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Shy Lady No More Fucks the Neighbor

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My goodness, I’ve been in a complete whirlwind of erotic sex over the last two weeks since I went to Richard’s photography studio and he seduced me. What’s come over me? I’d never broken my marriage vows. Now, I wake up and the first thing I think about is sex. Thoughts of my erotic, sensuous sex play pops into my mind throughout the day.

If you haven’t read my first two stories about my experiences at Richard’s studio and with his virgin younger brother, it’s best that you read them and catch up. Experiencing extremely great sex with Richard has changed my life. I’ve become a more sensuous person and I will never go back to the dull person I was. Sex makes me feel alive and desired. The word ‘juicy’ sums up my new way of being.

Let me describe myself. I’m a thirty-five-year-old housewife. I jog and do yoga to keep fit. People say I’m attractive. Men hit on me often. I enjoy being feminine. My blonde hair falls down to my shoulders. I’m medium height with a slim build. My husband, Jim, and I have been happily married for over twelve years. Before my love making with Richard, the very sexy photographer, I had no complaints about our sex life. Jim had been the only man I’d had sex with. Now, I realize just having no complaints doesn’t mean I’ve had real pleasure. That’s two very different ways of being. I have a great family life with two great kids and a successful husband. That, I don’t want to change. But I’m driven to fulfill these new sexual appetites in secret. I know it’s a sin, but I just can’t stop and frankly don’t want to.

In my last story, I confessed to being with a high school senior at Richard’s studio who later I learned was Richard’s younger brother and a virgin to boot. That was a very erotic experience and I’ve dared to have him over to the house three times during the day when Jim, my dear husband’s at work. Lord knows what will happen if my hubby finds out.

Teaching this young man about sex and visiting Richard another two times, once to complete the photo album and the other just to fuck, has not quelled my desire for sex. It has just enflamed it more. I’ve tried to see Richard more often but he’s away on out-of-town photo shoots. I suspect, no I know, that his thirst for sex is quenched by the new female clients that come to have ‘boudoir’ photos taken at his studio. I smelled the odor of other women’s sex when I had a chance to be with him. Strangely, I don’t feel any jealousy. We just use each other for sexual pleasure. I’m not looking for love. I have a man I love dearly, Jim, my husband. I just want pleasure.

My habits are changing now that my libido is in overdrive. I amazed my husband when I sat and watched NFL football last Sunday with him. I just love the raw, masculine energy of those beefy men. Their butts are so sexy when they huddle. I jumped Jim after the game and we had hot sex right there on the sofa when the game ended. Shocked the shit out of him. Our sex life is much better lately. It’s not a mind-blowing type of sex but it scratches the itch when I get too horny to sleep. Jim’s loving it. Of course, I’d never tell him why I’m so suddenly horny. He just thinks it’s a girl thing.

The danger of having the young student, Vincent in my house was so exhilarating that I am planning something with another man. In the first story I wrote on Literotica, I told you that a hot male neighbor had propositioned me at a block party. I mentioned that just to say that men found me attractive. Well, he and his wife have invited Jim and I over to a wine-tasting party this evening. Blake is making a fortune in the new marijuana industry. He has a startup company that is soon going public. It looks like he’ll be filthy rich when the IPO happens. Blake is in his mid to high twenties and very sexy. He’s an executive in a cool industry and he fits the part. His hair is longer that the Wall Street types and his suits and shirts less formal. I’m sure he works out because he’s in great shape. He carries himself with confidence and a good sense of humor.

Call me a horny bitch, but whenever I think of Blake, I just envision me sucking his cock and him mounting me for a delicious romp. Jeez, I’m turning into such a tramp. But I feel a big thrill every time I see myself on my knees reaching for the zipper in his pants. I wonder if he still wants me now or maybe that was just the alcohol talking when he propositioned me.

Getting ready for the party.

The women there will be very dressed up and I want to make an impression with Blake. I’ve chosen a sheer, purple blouse with a deep sexy neckline open down to my navel. It bares my chest six inches wide and shows the inside half of my breasts. I saw many movie actresses dressed in that type of blouse at the Oscars this year. I want to be in the newest style. My breasts are still perky enough to not need a bra. It took some talking to get Jim to agree on me wearing it, but he finally relented. I gave some consideration to wearing a short skirt but that would have been too much along with Tokat Escort the hot blouse. I chose instead a pair of satin, tight evening pants in a matching purple color. When I tried them on, it highlighted my tight ass but I could see my panty line. That’s a fashion no, no so I’ve decided to go panty-less. Of course, I didn’t tell Jim about that. When I looked in the mirror, I saw the image of a hot woman. With any luck, Blake will make another move on me. This time, I’ll accept, very demurely of course. A classy lady can’t seem too easy to bed. Now for a spray of my new flowery perfume.

