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Thank god its Friday!! The week is finally over, its been a rough long week, but now the weekend is here. Not much is going on for friday night plans, maybe a couple drinks with my neighbours.

I messaged my girlfriend, Harmony, checking her plans for the evening as well, and made plans for her to come visit and have drinks and game night with us as well.

Later that evening Harmony arrives to my house and we venture across the road to my neighbours garage. The heated garage feels nice on this November night, and a Christmas movie is on the TV.

We sit down and grab a couple craft beers, and start chatting with our friends about the week, the local news and our drinks. Soon we decide to play Cards Against Humanity as we relax after a tough week and let off some steam. We play quite a few rounds and laugh alot at our vulgar demented minds.

Later we head home to my house, after a couple drinks and feeling a little excited by our imaginations. We quickly find our way into my bed, and snuggling becomes heavy petting, my hands roving all over her body. My fingers explore her breasts, lightly pinching her nipple through her clothes.

Removing her shirt, releasing her amazing tits, so I can feel the warmth of her body in my hands. My hands fondle her breasts and slowly caressed down her stomach to undo her pants and lower them, revealing a pair of tiny black panties.

My mouth waters at the thought of what is under those panties. I remove Harmony’s pants and panties with a flourish as I want to bury my face in that pussy. Once she is naked on my bed, I revel in the sight of her gorgeous body.

I kiss her passionately, our lips parting and tongues entering each others mouths and nibbling back and forth on our lower lips. Then down to her neck kissing and nuzzling, my hands exploring her body again.

I quickly move down between Anadolu Yakası Escort her thighs, licking the left thigh, passing over her damp pussy as I go to lick the right thigh. My tongue darts all over her clit, sucking and flicking. I continue licking her pussy until she final tells me to fuck her.

I finally undress, my hard cock springing out, ready for action. I grab both of her ankles, lifting and spreading her legs, positioning myself in between her legs. I enter her slowly, my cock parting her wet pussy, picking up steam as we go, driving harder and harder.

I flip Harmony over and stand up behind her, entering her quick and hard, slapping her ass and pulling her hair as we go. Harmony starts reaching back and playing with her clit and my balls at the same time. So excited, I quickly reach climax and blow my hot load. We both relax and snuggle after as we drift off to sleep.

Morning arrives and Harmony departs to go home, both of us with different busy days, I was taking my kids to visit my parents, and Harmony working.

Later that day, while she is still working from home and I and watching a movie with my parents, our flirty texts get a little interesting.

We had discussed before my interested in sharing her with others and the opportunity had arisen for Harmony to go get her pussy eaten by another man. I encouraged her to do it, if she really wanted to, and tell me all about it.

Harmony sent me sexy pictures as she got ready to leave, in her boots and of her sexy ass. I sat alone at my parents house, watching a movie, barely paying attention, equal parts excitement and apprehensive at what was happening.

Being our first time experiencing this, my emotions and thoughts were all over the place, jealousy, lust, worry, wonder, and amazement at what was happening. I was very distracted from Bostancı Escort the movie as my brain was elsewhere

When the movie ended, I decided it was time for bed, but my raging hard cock over the idea that at that moment my girlfriend was beening licked or fucked, needed a release. I jerked it hard and quickly in the washroom, releasing quickly with a heavy moan. I crawled into bed, in a satisfied but still excited and apprehensive state of mind.

I awoke in the middle of the night, not sure why, but looking at my phone had a message from Harmony. I quickly looked and it was a picture of her legs with another mans head in between her thighs. Hard again, I jerked off to the confirmation that she had gotten her pussy licked. Dying for more information, but satisfied to wait til morning, I fell back asleep.

Upon awaking in the morning, I had missed the following story from Harmony:

I pulled into his driveway, put my vehicle in park and turned off the car. Already dripping wet with the thought of him pressing his lips and mouth all over my pussy and hard cock against me. I got out of the car and walked up to the front door. I was wearing a red tight dress, rocker leather jacket and velvet knee high boots that laced up at the back. As I went to knock. I noticed the door slightly opened a crack so I walked in.

He came towards me from the hallway, and simply said this way, I followed him upstairs and we entered his room. My cunt was thriving at the thought of his tongue and mouth on and in me. The room was dark but I shut the door just enough for the light from the hallway to shine in some.

He came close to me to kiss me but I turned my head and gave him my neck to kiss instead, it turned me on so much and as soon as his lips reached my neck I dropped an instant wet bomb in my panties. His hands on my hips then reaching Erenköy Escort down to grab my ass. I nibbled on his neck and his collar bone, then moved over and bit his shoulder, his cocking was thick and hard. He asked me, What do you want me to do. I said eat my pussy.

He grabbed me and tossed me onto the bed, my dress riding up. He grabbed my Lacey panties and tore them off fast, pressing his lips against my clit and sliding his tongue into my pussy, My velvet knee high boots still on. I wrapped my legs around his head pulling him in even more not letting him take a breath. His wet and soft tongue never stopping, moving to the rhythm of the music playing in the background..it felt so good, so incredibly good. Making me so wet!!

Kissing my Pussy soft and slowly first embracing it like he was savouring every lick of it. Grabbing his head and pulling him in as my orgasm began to build, suddenly he tossed me over and I was riding his face. Being in control of me that way made me cum instantly!

He started to touch himself as I was riding his face. My Pussy so warm, wet and tingling with delight I could feel my cum running down his face. In one fell swoop he turned me on my back again, pinning my hands above my head and he began pressing his mouth harder and faster and my dripping wet Pussy until he put his fingers in me then suddenly I started to feel his exhilarating feeling of pleasure knowing I was cuming again, Until I cam all over his face.

Sliding his cum covered face up my body he pushed engorged cock against my steamy wet soaked pussy and pressed it deep inside my cunt and fucked me so hard he blew his load inside. The session had ended both satisfied. Got dressed and carried on my way. Smirked as I left, that I used him for oral sex but let him get off by fucking me.

As I read through it, I got harder and harder, needing to release again as the story got me so hot. I jumped in the shower and grabbed furiously stroked my cock until I burst everywhere. I messaged Harmony back that it was the hottest thing ever and how horny I was after reading that and couldnt wait for more fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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