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Sex With Prison Inmate

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This story is fiction. However, I watched a “talk show” on TV where two women were being interviewed. The women represented a local organization of women to visit prison inmates for sex. They were suggesting other women could volunteer to join their organization. That much is true. I don’t remember which city or state they were from.

I am a divorced thirty year old girl named Betty. One evening while I was at home, my good friend, Francis, rang my door bell. We talked for awhile, then she finally got around to the subject why she was here in person.

She looked a little shy as she said, “Did you see the TV show about a group of girls going to the local penitentiary to visit some of the inmates?”

“No, I didn’t see it. Why did they go there?”

She explained, “Maybe you already know that a wife can privately visit her husband in the penitentiary.”

“Yes, I’ve read that a wife is allowed to visit her husband for sex on rare occasions. The prisoner must be a model prisoner to deserve the visit. Prison officials think this helps keep peace among prisoners and prevents some of the violence.”

Francis seemed to hesitate and I was beginning to wonder where this conversation was leading.

Then she continued, “Maybe you didn’t know that prison officials will let girls other than wives visit the convicts.”

“Do you mean they can pay for prostitutes?”

“No, no, not that. Let me tell you about the TV show I saw. It was about an organization of women who voluntarily go visit the prisoners. They feel as if they are doing something for society by helping to rehabilitate the prisoners and keep them happy. A girl can join this organization and be scheduled to visit a prisoner in private.”

I was astounded. “Who would want to meet a complete stranger, possibly a violent man, under conditions like that.”

“There isn’t any violence. Prison officials select only those men who conduct themselves like gentlemen.”

“How do you know about all of this.”

Now Francis hesitated and looked down at the floor. She looked up to say, “I’ve joined the ladies organization and have been to the prison. Last week, I met a black man in private for two hours. I thought you might be interested. It is for a good cause.”

Francis continued to explain what happened.

I was flabbergasted. My good friend had been to the prison to have sex with a complete stranger. She was paired with a black man in the prison who had not had sex for two years. He was very sexually primed and she thoroughly enjoyed having several orgasms with him.

Francis kept talking about how exciting it was and thought I would like it too. By the time she left, I had agreed to go with her the next time she went.

I received a letter in the mail from the ladies organization to fill out a form. I was asked if I wanted a man my age, younger or older. Also, would I accept white or black. Since I felt I was going to do something for society, I marked down white, black or any race and any age. In the remarks section, I wrote that I wanted a very clean and neat looking man. I included a picture of myself and mailed the application. I soon received an answer that I was accepted.

I was rather nervous when the evening arrived for me to go with Francis to the prison. The literature I received suggested I wear a dress. I put on some frilly looking panties and bra. I decided to wear thigh high hose to make my legs look sexy.

Francis and I arrived at the outer gate and showed the guard our identity. We were ushered into a lounge where there were three other girls waiting. Two of them were wearing wedding rings and during the conversation, they talked excitedly about seeing their husbands. One of the girls was black. That left the three of us to meet complete strangers.

The two wives were called and were escorted into another room while Francis and I sat and waited. A few minutes later, Francis was escorted into another room and I began to wonder why I was here. Maybe I should leave, but then the remaining girl started making conversation with me. This was her third time to be here and told me everything was going to be alright.

I was wondering if I would be paired with a black man. Then I heard the prison attendant call my name. I got up and was escorted into another room to be introduced to Steve. I thought he was about my age and rather handsome. He was a big muscular white man. The attended said that we should sit down at a table to get acquainted for fifteen minutes.

Steve told me he was divorced with atakent escort two kids who were living with his ex-wife. He had been in prison for five years and had another five to go. I decided to not ask why he was in prison and he didn’t volunteer. He said it was a very lonesome life without women and he very much appreciated my volunteering to be with him. He had looked forward to this night for at least six months when he was told he could have a girl if he had a good attitude about prison life and didn’t cause any trouble. Already I was beginning to feel sorry for the guy and wanted to be nice to him.

The prison attendant interrupted us to say, “Your fifteen minutes are up, now follow me.”

We were escorted down a small hallway passing several doors. The attendant stopped at one door, took out a key, and unlocked it.

The attendant said, “You have two hours. I’ll knock on your door fifteen minutes before your time is up to give you time to dress. Steve, if you are not prompt to leave, you know you will have some bad marks to go in your record.”

Steve politely said, “Yes mam, I understand.”

Steve let me walk in front of him as we entered the very small room. There was one chair, a three quarter size bed, a commode, a sink, and a place to hang our clothes. The attendant shut the door behind us. Now I was in this small room with a complete stranger. I shouldn’t say he was a complete stranger because I just finished a fifteen minute conversation with him.

Steve smiled at me, but acted very shy as if he was afraid to make advances. I decided I had to take the lead.

I said, “This looks like a comfortable bed, let’s sit on it.”

As we sat down side by side, I put my arm around his waist. This prompted him to put his arm around me.

