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All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Dressing carefully in a skintight black skirt which rides high and tight across my upper thighs and ass, a soft pink conservative button-up blouse, a little tight so the space between the top two buttons gape open slightly. I have chosen my lingerie with the same careful attention, A lightweight shelf bra which showcases ample breasts, black Silk nylons supported by pink and black garters, highlight my shapely legs. The panties I leave at home, I am instructed to give him unobstructed access.

A quick look in the mirror confirms my makeup is expertly done, hair pulled up, a few curly strands escaping to frame my face and neck. By the front door, a pair of black, strappy, five-inch stilettos completes my preparations.

The drive is short, but at least gives me a few moments to go over the plan in my head which now has my stomach in knots. I am excited, but also nervous we had taken every conceivable scenario into account but it was possible that we missed something, actually, it was quite probable. I did not want to get caught how would I explain it? It would be so very embarrassing.

I pull into the parking lot taking a space a bit away from the entrance. I check the mirror once more, and carefully I lock the car. My heels tap out a steady rhythm, heart beating faster. By the time I pull open the door, my face is flushed and my breathing rapid. My hands shake nervously as I curl a wisp of hair behind my ear. Suddenly A hand reaches out, pulling me into a small space that during the day operates as a coat check.

“Are you okay?” You whisper against my ear .

“Well, not if you are going to scare the shit out of me like that.”

“You don’t need to do this, it was only a thought. I should have never opened my mouth.”

“No! I want to, please give me a moment. It was my idea to do this, it excites me as much as it does you.”

“Okay, but anytime you want to stop, give me the sign.”

Once inside, I take a moment to scan the bar, It too has been chosen carefully. The piano plays soft jazz as the lone bartender restocks while topping up the occasional businessperson ‘s scotch. At this time in the evening few professionals are here, most are already home and some are still at their desks determined to achieve some lofty goal.

Once inside, I take a moment to scan the bar it too has been chosen carefully. The piano plays soft jazz as the lone bartender restocks while topping up the occasional businessperson’s scotch. At this time in the evening, few professionals are here, most already home. Some determined to achieve a lofty goal still at their desks.

I take a moment as I enter scanning the area, two sit at a table talking apparently over some deal of some kind. Another three sit at lone tables nursing whatever spirit to ease the stresses of a businessman’s day, two sit at the bar. Expeditiously looking them over I pick the one on the right and ease my way toward him. No particular logic to the choice, the only reason, I later discern came down to blue or black. Black on the right, winning out because of the ‘bet on black’ phrase which leapt to my mind at that moment.

I Leave a seat open between us and slide into the next barstool, Waving to the bartender.

“Bourbon please, Michter’s.”

“That’s an expensive bottle of Bourbon they may not have it here.”

“They will.” I nod, indicating the bartender returning with my drink.

“How did you know?”

“Well, my daddy works in that building in front of the bar. He only drinks twenty-year-old Michter’s Bourbon so…” “You want one?”

“I’m not sure who daddy is but drinking his Bourbon with his little girl might not be the best way to Rize Escort make his acquaintance.”

“Daddy doesn’t have a thing to do with whom I choose to drink with.”

“Sounds like you might be a bit angry with daddy?”

“Well,” I slide over to the empty chair, “he manages, with alarming frequency to piss me off, but enough about my boring old daddy. How about you? I am sure you will be much more interesting.”

“Not much to tell, names Brice I have a masters in Business Analytics, I work with companies to predict future trends in a wide variety of areas. I live alone after seven years in a long time relationship. How about you? Is there some lucky guy waiting for you to get home?”

“No one’s waiting for me. I’m Candice.”

For almost thirty minutes our conversation continued from there the usual banter and light flirting, with me leaning in and touching him on his arm. He touches me as often as he politely can obvious he is interested.

“Can you believe we have only been talking for thirty minutes or so and I feel like we’ve known each other for years?”

I sense someone slip into the chair beside me. A warm arm slides around my waist, lips against the shell of my ear whispering,

“spread your legs,” I immodestly comply.

While my gorgeous stranger sits taller and listens

“Wider,” the newcomer whispers.

He stretches his hand out towards my friend,

“Hi, my name is Mac, I see you have met my beautiful, but naughty wife Candice.”

