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A true story.

I’m Emma a 26 year old from Australia, and this story is based on actual true events that happened to me at an expo style event in Sydney called Sexpo.

I had been asked by a few girl friends to go out in the city, we had planned to go to a bar and have a few drinks then onto the expo before heading out for the night.

At the bar we had a few guys buy us drinks and chat us up as usual, but it was fun and by the time we left the bar we were all a bit tipsy. We were all dressed for a night out and all in a fun mood as we paid and went into the expo.

Truthfully I was curious as to what would be inside having never been to anything like this before. We walked through the isles looking at all the different stands and shows, it seemed to get quite busy in parts and I’ve never before seen so many sex toys.

There were a few shows on stage at different times and lots of guys trying to sell you stuff and chat you up.

Walking down one isle we came across a stand and it had a huge crowd around it, at first we couldn’t get right up the front but eventually managed and saw two girls sitting on some pink machines. Later the crowd thinned out a bit and we watched as a girl sat bursa escort on the machine and the guy there was talking to her and after a few minutes she jumped off blushing and shaking.

A few of my friends ended up talking myself and Lisa my friend into having a turn, not sure if we’d like it or not we tentatively hopped on the machines and listened to what we had to do. As we sat there and got comfy they turned the machines on, which made me half jump at first. Then as we sat there laughing at each other it began to feel quite nice, I mean really nice. They told us to, “relax and close our eyes and think of the best sex we have ever had”. As I did this I began to really enjoy it, the speed kept increasing which only increased the sensations.

As I was on the machine feeling the vibrations I didn’t think about anything but the pleasure I was feeling, my mind went to another place and without realizing I was grinding myself on the machine and began having an orgasm. My legs were shaking and I felt so hot I began sweating and panting. They turned the machines off and asked us how it was?

All I could say was “it was yes, it was great”.

Everyone was laughing at us as we wandered off into the crowd having just been bursa escort bayan given an orgasm by a guy I didn’t even know. We went to the bar and all had a few drinks and chatted about what had just happened. The other girls wanted a turn too, but wouldn’t unless someone did it with them, so I was voted as the one to ride the other machine.

We walked about and all I could think about was that machine, so eventually we found ourselves back at the “Sex Machines Australia stand”. They invited us back in to have another turn and within a few minutes I was seated on the pink machine again, my wet panties pushed up into my swollen damp, juicy pussy. Then they started it again and off we went again. This time I knew what to expect and found myself in that space in my head again. My hips thrusting grinding my sex into this hot pink sex machine. One of my girl friends was holding me, and talking to me as I went onto another orgasm. This time they didn’t stop it, but kept it going and I couldn’t hop off. I was going from one orgasm to the next and moaning as I ground my clitty against the pad thingy I was sitting on. I began to feel myself getting so horny I didn’t want to stop it. I could feel how hot, how wet I was getting. I looked escort bursa at my girlfriend and she could see my arousal and lent in to me and kissed me. This drove me over the edge and I orgasmed while kissing her as I moaned into her mouth.

Eventually they stopped the machine and I just sat there, unable to move if I wanted to. My girlfriend held me as she watched and realized how hard I hard orgasmed. I slowly got up and left as I got my legs back and we went straight to the ladies so I could change my panties. As we walked into the ladies room she looked at me and said “your such a lil slut Emma”. Lisa said “you just orgasmed in public in front of everyone you lil slut”.

As we walked out of the ladies refreshed and in dry underwear it felt like everyone was watching us, but in reality probably no one was it just felt that way.

We had planned to go out after the sex expo thing but by the time we left there it was late anyway. We all bought some new toys and some sexy lingerie. We headed back to my girlfriends flat and bought some wine on the way back. Once back there we opened the wine as we checked out our new toys and new sexy lingerie. Once the others left and it was just Lisa and myself we tried on our new outfits and teased each other as we got more tipsy.

That was the start of my first real bisexual relationship with anyone.

If you liked my story let me know and I will give you more details.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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