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Self-Confidence Hypno Scam Pt. 01

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I’m so tired, tired of being so shy. Paralyzed with anxiety each time I have to interact with someone else. Moreover, it has prevented me from getting any meaningful romantic relationship.

I’m already 22, and I haven’t got a girlfriend yet, let alone kissed a girl. I’m just hopeless. I don’t have the guts to approach girls that interest me, and when they do the first step, I just freeze.

But now I started a new job, and I don’t have a choice anymore. I have to learn how to not be so shy. My new boss is so attractive. I stutter every time I have to talk to her. It’s preventing me from doing my job correctly. I don’t even know how I passed the interview. I was a mess during it. I couldn’t get two-sentence together, and each time I peeked at her, I couldn’t help but see her plunging cleavage. I flustered so much that I looked like a stop sign. Somehow, I think she thought it was funny cause she wouldn’t stop smirking. A bit like today :

Perking out of nowhere in my cubicle, my boss asked me: “Hey Alex, did you call the client to let him know we received his order?”

Startled by her sudden apparition, I stumbled to answer: “I…I… Yes, Ms. Stevens. I called Mr. Carlson. He said he’d send a guy to pick it up.”

“I already told you. Don’t call me Ms. Stevens. Just call me Leah. But good job anyway. Keep it up.” she winked at me.

Still, again she seemed to smirk or find something funny about my struggles to answer her. I have to fix this problem. It’s not only hard for me to talk to my stunning 30 yrs old boss, but I’ll never get a girlfriend if it continues like this.

That’s when I saw this weird ad on my phone while browsing the web. You know how a phone sometimes just seems to be able to read your mind and send you an ad for things you only thought? That was one of these moments. The ad read: “Fix your self-confidence issues while sleeping!! Free hypnosis program!”. It’s free so I thought, why not try it? I saved the link and thought about looking it up once at home.

Later at my apartment, I was finally back in my comfort zone. It’s so comfy being home. Here, I can lose myself in books. Call my friend when I feel like it or just go on quiet walks whenever I want to. Still, I feel like something’s missing. As much as this type of living is easy, I always end up feeling a bit bored from the loneliness. Also, it’s killing me that I’m still a virgin at 22. All my friends roast me about it whenever they get the chance.

Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot about it! The link for that hypnosis program was still on my phone. What a strange web page. It says to enter your email to receive the instructions. I’m definitively not giving my good address for this. I’ll just use my second email address for discounts, publicly, etc… After that, I didn’t receive an answer immediately, so I continued with my bachelor’s evening.

Before going to sleep, I checked one last time. Oh, here it was. An email named: “First step to self-confidence file 01”. The email explains that I’ll receive an email with a escort izmir file every day for the next 5 days. It also mentions that I have to listen to them laying in bed when I go to sleep. Alright, I guess I’ll do what it says. It doesn’t seem too complicated. With my headphones on I started the file. At the start, only some soft music played, a bit like at those spas. Then, a soft feminine voice spoke to me:

“Take a deep breath. Hold it. Hold it. Now, release,” she asked of me. The voice continued to make me do some meditation and breathing exercises.

The more time passed, the harder it was to stay awake. I started to lose track of time. Falling in and out of sleep, the last thing I remember hearing was: “At the count of three, you will fall asleep. One. Two. Three. Sleep.” and a snap of a finger. After that, I don’t remember anything.

I woke up the next morning, just a few minutes before my alarm. Somehow, I felt energized and refreshed. More than I had in a long time. My headphones were right beside me. I guess I must have taken those off during the night. Also, I was pitching a mighty tent in my underwear. I don’t remember the last time I had a morning wood this intense.

Seeing that my dick was so needy for attention, I decided to rub one out before the shower. As soon as my hand contacted my dick, I felt how rock-hard I was without even having to watch any porn. I could hear myself panting from the excitement. After only a few minutes of stroking, I surprised myself. I was already on the verge of cuming. And…Fuck, uhh? My dick is already throbbing, I can feel it. It’s pumping cum. Shit. One spurt after another, I’m cuming on my chest. Usually, I would have gotten a tissue, but I got surprised by my speed. Goddammit. I feel like a stupid teenager that doesn’t know how to jerk off.

After that I jumped in the shower, quickly forgetting about this little accident. Before getting in my car to go to my job, I looked back at the email, and I already had received the second file for today. For a free service, it seemed impressively well done.

Once at the office, my stunning boss greeted me like she does every day. Her brilliant smile and flowing brown hair radiated her positive energy as always.

“Hey, good morning Alex! How are you?”

At that point, I thought to myself that it might be a good idea to try my “new confidence”. Usually, I would just say: “Good, thank you.” then avert my eyes, and go to my cubicle. But no today!

“I’m good Ms…I mean Leah. What about you?” I replied, my voice a bit shaky.

“Oh, finally. You started to call me Leah. When you call me Ms. Stevens it makes me so feel old, haha. But yes, I’m good too, thanks. Also, don’t forget today we’re supposed to get the new inventory list of our supplier.”

Finally, I was able to talk “normally” with an attractive woman. Even though it was still nerve-racking to do so, I did it. I was so happy, but so was my little guy down below. Usually, I’m not that sensitive. Anyway, I’ll just go sit at my place and ignore it.