At the party.

Blake’s Viewpoint.

Debbie Taylor looks really hot, even hotter than the last party. She has a sexy, sensuous glow about her. Those breasts are so sweet. She’s showing them off with that sexy blouse and so she should. I wish my wife had a nice set like that that. If I get a chance, I’ll cut her from the herd and chat with her to get a closer look. She knows I’m hot for her. When I propositioned her at the last party, she didn’t slap me on the face. That was a small victory. The classy tart likes the attention.

Debbie’s Viewpoint.

Blake’s house is spectacular. He must be doing so well at that new marijuana business. What a gold rush that’s been for the lucky ones who got in early. His wife is so beautiful in her tight, short mini-skirt. It compliments her slim, petite, perfect body. She’s the picture of an ideal executive wife, very attentive almost in a worshipping way she looks at him. She always has a happy, contented smile. I bet Blake is great in bed. Her smile gives that away.

Whenever Blake looks over, I give him my big smile. The last time he looked over, I dropped my gaze demurely and touched my hair in an inviting, flirty way. I hope he’s getting the message that I’m attracted to him. A woman is allowed to flirt after a few glasses of wine. I think I’ll go out and get a bit of night air by their pool. One last big smile for Blake as I go out the patio doors.

Blake’s Viewpoint

Hmm. That was quite the inviting smile from Debbie as she’s heading outside. Now’s my chance to chat her up. Who knows what can happen? I’ll join her.

“Hi Debbie, hope you’re enjoying the party.”

“Yes, Blake it’s great. You and your pretty wife are such super hosts. The wine is so delicious, I think I’ve a glass or two too many. I needed a bit of air to cool off.”

“The night air is so fresh. I was looking for an opportunity to chat with you.”

God, those breasts are so luscious. In the cool air, her nipples are so prominent through the silky material. I love looking at a beautiful woman’s cleavage when I’m talking with them. It makes it obvious that man, women games are in play. This blouse is amazing. I can see half of her breasts.

“Next to my wife, you are the sexiest woman at the party.”

“Blake, you’re such a flirt.”

“How could I resist. Your outfit tonight is very sexy. It tells me you like to flirt too.”

“To be honest, I hoped you’d notice. Oh, my heavens, I shouldn’t have said that. Must be the wine.”

What does that mean. Last time she shut my advances off. Now she seems open. What the hell, I’m going to take another stab at bedding her. The gazebo at the back of the garden will be a private place to make a move on her. Her perfume is so powerful.

“Debbie, when I’ve had a glass too many, I like to walk around the garden to sober up a tad. It’s dark on the path so be careful. Here give me your hand, just to steady you.”

Her hand is soft and warm.

Debbie’s Viewpoint

He’s so obviously trying to get me alone. I’ll go along and play the reluctant lady. His hand is so strong. The sound of the party is fading as we walk deeper down the garden path. There is a small building with some bench seats.

“Debbie, have a seat in the gazebo. You look cold. Why don’t I put my arm over your shoulder to warm you up?”

He’s so obvious. A handsome, successful man like him must have great success with women. That makes him confident.

“Thanks, Blake. That’s very nice of you.”

I lean into his chest and snuggle into his body.

Blake’s Viewpoint

Is it possible that she’s available? She seems different than the last time we were together. Then, I cupped her ass and she turned cold. Now it’s the opposite. Maybe she wants it. What the hell, I’m never one to turned down an opportunity with a beautiful woman.

“Are you feeling warmer?” She nods her head and snuggles in closer. I’ll slip my hand down her back to her ass cheek. Let’s see her reaction this time. This nice tight womanly ass feels so sweet. She gave a little sigh when I felt it. Best to go slow. I’ll slide my hand over her crack to the other cheek. I just realized, I can’t feel any panties. What a tart. In my experience, a tart likes to be treated like a tart.

“Your ass feels so good. I’ve been thinking about it since the last time I felt it.”

“Blake, you’re so naughty.”

She pulls my Escort Tokat hand back up to her shoulder. Quite the lady. But she snuggled back into my chest.

“It’s your fault, dressing so sexy and being so beautiful. I’m just a man.”

I grope her again massaging her buttock more firmly this time.

“Blake, you really shouldn’t be doing that. We’re both married.”

