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Skating Lessons Ch. 4

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I left the hockey game knowing that I would get beeped the next day at some point from my stranger. The next morning when my beeper went off I trembled slightly remembering our bet from the night before. I was a little nervous thinking exactly what my stranger had in mind for me. Picking up the phone I slowly dialed his number and heard his deep rich voice on the other end.

“Hi babe, how are you today?”

“Great thanks… and yourself?”

“A little sore but that was a rough game last night. So tell me are you ready to pay up on our little bet?”

I hesitated only a moment then replied, “Yes”.

I could hear his warm laugh on the other end of the phone. He knew I was a little uncomfortable but I could tell he wasn’t going to let me off the hook.

“How soon can you be with me today?”

“I could be free in the next hour. “

“Ok, listen do you feel comfortable meeting at my place today?”

“Yes… I suppose. “

He proceeded to give me directions to his place then I hung up the phone to go shower. I told my husband I was going to go shopping for the day and asked if he would mind watching our daughter. He was just watching football all day so he was fine with keeping her with him. He kind of grinned at me as I was getting ready to leave.

“You are looking pretty sexy for just going out shopping for the day.”

I just smiled, ” Hey a lady needs to feel good about herself when she is out shopping.” I was hoping I didn’t sound too guilty since I knew I wouldn’t be anywhere near any stores today.

About an hour later I arrived at my strangers house. I pushed the intercom at the gate to let me into his condo and his warm voice answered as he told me how to get to his apartment.

I knocked on the door and I felt his hand reaching out for mine as he pulled me into his arms for a passionate kiss. His tongue swirled around mine tasting me and pressing hungrily into my mouth. I slid my hands along his back feeling him wince slightly and realized he was probably bruised from the game last night.

Smiling at me, he led me into his condo and had me sit on his dark green leather couch. The whole room emboddied his rich warm masculine personality. I noticed the warmth from the fireplace and walked over to it warming my hands as he returned to the room with two glasses of merlot.

Handing me one of the wine glasses, he smiled and reached out his hand to caress my face. He kissed me again in a soft lingering kiss and he slowly went back to the couch to Yalova Escort sit down. I started to follow and he motioned me to stop.

Looking confused I sipped another drink of the rich red wine and peered over the rim at my stranger. He set down his glass and smiled wickedly at me.

“So are you ready to do whatever I ask of you?”

“What exactly do you want me to do?”

“Well… the next best thing to putting you into the penalty box”, he chuckled softly.

Reaching behind the couch I saw him pull out a soft leather collar. Catching my breath I looked into his piercing green eyes as he slowly stood and walked over to me.

“Omg… what are you thinking about doing?”

He didn’t answer as he reached out caressing my neck before slowly placing the soft leather collar around my neck. I started to protest but he placed a fingertip across my lips motioning me to remain quiet. Trembling as his fingertips began to unbutton my sweater one button at a time. I felt him slip it over my shoulders and drop it to the carpet. His hands reached around me and gently unhooked my soft silver lace bra. I felt his fingertips lovingly caress my nipples making little soft circles until the tips were tight little buds.

I felt his hands graze down along my belly until he unbuttoned my jeans slowly sliding them down over my hips. He held me steady as I slowly stepped out of them. He let his fingers run across the front of my silver lace trimmed bikini panties. I could feel his fingers gently running between my legs sliding the material sensuously across my tingling pussy lips.

His warm fingertips slid inside my panties slipping them carefully as if he didn’t want them rubbing against my already sensitive skin. I wiggled slowly assisting him as he slid them over my hips.

“God you look incredible right now. “

He turned around taking the glass of merlot and slowly placed it at my lips letting me take a small sip. He turned the glass around and took a small sip as well but placed his warm mouth over mine sharing the last drink of merlot as our tongues danced together. The taste of him and the merlot and the heat from the fireplace had my senses reeling.

“Are you ready babe”, he asked as he put the wine glass down on the coffee table. I shyly nodded and felt his arms wrap under my knees and around my back as he lifted me effortlessly into his arms. His strength never ceases to amaze me.

