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Sheila’s Adventures

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Thanks for SumanTriguni and BVRocks for contributing to many parts of the story. And NTsarina for suggestions and a great start!! Feel free to give feedback. More stories to cum (pun intended)… Don’t forget to add your email even if it is just criticism. All feedback is appreciated.


Meet Sheila – Sheila is a coach for teachers who has acquired sufficient success in her field. Not only does she earn well, she earns much more than the regular counterparts just because of the additional connections and respect which she commands over her students. i.e. being a coach, her students are not from the ordinary, they are high ranking individuals who excel in their own fields also. In personal life she has a smart husband and a 18 year old son who is an extrovert and enjoys the life outside. Good life style has kept Sheila in excellent shape. She goes to gym regularly and her maintain her shape to 34-24-36, regularly waxes the important parts of her body. Top ups like gentle makeup and dressing style makes her a head turner in the locality and her husband is element of envy for almost all grown up adults in the area. Though she is extremely good in bed. Yet her husband cannot make time for Sheila due to his business trips. Sheila however has a secret, she has a thing for younger men. She watches the male students in her class and imagines how good they would be in bed with their cocks. She feels guilty for this secret, she loves her husband but at the same time, she has no control over her desires. Added to the fact that she has a crush on her next door neighbor just intensifies her feelings and wonder. Sheila had pre-marital relations with quite a few boys.

And here she is after a weeklong activity, taking a break for herself on a Saturday. But then as a normal woman, she has to do the household chores – but enjoys it sometime. She’s in the kitchen rinsing some Strawberries and Avocados, with clean warm water flowing through the tap. But then her mind is elsewhere tending to the external distractions… like her neighbour… Knowing that there is no one at home, lifts the skirt, drops the panties, and makes her comfortable, leaving fresh air to caress her genitals. The warm steam adding to the atmosphere. The comfort makes her touch the lips of her love hole and she parts them with her index finger as her finger touches the inner lips wetness starts to come and she raises her finger a little up to feel her clitty. The touch gives her usual pleasure and the blood rush causes the clitty to swell. Immediately her desire to increase the intensity of pleasure grows and her finger reach goes deeper. The external touch makes the velvety inside ooze more juices which now have reached a level where even her palm is wet so she insert the second finger in and the walls of her love hole easily accommodate both. She closes her eyes and widens the legs so enjoy the moment.

Sheila did not remember that she had asked her neighbour’s younger cousin brother Rocky to come over for some help with gardening. Little did she know that Rocky had already come to the door with the gardening tools and was watching her keenly through the window. Just yesterday Rocky had seen his cousin brother Sam drive his cock into his hot wife Sarah’s dripping pussy. He was in nice summer shorts out in the hot sun and heat building up in his cock. His lustful thoughts for Sarah faded away and replaced by images of Sheila. “These fingers should be replaced by my hot rod: he thought and this thought made his rod even harder. He caresses it and his breathing rate increases as the hot beauty in front of him inserts the second finger in the love tunnel. At this moment Sheila is the hottest women he has seen in this life and he is willing to do anything to lay her.

As Sheila closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure, it was impossible for Rocky to keep staying where he was. Some invisible force made him cover the distance from living room to kitchen and soon he was right in front of Sheila without making much of a noise. Sheila noticed that someone entered the kitchen and looked through the corner of her eyes to see it was her neighbour’s cousin brother Rocky. She remembered and yet kept her eyes closed. Now Sheila’s skirt was raised enough to bare the pink, round and shapely hips. Standing there Rocky undid his summer shorts and his hot rod was saluting the beauty ahead of him. Sheila moaned louder and with her eyes still closed signalled him to come near her.. Rocky moved behind her and cupped her lovely boobs and pressed his rod in the crack between the thighs. Sheila was so much engrossed in pleasure that it did not matter to her whose hardness was it. A cock was after all a cock for the woman in heat. She made no resistance to the new company. Rocky kissed the bare neck of Sheila and the touch of the young budding mustache makes Sheila realise it is a new lover for her. She turns but does nothing to prevent the onslaught. Soon Sheila and Rocky are in deep Van Escort embrace and hitting the new highs every minute.

