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She Said, “I Don’t Wear Underwear”

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Big Dicks

It was the early ’90s, and I was committed to making my way in the business world before addressing my lack of a social life. While I spent the majority of my off hours horny, most of my energy was saved for the job and learning the trade. One encounter during that period stands out among all the rest, but it had absolutely nothing to do with the work.

Being athletic myself, I was friends with almost everyone at the firm with any type of athletic ability, and I casually became acquainted on the softball field with a secretary named Laura who worked in another department of the firm. Laura was a cute strawberry blonde a couple of years my senior, and I was in complete lust for her. Unfortunately, I knew nothing could or would ever happen because she was way out of my league. Here I was, mid-20s, fresh out of business school, 5’8″ tall and sporting the beginnings of a beer belly. My hair was already thinning, and it was clear that I would be bald in less that 5 years. She, on the other hand, was mid-30s, stood 5’5″ and, I am guessing weighed 110 lbs soaking wet. She wasn’t overly busty, and I would guess she was about 34B-24-34. Her blonde curls always seemed to end up sexily falling down over her eyes so she often looked at you through her locks.

Everything about her screamed sex, and she flirted like a pro. On more than one occasion, I had to take matters into my own hands once I got home after a softball game. I remember one game in particular when she came over to me in the dugout, stepped between my legs and sat down on my knee, put her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear. You cannot imagine how difficult it is to wear a cup with a hard on.

The sad part about the end of the softball season was that I would not get to see Laura or get to playfully flirt with her. One day, though, I ran into Laura in the hallway on my side of the building. She explained that she was delivering something for her boss and seemed really down. On an impulse, I invited her to lunch, and she readily accepted.

So, there we were about an hour later driving to lunch at an upscale restaurant about a mile from the firm. On the ride over, we chatted and the flirting picked up right where it had left off on the softball field. She told me about her ex-husband (I didn’t even know she had been married), and she went on in great detail about what a fantastic lover he was. Funny, I don’t remember asking, but I was happy to have her bring up sex. She also felt compelled to tell me about another secretary she worked with who was a virgin, or as she put it, had never had a man “cross her threshold.”

We got seated at the restaurant, and the sexual innuendos and conversation continued. She told me she was good friends with Mary, another quite attractive woman on the team. Laura swore me to secrecy and then proceeded to tell me what an exhibitionist bostancı escort Mary was.

One time, she told me, the two of them were in a bar and made the acquaintance of some guy next to them. After several margaritas, Mary blurted out that she had just bought a new bra and panty set and asked if the guy would like to see them. Apparently being no fool, he said sure, so she proceeded to lift her sweater and show him, and anyone else in the bar who might be interested, the lacy black Victoria’s Secret demi bra (whatever that is) that she was wearing. She then turned and lifted her skirt to provide him a glimpse of her shapely behind in the matching panties. I could only imagine how hot she looked and the reaction of all of the male patrons in the bar.

Laura told me that Mary then had looked over at her and told her to show him her bra, too. Laura begged off, saying that she couldn’t because, and I quote, “I don’t wear underwear.” I just about swallowed my tongue. Here was this gorgeous creature of a women confessing to me that, very likely, as we sat there at the table in the restaurant, me in my business suit and her in a frilly short dress, she was braless and pantyless.

Now, being pretty inept and inexperienced with anything relating to women, I could only hope that she was trying to not so gently nudge me into making a move. I didn’t, however, want to make any assumptions or take any steps that could get me fired or accused of sexual harassment. But I was harder than I had ever been and would not be able to walk out of the restaurant without putting on quite a show. I decided not to risk it, and we finished our meal. Luckily the swelling subsided, albeit slowly because she was a very touchy person, variously touching my arm, my leg, my shoulder.

The check came, I paid it, and we headed for the car. On the way, we passed a fire hydrant. Not unusual, of course, but Laura did something that completely took me by surprise. As we came abreast of the hydrant, she lifted her dress and then her leg like a dog relieving himself and giggled. I got the quickest of glimpses of the inside of her well turned thigh, unfortunately not enough to see for myself whether she was in fact wearing panties.

We got in the car, though, and I couldn’t think of anything but the possibility that her bare pussy was a mere few inches away, resting comfortably on the leather passenger seat of my car. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any more and I looked over at her.

“Do you really not wear underwear?” I asked

“Don’t you believe me?” she replied without missing a beat, a devilish grin on her face.

She had me now, although it had taken me some time to get there. I had to see where this might take me, the job be damned.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you,” I shot büyükçekmece escort back. “It’s just that I like to confirm these things for myself.”

