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Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 02

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Kimmie’s Strange Request

Note – Illustrated version available on request

Donnie was shaking the last droplets of water from his goggles before putting them away until the next practice. The shouts of various coaches and smattering of a few friendly students, mainly short-skirted, or yoga panted sorority girls taking pictures of the school’s Speedo clad men, were scattered about the roughly 2000 seats reverberating off the high walls and ceiling of the spacious natatorium.

He and Dolph had just come from the practice pool, having showered and dressed for their usual meal, pizza at a nearby pizzeria, when Kimmie Thomas, a sophomore diver, intercepted them and asked if she could speak to Donnie privately.

Kimmie was a member of the diving team; a flat-chested, short-haired redhead with a very nice ass, but a face that unfortunately only a mother could love–or so Donnie thought at first. Donnie glanced at Dolph, who raised his eyebrows quizzically, and asked him to excuse them for a moment, and took Kimmie to a couple seats offering them a semblance of privacy from the few people in the vicinity.

Kimmie’s problem was acne and freckles, and she had her own ideas about how he could help the acne problem. It took her three attempts to get the problem and her perceived solution out. Donnie being a gentleman listened to her request without laughing.

Once Kimmie was certain she had his attention and was out of earshot from Dolph, she whispered, “Um, this is kind of embarrassing.” she said. Donnie nodded back at her trying to appear sagely, as a professor he had was wont to do when listening to a student.

“I–um, have this facial thing going on…”

She meant the red blotches that seemed everywhere; her face, neck and shoulders. He had already noticed several boil -like pustules on her back while she was coming out of the pool after a dive, and admittedly felt some sympathy for her plight.

“Yes?” Donnie said, hoping to draw additional information out of her.

“I feel so stupid asking you …”

“You’ve already stopped me. So stupid or not, and I won’t think less of you if it really is dumb,” Donnie said. What he meant and what she thought he meant were two distinctly different things. Donnie meant it wouldn’t matter as he thought next to nothing about her already. She took it to mean that he was there for her regardless of how stupid her request might be.

“Yes…well… you have a kind of reputation…”

“I do? Is that good or bad?” he asked with a smile.

“Um, a reputation with the girls…”

Girls … what girl’s? They may have seen me with Nikita, he thought, but that alone wasn’t cause to give one a reputation … was it?

Donnie wanted to laugh out loud, but couldn’t, for it would hurt her in more ways than one, and he had no intention of hurting her as she’d done nothing to him but ask for help.

Kimmie was still prattling on. “Mostly good … what I mean is all the girls think you’re hot, you know? ” She said with a rush. When Donnie didn’t say anything, she added, “Um, all the girls on the swimming and diving teams can’t stop talking about you.”

This meant that Darci and Olivia had been talking out of school. Mentally kicking himself, Donnie thought, I should have known better, after all I practice with them almost daily, and girls do talk, especially about sex.

The question now was this good or bad news? He realized he had to listen carefully to what Kimmie had to say, and did.

“I’m flattered, Kimmie, but I have no idea where you’re going with this.”

Kimmie looked flustered. “I don’t know how to say it…”

“Spit it out and we can take it from there, Kimmie.”

“Okay, okay! First off, I’m a virgin, and to tell the truth I’m scared shitless of you and your reputation. But–but I’m desperate so I’m gonna ask you …”

Once again, Kimmie appeared to have run out of words. Suddenly she took a deep breath and allowed her desperate situation push out her plight.

“I–I’ve led a very sheltered life. And–and when I showed early promise as a diver my parents practically smothered me with attention; so much so that I didn’t date–not at all. You may not believe it but … I’m a virgin. And–and I want to stay one until my wedding night. I’ve only kissed one guy …Georgie Taylor when playing Post Office in High School.”

“No intimacies at all?” Donnie asked somewhat incredulously.

“Umm, there was that one sleepover with the girls that included some hanky-panky with one of them, but I’m not gonna say anymore about that. I still can’t believe we did what we did.”

Wondering if she wanted him to take her virginity, Donnie decided to help her. “Kimmie … I appreciate you’re telling me all this, but what is it you want to ask of me?”

Kimmie had an extremely pained expression on her face, and knowing it was difficult for her to say, Donnie steeled himself against laughing at her request, however silly it might be.

“Would–would you please … cum on my face!”

“What?” Donnie said in a low, but firm voice, not wanting Dolph or the entire campus to Kartal Escort hear him.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for asking you, but–but It’s–it’s for my facial problem–you know blemishes and the like.”