Rocky raises Sheila’s body in his strong athletic arms and takes her to bed. Sheila removes her own bra as Rocky removes the skirt and panty. Glowing white body, round boobs and shaved pussy of an inviting female was enough to cause all adrenaline in Rocky’s body to rush into the bloodstream and this has its own effect on the length, width and colour of his took. Sheila was mesmerized to see the young man’s cock and lunged forward to take it first in her hands and after a gentle caressing of the long rod and the balls below, she inserted it in her mouth. She was an expert sucker and was leaving no effort behind to make her lover groan in pleasure. As Rocky’s pleasure increased to new high, she pushed Sheila down and widened her thighs to have a direct glimpse of the centre of attraction. His tongue now craves to taste the juice that is making those pink lips shine and he wastes no time in moving ahead. Soon his tongue is going up and down the pink lips and more juices erupt from inside. Rocky drinks all. Sheila is now at the height of pleasure and presses Rocky’s head into her tightly making Rocky suffocate a bit. As Rocky realises the heat building inside Sheila he presses the tongue further in and is now almost fucking the hole by making the tongue as hard as possible.

Sheila moans “aah aaah aaaa …sss ssss sssss”

Rocky’s breathing is so hard that it can be heard all around the room.

Soon both realise that it is time to move further into this journey to ultimate pleasure.

Rocky is now sitting between widened legs of Sheila and holding his long rod in his hand presses it against the lips. Parting them with the end of his tool and smiles. Sheila closes her eyes imagining the deep pleasure ahead and Rocky gives his tool the required push to enter the love tunnel. There is absolutely no resistance and soon it is at the deepest point possible even though full two inches of the nine inch length are still outside. Rocky takes it out once and again in. This time Sheila’s love hole is more accommodative and and length outside is only one inch. Two more in-out and full tool is going in even though it is now pushing Sheila’s womb giving her a pleasure that has never happened while in bed with her husband Sanjay.

Soon the noise in the bed increases and is now a mix of “aaah ummmm” “ummfff ummfff Fuck fuck”

Sheila goes on raising her legs till they are fully resting on Rocky’s broad shoulders making Rocky push his full hardness easily in Sheila’s depths.

After full 18 minutes of pumping they both go to the bed room and make hot love on the bed.

Finally both erupt into a wild orgasm and lie like a heap in each others’ body. The strawberries and Avocados in the kitchen will have to wait.

When they get up, they both confess the secret love for each other. Rocky goes further and mentions about his secret crush for Suman (hot asian wife of Sam) and how he say Sam drive his cock into Suman’s love hole. Sheila mentions about crush for Sam. So, they have a deal now.

Suman and Sam are Sheila’s neighbours and Sheila had developed a bit of curiosity about the couple. This couple gave her surprises all the times. Sam was tall, dark and handsome. Every time Sheila met him in social gatherings of the local club, she longed to be held close by Sam and fantasised his manhood during her self-indulgence. On the other hand Suman was a normal female with sharp features with normal bust line and fair skin. The couple was regular in morning walks and fitness sessions in local gym.. Their body language when they were together indicated that they were intensely in love with each other but. But considering the number of untimely visitors to the neighbour’s house made Sheila suspect that the couple had some peculiarities not existing on normal couples.

Over the next few weeks, Sheila and Rocky met as often as they could, making plans on how to get Suman and Sam into their bed. Each time they ended up making hot, sweet love with each other. But both had the perfect plan laid out.

On the D Day Sheila and Rocky deliberately exposed their relation to Suman and Sam. Sheila had wandered to the small pool in her backyard in a sexy bikini. Rocky followed soon after. He was bare from waist and above with only the Bermudas. Sheila laid herself on the couch as if sunbathing. Rocky came placed himself on the couch as close to the beauty as possible. All this was going on as Suman and Sam were in their backyard enjoying the sun and having tea. Rocky started massaging Sheila’s back and his hand was moving frequently to the round and firm bums of Sheila and every time he did that Sheila left a moan loud enough to be heard by couple on the other side of open white fence.