Slowly placing me in the center of his king size bed, I found myself Yalova Escort Bayan surrounded in the folds of his hunter green satin sheets. His matching green eyes looked down into mine as he slid his hand out to my right arm and gently raised it above my head. I noticed then that he had cuffs attached to each of the four posts of the bed. I hesitated slightly but relaxed as he gently stroked my skin as he tightened the first cuff.

My stranger then leaned down, letting his tongue softly nibble along my arm. Soft kisses were then pressed along my neck and down my side. I felt his tongue softly graze across my hip and thigh. His fingertips trailed along as his lips continued their journey down my right leg to my ankle. I felt him pick up my leg gently sliding it to the side. Slowly he placed the cuff making sure it was nice and secure.

He repeated the sensuous process with my left leg and arm until I lay spread eagle on his satin sheets. He walked to his bedside table and opened it and I noticed the black satin blindfold in his hands. He brought it closer and placed it across my eyes and gently tied it behind my head so there was no light entering my field of vision.

I felt totally vulnerable and exposed to my lover unsure of what would happen next. I could hear his footsteps as he left the room and again when he returned a short time later. I felt the mattress sag slightly as he sat on the edge. I suddenly felt a cold chill across my right nipple as he sprayed something cold on my breast. I then felt him swirling something across my nipple in small circles spreading the cold material across my now swollen nipple.

I felt him slowly rubbing something across my bottom lip, teasing me until I opened my mouth. I slowly let my tongue slide across the material tasting a juicy strawberry with some whipcream on it. I smiled loving the combination of flavors especially the juicy strawberry. I felt his fingertip slide below my lip as the juices dripped from the corner.

Then he slowly slid his fingertip inside my mouth and I continued sucking with my soft lips and tongue until I had removed all of the strawberry juice. Then I felt his tongue slurping slowly across my right nipple removing all remnants of the sweet whip cream.

He repeated the process until my left nipple was as aroused as the right. I relaxed thinking this was going to be a fun bet to pay back if the rest felt as good as this part did. I was jarred from my thoughts as I felt a warm liquid drop Escort Yalova inside the shallow well of my bellybutton. I felt him dip something again in the liquid slowly whirling.

Again he raised the object to my lips, slowly teasing me. I realized it was a strawberry dipped in warm chocolate sauce. “Uhmmmmmmmmm…” I moaned with pleasure both from his touch and from the taste of chocolate. I noticed his mouth was devouring my belly button and his tongue was spearing the shallow well until all the chocolate was gone.

It didn’t take long before he continued with the next phase of my sexual arousal. I felt his fingertips gently sliding between my legs. Long slow strokes along my inner thighs, and then slowly teasing around my soft pink pussy lips. I had recently shaved them for him and they were nice and smooth and oh so sensitive.

I felt him slowly spread my pussylips and then his other hand slid something squishy and slightly cool inside my awaiting entrance.

“Omg…” I moaned as I felt his lips follow his fingertips licking around the outer edges of my pussy lips. Slowly sucking each labia into his mouth teasing and tasting.

His tongue continued its assault and then slowly slid up to my now engorged clit. I felt his tongue gently bathing me with soft licks in little circles until I was fully aroused. I started to try to buck my hips with the pleasure but the cuffs held my body from moving very much. I then felt him place his hungry mouth over my entrance and licking and sucking until he managed to slide the object out my warm wet pussy.

I felt his warm body slide over mine and he held my face in his hands. I opened my lips in anticipation of his kiss and was surprised by tasting the sweet and tangy taste of the peach slice covered in my pussy juices. Our tongues swirled enjoying the tasty juices of both me and the peach.

I noticed he had left the room again and he returned a moment later with a warm wet towel which he proceeded to gently bath my entire body. I felt like pins and needles all over from his gently kisses and touches that I was not sure I would be able to take much more stimulation.

I felt him gently untie my arms and legs and flexing my body I sat up on my knees. I assumed we were finished with our game and started to remove my blindfold, but I was wrong.

“Shhhhhhh… babe we aren’t finished yet. I had to work hard for that goal last night and I think you need to give a little more to call things even here. “

“What else do you have in mind?”

“Roll onto your belly baby and just relax. You are going to love this, I can tell because you are so incredibly responsive. “

Starting to get a little nervous but so aroused already I needed to know what more he wanted from me. But that is another story…

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