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Sex with the Lights On

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Author’s note: This is part one of a four-part series called “Sex Novella,” a story in which attractive but dysfunctional people have lots of sex in luxury apartments. Plot and character development are largely secondary concerns.


“What do you say we fuck with the lights on?”

It was getting late in the season, and Terra had been putting in long hours at work. I hadn’t seen her body under full overhead illumination in weeks. I happily agreed.

I helped lift her shirt up over her head, and we tossed it aside. Terra made no effort to comply with modern physique trends or exercise fads. Rather than being taught and hard, she was mostly soft all over, and even softer in all the right places. I preferred it this way. Hard bodies were the norm in our zip code. The streets were littered with crossfit women with rock hard abs and the contours of a shredded sartorius poking through the front of each legging of tight yoga pants. In comparison, a woman who was curvy, chubby, or event plump was downright exotic. At the trendier clubs Terra was actively perused by men (and women) to a degree she frequently found annoying. My own slim physique contrasted sharply with the typical hulk that lurked at the gym and periodically attracted a small niche of admirers.

Instinctively Terra reached for the clasp at the front of her bra, but it wasn’t where she expected.

“Damn it! I really hate this last batch of bras I bought.” She fumbled for the clasp at the back. Her shoulders and elbows contorted awkwardly. Eventually she gave up and spun around so her back was facing me. “A little help here!” she demanded.

With a quick flip of the wrist and a snap of my fingers, the clasp popped open. Unrestrained, her tits spilled out. I slipped her bra forward over her arms and off her body. Terra spun back around.

Under the light, the bra was one of the most boring undergarments I had ever seen, beige in color and strictly functional. There were no designs, patterns, or pictures intended to excite.

“I like the red ones and the black ones you used to wear much better,” I said. “Why did you buy this batch if you hate them so?”

“When you have breasts as heavy as mine, bras wear out quickly. I needed new bras in a hurry and these were the only ones they had in my size.”

“Do you still have the red ones with the green swirls, or the black ones with the white pokadots?”

“Yes, but they are getting a bit worn. I am going to reserve them for special occasions.”

I inverted one of the cups. The interior was lined with a cheap thin flexible foam, and there was a thick hard underwire that I couldn’t imagine was comfortable.

“Damn it!” Terra snapped. “Could you pay less attention to the bra and more attention to me!”

“Sorry.” I slid my hands up her sides and cupped the bottom of her tits. I lifted them somewhat, feeling their considerable heft. I circled my thumbs and forefingers around each of her broad areolas and felt her nipples stiffen. She moaned softly. She liked a little pain, so I pinched each nipple and tugged slightly. Terra planted her wet lips on mine, and stuck her tongue in my mouth. The embraced seemed to last for minutes. Eventually she came up for air.

“I love the way your tits sag.” I said.

“Shut up and help me with my pants!”

I reached down and unsecured the first two buttons of her trouser fly. Perhaps a little too eager, I thrust my hand down the front of her panties and felt the sharp barbs of the stubble that encircled the opening of her pussy.

Terra grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand out of her pants. “Slow down tiger! What’s the rush?”

I eased her trousers down a little, but the tuck at the waist caught around the broad girth of her hips. I tugged down harder, which didn’t exactly have the effect I desired. The garment didn’t budge, and the force pulled Terra off balance. She stumbled. I helped break her fall onto the squashy bed behind her.

“You are eager tonight, aren’t you?” Terra had grown accustomed to my clumsiness long ago and wasn’t annoyed that I knocked her over.

I bent forward and braced me knees against the front of the bed so I could have a better angle of attack as I wrestled with her trousers.

“Here, let me help you.” Terra unsecured the third button I had overlooked. Her waist so narrow and her hips so wide, it was still a struggle to finally get her pants off. I had to man handle her, spinning her around face down on the bed and yanking as hard as I could. Terra didn’t mind this one bit. When I finally liberated her from her trousers, she was on her hands and knees with her ass in the air.

Her black panties were much easier to remove. I reached between her thighs and stroked the fleshy skin of her crotch. Her pussy stubble felt coarse like sandpaper on the upstroke. Terra’s soft mouth emitted a slight murmur, and her pink asshole puckered. Eventually, the slant of the movement became too awkward for my wrist, Ordu Escort so I wrangled Terra onto her back. She pushed me away off the front of the bed.