“Names Brice, Yes we have met,” he deadpans not quite sure the status of the situation.

“Candice, have you been trying to pick up this lucky guy?”

I nod my head knowing I am not to speak at this point it is all up to Mac.

“Seems to me my wife has been offering you something sweet to sample, and I for one think you should take her up on it Brice.”

Mac reaches down between my legs, plunging his fingers into my wet heat.

“She’s turned on by you, she’s dripping wet. Why don’t you check and see Brice.”

Looking around, creases on his brow he seems to be thinking it over. He doesn’t say anything as he slides his hand up the inside of my leg. When he reaches the lips of my pussy he swipes from front to back wetting the tips of his fingers plunging them inside me. Caressing the inner walls of my pussy. While watching me with those striking blue eyes.

“So, what were you planning to do? Were you going to fuck me? Or play with me here and drop me?” Brice whispers angrily.

“She wasn’t going to do anything but be of service. The plan was to ask you back to our room I am going to watch and let you fuck her.”

“That’s it I get to fuck her, anything goes.”

“As long as you treat her with respect yes. The keycard, room two twenty eight.”

I pull my skirt down as well as I can and we leave the bar, giving Brice the chance to decide what he wants to do. We make our way silently to the room as the door closes I turn to you,

“think he will come?”

“He will come, go freshen up if you want,” Mac pats me on the ass as I leave the room.

My overnight bag is out, condoms by the bed Pulling the comforter back and running my hand over the luxurious sheets. A vase of roses is on the dresser opposite the bed a chair has been moved to give good visual access to the bed. I visit the restroom touching up my make up and using the facilities. I hear low voices coming from the other room, but choose to take my time.Nervous anxiety has my hands trembling as I pace the room. Willing my hands to remain still finally I walk into the bedroom.

They are standing at the end of the bed he has removed his jacket it lays across the back of the chair and he is slowly removing his tie. They see me at the same time, Max holds his hand out to me bringing me into Rize Escort Bayan the warmth of his arms.

“Brice knows that I am excited to share you with him. I will not be talking during your time with him but I reserve the right to stop this if you or I become uncomfortable.”

Mac kiss me softly nibbling on my lower lip. “Go to him, sweetheart.”

I make my way to the bed where Brice sat watching the interaction between me and my husband. A quick glance down and I notice how hard his cock it I wonder momentarily if it is the sharing or watching the interaction with my husband, has you hard. Going on instinct alone, I kneel between your legs my hands rest above your knee. Brice leans down and kisses me, softly at first but scorching within a few seconds. Fisting my hair in both hands, tilting my head back, drinking at my lips, tongues tangle as we explore each other’s mouths.

With a heaving chest, I break the kiss, “hold on I can’t catch my breath.”

“Yes you can,” Brice stands bringing me to my feet as well he steps back his eyes roam from my eyes down slowly, “undress.”

My vision narrows, my heart starts fluttering in my chest I breathe in deeply. Keeping my eyes on his I start slowly unbuttoning my blouse pulling it from the short little skirt. Shrugging my shoulder I let the fabric slide to my forearms where it pauses before fluttering to the ground. Without a moment’s hesitation, I unbutton and unzip my skirt letting it fall to the floor as well. Stepping out of the tangled clothes I take one step towards him reaching up to pull the tie from my hair and shaking the silky strands free. Reaching back, I unsnap my bra holding the cups to my chest I let the straps fall from my shoulders. I paused slightly nervous to remove the last remaining shield of my modesty, you hold out your hand, this is it, I let the bra flutter from my body.

You pull me into your arms kissing me angrily. Running your hands up and down my body. It takes only seconds before I return the kiss I feast on your lips, tongue, and teeth. We fully explore, licking nibbling sucking, grinding, it is raw carnal and smoking hot.

Brice tosses me on the bed and is half on top of me in moments.

“You have been in charge of this from the beginning that stops this moment. No more games I am taking charge. I’ve told your husband he can watch but, he will remain silent. You are not to look at him unless I tell you otherwise your attention will be on me.”

By the time he finished my nipples were pebbled and moisture had accumulated between my legs. all I could do was nod my head at him. He kept his leg over mine and slowly explored my body.

