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Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 03

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Tales of Nikita’s Nipples – Meeting Nina

As it happened, Nikita and Don became a regular thing, with Don taking care not to initiate any sex until after swimming practice ended. That meant after eight-thirty each night. He used the mornings and evenings between practice and classes to study. He managed to find time to eat and was then free to fuck his brains out with the captivating, and most interesting woman he ever met, Nikita.

For example, during their third get-together at her place, he spent an inordinate amount of time teasing her nipples, which were the longest he’d ever seen. He noticed that her arousal level soared when toying with them and after they’d finished a rousing fuck, asked her point-blank what had caused her to get so excited.

“Why do you ask, Don?”

“I’m naturally curious about what makes you tick, and you’ve asked me several questions about my cock and how I use it, so …”

“Can you be more specific, Don?”

“Um, yeah, I guess it’s that I’ve noticed how long your nipples are and that when I play with them for a time you seem to get really hot.”

Apparently Nikita felt the question was reasonable enough and began a fairly lengthy tale.

“I married at eighteen, Don. Thad was twenty-seven. He was hard to resist–-tall, good looking, muscular with wavy blond hair and a great smile–-great teeth and the most sensual lips of any man I’ve met until you came along.

“Did he have a big dick?” Don inquired, concerned with his competition.

“Yes, but not as big as yours.

Donald had learned that women, as a rule, never, except possibly in anger, belittle their lover’s penis. In fact they will go to great lengths to complement his appendage. It probably saves many relationships.

It was our third date, you know, the one where the girl usually puts out for the guy.

Don nodded, but said nothing.

So I expected him to make a move at some point, but we’d had dinner and gone to a movie and now we were back at his apartment. After some banal conversation, he asked me if I felt like a massage.

I liked the idea, and also felt that it would probably open the door to sex. Admittedly, I wanted him. I had wanted him from the first, but a girl has to follow certain scripted rules–-right?

Once again Don nodded and left it at that.

“We were sitting on his couch and he began opening the buttons on my blouse. I was even more excited when he asked me to stand in front of him, and did so as he took the blouse off, leaving me in a black lace bra, pencil skirt and shiny black pumps. An all too familiar electric energy began flowing though my body and I got wetter by the minute.

“Um, let me see you play with your cock, Don. It will help me tell the story.”

Don shook the cock from his boxers and slowly stroked it. It was hard as steel in seconds.

“Umm, that’s nice, very nice… Umm, where was I? Oh, now I remember, I was wondering what he would do next? He started running his hands over my arms until I was shivering from his touches. Then he walked me over to a straight-backed chair and had me sit down. I wasn’t a virgin but I had only been to bed with one guy previously, and so wasn’t quite sure of myself, or him. I mean, I was in his apartment, why weren’t we getting into his bed?

“He took out a silk scarf and after reassuring me that being tied up and blindfolded heightens one’s senses, blindfolded me. I began squirming in the chair and started to protest when he began tying my hands behind my back, but he shushed me and I went quiet.

I almost orgasmed when he removed my bra; I found the entire thing extremely exciting and my nipples stiffened revealing it to him. Oh he knew it, or must have known it, for he was all over my tits after that–-stroking, caressing each breast in its entirety. I don’t think he missed an inch of tit-flesh, but for some reason he avoided the nipples.

It wasn’t long before I began to crave his touch on them. I mean, why wasn’t he touching or plucking at them? ________________________________________

It took a great deal of willpower for Donnie to mentally sedate his penis; needless to say, he refrained from touching it, and began doing multiplication tables in his head. But that proved to be a problem of a different sort, for then he was unable to listen capably to Nikita’s story.

Donnie got up and went to the refrigerator, filled a glass with ice and stuck his erection into the ice. That helped–-for a time. Nikita was still rambling about her future husband’s strange foreplay when he resumed sitting next to her on the bed.

Nikita laughed at him but motioned for him to continue, then whispered, “I want to feel that cold cock in me when I’m finished,” and then went on with the story.

“Thad took his sweet time, but finally got to them, and I went wild. Normally, like most women, my areola are pebbled around the nipple itself–-but that night for the first time the pebbled area felt as if it was on fire–-a fire that went right to my sexual center.

I Niğde Escort was moaning and begging him to fuck me the first time he pinched a nipple.