“Your turn to strip!” She demanded.

I unbuttoned my shirt slowly and tried to do a little dance, swaying my shoulders and hips. Evidently, Terra didn’t find this arousing, which wasn’t surprising. I was, after all, a terrible dancer.

“No, stop that! That’s terrible! Just get undressed, already!”

My dress shirt and undershirt off, I subtly pulled my stomach in and flexed my chest. I had practiced the movement repeatedly in the mirror and could tense my body to look tone without any inelegant jerking motions.

Delighted, Terra squealed. “I just love skinny ropey men.”

I smiled.

“Take your pants off already.”

I managed to get my trousers off without falling over, which, for me, was an achievement.

“I think you are the only man on the planet who still wears briefs.”

I only wore boxers to sleep at night. I never grew accustomed to the feel of excess fabric trapped beneath my trouser legs and chafing against my thighs.

“No, I’m not the only one. The planet is a large place.”

“Okay, you’re the only man in this district who wears briefs,” Terra countered.

“I’ve seen others.”


“In the locker room at the gym.”

“Okay, you’re the only straight man who wears still wears them.”

I pondered this for a while. Terra was probably right.

“Oh, just take them off already. All this talk about gay men and underwear is killing the mood.”

I had to agree with Terra on this point. Having left my prior state of arousal, Terra shrieked and laughed when I took off my briefs.

“What?” I snapped. “You’ve seen it before!”

“Yes, but I forgot how tiny and pathetic it looks when you’re not using it.”

I shrugged the comment off. I was very much a grower.

Terra slid forward and sat at up in bed, her legs dangling off the front. “Come here and let me help you with that.”

She cupped my balls in her hand and took me into her mouth. I stiffened a little. Terra curled her lips, giving her a rather sinister sneering look I found quite pleasing. Her strong straight white teeth scraped the back of my head, and she bit down slightly. This was a sensitive area and it hurt a bit, but it was also quite arousing. She closed her lips around my shaft and slurped noisily. Her head rocked back and forth as her lips slobbered around my cock. Her tongue caressed the sensitive underside. Reaching forward she stroked the skin behind my sack, practically touching my asshole.

I loved to watch. I gently drew her hair back behind her neck so I could have a better view. In the valley between her large dangling tits, Terra was touching herself, rubbing her stubbly pussy lips up and down, up and down. It was too much for me. If she kept this up, I wasn’t going to last long. As if reading me mind, Terra pulled her head back. A trail of spittle streamed in the space from tip of her lips to the end of my cock. Terra jerked my cock in her hand. I was rock hard, the veins engorged.

“Now, that’s much better,” Terra said. “It’s not so bad when you’re using it.”

Terra clambered farther into the bed and shifted onto her hands and knees. Her swollen pussy lips glistened under the harsh overhead light. She looked back at me and smirked. “Time to get to work!” She ordered.

I lifted myself up behind her. I gently rubbed the head of cock my up and down between her wet pussy lips, pushing gently against her clit at the end of each down stroke. I had enough length to get a clear view under the light, which was a good thing. A slight slip to either the left or right would have snagged the sensitive head of my cock against the sharp barbs of her pussy stubble. I had done it before a few times, and it didn’t always hurt in a good way.

“Stop teasing, and stick it in!”

“Never!” I retorted.

She reached back between her legs with her hand. Using her finger tips, she tried to push the end of my cock into her throbbing pussy. The angle of attack was wrong, and my cock bent, but only slightly. It didn’t hurt much.

“Fuck me already,” she said frustrated.

A sadistic side of me wanted to withhold for a while. But my eager, hornier side prevailed. I reached forward and grabbed the boney crests at the front of Terra’s hips. With a little force, I lifted her ass higher while tilting her hips forward. Her wide open pussy lips lined up with my cock nicely and I eased myself in. She was warm and wet. As I pushed slowly forward, some of Terra’s juices leaked out around my cock and trickled down the inside of her thighs. I took slow shallow strokes, pressing slightly deeper with each gentle thrust. Alas, I was as deep as I could go, and Tara moaned. Her pussy muscles tightened squeezing my cock. I had been trained well and knew not to move. Her whole body tensed and shuddered a bit, Ordu Escort Bayan then she seemed to relax. I resumed my gyrations.

“Faster!” She said, so I thrust faster.