After some cajoling Rocky undid his Bermudas that left his 8 inch tool give full salute to both females. Sheila caught Van Escort Bayan it from the root and was giving intense pleasure that a man can have. Rocky in his imagination assumed the soft hand to be that of Suman this increased his pleasure many times and he closed his eyes. Sheila also lowered her Panties and undid the bra hook to let her precious assets come out in open. This resulted in a ssss ssss sound come out of Sam’s mouth and Suman knew what her man desired. Sheila was definitely more voluptuous than her and during last seven years of her married life Suman had realised that Sam was a confirmed breast maniac and had strong liking to big sized boobs. As Rocky and Sheila made further progress with a mouth to mouth kissing, Suman and Sam also felt the need of getting close on the other side of fence. Suman had opened the zipper of her husband’s pants and was rubbing the tip of the hardness (imagining this to be that of Rocky) and Sam had inserted his hand in Suman’s gown imagining as if his hand was pressing Sheila’s 36D sized boobs. This went on till Rocky make Sheila sit on his thighs with legs wide apart so as to expose her pink cunt towards the fence. As planned Sheila kept her eyes closed so as to pretend that she had not noticed presence of Suman and Sam on the other side of fence. Sam was now in full heat and as Rocky inserted his long hard rod into Sheila’s shaved pussy opening the lips wide apart, it was Suman’s turn to release sss sss and rub the middle of her thighs. Quicky Sam undressed his heated up wife and as they did so their four eyes were centred on the love making of Sheila and Rocky as it grew louder every minute.

Soon there were two simultaneous sessions of intense love making on either side of fence. Rocky and Sheila made loud noises (deliberately). Sam was trying to copy every action of Rocky which he thought was resulting in otherwise unexplainable noises from Sheila’s throat. He was fucking Suman as if he would fully satisfy Sheila today and Suman in her fantasy was enjoying Rocky’s maneuvers. She also made her orgasms louder. As both couples erupted wildly, all four threw their juices in the name of their fantasies.

When Sheila and Rocky opened their eyes they saw Suman and Sam in full nakedness. Both Sheila and Rocky wished their plan had desired effect on Sam and Suman and yes it did happen.

The same evening Suman and Sam decided to call Sheila to their house for dinner. Both Rocky and Sheila knew it was the beginning. So she dressed herself for the occasion. She took a long bath to clear every pore of hers. She was ready to Sam’s hardness in all three holes in her body tonight. She applied a light fragrance and wore a lace panty and push up bra. The flowery skirt was long enough to hide her round ass but fell short to hide even half of her milky thighs.

Rocky had dreamt of his sister in law (Suman’s) body the whole evening. While Sam was mentally running a refresher course of all tricks in the bed to please Sheila. Suman had seen Rocky’s hardness in full action and those thoughts made her pussy drip all the time so she kept wiping the oozing juices whole evening.

After the dinner choices were clear Sam took Sheila to one of the bedrooms and Suman and Rocky entered the other.

Suman sat on the bed cross legged. Her silky legs were shining in the bedroom light. She had waxed herself to prepare for this evening with Rocky. The smoothness of the legs raised Rocky’s excitement. He came and sat beside Suman. Soon his hands were over those silky thighs. Suman kissed his ear lobes and brought her hand to the point where Rocky’s hardness was causing a big bulge and pressed it hard. It sprang up back and she pressed harder. Soon they were in smooching mode and each kiss became more furious than the previous one. Suman’s panty was becoming wet now. Rocky raised her skirt and took down the panty. His hands could touch the wetness of her pussy lips and his fingers moved a little inside. Suman was unable to control sound of “sss sssss sssss” emerging from her lips.

In the next room, the scene was moving a little faster between Sam and Sheila. They were fully naked now. Sam’s tongue was on pink lips between Sheila’s thighs and he was lapping the flood of juices emerging from the love tunnel. Each time Sam’s tongue went up and down, Sheila widened her legs further in ecstasy. By now each of her leg was pointing towards the two bottom corner of the king size bed – giving Sam a full view of the big lips, the small lips and the clitty of this aroused female. He wasted no time – he raised her round hips, placed a pillow below them and holding his hard cock in with one hand, he rubbed the tip on pink vulva. The pre-cum juices sprang out from his rod. The love tunnel was full of juices any ways. He entered the dream hole with the hard cock. Sheila let out a big aaahh and raised her buttocks to welcome the penetration.

