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Shopping Trip

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Earlier in the day I had dropped my wife, Marie, off at the airport so she could fly out to visit her Aunt for a long weekend in Seattle. Afterwards I had to head into work to wrap up a few things before heading home and relaxing for the weekend. Of course I had some errands to run while my wife was out of town, especially shopping for her birthday present. Granted it was May and her birthday was in July but I figured with her away this would be a great opportunity to go shopping and look without her being suspicious.

By the time I looked at the clock it was shortly after 6PM already. Since it was starting to get a bit late, I decided to forgo the gym for the night and stop by the mall on my way home. Skipping the gym wasn’t something I normally did, but being Thursday and having already been there every other day this week; I thought one day would be alright. After all my 6’2″ 215lb body wasn’t in bad shape and I didn’t need to work out every day, though I enjoyed doing it. So, off to the mall I went thinking at least I could get some dinner there as well as browse to see if any gift ideas jumped out at me.

When I arrived at the mall, I decided to look for gift ideas first and then stop at a fast food place on my way home. This way I would make sure I was able to look around before the mall closed at 11pm, and I could also eat at home afterwards.

I entered the mall at one of the department store entrances. I spent a few minutes looking around but didn’t really see anything that I wanted to get my wife. So, I left that store and walked around the mall a little bit. I took a detour into a sports store and looked at their racquetball equipment, but decided not to buy anything. At that point I was going to just leave despite not really getting any ideas for birthday gifts.

While I was walking back to the store where I entered, I heard someone calling my name. I looked around and didn’t really see anyone that I recognized so I started walking again. Then I heard my name again, and this time when I looked I saw one of my wife’s good friends Heather. We started talking and she said that she was shopping to pass the time while her husband was out with the guys for the night. I told her that I was trying to get some gift ideas for Marie’s birthday, but I hadn’t found anything as of yet. When I told her that, she offered to help with ideas. The only thing I had to do was give her feedback on some clothes that she was thinking about buying. She said that normally she has to return a lot of things because her husband doesn’t like them. So, hopefully by getting my opinion she could avoid having to go through the returns.

Since the mall was still open for a few more hours I decided to take Heather up on her offer. She was good friends with Marie and knew what she liked and disliked, so having her help would be a good thing. We spent the next 45 minutes to an hour walking through some of the smaller stores in the mall. I was able to get a few ideas, but I decided to wait and not make any purchases just yet.

At about 9pm I mentioned to Heather that we should start heading to the stores where she wanted to buy her clothes. This would give us a little time to look and for me to give her my opinions before the mall closed. Fortunately Heather told me that the clothes were all in the same store. This was good because it meant we didn’t Van Escort have to waste time walking all over the mall and we should have plenty of time to look before closing.

We walked over towards the other end of the mall and into a store close to the department store where I entered. Heather immediately went to the racks and grabbed the clothes that she wanted my opinions on. I couldn’t tell exactly what she had, but it looked like at least 5 or 6 different pieces. The first she showed me was a sweater that was on clearance. After I gave her my opinion on that she told me that she wanted to try on the rest of the clothes and she would come out so I could see and give her my opinions.

Heather disappeared into the dressing room to change and I found a nice comfortable chair right outside the door. After a couple of minutes she came out of the dressing room. She had changed into a pair of shorts, and a button down top. I wasn’t very fond of the shorts and I told her so. Don’t get me wrong, they were showing off the nice long legs that went with her 5’8″ body, but I just didn’t think they fit her right. The top on the other hand was fantastic. She left it unbuttoned at the top which gave a very nice view of her cleavage. I also liked the fact that it was white and I could see her red bra through the material. After I gave her my opinion on the shorts and shirt she started to retreat to the dressing room. However on her way in she stopped and asked me to run and get her a white bra to change into so I wouldn’t be distracted. As I started to walk away she called out to me…

“Do you even know what size to get me,” she asked? “Not really. I was going to give it a guess,” I told her. “Well it’s 34D” she then told me as she disappeared into the dressing room.

I walked over to the section of the store where all of the bras were. I found Heather’s size and grabbed one. I didn’t grab the sexiest one, but I also made a point not to grab the ugliest one there either.

When I arrived back, Heather was out of the dressing room. She left the shirt on but had changed the shorts to a nice loose fitting skirt that came down to just above her knee. It wasn’t the sexiest skirt but it sure looked good on her. “Very nice,” is what came out of my mouth, but very sexy is what I was thinking. Even though I could tell I was staring I couldn’t stop. What had my attention even more is that I noticed that she had removed her red bra. Just seeing her in that skirt and knowing that she wasn’t wearing a bra was starting to turn me on. I was wondering what was going to be next when she looked at me and said she would be back with the next outfit.

As soon as she entered the dressing room I realized that I didn’t give her the bra that I went to get for her. I walked over and lightly tapped on the door and mentioned that I had the extra bra in case she needed it. She opened the door slightly and looked at me.

“Are you sure you didn’t just hold onto it hoping you could get a quick peak at me while I was changing,” she asked? “Of course not,” I told her. “I just forgot.” “Well, I won’t need it for this next outfit but probably the last,” she told me. “Go sit back out there and I will be right out.”