Steve was very quiet, but I knew why we were here, so I said, “We have only two hours, so why don’t we get started.”

I faced him with a smile. He returned the smile and leaned into me. I moved my lips toward his for a kiss. He quickly responded by lightly kissing me. Then both our lips met again in a small sexy kiss. This progressed to some very sexy kissing while his hand began rubbing my breasts through my dress.

I said, “Would you like to undress me?”

“Oh! Yes! I’ve dreamed of doing it, although I don’t want to be pushy or rush you.

I quickly responded to put his mind at ease, “Don’t worry about that. We know why we are here together like this and have a limited amount of time. If this is your one night after being in here five years, let’s make the most of it.”

I stood up to let him remove my dress. He slowly lifted the hem and I could see him stare at my body as my dress came up and off over my head. I glanced down to see a huge bulge in his trousers. I sensed his cock would be big. I decided not to touch it as yet.

He couldn’t resist feeling my body. He slowly moved his two hands over my shoulders, down my sides, over my stomach, then over my hips.

He gleefully said, “I knew girls had soft, silky feeling skin, but I didn’t remember her skin could be so soft as yours. After five years, I have forgotten what it is to be with a girl.”

My heart went out to him with compassion, I said, “You can feel more of me if you remove my bra and panties.”

He was overcome with joy and passion as he unsnapped my bra to expose my breasts. His hands slowly massaged my breasts and rubbed my nipples.

I said, “You can kiss them.”

No further prompting was needed for him to lick my nipples causing them to harden. He was now becoming more aggressive. He lowered one hand to feel between my legs. As yet, I still had my panties on. I was wondering how excited he would get when he could feel my bare pussy.

He remembered how to remove a girls panties without any prompting on my part. He hooked a thumb on each side at the top of my panties and pulled them down allowing me to step out of them.

Our mouths blended for a very sexy kiss as he squeezed me tight with his strong arms. After we broke the kiss, I tugged at his pants. He quickly shed his pants and shirt. I helped him pull his shorts down to expose one of the hardest cocks I ever saw.

I didn’t have to suck on his cock to get it hard, but I wanted to explore it with my mouth. I sat on the bed and held his cock with my hand while he was still standing. I licked around his balls, then up the underside of his cock. By the time my mouth got up close to the head, his cock started erupting. ataköy escort The first spurt hit my forehead and the second hit my nose before I could get my mouth over the head to catch the rest. I didn’t expect him to cum quite that fast, but after five years without a girl, evidently he couldn’t hold it.

His body was jerking and surging as he was trying to muffle a yell. I thought, “here I am a mere small girl and this huge man is completely under my control”.

When his body simmered down he apologized, “I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t hold it. Let me help you clean up with the towel. He sat down on the bed beside me.”

I quickly responded, “That’s alright, I expected you to cum rather fast the first time, but not that fast. Being without sex for five years must be a real problem. I feel like I’m getting a virgin man for the first time.”

He laughed and continued to apologize. I held his cock and noticed it remained reasonably hard. We kissed while I slowly moved my hand back and forth on it.

After a couple of kisses, I noticed he was looking down toward my crotch, but I was sitting down and he couldn’t see very much. Since he hadn’t seen a pussy in five years, I thought he might like to see mine.

I rolled over to stretch out on the bed and said, “Come on over here with me. Lie on your back for us to have some fun.”

I don’t think he knew just what I wanted to do. Once he was on his back with his now hard cock protruding in the air, I rolled over on top of him in a six nine position.

He didn’t waste any time. His mouth was frantically working to suck each swollen lip and my clit. I could feel his tongue sliding up higher into the crevice of my ass, then back to my clit.

I was trying to explore his cock by licking from his balls all the way up to the head to measure it for length. It was longer than most of the other cocks I’ve had. I licked all around to measure the thickness compared to other cocks. This was thicker than most other cocks I’ve had in my mouth and I knew it would stretch my pussy to make it feel very erotic. I opened my mouth to go down as far as I could on this long cock.

At the same time I was going down, Steve thrust his hard cock up into my throat causing me to nearly gag. If he had cum at that very moment, I probably would have gagged. Now I felt a finger side into my ass as his tongue slithered inside my pussy. I bucked wildly into his face.

My orgasm was threatening to come on too quickly and I wanted to hold it a little longer, but there was no possible way to do it. The man sucking my clit was giving me the sensation of an orgasm building in me and there was no way to stop it. My body stiffened and my legs clamped his head between them. Then I could feel the first spurt of hot cum in my mouth and throat as his cock jerked.

I wanted to yell, but this was impossible with a big cock in my mouth and more cum being ejected from his cock. I had to keep swallowing to keep from being strangled. I pushed my pussy harder into Steve’s face as he continued to suck my clit. I continued to swallow the best I could as my own orgasm slowly melted away and his cock began to soften in my mouth. I had trouble breathing and realized I was gasping for air.

