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She Was My First

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This is a true story about my first time. Please let me know what you think. Any feed back will be appreciated. Let me give you a little background then I’ll get to the good stuff.

I grew up knowing I was a lesbian. I had only thought about girls, but I don’t know why. My family and friends were always trying to match make me with a guy. I wasn’t interested! I went out a few times with a few guys, but it was like watching a bad movie. I spent the whole time wondering “when is this going to end?”. My family doesn’t know I’m a lesbian, only a few people. One being my best friend Sarah. She’s “straight” and has sworn she won’t tell. “Hi Sarah!”

My first sexual experience was with my next door neighbor about 7 years ago. Her name is Cindy. At the time, Cindy was about 27 years old, she had just completed her divorce, had one child, and looked very hot! She still does! She and my mom are really good friends. Cindy has a pool in her backyard, and allows us to go swimming anytime we wish. Ok, enough background, time to move on.

It was a warm day in July, I had put on a white, two piece bikini. The top was a little small for my tits, but I liked the way I looked in it. I decided to go for a swim, so I went to Cindy’s pool using the side gate. I had been in the water for a few minutes when Cindy came out, and asked if I minded if she joined me. I gasped when I saw her. She was in a red, two piece bikini, long black hair, blue eyes, and long legs. Her 38D tits were bulging out of her top, and I could make out the outline of her nipples. Of course I wasn’t going to object!

We swam for about 30 minutes, talking, and just having fun. She then mentioned that we should go in for a bite to eat. I agreed and we both started for the steps to the pool. I watched her as she got out first. I noticed her firm ass when she reached back to pull her bottom piece out from between her ass cheeks. I followed her to the table where our towels were laying. My eyes were glued to her ass the whole time. She grabbed her towel and began to dry off. I watched her tits shake as she ran her towel over her body. When she was done drying off, she wrapped her towel around her waist. I dried myself off, and started to wrap my towel around my waist, when she told me I should wrap it a little higher. I wondered why she would say that. Then with a smile on her face, she pointed at my tits, and told me I was showing thru. Sure enough, I looked down, and saw my pink nipples through the white fabric. So I wrapped it around my tits, feeling a little embarrassed of what had just transpired.

We went inside, and bahçeşehir escort sat at the kitchen table and ate a sandwich. We talked about little things, until she asked me why I didn’t have a boyfriend. I didn’t know how to answer. Then like a psychic, she asked me if I was a lesbian. Shocked, I blurted out “no!”. After a brief pause, she took my hand, looked in my eyes, and told me I could trust her. She reassured me that whatever we talked about wouldn’t leave that room. I guess I needed someone to talk to other than my friend Sarah, because I poured my soul out to her. I told her how I felt about women, my fantasy’s, my thought’s, everything.

She told me she knew how I felt. I asked her how a straight, loving mother, could know how I felt. She shocked me with her correction, saying she was a bi-sexual. I sat there shocked. I don’t know how long we sat there in silence, but the silence was broken, when she asked if me if I had ever had sex.

I mumbled “no”. She told me not to be embarrassed. I told her that I didn’t even know anyone like me. She corrected me again, reminding me that she was bi. She then asked me something that got my heart pounding. She asked if she could make me feel like a woman should. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. Then suddenly my head nodded “yes”. What happened?! I didn’t move it! It nodded by itself! She took me by the hand and lead me down the hallway to her bedroom.

We were standing in her bedroom, completely alone. Cindy closed the door. The click of the lock made my heart beat a little harder. She walked toward me, slowly. She reached for my towel, gave it a little tug, and let it fall to the floor. She told me if I ever wanted her to stop, all I had to do was say so. I nodded in agreement, and that’s when she leaned into me. Her lips softly pressed into mine, as I felt her 38D breast press into my 38C tits. My heart was pounding, my knees were growing weak, and I could barely breathe. She slid her tongue between my parting lips. I couldn’t believe this was happening. She paused for a moment, stood back, and let her towel fall from her waist. I examined her body, head to toe. She had a small mound between her legs, a flat stomach, and huge breast. I looked at her face, noticing her gaze on my tits. Our eyes met, and she whispered to me to lay on her bed.

I laid down, resting my head on a pillow. She asked me if I was ok, and I told her yes. I laid there, running my eyes all over her body. She asked me if I thought she was pretty. As I said yes, she reached back, and unhooked her bikini. Her tits jiggled avcılar escort from the release of the pressure. She then slid her bottom piece down to her ankles, and slowly stepped out of them. She stood up, slowly turned in a circle, and showed me every part of her body. I wanted her so bad!