She isn’t stopping me. I’ll ignore that comment. Hmmm. She just moaned. Good sign.

Debbie’s Viewpoint

His hand on my body feels so good. He puts a hand under my chin and brings my lips to his. What a great kisser he is. His tongue parts my lips and probes for mine. As our tongues dance together I reach up and hold the back of his neck giving him total access to my body. He slips his hand inside my blouse to my bare breast. I can’t help letting slip a small groan of pleasure deep in my throat.

Blake’s Viewpoint

Her breast is firm and impossibly soft. She is surrendering totally. Her kissing is so hot. I can feel her heart beating wildly and her breath is coming in pants. This lady is in heat. My dick is painfully hard. Maybe she’ll give me a quick blowjob. Fuck no Blake, you selfish ass. Set up a fuck date and you could be having her on the side for a long time. This is an incredibly attractive lady, not a tart for a one-night stand.

“Oh, Blake darling, you’re making me crazy. We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Debbie, sweetheart, you make me crazy too. Feel this. See how you’re turning me on.”

I’ve found women have been more agreeable to sex when they’ve felt my cock. It’s not huge but it’s a useful size.

Debbie’s Viewpoint

He’s pulled my hand to his crotch. His manhood is hard. I should take my hand away quickly to be lady-like but instead I feel its ample length and thick width. My pussy is throbbing. I reach my hands back up behind his neck and kiss his hot lips again. He puts a hand on my knee and I know he’ll next go to my very needy pussy.

“Blake, no. This is not a good place. I want you, but this isn’t the time.”

“What’s a good place?”

Oh, Blake I’ve never done this before. I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t.”

“Debbie, nobody will ever know. We both want this. What’s a good place?”

“Come over tomorrow to my house at 11:00 in the morning. Jim is away at work. Blake, you are so bad leading me astray like this. I should say no.”

Blake’s Viewpoint

Amazing. I have a booty call with this gorgeous woman. Lucky or what. Can’t wait to fuck her sweet pussy. Let me give her one last kiss and grope her crotch as a sign that that is now my territory. Shit, she spread her legs wide to give me access. Let me run my palm over her womanhood. I can feel the slit of her pussy lips through the shear material of her pantsuit. Her crotch is warm, and I can feel some dampness in the silky material. I think I’ve unleashed her inner slut nature.

She closes her legs and we stand. “You walk back alone and I’ll put on some fresh lipstick and follow later. Can’t be too discreet. Blake, you’re so bad.”

I walk back to the party with my mind blown. Un-fucking-believable, I’ve got a booty call with the classy, beauty, Mrs. Debbie Taylor. Now it’s time to end the party. I’m so horny I want the people gone so I can fuck my pretty wife, up, down and sideways. I need to be balls deep in her tight pussy and soon before I go out of my mind thinking about fucking our neighbor, Debbie, tomorrow.

The next day, Monday morning.

Debbie’s Viewpoint

My mind has been in a tizzy all morning thinking about Blake and the hot sex we’ll have. I’ve tried on different clothes and finally decided on the bright yellow and white summer dress that I wore when I broke my marriage vows the first time with Richard. I get horny every time I see it hanging in my closet.

I took the plunge and shaved my private parts smooth. Blake is very likely the type of man who would appreciate that. Best to be safe. I thought of wearing a sexy thong but decided on a lacy, pink pair in the Brazilian style. They’re classy and less slutty. I put on some understated makeup with girlish pink lipstick. I’m wearing open-toed white sandals with a medium heel. My image in the mirror is the look I want, classy and attractive.

Oh my god, there’s the doorbell. He’s here. My heart is racing. Debbie, get a hold of yourself. Remember to act reluctant. Don’t be easy.

Blake’s Viewpoint

I hear steps. The door opens.

“Hi Blake.” She looks up and down her street in a nervous fashion. “Quick come on in.”

She looks fucking fabulous. What a beauty. That summer dress with its deep cleavage is amazing.

“Debbie, you look great. Give me a hug.” She’s a bit hesitant but that’s to be expected from a wife who’s fucking around for the first time. Her body is nice and firm. I want to grab her ass but best to go slowly.

“Come on in Blake. Let’s sit in the living room. I think we should talk.”

What the hell does that mean? Second thoughts? Tokat Escort Bayan We sit with Debbie sitting off with her hands politely on her lap and a worried look on her pretty face.

“Blake, I know I said for you to come over but I’m not sure this is a good thing. I’ve never done anything like this. Jim is the only man I’ve been with. It was the wine talking. You must think I’m so nasty.”

