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Sexual Healing Ch. 02

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I woke up to the chirping of birds, and the warmth of the sun’s rays upon my face. I stretched slowly, feeling the soreness of where young Ryan had stretched me with his large endowment. I smiled and just lay there remembering how nice it was to touch a man again.

The phone rang beside my bed and I picked it up quickly, curios about who might be on the other end. I felt my insides getting wet at the thought of Ryan arranging another visit.

“Hey there sexy,” a deep voice teased me. “You up for some outside play today?”

“Sure am sweetie,” I replied swiftly.

“Meet me by the front desk, and wear something easily accessible to my roaming hands,” he joked with me.

“Oh, okay. I uh, well yes, I will do that,” I answered and groaned to myself. I felt so foolish. Here I was about to go spend time with a man who was sexy and sweet and even paid to make me feel good and I couldn’t let myself just enjoy the moment.

I headed to the closet and began searching for something sexy and yet easy to take off. Hmmmmm, let’s see…

I was a woman with a lot of curves including some in places that men didn’t always find attractive, but I felt sexy and feminine in my pink shorts and white halter top. I left my shiny shoulder length blonde hair free of adornment, loving the way it moved as I did. I pushed on my sunglasses as I approached Ryan leaning against the front desk. He took my hand and didn’t seem to notice the yearning glance from the pretty young receptionist. He informed me that it was okay for us to go on an outdoors, since we would technically still be on grounds owned by the clinic.

I only half listened as I was trying to keep my imagination from running away with me. Dirty thoughts of riding his naked sweating body gave me shivers and caused my nipples to harden. We walked up a small hill and then walked down the other side until we reached a flat spot under a huge oak tree. Dappled sunlight filtered down on a soft plaid blanket. There was also a pretty wicker basket. Kind of early for a picnic lunch I thought.

Ryan distracted me by reaching down to gently remove my sunglasses. He leaned into me and pressed his lips to mine, softly, then licked my lips, and backed away smiling. The little shit, I thought to myself. He knows exactly what my reaction would be to that. I wanted to tease him too, but he grabbed both my hands with his, and laughed.

“Don’t you want to get to your next session? I sure do,” he smiled and gave me a wink. He sat down on the blanket and motioned for me to do the same. He then reached into the basket and brought out a…oh my god, he actually brought out a dildo! My face turned red. I can’t do this! My palms started sweating, my face flushed, and I started to bolt. I was shaking my head no when Ryan çapa escort pushed me, not too gently I might add, back down onto the blanket.

“Just listen to me,” he said quietly. “I know you have used one of these before from reading your paperwork, but you have never experienced the fun of using a toy when you were with a man. Today we are going to change all that, if you are willing to go along.”

He leaned over and whispered in my ear,” I guarantee you that if you give me and this toy a chance, you will not be sorry.”

I gulped, wiped my sweaty hands on my shorts, and croaked,” Okay.”

He offered to start, and I agreed, still not understanding what we were suppose to be doing until he unzipped his shorts and out sprang his semi hard cock. I couldn’t help but stare at it. It was long and thick and so pretty, the head pinker than the flesh on the shaft, his large balls being lifted out from his shorts. He put his face next to mine again and licked my lips. I was instantly wet. He informed me that I was not to touch him, not with my lips or tongue, or even with my fingers. He was going to pleasure himself and I was to watch and see how much fun it was.

I lay on the blanket facing him, fascinated by the strong sure strokes he was using on his shaft, noticing how he would sometimes pull up to the head and encompass it with his hand. He was getting a nice sheen from sweating slightly on his face, and from the slickness he created from his stroking on his now very hard cock. He was so beautiful, so intent, concentrating and making small moaning sounds, his eyes darkened with desire, enjoying his efforts, his breath coming a little quicker now, and his balls drawing up, and I gasped softly, my pants so wet, my nipples so hard against my top, both of us enjoying, sharing in his pleasure. I bit my lower lip and moved slowly closer so I could witness the ever increasing pressure and speed of his strokes. His mouth formed a grimace and I knew he would be coming soon. God how I wanted to put my mouth on him and suck all that cum from his shiny hard cock! I felt like pushing him onto the blanket and screaming at him to fuck me hard! I did neither of these, just watched and waited, squirming slightly, pressing my legs together causing my now swollen pussy lips to rub against each other.

