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Sexy Bus Ride

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I work in the city and I ride the bus to work. I enjoy wearing sexy clothes to work because it makes the day interesting and because my boss enjoys it. He’s a nice guy. Never gets handsy, just likes to look. On the bus is a different story. It’s always crowded and by the time I get on, there are no seats left. Almost every day, I have some guy putting his hands where they don’t belong. I’ve gotten real good at fending them off, using different tactics fo different guys.

The young boys I take pity on. Their hormones are messing with their brains. I usually let them cop a good feel before I scare them away with an outraged look. The old guys I simply push away and give them a stern look. Guys my age (20-25) I threaten to call a cop if they persist. This morning was no different. Well, just a little different.

I was wearing a bronze slipdress with very light silk panties and no bra. I am fortunate to have small, firm breasts that don’t require a bra. I love the way it looks when my nipples get hard and I love the way it feels. I knew when I squeezed into the bus, I would have someone touching me soon. Sure enough, as soon as the bus took off, I felt someone behind me, and the familiar “accidental” bump that usually starts the encounter. I turned my head enough to see the guy…only it wasn’t a guy! It was a young girl, slightly shorter than I, very pretty.

Thinking that it was truly an accidental bump, I turned forward and was glad I wouldn’t be hassled with her as my “buffer zone”. We came to the next stop and more people got on, forcing us closer together. Now I knew there was no incidental touching going on. As the bus started again, her hand came firmly into contact with my right cheek and stayed there. Suddenly, I began to get aroused slightly. I had never escort mecidiyeköy thought of women that way, but the close contact and her obvious desire were winning me over. I decided to get a better look at my companion.

As I turned, her hand dragged across my butt, and I knew the silky feel would give her a rush. I knew, because my bare arm came to rest against her breast. It was a wonderful breast, firm and encased in a silk halter. Her arousal was obvious. Her nipples were trying to tear holes in the thin material and her face and neck were red with passion. She was still trying to act cool and oblivious, but I would have none of that now. I brought my hand to my side, squeezing it between my hip and her pussy. The silk skirt matched the halter and I swear I could feel the heat and wetness through the material. As the bus made another stop and started again, I used the motion to push against her with my hand, while bringing more pressure against the hand in contact with my butt.

This finally got her to drop all pretenses. She looked at me with hopeful eyes. They were filled with lust and shyness, and the combination fired up my desire and I began to feel wetness between my legs. I smiled at her and her hand turned to cup my cheek. She leaned hard against me, her nipple nearly hurting my arm as she dragged it across. I, in turn, reversed my hand and began to massage, ever so slightly, her mound. Almost immediately, her body shuddered as she clearly orgasmed. I looked around to see if anyone noticed. A couple of guys were watching us, but i didn’t think they knew what was happening. They were trying to figure out how to get close enough to touch us. I don’t think it crossed their mind that we were doing what they wished they could do to us.

escort bayan istanbul I continued the fingering as she recovered and her hand, which had clutched tightly in the throes of pleasure, began to squeeze slightly and caress the crease between my cheeks. This motion and the slight rubbing of her silk-covered breast against my arm had my juices running out of my panties and started down my leg. I had never been this wet before with any man. I had to find out how wet she was. Only moving my fingers, I pulled the front of her skirt up, bunching it under my palm as I raised it. In only a few seconds I had uncovered her and found she was shaved and very wet. I began to run my finger through the folds and found it would slip easily inside her. Now she could not stand upright, clinging to me and resting her head against me. Her breathing became very labored and exciting. Her lips were inches from my nipple and it felt like it was straining to reach for them as the hot air rushed over it. I moved my finger inside her, exploring the hot, sticky interior. Her wetness turned to a gusher and her muscles contracted around my digit as another orgasm racked her body. Her convulsion triggered one in me and we trembled together for what seemed like forever.

Again, i looked to see if we were being discovered, but everyone was acting as if they had no idea of our love-making. Unfortunately, the guys eyeing us before had managed to move closer and were now in a position to touch her. I wasn’t about to share, so I slipped my finger (reluctantly!) from inside her and moved her in front of me. I threatened to call the cops if they touched my “little sister” and they backed away in disappointment.

Now she was in front of me and I brought my hands around her waist. escort bayan şişli I gently pulled her back against me, letting the motion of the bus slightly rub us together. After some time to let the other passengers forget about us, I started raising my hands across her waist and slowly brought them in contact with the silk covering the underneath curve of her breast. I have often brought myself to climax doing this to myself, fingering the flesh through the material and then gradually bringing my thumbs to my nipples. I did the same to her, teasing as I went. Finally, my thumbs reached her nipples, sliding across them, then pinching slightly with my forefingers. The feeling was far greater than any time I had done my own.

She was very excited, but generous enough to bring her hand behind her and massage between my legs. As I fondled her discreetly, she copied my earlier motion, raising the hem enough to access my sopping wet panties. She rubbed the wet silk for a few minutes before pushing the fabric aside to stroke my trimmed bush. As her finger slipped inside, I dragged my painfully erect nipples across her bare back. The friction and the insertion sent a shock wave through me and I clutched her perfect handfuls as I let loose a shower of juices all over her hand. She came also, her spasm forcing her finger to thrust more passionately, which heightened my orgasm. I felt as if I would squeeze her finger off.

We slowly recovered and I found that this time we had been noticed. We were getting looks ranging from lustful to shocked to outraged and she noticed too. We were at a stop and just before the door closed, she scooted out, leaving me to face the mob. Luckily, I had only two more stops to mine and I avoided eye contact until I could escape.

I have looked for her every day since, but she has never ridden with me again. I have had numerous orgasms at home thinking of her, and every once in a while, when I am standing next to a woman on the bus, I “accidentally” touch her, thrilling to the contact and remembering my first lesbian encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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