The sensations I experienced was exhilarating and dizzying at the same time. I didn’t realize it then, but I had already soaked the seat of the chair I was sitting on as well as my panties and skirt. The juices must have been pouring out of me!

“Soon he went from gently tugging and pulling my nipples to twisting them and pulling roughly on them. He yanked and twisted then yanked some more, flicking them with his fingers while I gasped and moaned in the slippery chair. And before you ask, yes it hurt. But it was a delightful pain, mixed with orgasmic sensations. It was as if I was cumming without actually cumming, but at the very edge of it, if you can understand what I’m saying.”

“Yes, I believe I understand what you’re saying, Nikita. Going right up to the brim of the cup, so to speak, and then stopping short of overflowing it.”

“Yes, that’s a good approximation of what was happening to me.”

“Then what happened? Did you finally cum?”

“Let me tell it in my own way, please.”

Nikita glanced at him and then his lap and laughed, “Oh, look at your cock! Is it turning blue? I’ve heard of guys getting blue balls, but never … Oh that’s too funny!” and she started laughing at Don’s predicament.

He joined in and then they were laughing like two loonies until they couldn’t stand to laugh any more.

After composing herself, she took Donnie’s cock in her hand and examined it. I’ve never seen so much precum, Donnie. “I mean, look at the friggin’ ice cubes … did you cum on them?”

“NO!” he protested vehemently, “NO I DID NOT!”

“Not yet anyway,” Nikita said, but couldn’t contain a fake snicker of derision. “Were you going to cum?”

“I’m close,” he admitted.

“Try to hold off. Get some more ice on that pole of yours so I can finish the story, which if you recall, you asked me to tell. I’m pretty horny myself, so I’ll hurry it up. We should have a nice fuck after, you think?”

“Yes, I think we will–-quick, but good.”

“You’d better not cum,” Nikita said sternly and then returned to her story. Thad finally put his mouth to them, sucking and nibbling like a starving goldfish. I came hard the second his teeth bit my nipple.

Oh, it was an exquisite feeling–-yes there was that sharp pain, but a split second after it–-just as my brain took note of the sudden ache, a wave of pleasure swept over me and kick-started my orgasm.

I should mention that his nibbles were not at all gentle. Oh, no! There was a wicked cruelty to it–-hard, firm bites pulling and stretching the delicate flesh.

Donnie was between heaven and hell trying to hold off on his ejaculation–-but knew he was losing the fight. Just then he saw that Nikita had begun playing with herself. Without trying to conceal it from him she had her palm pressed firmly against her cunt and slowly brought the length of her fingers down over her clit and outer labia before beginning all over again.

She shivered before speaking and opened her mouth in a wide O of satisfaction before picking up on her story. Strangely enough it bore great similarity to the present time and place.

“I began to moan from the exquisite pain and he told me to be quiet or he’d stop! Imagine that? He was hurting one of the most sensitive parts of my body and telling me to be quiet or he’d stop. Imagine that?

But when he left me there and walked away I found that I wanted him to continue in the most desperate way and begged him to continue, keeping my mouth shut when he returned to my side.

Suddenly I felt the cold sting of freezing metal on my freshly bitten nipples! I cried out in shock and heard him laughing. He asked me if I’d ever had my nipples clamped, and I told him I hadn’t.

He reapplied the icy metal to each nipple again and my pussy was throbbing and gushing love juice. My panties were absolutely soaked. It was as if I’d pee’d my pants. He had put the clamps on each nipple and I hadn’t felt it, well, I don’t recall feeling anything but jolts of pleasure.

Seconds later he presented me with a tumultuous orgasm, hiking up my skirt, he pushed my panties to the side and fingered me, paying extra attention to my clit while brushing the fingers of his other hand over the nipple clamps. I started to cum and couldn’t stop!

It was thrilling. It was the most marvelous feeling! I didn’t want it to end and it seemed like I was getting my wish. I was delirious with pleasure–-and then he tightened the clamps and lightning bolts of pain shot through my entire body. But just as the pain subsided, the pleasure rushed back in to fill the void. Then Thad would turn the clamps another bit and back came the pain. This went on and on and on. I loved it and became an instant devotee of bondage and submission.

