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Sex Lessons for Six Naked Schoolgirls Pt. 09

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When Stephanie arrived to sample some rough sex, she could not have missed seeing the implements I had deliberately laid out on the table – a scalpel…a large pair of scissors…a small pair of scissors…electric clippers…a hand razor…gauze dressing…Elastoplast…and – something every lady just loves to see!- a metal duck-billed vaginal speculum.

They were there to make her ponder exactly what I had in store for her that day… to remind her this would be anything but an ordinary session of love-making.

Not that she was expecting anything different.

Our recent weekend together had focussed on her vagina. First, opening it up and letting it have its first experience of being penetrated, screwed, drilled, fucked, dilated – or whatever the appropriate word is. And our subsequent sojourns in bed with her legs apart were primarily intended to ensure her now ‘receptive’ slippery slide was adequately conditioned to accept whatever penile penetration might then come her way.

But her experience on this next occasion was intended to be totally different.

When she rang me to confirm our meeting, I checked with her that there was no lingering ‘just been opened up’ feeling in or around her twat, checked that she was still happy to now sample something a little rougher, promised her that she would suffer nothing extreme or of lasting physical damage, secured a promise from her that – no matter what happened on this occasion – she would welcome me to dive into her fun hatch again the following week…and I reiterated she should arrive well-lubed, wearing an old pair of panties, and that she should bring along a spare pair of panties and her tube of vaginal lubricant.

And, most importantly, we agreed on a safe word: Grace!

We started that morning with a substantial embrace and some passionate kissing…then, sparked by my again thanking her for the previous wonderfully warm and intimate weekend, chatted briefly about her feelings now that she had surrendered her virginity. She indicated she was now planning to be, and looking forward to being, sexually ‘active’.

A further hug, some more kissing, then gave way to a far less-romantic conversation:

M (for Master): So, welcome now to the most unpleasant couple of hours of your life.

My role this morning is to ensure you experience sexual pain and distress, something I’m sure you’ll remember for some time…but I suspect you may very well also quite enjoy!

We have some rules, so listen VERY carefully:

I am your master…you are my submissive slave.

I demand respect, absolute respect. So, every answer you give me to any question will be followed by ‘sir’. So, it’s “yes, sir,”, “no, sir,” or “three bags full, SIR”.

And you will only do EXACTLY what I instruct you to do. If I ask you to kiss me, you’ll kiss me. You won’t also attempt to hug me.

And, to most questions, you should only answer “yes” or “no”. I’m not seeking any further unsolicited explanations from you.

And, you’ll be punished for every transgression…with that punishment becoming progressively more painful.

Do I make myself clear?

S (for Slave): Yes, sir.

M: Well, let’s see how much attention you’ve been paying. If you want to give an affirmative answer to a question that I ask, what do you say?

S: Yes, sir.



M: Think again. What do you say?


S: ‘Yes, sir’, sir.

M: That’s better. But why have you stood up? – I haven’t asked you to stand up, so bend over again.


M: Now stand up straight. Remove your top…(pause)…

Remove your bra…(long, long pause)…

Master is now going to enjoy a little feel and have a little suck of those very attractive, very enticing tits. I’m certain you won’t mind.

S: No, sir.

(Long pause…Sucking sounds)

M: Now remove your pants…(pause)…

Bend over. I didn’t instruct you to remove your panties.

(Whack!, Whack!)

You lubricated yourself before you came?

S: Yes sir.

M: Right up your cock squeezer?

S: (pause)…Yes, sir.

M: Esenyurt Escort Let me check how good a job you did.


Oh, you ARE damp down there…you ARE enticingly warm down there…I can tell you ARE well prepared for all you are about to receive…And I bet this is the first time you’ve arrived on a date fully prepared and expecting to have your tight little cock pocket immediately stretched and distended.

S: Yes, sir.

M: Well, bad news for you – you’ll just have to wait a while for that!…

Stand up…Replace your panties…(pause)…

Now, go to the shower…(pause)…


Pee…(long pause)…

I said PEE…

S: I can’t…sir.

M: You haven’t tried. We’ll wait all day if necessary. PEE…

(Pause, droplets fall on the tiles in the shower)

That’s better.

Now good girls don’t pee their panties, do they?

S: No, sir.

M: Well, remove your panties and step out here…(pause)…bend over.

(Whack! Whack! Whack!)

M: Now stand up… Shower.

(long pause)

M: You don’t appear to be doing a very thorough job, you little slut. Move over and let me in…And I’ll start by giving those tits of yours a really thorough clean.


S: Yow!

M: Don’t like having your little tits pulled?

S: No, sir

M: Well you’d better get used to it, because you’ll soon be experiencing a lot more pain than this.

S: Yow!…Yow!

