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Sexy Laura and Her Surprise

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It was a Tuesday evening after work. I worked out, went home, took a shower, and drove to Laura’s house. I had been horny all day thinking about it.

I pulled into her driveway and around to the back where no one would see my car. This was our third time having sex, and we were starting to have a routine. It wasn’t a relationship – just a no-strings arrangement. We had run into each other a few times, and the last time had been at a club, and we had ended up exchanging numbers. A couple of weeks later we were in bed, and then again the next week, and now tonight.

I went in the back door. As I opened the outer door I saw the note: “Come to the bedroom.” The pressure against the inside of my jeans increased as I went inside. She had told me she had a surprise for me…

She met me at the bedroom door in a short, silk nightgown hanging open to reveal her bra and panties. She was hot and knew it, and loved to show off. She stepped toward me and I kissed her. As we kissed she stroked my hardness through my jeans, then she pulled back and pulled my shirt off over my head. Then she opened a drawer in the chest and held up two pairs of handcuffs, smiling seductively. Then she said “Turn around.”

I did and she came up behind me. She reached up and the room went dark as she slipped a blindfold over my eyes and tied it securely behind my head.

Then she whispered in my ear, “Now take the rest of it off.”

I undressed and turned around, my erection warm and throbbing, waiting for what was next.

She took my hand and led me toward the bed. The blindfold was on tight and I could not see anything. I lay back and she cuffed my wrists to the bedposts. Then I felt soft fabric on my ankles as she tied them loosely but securely. I could move enough for what was coming, but I was definitely not getting away. Not that I wanted to.

I felt her weight press down on the side of the bed. “Are you having fun yet?”, she whispered in my ear.


The weight lifted, then a few moments later it returned on the other side of the bed. Then I felt her fingers trace lightly across my shoulder and down my arm, then across my chest. Then I felt her kissing my chest, then my neck, then my lips. A pause and her tongue began gliding across my skin. She licked my chest, licked around my nipples, and licked my biceps. My dick was harder Ordu Escort now, hot and pulsing. Then her lips were on it, and her tongue, gentle but firm, soft and yielding but eager. Her fingertips caressed my shaven balls.

“Is this my surprise?”, I asked, but the only response was a slight increase in the pressure of her tongue on the underside of my dick.

She stopped when she heard my breathing speed up. Then I felt her weight press down beside my head and her thigh brush briefly across my face. As her other thigh settled on the other side of my head I could smell the faint, exciting scent of her pussy. I moved my mouth up and forward and it brushed against my lips. I was immediately surprised at her wetness. As she returned to my lips my tongue met her and I felt her fingers separating her lips to expose her clit to my tongue. She leaned forward, her other hand pressing against the wall above my head to keep her balance. Then she lowered herself more firmly against my mouth as my tongue began to move faster. Small, short gasps escaped her mouth as she rocked back and forth against my mouth. Her wetness slicked my lips and her taste became stronger in my mouth. She pressed harder. I licked faster. Her breathing became more ragged and her wetness increased even more. I licked harder and she began to come. I could almost see her teeth biting down on her lower lip as she tried not to scream. Then, suddenly, she was no longer pressed against my mouth.

She moved down my body and I felt her lips against mine as she kissed me, tasting herself on my tongue. Her hand was on my dick as she lowered herself and then I was inside her. I was so hard, and she was so wet… She began to gasp and moan again, then suddenly she stifled herself.

Then, a whisper in my ear: “Ready for your surprise?”

“Yes”, I gasped.

Then, Laura’s voice in my ear again: “I’m not the person you’re fucking right now.”

For a moment I didn’t understand, until I realized that as she had spoken the gasps and moans had continued above me. Now they were louder. She had stopped stifling herself, and now I could hear the moans were in a voice other than Laura’s.

“What?” I said? I was shocked, horrified. “What the fuck is going on?”. I willed my erection to stop but it didn’t. This woman continued to ride me. “Get off me!” I struggled Ordu Escort Bayan but could not move her. “Who are you?”.

Laura responded, “Relax… she’s hot. Very hot, in fact.”

“What are you doing?”, I asked, still struggling, but less vigorously now.

