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Sexxy Tales: Traffic Jam

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Shanae stared blankly at her computer screen. She rubbed her eyes and flopped back into her chair. Looking down at her watch, she gave a deep sigh of relief. “Only 5 more minutes,” she said as she started shutting down her computer and cleaning up her desk. Then, her phone rang. She thought twice about answering it because she was ready to go home. So she let it ring. But it wouldn’t stop ringing.

“This is Shanae, may I help you?” she asked in a flustered manner.

“Did I interrupt you?” the sexy voice on the other end of the line asked.

Shanae just rolled her eyes, and trying to mask the fact that she was annoyed, she asked, “Is there something I can help you with sir?”

She could hear his smile as he spoke, “I can see that look on your face. You even look sexy when you’re frustrated.”

Shanae stopped packing up her things and looked out of her door. She looked past all the desks and cubicles on the other side of the door.

“Who is this?” she asked with her hand on her hip.

“Hmm, I like that pose, too.”

Shanae looked around again, and still, she couldn’t see who this person was. “You know what? It’s time for me to go home, so I’m going to hang up now.”

“Wait, wait!” he said, “I hear you do a little writing, poetry right?”

Shanae paused, “Yes, I do.” She wondered to herself……-who tha hell IS this?-

“Well,” he continued, “I have something I’d like you to hear, it won’t take but a minute more of your time. Would you mind?” he asked.

Still looking out of her door, she replied, “Sure, go ahead.” His voice lowered and sounded even more sensual as he recited the words to her.

“She walks by me everyday, her and love are the same, the woman has stolen my heart, and beauty is her name…..”

The words sounded very familiar to Shanae. In fact, she recognized the words. They belonged to a Dru Hill song. But she listened quietly.

“….I hope that I can make you mine, ‘for another man steals your heart, and once your beauty is mine, I swear we will never be apart.”

Shanae sat on the edge of her desk and crossed her legs while she listened as the words rolled from his mouth slowly. Finishing, he asked her, “So, what do you think?”

She smiled, “I think we both like Dru Hill.” They both laughed.

“Well, I know the words aren’t mine, but the do express a situation that I’m currently in.” Shanae paused….

“Really?” she asked.

“Oh yeah. See there’s this young lady who I see on throughout the week, but the most we’ve ever said to each other is ‘hello’.”

Shanae could hear his voice outside of the phone’s receiver as he was getting closer to her. “Are you on a cordless phone?” she asked.

“No, Ataşehir Escort I have my headset on, and yes, I’m walking towards your office.”

Shanae looked up and saw a very dark skinned, tall black brotha walking towards her. He walked slowly, still speaking into the headset. His sexy voice matched his strong physique. He stopped at her door, his eyes looking down at her crossed legs, then making contact with her eyes. She placed the phone back on her desk, folded her arms, and looked at him. He walked inside her office and reached out to shake her hand.

“Hello, my name is Brian.”

Shanae took his hand lightly and gave it a gentle grip as she stood up. “Hi, I’m…” he cut her off.

“You’re Shanae.” he said smiling at her. They spoke briefly before she started grabbing her things again.

“So, besides my name,” she turned her back to him to grab her things, “what else do you know about me?” He watched as she filled her arms with folders and loose papers.

“Well, I get to take a small part out of my day to watch you work, check out your body…….language, all that.” he said smiling.

“I see,” she said bending over to pick up her portfolio, “So you like watching people while they’re unaware?” she said coldly. He was surprised by her tone of voice and her question. Composing himself, he took a step back and leaned against her door. His eyes scanned her body up and down.

“No, I just like watching you.” He licked his lips and watched her as she walked towards him. Her hips switched slowly from left to right as she got closer. She stopped directly in front of him and looked into his eyes.

“Good, so you won’t mind watching me leave then, right?” She turned off the light in her office and walked past him, giggling to herself as she walked down the hallway.

Brian ran to his desk, put away his headset, and followed her to the elevator. During the elevator ride, they engaged in friendly conversation.

“Mind if I walk you to your car?” he asked.

“No, not at all.” She noticed his features. He is a very handsome man, she thought to herself. They stopped in front of her blue 4-Runner.

“Look, I know you have a boyfriend, but I just wanted to let you know that you’re a very attractive young lady, and, that you caught my eye.” he smiled.

“Yeah, I remember you said you like to watch me.” she flirted.

“Yes, I do, and I wouldn’t mind …….” he stopped his thoughts and grinned. “So hey, if he messes up, please, let me know.” Shanae deactivated the alarm on her truck. She got inside and looked at Brian with a smile.

“Sure Brian, I’ll do that. It was nice meeting you.” Her cell phone rang. “Hello? Hi baby.” Ataşehir Escort Bayan She smiled and waved at Brian as she pulled off.

Shanae got onto the freeway, still talking to her boyfriend on the phone. “I’m on my way now love.”