“No way, Debbie. I’ve always thought you are a real lady.”

She looks down at her hands and bites her lip nervously. “Well, I don’t know…”

I slide over on the sofa beside her. “That is what has attracted me so much to you. You are such a classy lady. Thinking about you drives me crazy and I hope you find me attractive too.” I wrap my arm around her bare shoulder. She continues looking down shyly and breathing deeply. The bare tops of her breasts over her dress top rise and fall with each breath.

She looks up into my eyes and says, “God help me, yes I do. I find you very attractive.”

Our lips lock in a frenzied French kiss. My dick gets instantly titanium hard. Her guilt dam has been broken. I’ll be fucking this gorgeous woman soon. I reach down and grab a full handful of sweet, firm ass in each hand. She forces her tongue into my mouth as I massage her butt. Her inner tart is rising. I sensed she would be a great fuck since we moved into the neighborhood and here, she’s virtually begging for it.

“Take off your dress.” She hesitates. “I SAID take off your dress.”

She faces away. “Please unzip me.” I feel a smirk on my lips.

I pull down the zipper to her ass. Her bare back reveals she has no bra. She stands and the dress drops to the floor and she is there in all her feminine glory with great bare tits. Her lacy pink panties are so cute. I can see the outline of her camel-toe notch in the Y where her legs meet her torso. A rush of adrenaline shoots through me as my lust meter heads towards the red zone.

Debbie’s Viewpoint

His eyes are eating up my body as I look down on him on the sofa. I feel so exposed as his eyes drill into my bare chest. An erotic thrill is running through me. His overwhelming desire is so strong. His gaze goes to my crotch with a hungry look. My pussy is on fire. I have to stop myself from diving my hand to my crotch to get some relief. Must stay lady-like.

“The panties too, baby.”

I immediately put a thumb inside each side of the waistband and peel the lacy silk fabric down my thighs and off. I want him to see my sex. I want him to want me.

He stands up beside me and I attack the buttons on his shirt. I need to see his body. He just watches me undress him with a smug look on his handsome face. He knows I want him so much. Even a lady has needs.

Blake’s Viewpoint

Fuck, is she horny or what? I’ll let her undress me. She needs a good fucking and I’ll give it to her. Let her work for it. There goes the shirt. Sweet, she’s kissing my chest. I’ll put her hand on my crotch.

“Feel how hard you make me. You sexy lady.”

She runs her hand down over the shaft of my cock and gives a low groan, a needy groan as she cups my balls.

“Go get it, Debbie. Go for it, girl.”

Amazing, now she’s frantically undoing my belt. Now down with the zipper. She’s pushing my pants and underwear down together to my knees. My dick pops up like it’s spring loaded. Her eyes widen as it comes into her view. I push my pants down and off. It’s time for some hearty fucking. I’ve been imagining this great fuck since I stroked her pussy in the garden at the party.

Debbie’s Viewpoint

Oh, sweet Mary, his body and cock are so beautiful. I’m light headed, I’m so horny. Got to go somewhere to fuck. The spare bedroom, of course. I take his hand and drag him rushing up the stairs to the back bedroom. I slam the door shut. The window let’s in the summer morning sunlight. We fall on the bed. He gives out a manly grunt as he pulls my body aggressively to his. My crotch is throbbing as I kiss his neck and ears. I grab his ass and pull him on top of me. His cock is granite hard and laying at the Y of my crotch between our hips.

I pant, “Oh Blake, YES.”

He straightens his arms raising his chest up and looks down at me. I pull his ass in an obvious signal to mount and fuck me. He looks down at my body with a confident look of ownership.

“Please. Blake.”

“No need to rush Debbie. We’re going to be doing a lot of fucking in the future. Yes, a lot of horny fucking. I’ve dreamed of this moment for a long time, Mrs. Taylor. I just knew you’d be a horny bitch.”

I feel a hot, real blush on my cheeks as he discovers my lusty nature. My secret is out.

Blake’s Viewpoint

I feel like a fucking king on top of this horny bitch begging for it. Slow down man and enjoy every fucking moment of this. Let me feel those glorious tits. Look at the way she closes her eyes with that look of erotic pleasure washing over her beautiful face. The beautiful Mrs. Taylor, the classy Mrs. Taylor is just a slut for cock. Those sweet lips will be around my cock. I’ll twist this hard nipple. Ahhhh. Nice whimper. She opens her mouth. That tongue will be licking my balls. Yes, Mrs. Debbie Taylor, we’re going to be doing a LOT of fucking in the future.

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