There it was out in the open, and he had no idea how to respond to her. Donnie took a long moment to formulate his next words.

Her eyes were wide and filled with fear.

“Who told you that?” Donnie asked with a straight face.

“Cissy and Mary-Jo swear its true! Mary-Jo says it helped her and she has the smoothest facial skin ever!”

“And you want me to give you some of mine?”

“Yes!” Kimmie was the kind of girl who ended almost every sentence with an exclamation point.

“I’ve never had anyone ask me this before, Kimmie …”

Kimmie interrupted him. She had a prepared speech and went right into it. “I now have it on good authority that a man’s sperm will alleviate those acids that cause acne. That enough sperm rubbed into a girl’s face will give her skin as smooth as a baby’s…”

She left off at that point.

“Would Mary-Jo be that authority?”

“Yes and no. They showed me an article from Cosmo that validated everything they’d told me!”

Donnie concluded that her so-called friends had read the article and planed the prank accordingly. He decided to help her as much as possible, if for no other reason than to make Mary-Jo and Cissy feel foolish.

“Let me get this right, Kimmie. You are a virgin.”

Her head nodded vigorously.

“You want to remain so, but you do want me to ejaculate on you?”

“Yes–yes, on my face!”

“On your face,” he repeated, sounding dubious.

She continued nodding.

“How would you want this to happen?” It seemed the appropriate question, and her answer caught him off guard.

“I can blow you, or maybe a handjob … just so you cum on my face.”


“As soon as possible.”

“And if it doesn’t do the job you think it will?”

“I don’t know…I might kill myself,” Kimmie said morosely.

“No, no! We don’t want that! We don’t even want to think about that. Are we in agreement on that, Kimmie?”

“I guess…I’m only twenty. I have a life to live, with or without the blemishes.”

“All right, we can do it now, or as soon as possible. Let me tell Dolph that I’ll meet him later, and we’ll go to my place.”

A frightened look crossed her face. Donnie wondered had the mention of ‘my place’ caused it?

He hastened to assure her there was nothing to fear about his place, that it would afford them the privacy needed to accomplish their objective and then make them presentable to the outside world.

“Oh,” she said, “when you put it that way it sounds reasonable. It’s just that I’ve never been to a guy’s place before.”

In a few words as possible, he told Dolph that he would meet him in an hour’s time and join him for a couple beers. Then Donnie took Kimmie’s arm and walked to his car. She got in and they were off.

“We can’t have sex,” Kimmie said four times on the way. Hey, President Clinton had said essentially the very same thing about his Lewinsky blowjob, hadn’t he? Donnie thought, but kept it to himself; who was he to argue?

They walked into Donnie’s house and Kimmie was astonished. “My place is nothing like this!

“This isn’t my dorm, Kimmie.” Donnie told her. “I actually live here. I own the house. I have money and decided to buy a place rather than live in a dorm.”

“But isn’t that against the rules?”

“Yes and no. I do have a dorm. You saw me telling my roommate I’d join him later.”

“Dolph is your roomie?”

“Yes, he’s my roomie.”

“Oh …”

“Shall we get started?”

“Yeah, lets … um, what do I need to do?”

“I think you should remove the top and your bra.”

“But I leave my shorts on, right?”

“You can if you want too.”

“Oh, I want too. I’m not taking any chances with…”

“Your virginity,” he said finishing her sentence.

“Yeah,” she said, nodding as she pulled off her top and unclasped her bra.

Kimmie’s breasts were smallish, but there was enough for Donnie to play with. She wasn’t as boyish as some of the swimmers and divers appeared to be.

Her nipples quickly hardened and she wanted to cover them with her hands, but he prevented her from doing it by holding her hands in mine. “You want something from me; I get something from you–fair enough?”

“Um, yeah, fair enough.”

“You have a lovely body, Kimmie,” he said, more to reassure her than as a pure compliment, but he meant it and she seemed to take it that way.

“Can–can I see it? You know … your penis?”

“Yes, but I think we should kiss one another a couple of times to sort of set the mood.”

“Mood … what mood?”

“Kimmie, I need to be erect if I’m going to ejaculate on you. So we have to get me warmed up. I promise you … no, I swear to you, I am not going to touch you down there.” I was pointing to her pussy.

She nodded that she understood and closed her eyes.

Donnie maneuvered her body so that Kimmie Yakacık Escort was lying down on the couch. He slowly took off his soccer shorts and jockey’s and stood over her. Her eyes remained closed.