Steve continued to keep his finger in my ass as I laid exhausted on his quivering body. We laid like this for a long time. As we continued to relax, I thought I could feel his heart beating, or maybe it was just mine.

After what seemed like a long time in this position, I felt Steve starting to slowly lick my pussy. Then his tongue went up the crease of my ass and back to my pussy. I was in no rush to move and wanted him to enjoy looking at and licking my crotch. He probably would not get to see another pussy for many more months. He could only dream about it and remember our time together.

I asked, “Do you want to sit up while we wait for you to get hard again?”

“Please, let’s just lay here like this until I get hard again. I don’t think it will take very long.”

He continued to play with my pussy and ass. I decided to lick his balls and cock to help him get hard again. I looked at my watch and noticed about half of our time was gone. I felt sorry for Steve to have only one more hour of sex before he would be locked up for years.

I asked, “When do you think you will be eligible to have another girl again.”

“I was told if I remain a model prisoner, I could do this again in another year or two.”

I regretfully atalar escort replied, “That is a long time. We have another hour, so let’s make the most of it. I think you are about to get hard again, at least hard enough to put it in me. What do you want to do?”

“I want to bury it in you.”

Without any more words, Steve rolled me onto my back then got on top of me. Now I looked down to see his cock was hard again ready this time to fill my pussy. I had explored his cock with my mouth, now I was primed to have it enter me.

He lowered his body to allow his cock to probe for my opening. I reached down to aim it.

I said, “Now push a little.”

I felt the head probing my entrance, then spread me as he flexed his hips to slowly enter the head. I still had my hand on his cock and said, “Pull back a little and let me mix our juices.”

I moved the head up and down my slit, then said, “Push it in.”

I could feel the head stretching my outer lips to make a path for the shaft to follow. He was going in deeper and deeper until I thought he was about to enter my stomach. Now our pelvis bones were together and our pubic hair mixed. I pulsated on his cock causing it to jerk each time.

I assumed he would not cum very soon and let him fuck me slowly for awhile. He would pull nearly all the way out, then ram back in.

He looked at his watch to say we still had time to try another position. He wanted me to ride his cock.

I got up to sit on him. I gyrated on his cock while he held my breasts from bouncing so much. I often leaned forward to kiss him and let him nuzzle my breasts.

After slowly fucking that way for awhile, he said, “Let me on top again, please.”

We rolled over together without letting his cock slip out of me. I knew our two hours was going by fast and assumed he wanted to cum in this position.

I pulled my knees up until they nearly touched my breasts to allow him to be fully in me. His long cock was touching places most other cocks had rarely reached before.

He started slowly fucking me but soon increased the speed of this thrusts. I was meeting each of his thrusts the best I could and clamped onto his cock My hands were up in the air on the back of the headboard to give me more leverage in pushing up to him. He was banging and thrashing around on top of me and I could feel his body strain and start to quiver. My body trembled in concert with his as my orgasm was nearly over the top. I threw my arms around his neck as he buried his cock fully in me and started shooting streams of cum. I could feel his body jerk and spasm as he laid on my breasts. My body trembled as my orgasm reached it’s height.

He was able to rise up on his elbows to keep his weight off of me while we laid still in the after glow. He had no sooner rolled off of me when there was a knock at the door.

The attendant said, “You have fifteen minutes.”

That brought a sobering effect to us. We got up and cleaned up the best we could at the one sink, then got dressed. We still had a little time to talk.

He looked lovingly at me, “Betty, this has been a wonderful two hours. You will be in my dreams forever and I will always remember you as a wonderful person who willingly came here today to give me something to live for. Someday, I’ll get out of here. Five years to go.”

We kissed a few times until we heard the attendant say, “OK, come out.”

We opened the door and were escorted back to another room. Steve and I said goodby without touching. Then I was escorted to the outer room to see Francis sitting in a chair waiting for me. We left the prison without saying very much.

On our way home in the car, Francis asked, “How did you make out? Did you get a black guy?”

“No, but I had a real nice man. He was big and strong and he was really sexually charged up after no sex for the last five years. He really appreciated me. How did you make out?”

“I had a black guy again. This guy’s cock was not as big as the last black man I had, but he remembered how to use it to give me several orgasms. I gave him a blow job to start off with, then he fucked me two times. He was very satisfied by the time two hours were up. What did you and your guy do?”

“He was so sexually primed that he cum on my face before I could get his cock in my mouth.”

Francis laughed, “Wow! You did have a hot one.”

I responded, “Yes, I enjoyed my time with him. Next time I would like to try a black man. I’ve had sex with several guys in my life, but never with a black man.”

Francis then said, “Let’s sign up again for next week and you can ask for a black man. I’ll try something different. I’ve never been in bed with an oriental guy, have you?”

“No, but here is your chance to try one. I assume there are some in this prison.”

Francis casually said, “Looks as if we are going to enjoy a variety of men.”

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