M: Turn around little slut and let me wash that bum of yours…bend over…oooh, nice little asshole!… Very tempting, VERY tempting, VERY, VERY tempting…But I’ll have pity on you just now, and leave that for a later time – but I know you’ll be extremely disappointed that it’s not being filled right now. Am I right?

S: (unconvincingly) Yes, sir.

M: Straighten up, turn around…your cunt, though, is not going to be similarly disappointed.


S: Yow!

M: What’s the problem. You’ve obviously deliberately left a little strip of fondling fluff down there – don’t you like me doing that to you?

S: It hurts when you pull it like that, sir.

M: Well, why have you bothered at all to leave that pubic strip there? I can only think it is for men to play with. In any case, you’d be much more attractive, you’d be much sexier, if you just got rid of it and just went back to being a complete baldie.

S: Yes sir.

Yow! Yow!

M: Now I’m going to have a little feel of you all over down there, starting right here at your belly button.


M: Oh, that’s beautiful. That’s one of the most enticing parts of the female anatomy – and I can’t fathom why girls always feel they must keep it hidden away.

(long pause)

M: So, it likes having a finger up there, does it?

S: Yes, sir – especially when your finger does what it’s just been doing.

M: Well, let’s try to double the effect for you, with two fingers!…Ooo, you really do have a tight little cunt!

S: (softly) Yow.

M: Enjoying that?

S: Not particularly, sir.

M: That’s good…so how about three fingers?

S: Please no, sir…YOW!

M: That didn’t really hurt, did it?


M: I asked you a question…bend over.

(Whack! Whack! Whack!)

M: What are you crying for?

S: I’m sorry, sir. It hurt, sir.

M: Stand up and look at me. Three fingers really didn’t hurt, did they?

S: They did, sir. And so did your hitting me…sir.

M: Good…Now, step out of the shower and Master will dry you.

(long pause)

M: Ooh…nice firm little tits, just aching for another suck, no doubt.

S: Yes, sir

(long pause…sucking noises)

M: Ooh, and the pink bits in that cute little cunnie look to me that they also need to be sucked.

(long pause…sucking noises…slight moans indicating pleasure)

M: Now, wash your panties in the basin, then hang them on the rail there to dry…and if you ever pee in your pants again, I ‘ll use some of that tape outside to ensure all your holes are taped tightly Esenyurt Escort bayan shut, absolutely watertight. Do you understand?

S: Yes, sir.

(long pause)

M: Now, you young slut, you do realise, don’t you, that you’ve sexually excited Master…and he now desperately needs relief?

S: Yes, sir

M: Well, give Master the sort of sucking he now deserves…until he comes…and make sure you swallow his cum – all of it! We don’t want to leave any mess.

S: Yes, sir.

(long pause – sucking sounds)

M: That’s a good girl. And Master likes that. And that wasn’t too bad, was it?

S: No, sir

M: You must be quite sexually aroused by now?

S: Yes, sir.

M: Well, let me check how damp you are now between your legs.

(long pause)

M: You definitely need re-lubricating. Did you bring the lubricating gel, as instructed?

S: Yes, sir.

M: Then fetch it and give it to me.


M: Legs a bit further apart, so I can reach everything…(pause)…no, that’s no good, you need a lot more gel…right up your tight little slippery slide…(pause)…Ah, that’s better, you’re well prepared now.

On the bed…on your back…legs to their ‘ready to receive’ position.


M: Do you masturbate?

S: Occasionally, sir.

M: Do you orgasm as a result?

S: Occasionally, sir.

M: How long does it take?

S: It varies, sir. Sometimes not long, sometimes quite a while…sir.

M: Have you masturbated today?

S: No, sir.

M: Masturbation should be part of your everyday routine – just as you must exercise your vagina every day to tighten the muscles down there… And you do know what’s the best way to exercise your vaginal muscles?

S: No, sir.

M: Having sex!…And what’s the next best way of exercising your vaginal muscles?

S: I don’t know sir.

M: Having an orgasm!…

So let’s get you started right now. Masturbate!…you’re clearly in need of an orgasm!

(long pause)

M: Perhaps I should give you a hand…or at least a finger! (chuckles)…or a really good screw…yes, a really good screw is probably exactly what you need…so get those legs apart.

(long pause. Noise increasing – some probably indicating pleasure, some probably indicating pain)

S: Not so hard, please…sir.

M: I’m not doing this for your pleasure! You should be begging me to bang you harder – much harder – and to get in deeper.

S: Yes, sir.

S: Aah…aah.

M: Are you coming?

S: No sir, it’s hurting.

M: Good…squeeze my erection as hard as you can.

(Long pause…a variety of grunts and moans)

M: Oh, that’s better!…much better!!…

You’re actually a really good fuck, you little slut.