Slowly, gently, she reached out her hands and grasped both sides of the hem of her dress. She looked me right in the eye, smiled and ever so slowly began lifting her hands. My eyes were drawn instinctively to the soft light brown triangle of hair resting beautifully between her legs. It wasn’t the first pussy I had ever seen in person, but it was the most attractive and its appearance signaled the possibility of the best sexual experience of my life. She finally released her dress and it fluttered back down over her thighs.

I swallowed hard and started trying to think of how this could play out. How should I play this? I lived only a few blocks from the restaurant — would she come back to my place? Before I could say anything, she spoke up.

“I showed you mine,” she said. “When do I get to see yours?”

I must have been the luckiest guy on the planet that day.

“You can see mine any time you like.” Not very suave, I realized, but it was the best I could do since most of the blood in my body was nowhere near my brain.

With that, she reached out her hand and traced the outline of my cock through my pants. “Ooh, very impressive. Can I take it out?”

I looked around the parking lot and determined that, because of our long lunch, there was not another car in sight. “Sure, but we can be at my place in about 2 minutes, if you would prefer.”

“No, I want to see it here first.” With that, she unzipped my pants, reached in and grabbed a handful of my blood engorged cock. She slowly worked it out the opening of my pants, never loosening her grip, and leaned in to admire it. “Do you mind if I taste it?”

Yeah, right. Like she really was going to suck my cock in this restaurant parking lot. Without waiting for a response, she closed her mouth over the top of my cock and slowly worked her tongue up the underside. I thought I would come then and there. At that point, I didn’t care who saw us or about the job or about anything other than sliding my cock in and out of her mouth and, hopefully soon, her hairy wet pussy.

I was so turned on at that point that I had to get her off my cock or I would have come in seconds.

“How about we go back to my place?” I offered.

“Works for me.” At which point she slipped her left hand under the bottom of her dress, moaned gently and brought two shiny wet fingers to my lips. What an incredible taste.

I am not sure but I think I ran two red lights and a stop sign on the way to my place. Had there been a cop anywhere around, there might have been a high speed chase.

Once inside my door, she walked in, turned to face me, and slowly lifted her çekmeköy escort dress up over her head. My God! I had seen my share of naked women in magazines and a few in person, but she was the most beautiful one I had ever seen. She had a full body tan and her B cups had the cutest and ever so slight sag. Her nipples were so hard they could have cut glass, and her pussy was just as wonderful as I remembered from the front seat of my car. Maybe all of that is the hormones talking.

I slipped off my shoes and closed the distance between us in about a nanosecond and kissed her, my tongue battling with hers as if for supremacy. I cupped her smooth ass cheeks with both hands as she ground her pussy against the cock still confined to my pants. She then bent down on one knee, affording me a beautiful downward view of her perky little tits and curly brown pubic hair, and unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants and underwear to the floor in one fell swoop.

As she straightened up, she took a firm grip on my throbbing cock and, as she started leading me by it, casually asked over her shoulder, “Where do you want to fuck me?”

“How about some place boring like the bedroom?” I suggested.

“Okay, this time, but next time try to be more creative.” I was already looking forward to next time.

Not having been there before, she assumed, correctly, that my bedroom was at the end of the hall, and she lead me cock first to it. We got there and flopped onto the bed. I shrugged out of my shirt and socks as she kicked her high heels across the room.

“Before I fuck you,” I told her, “I feel an absolute need to taste you.” She just smiled and did not argue.

I positioned her on her back and started kissing my way down her body. First one nipple then the other (didn’t want one to feel left out or underappreciated), her mid section, navel and inner thigh. I spent a couple of minutes introducing myself to the entire area between her legs, avoiding any contact at all with her clit.

She was so ready. When my tongue finally touched her clit, she moaned so loudly that I was glad the neighbors were all at work. I took my time and made sure that every part of her womanhood got sufficient attention.

After a few short minutes, she suddenly tensed up, put all of her weight on her feet and lurched her midsection in the air as I got in a few good last licks. She came and came and came.

She thanked me profusely and pulled me on top of her. She kissed me and said “I need you in me.” Works for me, I thought.

My cock slid easily into her tight wet hole with a slurping sound. I slowly eased in and out of her, and she, anticipating my every move, quickly met my pace. This was pure heaven and we continued for what seemed like an hour. My body felt more alive than it ever had and I ached for the release that I knew was coming.

She sensed that I was getting close, and we increased the pace. One last thrust and I started coming deep inside of her, more ferociously than I ever had come before. My heart raced and my cock felt amazingly warm and tightly embraced.

As we lay there slowly allowing our heart rates to return to normal, Laura looked over at me and said, “My ex has nothing on you.”

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