“Harder!” She said, so I thrust harder.

“Deeper.” She said. I pushed my cock as deep as it would go into her pussy. The impact of each trust propelled the soft padding of her ass forward, creating a fleshy waves of motion into the small of her back. The sight was too much to bear. I started to groan.

“Don’t you cum yet!” Terra snapped. She pushed her self forward. Her pussy made a slurping sound as my cock slide out of her. I was so close to getting my release. Terra rolled over onto her back, and drew her knees back. The slight fleshy pad above her pussy stubble and below her navel mounded up slightly, her belly button disappearing into a fold. It was so sexy and almost too much for me. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out. At any second I was certain to blow my load all over the bed covers. I was desperate to get back inside Terra before that happened. I reentered her pussy, and Terra grabbed my ass. I tried to take short shallow strokes to stop from cumming.

“No, all the way in,” she said. “All the way in!”

I complied, biting the inside of my cheek hoping the pain would put off my orgasm. It helped, but only a little.

Terra grabbed my ass and pulled my hips forward so I couldn’t back away. My cock as deep as it would go, she ground her clit hard into the boney prominence at the base of my cock. I could feel her asshole winking and puckering as it pressed against the front of my sack. As she gyrated, her pussy stubble chaffed and snagged the shaved, smooth sensitive skin where my cock protruded from my body. Terra’s body tensed, and she screamed. The stimulation was too much. The damn that held my fluids back burst. I filled Terra’s pussy and excess jizm flowed back onto my balls. I collapsed on top of her.

“Ah yes,” she whispered softly.

I lay on top of her for a while. We were both sweaty and panting. My heart rate slowly returned to normal, and I rolled off of her.

“That was good,” she said. “We should do it again sometime.”

All I could articulate was a faint “yes.”

Whereas sex left me sedate, it rendered Terra exhilarated and energized. She usually got very chatty after words, but all I ever wanted to do was sleep. This was one of nature’s crueler achievements, and at times it led to conflict. That night, however, I retained enough energy to be conversant.

“Are you staying the night?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “I have an early flight for Chicago tomorrow, and I need to go home and pack.”

“Are you going for work?” I asked suspiciously.

“Yes,” she said, “but I’m probably going to hook up with Brandon again while I’m there.”

“Oh, okay.” I said.

Terra sat up onto her elbows. My fluids gushed out of her pussy and leaked down onto her little pink asshole. Terra scooped some up with her finger tips. “Look at all that cum!” she said, “Wow, I really turned you on.”

“That’s a pretty big cream pie.” I agreed.

“What do you like better,” she asked, “cumming in my pussy, or showering your cum all over my body.”

“It depends on the circumstances, I guess. Tonight, cumming inside you was the way to go.”

Terra sat up all the way, and there was an even bigger gush that soiled the bed covers. “Damn!” she said. “So much cum! Can you get me a wet washcloth?”

“Yeah sure.” I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom. When I returned she cleaned herself up.

“Don’t worry. Last time I went to the doctor she said my IUD had a few more years of life left, so you don’t have to worry about your big cum loads getting me pregnant.”

“I wasn’t worried.” I said.

“Why not?” she asked.

I shrugged. I didn’t feel very talkative.

“Well I worry,” she said.

“Why?” I asked. “I think you’d make a good mother.”

“I know I’d make an excellent mother, but the timing would be terrible. My career is really taking off, and besides…” her voice trailed off.

Against my better judgement, I took the bait. “Besides what?” I asked.

“Oh nothing.”

“No, what?”

“I think you’d make a really terrible father.”

Deep down Terra was a nice person, but sometimes the point at the end of her tongue could really sting. I tried to hide the rage that was boiling over inside me. I knew I wasn’t a perfect person, but it was a really mean thing to say and completely pointless considering her contraceptive device was functioning properly. I couldn’t look her in the eye. Without saying anything, I gathered up her clothes and placed them on the bed so she could get dressed and go home.

“Wow, you’re really mad at me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

Terra sighed. “I don’t get you. I tell you I’m going to fuck my ex-boyfriend, and I don’t get the slightest rise out of you. I tell you you’d make a bad father Escort Ordu when don’t even seem to want kids and you get all pissed off. What’s up with that?”