“Good, I can’t wait to see you~~I’ve been thinking about last night all day~~you tried to hurt a brotha!” he teased, and Shanae laughed.

“No, just wanted to give you something to think about today, you know, leave a lil’ something on your mind.”

“Well, you damn sure did that~~I can’t stop playing your moans in my mind girl.”

“Is that right?” she smiled.

“Not just right, that’s Damn right!” Shanae laughed and carried on her conversation with her boyfriend. Then suddenly, she slammed on her brakes.

“Damn!” she exclaimed.

“What? Are you OK?” her boyfriend asked.

“Yeah, but there’s an accident up here, traffic is backed up.” she said. “Shoot! No telling how long it’s gonna take me to get home baby.”

“Damn”, he said softly. “Well, just be patient baby, I know how you get.”

Shanae was distracted by someone waving at her erratically. It was Brian. He motioned for her to roll her window down. She did. “Hang on a second baby.” she said to her boyfriend. Her deep tinted window lowered and Brian could now see her clearly.

He yelled, “Looks like we’re going to be here for a while!”

She nodded, “Yeah, unfortunately!”

“Who’s that?” her boyfriend asked.

“This guy I work in the same building with.” she answered.

“I didn’t know you took this route home.” Brian added.

“Yeah, almost every day.” she replied.

Brian mouthed words to her. ‘Is that your man on the phone?’ Shanae nodded yes.

Brian raised his eyebrows and nodded back, mouthing words again, ‘oh, my bad’. Shanae smiled at him, and rolled her window up partially.

Her boyfriend spoke in a slow deep voice. “Shanae, are you sitting still?” he asked.

“Yes, traffic isn’t moving at all baby.” she sighed.

“Do you have on that black skirt?” he asked.

Shanae’s lips slowly formed a smile, “Mmm hmm.”

“Hike it up for me.” he asked.

She lifted her hips up from her seat and pulled her skirt up past her thighs. She listened as he continued with his instructions.

“Are you comfortable?”

She adjusted her seat.

“Yes.” she replied softly.

“Okay, take your free hand and lightly trace your eyebrows, cheeks and your lips.”

Shanae complied, then unbuttoned three buttons on her blouse. She relaxed her head on the head rest and listened for his next request.

“Slide your finger inside your mouth for me baby.” he asked.

She Escort Ataşehir did, and as she turned her head, she noticed Brian’s gaze. She rolled her window down a little more.

“Now, trace your lips with your wet finger.” her boyfriend instructed.

She traced her lips, her finger dragging slowly past her bottom lip, down her chin, to her neck.

“Slip your fingers inside your bra.”

As her fingers caressed her erect nipples, she sighed deeply, closing her eyes briefly.

She looked over at Brian from the corner of her eye, and as she expected, he was still watching. He’d even sat up in his seat a little. Her boyfriend spoke again. “Know what I want you to do now?”

She asked, “Mmm, what baby?”

“I want you to taste it for me.”

“Mmm, taste it?” she asked softly.

“Yes, taste it.”

Shanae shifted her gear into park and spread her legs. She slipped one then two fingers inside her warm pussy.

“Mmmm…” she moaned. She could feel Brian watching her. She slid them in and out of her pussy, then rolled them over her clit. She moaned in pleasure, and her boyfriend coached her on.

“Mmmm, yeah baby, does that feel good?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied breathlessly.

“Now, taste it for me.”

Shanae removed her fingers from her warm wetness, and looked over at Brian as she placed her shiny fingers into her mouth. She moaned as she sucked her fingers. She had Brian’s complete attention. Her boyfriends’ voice became more raspy as he spoke.

“Damn I wish I could lick you right now.”

Shanae sighed deeply, “Me too, it tastes so good.” She placed her fingers back inside her pussy. Her hips shifted as her fingers dipped in and out, swirling over her clit erratically. Brian’s gaze got heavy as he watched her enjoying herself. He licked and bit his lips with every change in her facial expression. Her boyfriend enjoyed listening to her enjoying herself–he moaned with her.

“Mmm baby, I want you to cum right there on the freeway.” He said.

Her fingers teased her to an intense body trembling orgasm as her thighs tightened. She moaned in pleasure as her back arched and her warm juices rushed over her fingers. Brian watched in shocked delight as she placed her saturated fingers in her mouth and licked and sucked them clean.

“Damn baby, you sound so good when you cum,” her boyfriend said in a low, soft voice.

Shanae noticed that traffic had moved slightly during he little ‘episode’. She looked over at Brian and gave him a seductive smile as she rolled up her window.

“I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed being stuck in traffic.” she smiled.

She adjusted her clothing and shifted her gear to drive as she moved forward slowly with traffic.

“I just can’t wait ‘til we both get home.” he said.

“We’re having company tonight, remember?” she asked.

“Shit!” he exclaimed. “Welllll, we may have to call and cancel all that for tonight.” he joked.

Shanae laughed, “Bye baby, see you at home.”

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