Hiking up my skirt, he pushed aside my underwear and began to finger my clit while brushing his fingers Niğde Escort Bayan across the clamps. The pain was intense and I could feel my poor, helpless buds swelling and hardening like I’ve never felt before in my life. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, he pulled the clamps causing them to bite down even harder on my throbbing nipples. Making matters worse, at the same time, he continued rubbing my clit until I screamed with both the shock of pain and the shuddering orgasm that seemed to come out of nowhere to consume me.

But he wasn’t finished with me–-from out of nowhere he produced this–-this prickly metal wheel and rolled it over my flushed skin, concentrating the points over my aching nipples. Around and over my areolas and the tips of my nipples he rolled that devilish thing and I arched my back and bucked my hips to escape that horrible little device but it only made him laugh and continue his deviant torture.

After a few minutes, he switched off, apparently disposing of the wheel in the rumpled sheets of the bed to start anew with the metal clamps on my poor nips. This time, after one more tightening twist, he moved his hand and although I whimpered miserably begging him to stop, he only laughed and promised me the moon and all the stars in the heavens.

I managed a deep breath and then another before wave after wave of pain rocketed through my nipples–-directly to my clit and I came and came and came with such intensity I thought my heart was going to explode.

Donnie, unable to contain himself any longer, announced that he was going to cum.

“ON MY TITS! ON MY TITS!” Nikita yelled.

Donnie managed to direct the first rope of sperm directly on her right breast and the second almost caught the left breast center on. Both nipples were covered with his ejaculate.

Nikita appeared very pleased with the outcome–-and rubbing herself off with a hand that became a blur, came quickly too.

Then with one hand still rubbing against her sex, she brought the other to her breasts and rubbed Donnie’s sperm into her breasts and then had him torture her nipples.

That’s exactly what she croaked out, still masturbating, trying valiantly for another visceral climax. “Torture them!”

He pounced on them, slapping them and roughly pulling and stretching one nipple after the other while she bit her lip and kept masturbating; now with three, then four fingers jammed into her sodden cunt.

Several minutes passed before she reached her climax, and when she did, Donnie found himself hard again. He was only eighteen, going on nineteen and so it didn’t surprise him at all. But Nikita who had hopped from the bed to procure her vibrator did, and when Donnie heard it start to hum he went at her nipples with a vengeance he hadn’t known he had in him.

Nikita was screaming with pain and pleasure as Donnie tortured her poor nips, biting them and actually chewing on one until she admonished him, saying, “I need that, don’t bite it off!”

Donnie would later swear her clit appeared to swell in size as the vibrator teased it and he resumed slapping her tits, first the right, then the left, occasionally leaning in and biting one and all the while that vibrator hummed away at her dripping pussy.

Then with a tremulous lurch of her pelvis, Nikita threw her head back with a squeal of delight as she reached her sought after climax and tossed the vibrator on the floor.

At this point Donnie needed relief as well, and without a word mounted Nikita, still in the throes of her climax, and sent his pulsing cock into her deepest depths, fucking her with wild abandon, pinning her arms behind her with one hand while pumped relentlessly in and out of her; all the while pulling and pinching her soft flesh and the pebbled tips of her nipples as she squealed and shuddered beneath him.

Sometime later, while they sat on the carpeted floor, glasses of chilled white wine in hands that twined around one another laughing as he pointed to the cum from their coupling still shining wetly on her breasts and belly, Nikita finished her story.

“That was my first experience with a sadistic yet sensual nipple torturer…and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

“Why did the two of you break up?”

She took a sip of her wine, and then another before answering. “That’s a story for another time, darling. Yes, another time. Now, how are you getting along with the college girls?”

Nina, a Georgia Peach

“Funny you should ask me that,” he said with a grin. “I mean, with my enrolling in classes, practicing with the swimming team and traipsing around Athens with you …”

“You call what we’re doing –- traipsing?” Nikita asked teasingly.

“Well, you know what I mean,” he waved a hand dismissively. “Anyway, Other than the girls on the team and you, of course, there hasn’t been any time for, shall I say, female companionship.”

“But nevertheless you found some,” Nikita laughed.

“Let’s just say she found me.”

“Well Escort Niğde do tell, I love sordid stories, Donnie baby. But do you mean the ladies are preying on you, wanting to ravish that lovely body of yours?”

It was his turn to laugh. “I dunno, Nikita. You be the judge. Here’s what happened.