“I’ve told you before that my best friend growing up was neglected. How he ate spaghettios every night because his parents would never bother to cooked for him. I’ve told you how his sister ended up an alcoholic; how his parents didn’t even come home early from their luxury vacation at a resort in Mexico when his step brother was hospitalized for a psychotic episode. I’ve told you how his parents bought themselves a Porsche but wouldn’t pay for him to attend community college. Bad parents are bad people,” I explained. “Don’t you get that? It’s an insult if someone wants kids or not.”

Terra pondered this a bit and evidently decided I was right. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean it. I just said it to hurt you when you didn’t get jealous. I think you’d make a good father. If I ever have kids, I’d want it to be with a guy like you.”

“Thanks, I guess.” Her apology seemed sincere, but I didn’t understand her constant need to play mind games. “Why is it so important to you that I’d be jealous?”

Terra sighed again. “Women are complicated,” she said, which wasn’t much of an explanation.

She put her panties on, and I fetched some boxers from the dresser.

“Can I spend the night?” She asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“Well, I can’t. I have to go home and pack.”

“Enough of the games, already!”

“I’m sorry,” she said meekly, “I just needed to know that I am forgiven.”

“You are forgiven.”

She put on her shirt and pants.

“What about your bra?” I asked.

“That one is so uncomfortable. The underwire just digs into my skin. Besides, I doubt I’d run into anyone I care about on the way home.”

“Want me to put it in a bag for you?”

“No just wash it for me. I’ll pick it up when I get back from my trip.”

She didn’t bother to tuck in her shirt. At times, there was a certain sloppiness about her that exuded confidence; that communicated she didn’t care if she looked unkempt or if people watched her bouncing boobs as she walked down the street. To a certain extent I admired her for it.

“What are you going to do when I am away?” She asked.

“I volunteered to help my new roommate move in some stuff.”

“I thought you said your new roommate moved in already?”

“He still has some furniture he needs help with, but yeah, he’s mostly moved in. Right now he’s in the next room. He was probably listening to us fuck and stroking his cock.”

“I thought you said you were going to go with Jordan?”

“I did go with Jordan.”

“You know, Jordan is a woman, right?”

“What? No way, Jordan is a guy.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Well, the name Jordon for starters. It’s a guy’s name. He has no breasts. He’s clearly got a guy’s haircut.”

Terra shook her head.

“What?” I asked.

“You are so clueless,” she said. “Jordan can be either a guy’s and a woman’s name. This Jordan is clearly a woman. Her facial features are clearly feminine.”

“Some guys are like that.” I said.

“Has Jordan moved her toiletries into the bathroom yet?”

“Yes, so?”

“Did you see shaving cream or an electric razor.”


“What do you think unkempt or asexual guys look like?”

“They look like Jordan.”

“No, they don’t pay much attention to their appearance and have scruffy scraggly beards. Honestly, if you can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman, it’s always a woman.”

“What about Jordan’s lack of breasts?”

“Some girls are like that?”

“What about the short haircut?”

Terra rolled her eyes. “Remember how Jordan had a sniffly nose and puffy eyes when she dropped off her application?”

“Yeah, so? She said she had allergies.”

“It’s winter. Not exactly allergy season.”

“I don’t understand where you are going with this.”

Terra sighed. “Jordon seemed eager to move in, didn’t she? Didn’t want to wait until the first of the month.”

“Yeah, so?”

Terra’s throat emitted an exacerbated “arrgh.” She shook her head again. “Jordon had puffy eyes because she had been crying. No doubt she just ended a serious long term relationship. My guess is that they were living together, and she found out he was cheating on her. She needed to move out in a hurry.”

“How do you know Jordan was with a guy and not a woman? You’ve seen her haircut, she’s probably a lesbian?” I had accepted the point that Jordan as probably a woman.

“It’s possible, but I doubt it. I bet Jordan normally wears her hair up in spikes and is probably quite attractive when she’s all made up. She’s just got a lot on her mind lately and isn’t attending too much to her appearance.”

What Terra said made sense, I had to concede that I had been pretty clueless.

“I am warning you,” Terra said. “If you fuck this one, and she gets all jealous of me like your last roommate. I’m not going to help her move out.”

“Oh come on,” I said, “up until a few seconds ago, I thought Jordan was a guy. I’m not into guys or women who look like guys, so I’m not going to fuck her.”

“We’ll see,” Terra said, “we’ll see.”


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