. She learned later what was happening, and then she ended up liking it too. No surprise. We know that now. But that’s another story.

And remember New Year’s Eve? That was so special! You had a job, you were nineteen, and you’d grown into a sophisticated young woman. Well almost. Until we rang in the New Year. We kissed like no one was looking. And after the party, everyone gone, just you and me.

First we had a bath together, and I washed you all over. Dried you. Then carried you into the bedroom. I got undressed and you lay on the bed, with the sheet pulled all the way down. I ate you then for the first time. You thought it was going to be gross but you absolutely loved it.

As I was eating you you were humping up at me like you had been doing it your whole life. You’re even getting moist now remembering it. Aren’t you? Look at my finger, it’s glistening.

Anyway after the bath we got into bed and I lay down on you and pushed my cock up inside you for the first time. You spread your legs. You couldn’t lie still. You were humping for real. And you were so so tight. It didn’t take long that first time to cum inside you. There must have been a pint of cum. And you couldn’t stop cuming all the time I was fucking you.

That night we decided on our new tradition, that you must never ever go to sleep again in this house without a sperming. And you never ever have!

What’s that? Did you just moan? Are you wet? Oh yes, you are. I remember when you left for college and our last night together. kocaeli escort bayan You were already missing me then and couldn’t get enough of my cock. Yep, that’s right, I couldn’t get enough of your cunt either.

And now you’re here and ready for your first sperming now you’re back. And you haven’t had one for two months. You will sleep so well when we’ve finished, though I don’t know what time that will be.

What’s that, you want to do it in my bed? No not tonight. I’ll sperm you in your own bed. Yes, I’ll fuck you on my bed tomorrow. But tonight I want to do it in your bed.

I like your tongue. You taste of my pre-cum. I like sliding my tongue inside your mouth. It is so familiar. Your breasts are so nice. Firm and tight. A lovely handful. I like nipping your nipples. They get so hard, and then while you’re squirming I keep on kissing you and slide my tongue deep. You have learned to open wide. Practice makes perfect. Yes, that’s it. I’ll suck on your tongue while I work your nipples between my second and third fingers as I palm your breast. You like me squeezing your tits and nipples that way, don’t you? Well, keep working your tongue against mine as I suck it and maybe I’ll keep at it.

My knee is now between your legs against your sopping pussy. You’re humping. God you want it bad. You feel my hairy leg against your cunt, my cock and balls on your thigh, my big hairy chest against your left breast. You’re moaning.

Keep working that tongue. And hand.

I leave your breast. For now. My hand slides down across your belly and cups your mound, my middle finger settling in your slit, all warm and welcoming me home. You’ve missed it all these months at college. You’ve been a good girl there, keeping our special cell phone with you. I love making you cum whenever I want. You too, eh? You wish I wouldn’t do it when you’re with the boys? But thats the fun. I’ll bet Rachel gets wet now when she knows I’m calling. Maybe I’ll get her a phone.

Ok, now it’s time. On your back, darling. Spread those legs. Arms up, around me, down to my ass. Help me in, thrusting into your cunt, your butt cheeks raised up off the sheet cupped in my two hands.

I love your ass. It’s become so familiar. You know how I’ve always liked cupping your ass, my thumb nestled against your asshole, my first finger tickling your cunt. And my right hand working your slit and clit. Lovely. Just lying here. Fingering you. You’d soon be cuming like a train. Then I’d climb aboard and ride you to the end of the line. I’d deliver that load of sperm into exactly where it belonged, against your cervix, inside your belly, where only I could go.

I am in you now to the root. I hold my cock in you. Stilling you. My cock fills you completely. The pressure on your cunt walls, the stretch of your pussy lips around the shaft, the weight of ball sack snug against your ass with its heavy cum-load, my hairy chest and belly bearing you to the mattress. All this fills your body, senses, mind. You know your place and service. You wait beneath me until bid. I wait until you know you are waiting. Until you know you are being bid. Then I still wait. I am bidding you know that I am bidding you. That I am in charge.

This izmit escort is stilling. A most important discipline in bringing females to hand and in keeping them well under. I have made a study of the art, learning from others skilled and practiced as well as from my own experiments. I plan to one day write a manual, an account of the history, theory and practice. On Bringing the Female to Hand.

Of course you know your place. That I am in charge my darling. But sometimes it’s less important that you know something and more important that you know I’m telling you to know it. That I’m in charge. Stilling is instilling knowledge. It comes from me and you receive it. Like my cock.

So. I wait. Instilling through my body resting on and in you knowledge beyond knowing. You, your cunt, your self, is mine, are mine. Your ass, your throat, your thoughts, your cunt juice, your orgasms, even when I am absent, even when you are with other men. Even if and when you are married. You are mine. You are forever mine.

I am stilling you, I still you with my body and my will and my waiting. You look up into my eyes. I hold your gaze until I sense your assent. These two months of separation while you started college has set the trap and now it’s sprung. You were lost before you went but didn’t know it. But now you do. You moan and I know you are now accepting all this to your depths, as my cock rides in you to it’s depth. You are mine.

Now I set to work. Thrusting, slowly at first, building to a steady rhythm, of mastering strokes. You feel each in-cock bottom out, molding your cunt to cock shape. To my cock shape. You feel each out-cock draw back. Inner pussy lips stretched round the shaft. Caressing the mastering shaft. I feel your cunt folds flexing to hold me tight. In and out and in and out. I am fucking you Aly.

You wait knowing the time I sperm you is not your time. The time I sperm will be the time I choose to sperm you. It is my sperm and the time is mine. You wait, rising to receive each inward thrust, hearing our squelch — mine and yours together. For ten minutes that’s the sound that fills the room, the percussion to the melody of your moans as you cum repeatedly.

Then the thrusts change. They became short and sharp. My balls are preparing to deliver sperm gathered for you in anticipation of this your home coming, this your home cuming. You feel it, impending, you lift your ass up off the bed, the better to grasp and pull in the cock.

My ball-sack till now was pendulously riding your ass crack with each inward thrust, informing directly your lower brain stem of what you are to receive. Now with impending release the balls are riding high along the shaft, pulled in tight against that column, as if to ride it in to you and down within your willing passage to deliver the load directly to your cervix. But that is not the way of the shaft and balls. Instead tingles prime the balls then ripple rise along the shaft. The cock head pauses, stills, the focus of all my mind and will, then spasms. Spasms into life. Spasms bringing life. Spasms delivering sperm. Into my my Alesha, my Aly, my life, my womb.

Perhaps half an hour later I slowly slackly draw out. You are full. Pulpy to hand and cock. We have slept. I collapsed upon your breast. I am where I belong. You are where you belong. You have not moved since sperming.

One long last deep kiss. I stagger up. I draw the sheet up over you.

Welcome home. Good night. Sleep tight.

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