Back in the shower…just cold water this time…let’s get those nipples really standing to attention, so they can also be given a bit of a workout.

S: Yes, sir.

(long pause)

M: O.K. step out. Master will dry you again.

(long pause)

M: Come with me (M grabs S’s hair, causing S to stagger backwards into the bedroom)…

Now for some fun…Hands behind your back…Head up…Chest out…Eyes closed… time for some very serious nip flicking and clit flicking.

(M rhythmically flicks S’s nipples with his fingers for an extended period)

S: Yow…yow!

M: Oh, I’d forgotten. You don’t like having your little tits pulled!…

Well, let’s move on then – hands around the front and spread your labia to give me the best possible access to your little clit…And eyes closed again.

(S’s clit receives multiple flicks from M’s finger)

S: Yow!

M: And you don’t like having your clitoris squeezed either?

S: No sir, not that hard, sir.

M: Well let’s try something different…put your middle finger up your slippery slide…RIGHT UP your slippery slide, please…and hold it there until I tell you otherwise.

Turn around…face the wall.

(M pushes S heavily against the wall – first in her back, squeezing her boobs Escort esenyurt against the wall, then with both hands against her bottom, pushing her hand firmly into her clitoral cleavage. He then slaps each of her buttocks hard, several times…then spreads her butt cheeks.)

M: That nice little ass hole of yours is clearly just begging to be filled, and I guess that is not surprising. After all, your mouth has had its fill today, your penis pocket has also had a fill today…so, just wait there a moment while I get that tube of lubricating gel, so the last of your man holes won’t feel it has missed out.

S: No, sir…no…Grace, Grace!

Stephanie: I’m sorry, John – I’m not ready for that yet, and certainly not when it’s part of a morning of rough sex. Perhaps another time might be a possibility – but please not next week when you’d promised to help me experience how fabulous sex can really be for a young girl.

We embraced.

We passionately kissed.

I hadn’t really given Stephanie a sampling of genuinely rough sex. I couldn’t – knowing she was then so sexually inexperienced.

And from the moment when she removed her bra and stood in front of me topless – revealing, no displaying (seemingly proudly displaying), and un-self-consciously exhibiting, her youthful ‘innocent’ little titties – I was absolutely convinced that this sweet young (then topless!) thing, with those gorgeous little tits, absolutely must not have any real pain inflicted on her.

So, she just had to settle for a nimimal sampling of suffering, a little humiliation and degradation, and a demand she be submissive. She accepted them all with remarkably good grace – confirming to me that this was one exceptional young lady! I sensed, also, that she would likely, rapidly, become an uncommonly sexually adventurous young lady.

I reiterated to her that she had again demonstrated that she was already an exceptionally good fuck and, while my immediate wish for her was that she should now take a few other young men to her bed, she would be very welcome to share my bed at any future time…and I was REALLY looking forward to bedding her that next week!

I then asked Steph if she was in any hurry to leave. She wasn’t…so I laid her gently on the bed…and, not long after that, my wandering finger confirmed she was exceptionally damp down there…enticingly warm down there…

Eventually…eventually, we left the bed and showered. I then asked Steph for one last favour – to pull on her pants, but to leave her top uncovered and to ‘make herself at home’ for a short while.

I promised that, this once, I’d be a ‘good boy’ and ‘just look, not touch’. I needed to be teased one more time by a few more glimpses of her exceptional, enticingly-attractive, firm little tits – but with them to be on display to me ‘au naturelle’.

Postscript: Our subsequent session in bed, for Stephanie to ‘experience how fabulous sex can really be for a young girl’, was loving and very intimate. We didn’t have any ‘necessary’ job to complete, we weren’t aiming to expand the range of Stephanie’s sexual experiences.

We just ‘made love’.

Satisfyingly – for both of us – Stephanie enjoyed her first-ever orgasm whilst in bed with a guy.

But from just those few very intimate occasions we’d enjoyed, the two of us developed a very special bond – a bond that, perhaps, would have become stronger if Steph had not been concerned that I was ‘Grace’s man’ and, in some way, felt it was inappropriate that she should therefore form any sort of ongoing relationship with me. (And, at that time, this probably didn’t matter – Steph had other younger men she could invite who might satisfy her sexually…and I was encouraging her to now happily take some of their penises into her tight, little slippery slide.)

But I knew she retained a special fondness for me.

So, it was probably not surprising that, some weeks later, I received a parcel in the mail.

It was a framed selfie of Steph – topless (except for a small ruby pendant hanging from around her neck!). And it was accompanied by a card that simply read: “Remember me? – your little slut!”

She could not have sent me a more cherished gift. That framed photograph now normally sits atop my bedroom chest of drawers, ‘teasing’ me every time I look at those attractive little titties…except, that is, whenever Grace calls by, when it is secreted away, well out of sight!

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