She sat beside me on the bed, and began kissing me again. I felt her hand on my shoulder, then felt it slowly slide down to my right tit. She gently ran her hand over it, and softly began to squeeze it. With her tongue in my mouth, her hand on my tit, both moving in rhythm, I felt a sensation between my legs I only felt when I masturbated. She then slid my bikini below my tits, exposing them to the cold air. My nipples, already hard, were begging for more. She started to kiss my neck, then slowly started to kiss towards my chest. I thought it was going to take forever, but suddenly I felt her warm mouth suck my right nipple. Her tongue flicking my nipple almost brought me to orgasm. She then began sucking on the other one. I wanted her tits so bad!

As she suckled my tits, I reached up, and for the first time, touched my first pair of tits, other than my own. My hands fondled her heavy tits. They were soft but firm. She then guided her nipple into my mouth, and commanded me to suck it, and be her good little girl. I sucked her left nipple. It grew hard in my mouth. Then I sucked the other, I loved every second of it.

She then climbed on the bed, sat on her knees in front of me, reached for my bikini bottom, and suggested I take them off. I lifted my butt off the bed, and with a quick swoosh, they were on the floor. She reminded me I could stop this at anytime. I told her I didn’t want to. I begged her to keep going. She slowly parted my thighs with her hands. She gazed at my pussy, and told me how pretty it was. She leaned in toward my throbbing pussy, and with her soft warm tongue, licked my pussy lips. I jerked. Not because I was scared, but because it felt so good. She continued licking it when I felt her slide her tongue between my pussy lips, then she guided it into my virgin hole.

I laid there in total enjoyment. I watched her explore my pussy with her tongue. Then she dipped her nipple into my pussy and brought it to my mouth. I sucked it, tasting my juices on her tit. She asked me if I liked it, and I tried to say “yes”, but I had a mouthful of titty. She then asked if I wanted to taste her. I nodded yes. I wanted to so bad! She turned, assumed the 69 position, and lowered her beautiful pussy to my mouth. I smelled her aroma, and dove my face esenyurt escort into her pussy. I slid my tongue into her pussy hole. The taste was that of a sweet nectar. I did everything I felt her do to me. She began moaning, calling me her good little girl, and begging me to let her cum on my face. I told her she could do whatever she wanted to me. I laid there, probing her pussy with my tongue. Her moans grew louder. She asked if she could take my virginity, I told her she could have anything she wanted.

As I laid there, eating her pussy, I felt her slide a finger into my tight pussy. She moaned saying she couldn’t believe how tight my pussy was. Then she slid in a second finger, only to the second knuckle. Slowly she slid her fingers in deeper. I could feel her pressing on my hymen. She didn’t break it immediately. She started to pump my pussy with her fingers. I began to focus on her clit, sucking it, rubbing it with my tongue, doing everything I could to it. I slid my finger into her pussy. It was like sliding my finger into warm silk. It was soaking wet. She told me not to stop, and said she was about to cum. I removed my finger, placed my tongue into her pussy, and began rubbing her clit with my fingers. Cindy was breathing heavy. It didn’t take long until I felt a splash on my face. I opened my eyes, only to get a face full of cum. I heard Cindy moaning, and cussing. I wiped the cum from my eyes, and looked to see her pussy dripping cum on my neck and tits. She gasped a few times, took a deep breath, and told me it was my turn.

She started to lick my clit, and pump my pussy faster and faster. I was a little nervous. I knew she wasn’t going to stop until she made me cum. I couldn’t wait. I laid there, focusing on her tongue, when I felt a familiar tingle in my pussy. I spread my legs a little more, giving her full access to my pussy. I was ready to cum. The tingling arrested my body, it took control, causing my stomach to go flat. All I could do was let out a little whimper or two. Then suddenly it happened, my pussy let loose. I felt a stream of warm cum run out of my pussy, and onto my asshole. The orgasm made me dizzy. I could hear Cindy screaming “cum for me baby”. She sounded like she was in a long tunnel. As I came, Cindy forced her fingers into my pussy, pressed hard on my hymen, then broke it with a forceful thrust of her fingers. Pain filled my pussy. Cindy called me her good little girl, as my cherry juice began to exit. She slowly removed her fingers and began kissing my clit. She then stopped and laid beside me. She ran her hands over my body, and licked her cum off my tits.

She asked me how I was doing. I told her I felt wonderful. I asked her if we could do it again sometime. She told me we would as soon as my pussy was up for it again.

It’s been our secret for about 7 years now, along with some other little secrets we have, which I will share later.

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