I returned to the chair and awaited her return. A few minutes later she returned wearing a really nice dress. It was a black dress that came down about to Van Escort Bayan the middle of her thigh. In the back there was a zipper that went from just above her fine ass to the middle of her back. Then there were strings that came over her shoulders and she had tied behind her neck. She looked absolutely fabulous in the dress. I honestly didn’t even have to say a word; she could tell that I liked what I saw just from the look on my face.

After a couple of minutes walking around in the dress, and looking at herself in mirrors, Heather returned to the dressing room. She told me she had one more outfit to try on and would stop torturing me. I told her that it wasn’t torture, and I was rather enjoying myself watching her model for me. That comment got a double take as she closed the door to the dressing room, but no comment was made.

As I took my seat outside the dressing room again, the door suddenly opened. Heather looked around and then asked if I could give her some assistance. I guess she was looking for a store clerk first because when she asked me to step in the dressing room she looked a little embarrassed. Apparently the zipper on the back of the dress was stuck and she could not get it to unzip. At first I thought maybe she could have just slipped the dress over her head or slipped it down without unzipping it, but it was tight enough that she could not do either. So my help was needed.

Just stepping into the dressing room with her got me even more turned on than I already was. It also didn’t help that Heather closed the door behind me after I walked in. I tried to block out how beautiful she looked, but I just couldn’t. She was standing in front of a mirror and by looking over her shoulder I could see her beautiful green eyes, and her long wavy blonde hair. I stepped a little closer so I could take a look at the stuck zipper on the back of her dress. As I started to attempt to unzip the dress I couldn’t see why the darn thing was stuck. After only a few seconds I was able to get it to move and unzip.

I looked over her shoulder and gave her a little smirk since unzipping the dress was so easy for me. With that I turned for the door so she could finish changing, but I dropped my cell phone as I turned. When I looked back I saw that Heather had already started taking the dress off and her big beautiful tits were out in the open for me to see. When I saw that I just couldn’t help myself. I stood up and planted a big kiss on her lips and gave her a big hug. She immediately kissed me back and started to undo my pants. Amazingly she had my belt unbuckled, my pants unbuttoned, unzipped and down around my ankles, and her hands all over my rock hard 7-inch cock in less than 30 seconds.

While she was taking my pants off and now stroking my penis, I was removing that black dress from her body. As I slid it down off her hips I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties so I reached down with my hand and started rubbing her sweet spot. She was already wet from the excitement which got me turned on even more. I slowly moved my attention to her breasts and gave them a short nibble on my way down to her clit. I slowly started to kiss her private area and even teased her a little by licking her inner thighs.

After a couple minutes she grabbed me and told me to stop fooling around and fuck her good and hard. As I stood up I Escort Van grabbed her tits, gave them a big squeeze and pinched her hard nipples. I then slowly lead her over to a chair that was in the room and told her to get on her knees and lean over the chair. After she complied I got behind her and entered her wet vagina from behind. As I entered she let out a soft moan of pleasure. At first I started pumping my cock into her nice and slowly. I could tell this was driving her crazy because she kept moving her hips trying to get me to speed up my rhythm.

Eventually I did start to quicken my rhythm. We were both starting to moan with pleasure as the pace quickened. I continued to lean over just enough to keep one of her tits in my hand as I pumped my cock into her, faster and faster.

“Cum in me,” she ordered as she started getting close to having an orgasm in hopes that we could climax together. Fortunately I was very close and just about to fill her with a full load of my cum. Just as I started to cum in her she let out a loud moan and she started twitching as her orgasm came on strong. She moved a hand off the chair and up to the wall, ripping the dress that was hanging in front of her off the hanger.

As our orgasms subsided we both fell to the floor trying to catch our breaths. As we sat there we heard a knock on the door asking if everything was alright. Heather told the person on the other side that she was on the phone and everything was just fine.

We both sat there speechless for at least 5-10 minutes. My mind was mostly blank while sitting there, but deep down I wanted more. I looked over at Heather and saw that she had her eyes closed and appeared to be thinking. I slowly reached a hand over and started to caress her left breast.

When I first started touching Heather she didn’t react to my touch. As I continued, I was becoming aroused again. Heather continued to sit motionless for a few minutes until I slowly moved her hand over to my now hard cock. When she felt how hard I was she looked over at me with a grin.

“I can’t let you out of here like that now can I?” she asked.

Immediately after that she climbed over top of me and sat on my lap. She slowly lowered her sopping wet pussy onto my hard cock. I was rather surprised but I was also happy because I wanted her again. As she started to rock up and down on my manhood we heard an announcement that the store would be closing in 15 minutes. We looked at each other and realized that this needed to be quick if we didn’t want to risk getting locked in the store. Heather started to pick up the speed of her motion. Her tits bouncing up and down were driving me nuts. I reached up and grabbed both of them with my hands and I started playing with them and rubbing her nipples.

As I got close to my second orgasm I sat up a little so I could take one of her tits into my mouth and suck on it. Doing that just drove me over the edge and I shot another load into her. The feeling of my dick twitching in her drove her crazy and she quickly was able to climax as well. This time her orgasm wasn’t as intense. She gave out a soft moan, leaned into me and gave me a big kiss.

When our kiss ended we both got up and put our clothes on. We agreed that we would leave separately but meet up for dinner since neither one of us had eaten anything as of yet. I slipped out the door and headed to the restaurant where we decided to meet. Heather decided to buy the dress and the skirt but nothing else.

We met at the restaurant and had a very nice dinner, which is a story for another time.

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