“You can open your eyes now, Kimmie, but don’t be frightened. My penis is out and you’ll see it getting hard from my looking at your breasts and face.

“My face is all blotchy!”

“We’re going to fix that aren’t we?”

“I hope to God we do!” she said forlornly.

“I’m going to kiss you now, so get ready,” he said, and she closed her eyes again and took a deep breath.

Donnie kissed her, just touching his lips to hers.

She sighed. He kissed her again, just slightly harder this time.

Kimmie moaned. Had she never been kissed before?

“I’m going to touch your breasts while I kiss you this time, Kimmie,” Donnie whispered.

“Okay,” she whispered back, and pursed her lips in anticipation.

He let a hand lightly glide over her left breast, then the right.

She moaned.

He kissed her and her mouth opened. Donnie never knew if it was voluntary or involuntary, and never asked her.

Then with the fingers of one hand circling her rigid nipple, he let his tongue enter her mouth. Kimmie moaned and her tongue greeted his with a savage intensity. The kiss grew passionate, almost more than Donnie thought possible from a girl as inexperienced as Kimmie was.

And when he tweaked her other nipple, her hand shot out, found his cock and squeezed it hard. When the kiss ended he kissed her again. This one lasted several minutes and by its end, Kimmie was a world class French Kisser.

“Wow!” she gasped after they separated. She still had his cock in her hand.

“So, you enjoyed the kissing?” he said.

“Oh, yes, very much … I see what the girls mean about you.”

“What’s that?”

“Katie said you could put your shoes under her bed anytime.”

“She did, did she?” he was trying to figure out just who Katie was. He needn’t have bothered, Kimmie told him soon enough.

“She’s the swimmer with the green hair.”

“Ugh! Now he knew where not to put his shoes or any other personal items. Katie was a dawg, she out bulldogged the School’s mascot. But Donnie made no comment about her to Kimmie, however.

“You’re a pretty good kisser yourself, Kimmie.”

“I am? I mean … I never kissed anyone like that before.”

“You have now, and there’s no taking it back, is there?”

“I guess not,” she said staring at my erection which was still in her hand.

“Is this the first time you’ve held a man’s penis in your hand?”

“Yes …” she said after a moment’s hesitation.

“It’s much bigger than I imagined it would be. Does that go into a woman easily? I mean … It certainly looks like it would be painful.”

He ignored her question for the moment and suggested that she give it a nice smooch.

“Huh? What–kiss it?”

“Yes, that’s what you need to do to get the desired effect.”

“Oh … all right, I guess.”

She turned her face toward my dick and brought it to her lips and kissed it.

“C’mon, Kimmie, you can kiss better than that. I know you can!”

“Well, I never…” But she leaned in and opened her mouth and gobbled up most of the cockhead, and used her tongue much as she’d used it in his mouth earlier. Kimmie was unsure of herself, stopping and raising her head from his cock and asking “Is that good? And “Am I doing it right?”

Donnie smiled down at her, and to encourage her, asked that she suck it some and then lick it a little; and then to spit on it to make it nice and wet.

Kimmie did all of the above and more, demonstrating an aptitude for sucking cock. Donnie didn’t have to warn her about her teeth, she didn’t scrape him once; he was thoroughly enjoying her blowjob and played with her breasts while she sucked and gurgled away down there.

“Would you do me a favor, Kimmie and lick my balls?”

Removing him from her mouth, she gave him a quizzical look.

“Just for a little while, it helps to warm the sperm, and then you can finish sucking me.”

She raised her eyebrows, questioning the request, but moved to his sacs taking each into her mouth and warmed them as requested.

Then letting the wet sacs fall into the palm of her hand, she plucked his cock out of the air and brought it back to her mouth, saying, “This isn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” and resumed her blow job.

As his climax approached, Donnie took his dick out of her mouth and straddled her waist.

“What are you doing?” she asked nervously.

“Get ready for your facial,” he replied, starting to jerk himself off. Feeling the familiar sensation just prior to the rush of ejaculating, Donnie moved so that he was now kneeling on either side of her breasts.

Kimmie closed her eyes, then opened them, obviously wanting to see my sperm as it cannoned into her face. “Better watch your eyes,” Donnie warned. “You don’t want this stuff getting in them.”

