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Service Station Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Over the course of the two days, Jim could do nothing but think of his unlikly encounter with the very stunning Shirly. On his way to work that day, Jim began to think about what he was going to say to her. After all, what do you say to someone who sucked your dick just 48 hours ago, without a word before or after the incident. The only thing he had going for him is that he would have a couple of hours to think about it, since she would not be in until the afternoon, after she has finished her classes for the day.

As the day wore on, Jim knew the confrontaion was only a matter time away. He still had no clue as to what it was he was going to say to her. Maybe he would not say anything and see what Shirly would say. If he just pretended that nothing had happened, everything would be alright. This seemed like the most rational aproach, after all, he would be in the garage working, and she would be tending to the store.

As the time rolled by, Jim soon heard Shirly come in and great Mr. Potter, the store owner. He continued to work on the car as to pretend that he didn’t hear her come in. After about 15 minuets, Mr. Potter stepped in to say good bye to Jim and tell him that the station was up to him and Shirly until closing. Jim thought to himself that it was a good thing that he had a lot of work to do, this would not only keep his mind off Shirly, but also to keep him from having the time for a possible confrontation.

The clock rolled on, and it was about 20 minuets before quiting time. Jim strolled up to the front of the station. Shirly was sitting behind the counter with one of her school books, as Jim stepped into the front room. She looked up at him and greated him with a smile. Jim tried not to look into her eyes, he didn’t want it to lead some where. She began to strike up small talk, as if nothing had ever happened that night. They stood there and talked for Niğde Escort the remaining time until closing. They locked up the store and went their seprate ways as if nothing had ever happened.

On the walk home, Jim thought about the way that the evening went, and he was confused by the whole situation. Who knows, maybe this happens to her a lot, and it was nothing more than a one time thing. This was fine with him, but he just wished he knew if that was all, or if there was a possibility for something again in the future. He knew that it was wrong, but the thought of it made him want it even more.

After a few more shifts together, nothing happened and Jim was even beginning to forget about the whole thing himself, if that was even entirely possible. The days turned into weeks, and the weeks piled up. After about a month, Jim had all but forgotten the encounter with Shirly. Like normal, they locked the doors, and as Jim began to say good bye to Shirly, she turned to him with the same lustful look that had consumed her all that time ago.

Jim looked and her, and a huge smile began to run across his face. He felt his manhood begin to tingle, he knew what was about to happen. She did her little strut across the room as before, and before he knew it, she was standing in front of him with her arms wrapped around his neck.. She pressed her lips agains his and kissed him slow and passionatly. She began to work her way from his lips, slowly down his neck. This was doing nothing but turning him on. He knew what he had to do. He grabbed her and leaned her up against the counter. As he did so, he got down upon his knees and began to undo her pants. As he slid them down, he noticed that this time, she was wearing no panties at all. She obviously knew what she was going to be doing tonight. He slowly slid her pants down her beautiful legs and down to the floor.

Jim Niğde Escort Bayan slowly stood up, and as he did, he slowly pushed up her tight shirt to expose the beautiful “C” cup breasts held tightly in a red lace bra. She grabbed the shirt and lifted it up above her head and threw it on the floor behind the counter. Jim stood up and reached his hands behind her and undid her bra. As he did so, she moved her shoulders so that it would fall forward in order to slowly reveal her beautiful breasts. This was one area that Jim had not gotten the chance to explore during their last adventure, and he was not about to make the same mistake twice. He placed his left hand upon the side of her face. At the same time, his right began to fondle the beautiful breasts that were layed out before him. His finger began to trace the outline of her nice silver-dollar nipples. His left hand moved from her face down and began to groap her other tit. This was like heaven to him.

He slowly moved his mouth down her neck, and made his way to her chest. He began to gently suck on her nipples. This seemed to excite her, and it wasn’t hurting his excitement either. Soon he worked his way down her body, and slowly worked his way to the somewhat farmilliar area of her clit. He began to slowly work her with his fingers. He made very slow, and delicat moves up and down. He then began to slowly work his tongue into the situation. He took his time, this time he wanted to make her cum. However, it seemed that no matter how hard he tried, he could not do it. Everything that he had learned over the course of his life about oral sex on women must have been wrong.

After a period of time of nothing happening, she pulled him up and began to undo his pants. She got down upon her knees and began to enjoy his manhood. She worked him and worked him, even more so than she had before. She gently Escort Niğde teased the tip of his cock with her tongue. All the time, she was slowly working his shaft with her hand. She was working him good, she slowly licked her way down his shaft, and proceded to lick the underside of his scrotum. Jim felt like he was about to blow up.

When Jim could not take it any longer, he pulled her up off his erection. He slowly eased her down on the floor with her back down, so that he could see her beautiful body. He positioned himself between her legs and prepared his dick for deployment into her channel. He pulled out a condom that he had been so thoughtful to carry with him since the last incident. Now that his ship was ready to sail, he place the tip of his manhood at her entrance. He teased her a little with it, and then he slowly eased it into her. After he had slowly eased all 8” into her, he began to pull back and thrust. Slowly at first, but then he began to gain speed. Soon he was drilling at full bore. Within a matter of a few minutes, he was reay to climax, but he would not let himself.

He pulled himself out, and began to lap her with his tongue to give himself some time to recover. After he had control of himself again, he turned her over on all fours and once again poitioned himself. He began to thrust and thrust his cock deep inside of her. He thrusted and thrusted until he could not thrust any longer.

When she could feel him ready to explode, she pulled herself away. Shirly turned around and grabbed his member and removed the condom. She placed her lips around his shaft, and began to suck him off. It didn’t take very long before Jim blew up inside her mouth again. This time, like the time before, she did not waste one drop of his cum, it all went down the hatch.

Not wanting this encounter to end like the last, Jim looked at her and asked when he could expect this to happen again. She turned to him, shrugged her sholders, and walked out the door. This left Jim confused and questioning a lot of things. This time on his way home, all he could think about was this beautiful woman that he had just made love to.

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