I make a move to touch him, but he grabbed my hand and placed it by my side resuming his explorations. With the tips of his fingers he traces along my arms across my breast, down my stomach, he reaches the apex of my thighs pulling them open using his knee. He continued to trail his fingers up my leg finally reaching my pussy. He parts my outer lips and slides a slender finger from back to front barely grazing my needy clit which he circles over and over till I am nearly out of my mind. By the time, he finally touches that tight bundle of nerves I am ready to go off like a rocket. I clutch the comforter in both fists my breathing coming in short pants.

“Please let me touch you,” I beg through gritted teeth.

“No, you had your turn to tease now it’s mine.”

You kneel on the bed your cock at my mouth, tapping me on the cheek with the mushroomed head. I open my mouth eager for a taste of the pearly drops glistening on the tip. My tongue snakes out swiping across the tip as I flick them away you shove your cock deep in my throat, the suddenness of the action making me slightly gag. I suppress the reflex and suck your cock Escort Rize deep into my throat. Swallowing around the tip throat muscle massaging the organ. I feel the hard muscles in your legs tighten, muscles quivering, grabbing the globes of your ass and digging my nails into the tender skin. Pulling close sending your cock deep into my throat. I’m getting to you and it spurs me on. sucking you deeper as you attempt to remove the root from my grasp. You will finish as you started, You don’t last long hot semen hits my tongue, I quickly swallow massaging every drop from your hard as steel cock.

I fall back against the mattress you shoved me back not hard enough to hurt but harder than I think you intended.

“Go fuck your husband I want you and him to give me a show.”

The rough treatment Unleashed a tigress and I prowl to the chair where my husband sits. Pulling him to his feet by the tie he had loosened.

“Get undressed and fuck me I need your cock.”

Laying back on the bed spreading my legs as you take the seat opposite Mac who is shucking his clothes as quickly as possible.

Both of your eyes zero in on my core as you watch my finger, flicking my clit. My other hand rolls and pulls the hard berries that are my nipples. I keep my eyes on my husband’s body as he removes the last of his clothes. He rushes to the bed kneeling between my gaping thighs grabbing one in each hand, he parts them as far as he can.

Burying his face into my pussy using his tongue he swipes from back to front, the tip of his tongue dipping into my sex. He swirls his tongue around my clit flicks it with his tongue. He repeats the action again and again although never long enough. He adds two fingers palm up crooking the inside me and stroking my G-spot. He knows my body too well and keeps me on the edge. The muscles below my waist are trembling beyond my ability to control, my head on the pillow thrashing back and forth, my breath coming in short pants. Please, I beg over and over please let me cum. A voice from across the room answers.

“No, don’t let her cum yet.”

I look up watching him stroke his cock. “Come here and fuck me I whisper.”

My husband’s eyes zeros in as you kneel between my legs your eyes on mine. Rubbing your cock against my core wetting the tip with my juices, each touch sending zinging sensations to my overstimulated clit. Again and again, he strokes me as I toss my head back and forth clutching the bulky comforter in my fists.

“Please stop I can’t take anymore,” I glance at my husband and back at Brice, “please.”

Brice must have read my desperation because he leaned down face to face with me.

“Who has the control now?”

I turn my head away from him, he strokes his cock again over my clit swirling around and around.

“Okay, okay you are in control.”

“Who has the power now,” Brice demands?

“You do! You have all the power.”

He plunges his cock in me fucking deeply and hard he gives all that I want, my husband watches rubbing his cock as he watches Brice’s cock plunging into my pussy over and over. We move I’m desperate to reach that pinnacle I’ve been denied, but he has started holding himself on the edge stroking my pussy but not hard enough not deep enough he is denying me again. Tears of flustration flow from my eyes.

“Take it a bit further, it will be worth it I promise.” “Mac let her suck your cock.”

I fail to see how this is going to help but eagerly suck him deep hollowing out my cheeks he strokes my mouth while Brice fucks my pussy. I groan as he slips his hand between us, picks up the pace again and pinches my clit hard. The quivering in my legs stomach and back are violent. I can’t catch my breath as an incredible orgasm racks my body, appearing at that moment as if it will go on forever.

I come to some moments later wrapped safely in the arms of my husband. Brice comes out from the restroom fully clothed, he doesn’t say a word just walks straight out the door.

“I know what I want for my birthday,” I whisper as my eyes close.

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