In other room, Suman by now was riding the handsome Escort Van 18 year old Rocky. Her big boobs hanging over Rocky’s mouth. He took the pink nipple to his mouth and sucked the tip while pressing the Big Lemons. Rocky slowly moved down till his mouth reached between Suman’s thighs and then he drove his face into her vulva. Suman gasped aloud as she felt his tongue enter her vagina and seek out her clit. Within minutes she was writhing and holding onto his head and pressing it hard to her shaved pussy and Rocky ate her through the first orgasm of the evening. It had been years since her husband ate her pussy and never like that.

Suman now sat over Rocky and holding his full hard meat in her small hand she guided it to her vagina. Slowly she lowered her pussy onto his impressive manhood and sighed as it filled her. Rocky let Suman control the action as she needed to loosen up before he thrust into her. Up and down she moved until he was all the way inside her. Once she began to move, he did too and they quickly established a rhythm. Suman was now moving her pelvis up and down so that the root of Rocky’s big tool rubbed on her big lips and its upper end hit her womb again and again. The ecstasy associated with a man’s rod hitting the womb is so sweet that only a woman who has felt it can describe – Suman had entered that elite class today She raised her arms to tie her hair back exposing her full sexiness to Rocky. Rocky became wild and increased stroking of his pelvis to the max so that he could do without risking the parting of his rod from Suman’s love hole.

Rocky’s hands cupped her lovely breasts hanging in front of him and started to tweak the nipples with the fingertips. The nipples had become big. Suman moaned as she rode the large cock and with Rocky playing with her nipples, she was on fire. The orgasm was boiling in her loins and she knew she would climax at any moment. He felt her body go rigid and then she grabbed him tightly and buried her face in his shoulder.

Her cries of ecstasy were muffled by his shoulder.. Rocky’s hands moved from her breasts to her curvy buttocks. He held onto her shapely ass as he drove toward his release. Minutes later he was flooding her womb with his seed. She could feel the force, volume and warmth of his ejaculation as stream after stream entered her depths. He held her tight to his body until he stopped shooting and then she eased herself off of him. His cock was still hard when she sat back across from him. She smiled at him knowing that if they were alone that they would fuck all evening.

Sam’s first final discharge in Sheila happened when Sheila was on her all four in doggy position and Sam pressed her boobs feverishly as rivers of his sperm went into Sheila’s’ convulsing cunt.

Now all the four were very familiar with each other. Sheila invited all the rest to her house which had 3 large bedrooms. One of them had 2 king size beds.

They had daily foursomes in that room and throughout the house until Sheila’s husband Sanjay was back from the business trip after a month.

After Sanjay was back from the trip, Sheila enjoyed with Sanjay whole of the week end making sure that she made a lot of noise during copulation so that Sam and Rocky could hear as well.

Suman slept with both Rocky and Sam and all of them could hear Sheila making out with Sanjay. Sheila was now so used to Rocky’s hot fucking that she wanted to be with Rocky even when Sanjay was venting his heat into her inviting holes. So Sam drew a plan to add Sanjay to their group so that all would live like a single family.

Sam owned a Massage parlour business – where he had employed 2 petite ladies Rita and Riya. He planned to let one of them loose on Sanjay. After careful consideration he decided it would be Rita to take Sanjay first so he asked Rita to be present at his house in the evening and invited Sanjay for a round of drinks and Sanjay left for their house Rocky slipped into Sheila’s house and Sheila started fulfilling her held up fantasies of last three days.

Rita served the drinks and her short dress was enough to arouse him to the extent that he started touching Rita at various places of her body. Rita blinked her left eye to Sam as she returned to bar counter after filling Sanjay’s glass. Sanjay had inserted his hand between her thighs this time and pressed her crotch. Rita went to the deck and switched on a light music and started crooning sexily in front of the two men. She removed her scarf and her huge bosom was in full exposure to Sanjay.

“Ufff …great assets” Sanjay could not hold his praise for the round and firm breasts of the female who had been teasing him for last one hour.

Rita signalled him with her hand to come near her as she took few steps of a dance so as to make his sexy buttocks sway.

After this Sanjay rose and held Rita. Rita encouraged him to go ahead and soon Sanjay was removing Rita’s cloths and Rita was doing the same to Sanjay. Sam also stood up and speeded up the process now both men were playing with Rita’s body. It was not first time for Sam but Sanjay was mesmerised and forgot his state and also the fact that doors of the living room were open

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