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In the fast pace of the game I barely grasped that the Swedish player

5 came from behind the goal to the corner, trying to fool the puck past the netminder from there. But the goalie was good as always, getting down fast and stopping the puck, and at that same moment I was there to do my part. The Swede tried to slash around with her stick, but of course the puck would not go anywhere from there. Irritated, the Swedish forward hit the goaltender with her stick, an action which in turn irritated the goalie who rose up to face the attacker. Now the Swede decided to do what she always, in every match, aspired to, and hit our goaltender straight to the face with her fist. The goalie did not hesitate to hit back, and I tried to jab the Swede to make her lose her balance and fall to the ice. The referee skated to us to separate the two fighters from each other. It took a while to bring the mad Swede back to a more stable state of mind, and the referee called for a penalty for both the Swede and the goalie for roughing. After the little scene, our goalie was just laughing, and I was a little confused as to how to feel. For a long time already I had been head over heels in love with the goaltender, so I really did not like watching someone throwing punches at her. On the other hand, the fact that she wasn’t afraid to hit back was incredibly sexy to me. You don’t often see female ice hockey players fighting like that.


The emotion-filled match was over; we had beaten the Swedish team 3-2. I was safe and warm in the dark under a blanket, but not yet asleep, as I heard the door quietly open. I opened my eyes just a tiny bit, and from between my eyelashes I saw a tall, blonde woman stand on the doorway. My heart started to beat more rapidly as the broad-shouldered figure hesitated on the doorway for a good deal of time, but I still remained as though I was asleep. Finally the woman decided that at least it wasn’t a good idea to keep loitering there, halfway in my room but still in the corridor, and she stepped in and silently closed the door behind her. For a few minutes that felt like an eternity, escort levent she stood there collecting her courage, but when she finally took a step in, she came to my bed in a determined manner.

I was on my back, my hair a mess and lots of it over my eyes, and the first thing she did was to brush a strand of hair away from my face. I couldn’t stop a small smile from creeping to my lips, and I opened my eyes to finally see her properly. Those beautiful blue eyes that I had stared at so many times watching replays of our games — and in those replays, close-ups of her — were now looking at me as intensely as they eyed the puck in the games. Only the expression was now softer, gentler. She smiled back at me, and without a word she reached down to kiss me. A warm feeling overwhelmed me as I returned the kiss that was gentle, more sweet than passionate. For a while I got lost floating in a different reality altogether.

I returned to Earth as this guest that had crept into my room without an invitation suddenly lifted me up in her arms. I regained my composure and held on to her, hands around her neck, enjoying the absolute power that she was practically oozing as she was so easily lifting me. But she let me down, on my feet beside the bed, and without a blink of an eye drew my t-shirt over my head. Grinning at how I was taken by surprise, she kissed me again, this time demanding and passionate, wrapping her muscular arms around my body. My own hands found her neck underneath her loose ponytail. I did however break the kiss to rid her of her shirt, which she earnestly let me do, but then she took command again and swung me around like a dance partner, pinned me to the wall, kissing me all the more passionately. She didn’t even need grave breaks from the kissing to get rid of her bra and sweatpants, thus reducing her state of clothing to an equal level with mine. Her hands were wandering on my body, and at last after long moments of teasing and wandering about she undressed me of the last garment I had, my underpants. She grabbed my wrists and pinned my hands against the wall escort istanbul over my head, and there was a danger that I start to purr in the hands of this strong young woman. She bent down bringing her face only inches away from my ear, and I could feel her breath on my skin as she whispered,

“Occasionally I had a hard time concentrating on the game, because I thought I’d rather be here, fucking you ’til your brain stops functioning.”

I took a sharp breath, because I felt her words quite physically somewhere on my lower stomach. Even if I could have been able to come up with something to reply, I was sure I was utterly unable to say a word. And yet, before I even realised I was talking, I said,

“Do it now.”

She gave a low laugh, and again I could feel the impact of her voice somewhere down under.

“Oh yes,” she promised with a low voice, and not wasting another minute she lifted me on her arms again and dropped me back to my bed, instantly coming over me. I could feel her weight on me, and I was breathing her scent, as she teasingly bit my earlobe.

I noted that the one who was in command would also decide the pace. She kissed, licked, breathed on, brushed and caressed my body, missing the strategic spots only by a hair’s width, and I was afraid that this lovely torture would never end. Finally she did take a nipple in her mouth, and now I was afraid that I’d go off by nothing more than her skillfully sucking and fondling my breasts. I arched my back and my voice threatened to rise to a volume that could be heard in the neighboring rooms as well. Soon she went on, planting kisses on my stomach and downwards, almost to the destination but not quite. Her fingers remained drawing unseen patterns on my lower stomach as her lips moved on to kiss the tender skin of my inner thighs. As my growing anticipation was trying to surface, I could not stop myself from whimpering. I could feel her grinning against my inner thigh.

“You must be in need of something,” I heard her say, and I nodded in desperation.

“Yeah,” I managed to say, though I felt escort fatih I couldn’t even breathe.

She decided to free me of my agony, and finally I could feel her tongue right where her touch had been most desired. I grasped a handful of bed sheet, arched my back further and my head tightly against the pillow, and I didn’t notice nor care that now my gasping could definitely be heard in the whole Olympic village. I would most definitely not have needed a long time of such attentions before reaching an orgasm, but she showed me that she still decided the tempo of this waltz, and left me on the edge time after time, stopping only for a moment but still for a time long enough. I love just that moment on the edge of a climax, but very soon I started to feel that I simply would not be able to take such teasing any more. I was completely at her mercy, so I did not hesitate to beg.


My wish was granted to me. She came up, face to face with me, and I could feel her fingers slide in at the same moment as she kissed me. My hips rose up to meet her thrust, and after only a couple more of those I was biting her shoulder in order to stop myself from screaming aloud as a powerful orgasm hit me like a giant wave. A wave after another I was rocking underneath her strong, lean body, and my orgasm seemed like a manifestation of her overwhelming strength.

When I was slowly returning from the heavens, she wrapped her arms around me and held me close, not saying a word. I was so happy that I almost fell asleep right there, but then I noticed that I needed a word with her and she would not — could not be — there by the time I’d wake up.

I opened my eyes and turned to look at her. She smiled, and the smile was in those ice-blue eyes as well.

“I love you,” I said, feeling a little stupid.

“Silly,” she replied with a gentle smile. “You should have told me, so I wouldn’t have had to wonder.”

“I did leave the door unlocked,” I reminded her. “And I dared not say, for I didn’t believe that…”

She was still smiling, and she planted a soft kiss on my forehead.

“You are indeed quite sweet,” she said.

With a happy smile on my face I closed my eyes, and I guess both exhausting acts of sport I had done that night took their toll on me because in a matter of moments I was sound asleep on her arms.

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