“Her name’s Nina, a sophomore here at U G. I was meandering around the campus and had stopped at a café just off the main quad, ordered a coffee and sat down at an unoccupied booth.

“Hi,” a female voice said from behind my left ear.

Turning, with a smile on my face, I replied,

“Hello to you too.”

Nina was startlingly attractive, with red hair and blue eyes; as I recall she was wearing a white t-shirt with a pink trim and a funny face on the front along with tight cutoff jeans that flowed around her sexy hips, and tanned perfect legs of a girl who could melt the frozen loins of an octogenarian.

“I’m Nina,” she said, introducing herself.

“Now although she was very attractive, I think it was her forthrightness that captured my attention just then.”

“Oh ho,” Nikita laughed and not her boobs?”

“Ahhh, yes that too. They filled the aforementioned t-shirt with pink trim and a funny face; but I already knew that she’d mistaken me for someone else and was trying to figure out how not to spoil what might be a good thing.”

Nikita laughed knowingly, and said, “You men … impossible!”

Donnie waited for Nikita to finish and then added, “Anyway I nodded and otherwise kept my mouth shut, hoping she’d reveal more information like where we were going–-I assumed it was a date–-but of course, got that wrong.”

“She–-that is, Nina straightened me out by asking: You’re the math tutor, right?”

“Since I am a brilliant student and highly proficient in math, I simply nodded again.”

“Um, I’m sorry, but I seem to have forgotten your name,” she said.

“Please, call me Donnie, everyone else does.”

She gave me an odd look, probably because that name didn’t jar her memory, but sat down next to me, saying: “Funny, I thought your name was different.”

“It’s Donald, but I prefer Donnie.” While taking a moment to thank my brain for helping me keep my mouth shut at the appropriate times.

“Oh,” she said, as if that explained everything.

“Well I do need help with this math exam I have on Tuesday.”

“Did you bring the text?” I inquired innocently, while taking in the lovely pair of breasts when she glanced around us as if expecting someone else to show up any minute, then caught me staring.

I have no idea why, but that seemed to put her at ease, informing me that she was used to being looked at and liked it.

“Well, Donnie … I do need help, but this isn’t the place for it.”

“What did you have in mind,” I allowed a beat and a half to go by before adding, “Nina?”

Flashing a winsome smile, Nina told me that she was house-sitting over the weekend and asked if I thought that might provide a better atmosphere for serious study.

“Sounds perfect to me, Nina; shall we take your car or mine?”

“What are you driving, Donnie?”

That told me she might just be a status seeker as well as needing tutoring in Math. “My Camaro convertible,” I said, with special emphasis on the ‘My’. It’s the red one out front.”

“Oh, I saw it!” she said. “Very nice, Donnie, let’s take yours. Can you put the top down?”

I could and did, glancing occasionally at her face and the red hair that continued to whip around it while she ignored it.

As I drove I thought about her need for tutoring on ‘her’ exam, and concluded Nina was worried about a pre mid-term exam.

As we approached the house in question, she finally asked the right question of me. “You’re a senior, right, Donnie?”

“Yes, I’m a senior,” I told her, not bothering to mention it was high school that I was talking about and not college.

“Do you mind if I ask you a personal question, then?”

“No, go ahead.” I was curious where this was going and didn’t want to do or say anything to disrupt matters. I felt I was perfectly capable of helping her with her exam, having aced every test I’d ever taken, and knowing that my tutors and instructors were of the highest caliber available.

“Here we are,” Nina chirped as we came upon a large two-story home that had to cost around a million or more.

“Just leave the car in the driveway. I don’t have the remote with me.”

I parked and we got out of the Camaro, with Nina opening her door before I could get around to her side to do it for her. My gallantry caused her to both blush and apologize. “I’m sorry … most guys never …”

“It’s perfectly all right, Nina. I think you’ll soon realize I’m not like most guys.”

I saw the first glint of respect in her eyes as she measured me while I stood next to her awaiting her next move. She reached into her small purse and produced a key which she handed to me. “Would you do the honors, Donnie?”

I opened the front door and halted her progress.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Shall I carry you over the threshold?”

Nina laughed at the seemingly silly remark, and then simply said, “Yes, please.”

I scooped her up in my arms, surprising her with my strength. “Oh, you’re stronger than …”

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