Kimmie closed her eyes and kept them closed until after he’d finished. But Kadıköy Escort that was still split seconds away. The first line of cum landed on the middle of her forehead, with some splattering into her hair. The second caught the bridge of her nose, and as her mouth was half open, some of that dribbled into her mouth. He made a mental note to ask her how it tasted afterward, but just then launched a third volley that caromed off her chin and trickled down to her neck.

Kimmie’s eyes opened as the fourth and last jet spurted from the magical eye of his dick, striking her upper and lower lips. He was already rubbing a stray glob into her chest as she took in what had actually happened to her.

“OH!” she gasped in awe of what she saw. “It’s hotter than I thought it would be … sticky too,” and licking her lips she told Donnie that it had a kind of sweet taste to it.

He handed her a small mirror, and she looked at her face and laughed as she began rubbing the sperm into her face.

“How do you feel, Kimmie?”

“Oh … I feel … dirty.”

“You are covered with my sperm, so that fits,” He said.

She giggled and feeling somewhat more confident added, “I feel kinda sluttish too.”

Donnie laughed and tapped her nose with the tip of his penis. “Take that my slut!”

They laughed, and she admitted that at some point she’d gotten very turned on.

“Did you cum, Kimmie?”

“No I didn’t. But I had a very good feeling … you know, down there.”

Donnie nodded in understanding, and said, “I will honor your wanting to retain your virginity, but I would like to repay you for a lovely blowjob.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Kimmie said, obviously alarmed at what he’d said.

“Let me phrase if differently. Would you like another donation of facial cream?”

“Sure, but you just came.”

“Allow me the pleasure of going down on you, returning the favor, so to speak. That will make me hard again and you can masturbate me to another ejaculation. How does that sound?”

“You promised you wouldn’t …”

“And I won’t. I won’t penetrate you vaginally. But I’ll lick you to a nice cum that you’ll remember for years.”

“I don’t know …”

“I promise you I won’t use my penis. I’ll only use my mouth. I won’t use my finger either. I swear to God.”

“I don’t think I could take it … I’m already so hot for it,” her eyes beseeched me not to pressure her further.

Donnie had an idea and broached it to her. “What if I licked your ass instead?”


“I said what if I licked your ass instead? That would leave your virginity intact, right?”

“My ass?”

“Yes, haven’t you heard of anal?”

“Yes, but that’s another virginal orifice!”

“I’m not putting this in there!” he said, pointing to his semi-tumescent penis.

“I’m talking about going down on you back there. It’s called rimming, and it’s extremely pleasurable.”

Her eyes told him he’d won her over. She stood up and nonchalantly wriggled out of her shorts, then peeled her panties off and stood nude before him.

“No penetration with that!” she said, pointing to Donnie’s dangling participle.

His eyes darted from her smallish breasts to the soft, neatly trimmed light-rust triangle of curls tapering to a ‘V’ at her lower abdomen. She made absolutely no effort to hide anything from his view. On the contrary, he thought she kind of enjoyed showing her secret body parts off to him.

Donnie was intrigued with the fact that her cunt slit was quite obvious through the rust colored thatch of pubic hair.

“But you do want the rim job?” he inquired just to hear her say the yes word.

“Yes …” She replied meekly.

“Keep one leg on the floor and put the other on the couch cushion; good, now rise up a bit, that’s good right there. Lean forward so I can get my head on the couch and you can sort of sit on my face.”

Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Like this? ” She whispered in a childish voice.

“Yes, just like that,” he responded.

Donnie loved her nakedness. His erection was already throbbing, wanting to slide into her someplace, but that was not going to happen unless Kimmie asked him too.

Follow Follow for more actionHe leaned slightly forward, his chest scraping Kimmie’s hip. “You have the loveliest ass, Kimmie, absolutely perfect!”

“You’re not just saying that?”

“No, I mean it!” and to prove it, he placed his palms over each of the twin hemispheres and gently squeezed her pure white flesh.

“Well that certainly FEELS good!” she purred, relaxing for the first time.

He laughed and leaned a little further in order to plant a kiss on the upper left buttock while sensuously running his fingernails all over Kimmie’s ass.

Kimmie hissed loudly, between her teeth. “Oh, that feels nice!”

Donnie noted the goosebumps rising along the alabaster surface.

“I’m warming you up,” he laughed, running the tips of his fingers in a straight line inside the crack of Kimmie’s buttocks, all the way down to the anal region. For the moment, however, he remained away from her asshole.

Anal foreplay with some of his previous conquests had taught Donnie to go slowly back there as it was the key to extracting every ounce of sexual excitement and rendering a victim willing rather than reluctant when he did pounce.

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