Then it happened. He let out a deep groan, and thick white cum started shooting across the blanket, hitting me in the face and on my top. I didn’t think, I just used my fingers to wipe away stray bits of creamy white cum from my eyelashes, still intent on seeing every last drop leave his now softening shaft. He kept stroking, now just toward the head, until there was one single drop left. He reached down with a finger, lifted it off, and smeared it on my lips, fatih escort like lip gloss. God, I was so turned on! He reached down and kissed me. Then he smiled, and took a small towelette from the basket and cleaned my face, except for the cum left on my lips. Apparently, that was my special gift from him. I looked at him, as he stretched out on the blanket, looking like a young god, relaxed and happy, and knew I wanted to please him. If it meant I would have to face my fears and try and make myself orgasm in front of him I would. I untied my halter top and stepped out of my shorts. I didn’t bother with panties figuring I wouldn’t need them. I watched his eyes follow my large breasts as they bounced as I lowered myself into a sitting position. I saw his penis jump, and I smiled. It was nice knowing I had that effect on him, when he had just had an orgasm.

This might actually be fun I thought. If nothing else, I could tease him until maybe he would just pounce on me. I smiled at him, and decided I would also kiss him as he had me, and made sure my breasts touched his arm and chest. I think I felt him shiver. I sat back down and closed my eyes. I put my finger in my mouth and sucked on it. I couldn’t resist. I opened them just enough to see him watching me more intently. I licked on my finger until it was wet with my saliva and pressed it to my right nipple. Hmmmm, this does feel good. A breeze had picked up and my wet nipple hardened. I pulled and rolled it between my fingers, not too hard, just enough to make my pussy moisten. I put a hand on each breast and gently started kneading them. I loved to have my breasts touched and licked and sucked on, but I never realized I could make myself feel good with my own hands.

I decided to touch and stroke my whole body. I softly, as light as a butterfly, took my hands and stroked up and down my arms, my breasts once again, then lower to the stomach I hated, noticing that by keeping my touch light, I could feel how soft my skin was, how warm it was, and how good it felt. I lowered my body until my back was lying on the blanket and I opened my legs with my knees bent. I touched my mound, pressing against it with one hand. Amazing I thought. I liked the pressure and rubbed on it until I came close to the hood that held my clit. I reached beyond and placed a finger at the opening of my pussy. My lips had become engorged and I gently separated them with the same finger, rubbing up and down until they opened and allowed me entrance into my wetness and my inner lips.

I was in no hurry. I decided this lesson was more about pleasure and not so much about having an orgasm. I relaxed even further and opened my inner lips up with my other hand. I pushed the finger from other hand into my pussy. In and out, sarıyer escort bayan short strokes, since my fingers were not long. I sighed. That had always been one of the problems. My fingers couldn’t reach where I wanted them to go. I felt a small weight lying on my stomach. I reached for it and realized it was the rubber toy Ryan had taken out of the basket. At this point, I really didn’t care how I looked, I just wanted to be satisfied. I pushed the toy inside, but didn’t get very far. Although I was wet, the toy was not. I took it out and placed the head at my mouth. I sucked on it, imagining it was Ryan, and started licking the shaft up and down. I turned my head to look at him and saw him watching me, stroking himself again.

I played with the toy, because I knew how much it was turning him on, and in turn making me wetter. I finally took the toy out of my mouth and placed it at my entrance. It slid in a little easier, stretching my lips, and I moaned. It felt so good. I loved that feeling of fullness inside of me. I opened my legs wider apart and kept sliding it in and out, inch by inch, until it was completely inside of me. I started pushing it in and out, and although it did feel good, I could tell that there was no pressure building. I would soon be sore if this continued. I thought about how I made myself cum with a toy at home. I would tie the toy with a ribbon onto a couple of pillows and then mount it, riding until I came. I looked around me. No pillows to be found, and the clothes would be so wrinkled, but then, I had such a nasty thought. I even chuckled. Well, why not? I asked myself.

I pushed Ryan down on his back and put a finger to his mouth, silencing him. I showed him how I still had the fake cock inside me, and I climbed on top of his stomach. His eyes widened in surprise, but he helped steady me. Then I took his hands away, and I slid back onto the dildo completely burying it in me. I started to grind back and forth on it, knowing it must be rubbing Ryan’s stomach, but I needed a release so badly, that I didn’t stop. My legs were wet with sweat against Ryan and I started moving faster, pushing the rubber cock in and out, feeling the pressure finally building inside, feeling Ryan’s cock each time I pushed back a little smacking against my ass, and still I rode on, almost, I chanted in my mind, almost, almost…until I screamed out:

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh Ryan, oh God, oh Fuuuuuucccckkkkk!”

I collapsed on Ryan and he held me, the rubber cock still inside, Ryan’s stomach wet from my sweat and juices. I slowly rolled over and pulled the toy out of me with a loud popping sound. My pussy walls were still clenching and unclenching. Ryan pulled me into his arms. I looked at the red swollen spot on his stomach where the skin was rubbed raw. I reached up and kissed it. I started to apologize and Ryan stopped me.

“Babe,” he said, “that was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen.”

He then kissed the top of my head and gathered me into his arms and be both drifted off to sleep.

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