“She’s a friend of mine”, Laura responded. “She and I had plans tonight, and when I called to cancel because you were coming over, we got to talking. She wanted to fuck a stranger. So I gave you to her for the evening.”

I stopped struggling. This was a stranger. I have always had fantasies about strangers, and had made a couple of them come true. But this was more. I had had sex with a couple of girls I had never met before, and had fucked a girl whose last name I didn’t know, and I had come in the mouth of a girl who had been naked when we met, five minutes before I was in her mouth. But this was beyond any of those. I didn’t know her name, I had never seen her, and I had been fucking her before I even knew she existed… Even harder now, I thrust up into her. She became louder as I did.

Then Laura said “You like it, don’t you? I thought you would…”

“Threesome?”, I asked.

“No,” Laura responded. “You’re all hers.”

“Take the blindfold off. I want to see.”

“No. That would ruin it…”

So she was still a stranger. She leaned forward and kissed me. I wished again that I could get my hands free, but this time so I could hold onto her hips as I fucked her. She kissed my neck, speeding the movement of her pelvis. I began to moan, matching her breath for breath.

“I think she wants to feel you come.” Laura said.

The nameless woman whose pussy was so hot and wet around me and who I had never seen responded, “Ah. Ah!”.

“I think that means yes,” Laura said, a smile in her voice.

I thrust into her harder and faster as she gripped my shoulders and pumped herself up and down on my dick, her wetness slick around the base of my dick.

She came, and seconds later I did too, my hot cum exploding into her pussy as she screamed. Seconds later the screams were over and she collapsed onto me briefly before rolling to the side and off the bed.

“Let me see you,” I said.

“Hmm. Be right back,” Laura said. “Don’t go anywhere!” I heard them walk lightly across the bedroom to the door, then I heard whispering Escort Ordu moving further away from the room. A little over a minute later Laura returned. She reached behind my head and began to untie the blindfold. When it was off I looked around. Laura was looking at me, smiling. We were alone. As I opened my mouth to ask, I heard an engine start outside. Laura produced a key and unlocked the cuffs on my wrists. “She’s gone.”

She lay down beside me and ran her finger across my chest. “You mad at me?”


“You were.”

“Yes. I don’t remember why though.” She smiled and untied my ankles. Free to move, I turned to her and kissed her.”What does she look like?”

“A little like me. A bit taller but we wear the same size in most things. Longer hair, but not by much.”

“So she’s hot.”

“Oh yes.”

I kissed her again. We kissed for a few minutes before a series of loud beeps interrupted the silence.

Laura answered the phone, then smiled. “It was, wasn’t it?” A pause. “Yes. He is.” She looked at me and smiled. “I don’t know. Maybe.” Another pause. “I hope so… Mmmm… You’re a little perv, you know that?” Another pause, then a giggle. “I’ll ask him. Yes, still here… Okay. Later.” She hung up.

“You’re supposed to ask me something?”

“If we’re going to keep doing this” — Her arm made a sweeping gesture, indicating the bed and our bodies, mine still naked — “then maybe once in a while we should have a night like this one. With my friend.”

“And the blindfold?”

“Yes. She says having a man who’s never seen her fuck her is a fantasy she has had since she was seventeen. She says she’ll be thinking about this every time she masturbates for a month.” She paused. “And you seemed to like it too.” She smiled again, then stood up and crossed the room to the door. “Drink?”

“Definitely”, I responded, getting off the bed and walking with her, still naked, to the kitchen. She poured our drinks and handed me mine, a vodka with lime.

“You free Saturday?”, she asked.

“Not anymore.”

“It will be me this time,” She said.


“You know,” she said. “Maybe sometimes, when we use the blindfold, it will be me.” I smiled and kissed her ear.

“And I won’t know until after?” I asked.

“Maybe. Or maybe you won’t know at all. Maybe you’ll leave not knowing who you just fucked.” I felt a chill of excitement. I kissed her again. She reached down, touching my dick, which was beginning to stir again.

I put my drink on the counter and kneeled, sliding her panties down as I went. I began to kiss her pussy.

The End.

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