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She Saw Me: First Encounter

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I was handing her a dollar bill for my candy bar and she caught me sneaking a peek down her blouse. I looked up from a lovely vision of a breast that begged for my hand. It was a young and sweet one, a college freshman with a fine silver cross on a golden chain. Her eyes met mine. “I hope you are having a nice day,” she said with a smile.

“Well, yes, yes I am,” I replied boldly. “How about you?”

“I’m okay, thanks, this is my first day.”

“Yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. I stop here after lunch for a candy bar just about every day, so I know most of the clerks. How’s it going?”

“Good thanks. You like candy a lot, uh?” and she gave me one of those looks that elevates a guys heartbeat real quick… You know some wheels are turning. I may have been caught being nasty, but perhaps the object of my fascination was not exactly pure and chaste in her thoughts.

I just smiled and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

It had actually been her face that caught my eye; fresh clear, rosey skin, delicate hair falling across her eyes, candy blue eyes that were radiant. Just about every day after lunch I stop by the campus book store and get a candy bar, usually a Snickers with almonds, and I have happy banter with the blue-haired ladies or the occasional slacker student dude who lands a work-study job at the counter. I have never seen this girl before and she was stunning. Standing in line I watched her: graceful, assured movements, cheerful banter with customers, confidence in her voice and actions/ I couldn’t help myself. And when she bent over the till to get my change and her red buttoned blouse under the knitted white vest fell open just enough to catch a tease of the soft flesh of still budding at her breast… a delicate cross on a fine gold chain playing light on the skin. Well, I couldn’t help myself.

The next day, I couldn’t eat lunch fast enough and thoughts of the girl at the counter occupied my mind more than the fervent political discussions of my colleagues I shared a table with. One of them even Yalova Escort called me on my distraction. Delisa, a woman I had had some fun with on occasion in the past, apparently recognized my condition and eyed me with a “what are you up to now” look that I thought had a twinge of jealousy… (Later the colleague, the student and man get together)

Anyway, I made it through the meal without seeming totally spaced out and made my way down to the bookstore. No sign of the girl at the counter. Damn! I shopped around a bit, thinking maybe she was on break or something. Maybe she wasn’t working at all today. There was always tomorrow, or the next day… So I bought by Snickers bar left the store. I had just walked out the door of the Student Center when I hear a sweet voice say, “Did you get your candy bar today?” and there she was, smiling.

“Uh, yeah, I did. You have the day off?”

“Yeah, but I thought I’d hang around and see if the candy man showed up for his candy. I like candy too. And again she had that look in her eye.

She took my hand and led me up some steps, squatted in front of me, pulled down my fly and slid her into my slacks, prowling through the slit in my briefs and finding my stiffening cock. She took it in her hands, pulling and stroking it, rubbing the head. I moaned. And then I noticed: looking down at her, I realized she had on the same red blouse as yesterday, and again I had a nice view, and again she caught me looking. Pulling my dick skin some more, she laughed. “You like what you see down there, don’t you?” smiling, looking up at me with those doe-like eyes that had first caught my attention, she saw me smiling. “I thought so.” and then she took the head of my prick and laid it on her tongue.

She was sucking now and then reaching into my briefs and pulling my balls out so that my whole works were now out of my pants and available to her. She wasted no time rubbing my balls as she worked her mouth up and down my length. I was moaning, my hands limp at my sides, eyes closed. I could hear her guttural Yalova Escort Bayan moans and slurps and breaths as she worked me. I felt my balls held in one of her and I felt the other hand around the shaft while her tongue swirled around and around the head. She was enjoying as much as I was.

I opened my eyes and looked down. She was still intently working my cock with her hand and mouth, and she began to softly squeeze my balls. I reached down and ran my hand through her hair. I applied no force, but she seemed to take this a cue and she took my full length in and I could feel my dick head in her throat. Aghh, it was getting to be too much. She knew what she was doing, she kept working my full 7 inches in and out, not letting me leave her mouth, her right hand massaging my balls, pressing the at the base between the sac and my ass. Damn. And then she cast her eyes up to mine. She knew what was going on, she could feel me tensing.

With that she dropped her hands from by cock and grabbed my legs and began really going down on me. Oh shit. I was breathing heavily and could hear my balls slapping her chin as she grunted with each time she pulled me into her mouth. As she took me in, her eyes were looking up to me imploringly and I knew that she wanted me to shoot my load straight down her throat. My god, this girl was something. I was in heaven. I smiled down at here and held her face between my hands, in rhythm with her, my dick sliding in and out between her lips and then my legs tensed, my ass tensed and I held her head still while I shot a huge wad of cum into her mouth. She sucked her lips tight around my prick so that nothing could escape. I tensed again and shot another spurt. Oh my God I don’t think I had cum so hard in years. There was one more spurt. I could see her swallowing but she never took her eyes from mine. And then she sucked me hard a few times and the last spasms of my orgasm teased her mouth. I was speechless. She was, as well, because she still held my cock in her mouth. Her tongue swirled and she sucked and Escort Yalova swallowed and when she did open her lips and pulled back, she held my cock up and it was a clean as it had been when she went down on me. Wow. And to look at her, other than her face being flush, you would never had know she just sucked a cock and taken its cum.

“Mmm, that was sweet.” she said, licking her lips as she tidily put my semi-hard cock back into my briefs and then zipped up my pants. She patted my crotch. A bulge was still evident. Her finally cleansing vacuum touch had prevented my bone from completely wilting. With her hand still on my on the rise in my pants, the girl stood on tiptoes and kissed me on the lips. Squeezing the bulge in her hand, she opened her mouth to mine and her tongue snaked through my lips, past my teeth and met my tongue. It could taste the sweetness of my spunk on her tongue and feel the moistness of her mouth. She swirled her tongue deeply around my mouth, kissing me hard. Pressed, my mouth to hers, my tongue ran round, probing her mouth. There was not a lot of my cum there. She had swallowed it all, but I could certainly tell it had been there. The taste was stronger and I could sense the creamy glaze of cum my cock had shot in her throat. It was a delectable moment. This woman, yes, really a girl, was hot for sensual thrills and ready to entertain them with anyone.

Sucking my lips a few times before she rested on her feet and again looked up at the gold chain on her neck hung there on flesh that was flush with sex. She had on the same blouse but today it was evident she wore no bra. At least at the moment–she probably had it somewhere and would slip it back on and walk about campus seeming so innocent again. This girl was a vixen and I was in every way smitten. But before I could say anything she put a finger to my lips.

“That’s enough sweets for today, don’t you think?” she said stepping back and turning to go down the stairs. “Maybe more tomorrow…”

“Oh, ummm, yes…” I offered, still somewhat stunned by this threat. I began wander away pleasantly dazed. “Oh, what’s your name? I asked as she left me.

She replied with a smile, looking up at me over her shoulder, “C.”

This was the first of many encounters with the candy bar girl.

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