Later escort izmir that day, I impressed myself again when the other sales rep girls from my department invited me to go eat with them, and I accepted. Usually, I would have come up with a lame excuse, but not today. In the end, they were nice, and even though I didn’t talk much, it was pleasant for once to not eat alone in my cubicle. The rest of the day seemed to go by so fast.

At the end of the day, as I tried to start my car, it did nothing but whine a bit. I didn’t need that. I had just gotten it fixed. I tried to call my car mechanic, but at this hour the garage was already closed.

“Hey, Alex. Are you alright?” Leah called to me from her car parked just a few spots away from me.

“Oh, it’s nothing. My car’s not starting. I’ll just call a cab and get this figure out tomorrow.”

“Don’t you live close to this Lebanese grocery store? It’s on my way home. Just hop in. I’ll give you a ride,” she said to me.

I was just so embarrassed at this point. I would have preferred to refuse it, but I was too shy to say so. Once inside her car, I tried to make small talk to again test my “new self-confidence”.

“Thanks, Leah. But you didn’t have to bother yourself for me.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I wouldn’t be a good supervisor if I didn’t have the back of my employees.”

“Also, don’t you usually pick your son up on your way home?” I asked.

“It’s my ex’s week. Even though, I would still have helped you,” she winked at me.

It was hard to believe that this woman had a child. She had such a sexy figure. Even in her professional attire, she managed to let her beauty show itself. Her pencil skirt tastefully traced her curves. She had taken off her black blazer, revealing her thin buttoned shirt under it. I could see the shape of her bra that was left with the hard task of containing her breasts. Confined in this small space, I could easily smell her warm perfume. There was no way of escaping it. I could feel myself growing a bit “hot” in my pants. In an attempt to be sly, I covered my lap with my bag. Like that, she couldn’t see my boner.

“I saw you today. You went to get lunch with the girls.”

“Yeah, sorry. I should have invited you too.”

“I was too busy anyway. But I’m impressed. She finally made her move.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh, you didn’t notice it? Well, I’ll just give you a hint. Maybe one of those girls has a crush on you. But if they ask you, I didn’t say anything,” She replied giggling like a schoolgirl.

I just had an incredulous look on my face. Why would anyone have a crush on me? What is wrong with that person?

“You’re such a pure and innocent soul. It’s so cute.” she continued.

“I guess, I’m just oblivious to those things…” I replied.

“Don’t worry, it’ll become easier to figure out those things once you’re older like me.” she teased me.

“Hey, I’m not so young. I’m already twenty-two. And neither are you old. You’re barely thirty.”

“Don’t say the number… I’m still psychologically recovering from it. Just say twenty-nine plus one,” she laughed.

“Oh, you’re so dramatic. Anyway, you can let me off on the next corner.”

“Alright. Hey, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 8 am. I don’t want you to give me some bad excuses for why you’re late.”

“Ok, boss,” I replied as I got out of the car, having completely forgotten about my boner. When I stood up, my pants cock-propped-tent was directly at the height of her eyes. In an instant, I saw that she saw it. I immediately became flustered, and so did she. After a moment of silence, she broke down laughing.

“Hahaha. Oh, isn’t beautiful to be young. Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Wood,” she laughed, driving away.

Fuck, that was so embarrassing. I can’t believe I showed her that. Anyway, once I was back in my apartment, I was back in my comfort zone. Reflecting on all the events of the day, I think the hypnosis file must have worked! I got to speak with a bunch of girls at work. I even got to know my supervisor a bit more. Maybe, with a bit of luck, at the end of the program, I’ll have enough courage to ask a girl out on Tinder or something like that.

When it was time to sleep, I again got my headphones and started the file. This time though, I was determined. I wanted to stay awake this time. I wanted to know what the mysterious voice told me in my sleep that made all this difference.

I pressed play and the same music as last time played. Again, the lady guided me through some breathing exercises. The voice made me do some meditation, and it came to the same part as last time:

“At the count of three, you will fall asleep. One. Two. Three. Sleep.” and a snap of a finger…

I felt as if I had fallen into the void only to land on my bed. Everything was blurry. Sounds seemed to originate from nowhere. Then, in the distance, the silhouette of a woman appeared. Slowly, she walked toward me. Each step seemed to highlight her magnificent figure.

No words were spoken. She sat on the bed beside me. She wore a white satin nightdress. For some reason, she seemed so familiar, but in my dream-like state, I couldn’t tell. Her hand approached me and landed on my knee. Her finger stroked my inner thigh, getting ever closer to my crotch. I could feel myself getting aroused. Her warm perfume and soft touch had gotten me more than excited.

Her hand seemed to slow down as she got even closer to my cock. At this point I was so erect, it stood straight in the air, throbbing. She was biting her lower lip. The tension between us only seemed to grow more intense. I could feel my dick and pelvic muscles convulse before she even had a chance to touch me. She lifted her hand to touch my cock head with her index. As she was about to contact it…I woke up.

Like yesterday, I had this feeling of energy and freshness. And a massive hardon. I lifted my underwear to look at it, and I saw that I was already drooling precum. Is this a side effect of the program? Also, I feel like I just forgot something important. But aside from putting on the headphones and hearing the voice count to three, I don’t remember anything else…

To be continued…

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