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School for Scandal: Diamond’s Day 15

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Taking Diamond’s head in both his hands, Robert grabbed her firmly and worked to slide the stunned porndoll’s face further and further down their teacher’s immense, gleaming shaft, veins throbbing bulbously on the surface of the beastcock. Diamond’s eyes went wide as Robert steered her down the enormous prong, using her throat as a cocksleeve, Ian moaning at the obscene sight of Diamond’s lips hoovering down his rod, her throat bulging dismorphically as his immense member bloated her neck as it intruded down her gullet.

Robert held her there, her nose pressing against Ian’s abdomen, before reversing her and allowing her invaded throat to disgorge the gargantuan, lip-splitting schlong that had invaded it, the length now coated in glistening bubbles and globules of ropey slobber as it was unsheathed where the foot and a half long tube of meat bounced around in front of her.

‘Fuck!’ Diamond choked, still, as ever, attached to Ian’s careering cock with ropes of saliva, as Robert laughed and then swung his horsecock on top of her head from where he was standing behind her. The drooling fuckstaff sat weightily on her head, the rounded, apple-sized tip sticking out just over her forehead, as Robert pressed his fingers to the sides of the jiggly-titted slut’s head and his thumbs on top of the veiny surface of his dong, creating an improvised tunnel from which he was able to saw his dick back and forwards a few times, slick precum weeping from the cumslit to slide over Diamond’s forehead and nose in a liquid gossamer drizzle.

Ian was seeking another deepthroating from the teenage whore and once more presented his dick to Diamond’s lips, the stud teacher moving his hips to line the lengthy fuck pump up to her mouth, even as the blonde porn slut gasped and gathered herself from the latest deep penetration, while Robert slid his fuckstaff over the top of her head and jacked it between his clenched hands.

‘Face fuck me, stud!’ Diamond encouraged.

Diamond fastened her suckling lips against the teacher’s smooth bell-end, moulding her mouth against the massive, throbbing, blood-engorged crown that was shaped like a cow’s heart, and Ian once again grimaced as he shoved his dick deep into Diamond’s throat.

At this point he became aware of a slight change in Diamond’s expression, transfixed as the massive boobed slut was by the prodigious girth of the prime tubesteak that he was cramming into her gullet, her jaw massively distended. Ian had very little time to wonder about the challenging glint that had found its way into her eyes when he saw the teen pornstarlet reach above her head with her right hand and grasp Robert’s enormous shaft that was protruding out above her forehead.

Immediately, Robert gasped, releasing his grasp on his own dick that had been pressing it down on Diamond’s head. Lips curving into a snarl, he looked down transfixed as the gorgeous blonde slut started to stroke, tease, twist and massage his violently throbbing monstercock, pulling it out even further in front of her head, about a foot of the brawny, veinily pulsing schlong now sticking out above her forehead.

Ian was shocked to make eye-contact with Robert, and to instantly see that the young, monstercocked, hyperstud student was no longer dominant over Diamond or in control over what he had thought he was doing, and a sort of nervous anxiety passed over the young man’s features that momentarily alarmed Ian. Looking back down at Diamond, he now saw how a domineering sneer had crept into her expression, with a touch of amusement, as she jerked, twisted and fisted Robert’s cock as it stuck out over her own head, the engorged monster shaft now pointing at him, his own dick jammed between her lips, her cheek on her left side bulging outwards.

Ian gulped as Diamond now eased her face forwards and began impaling her face on Ian’s shaft, greedily, noisily and expertly consuming it inch by inch, this time without Robert’s hands for accompaniment. For her part, Diamond reached out with her free hand and assertively curled her fingers down the elastic hanging skin of Ian’s ballsack, squeezing firmly to make his oversized testes bulge even more violently between his legs, the skin smoothing as it inflated, with Diamond tugging the scrotal sac towards her, further making the stud teacher drive his immense pussy-missile further and further down her throat.

Meanwhile Diamond was now concentrating on milking Robert expertly, rolling her hand in little twists around the brim of the smooth, shiny cockend that bobbed above her head, eye-fucking Ian while she impaled her throat on his jaw-breaker of a monstercock.

‘Oooooo God…’ Robert managed eventually, addressing Ian, ‘I’m sorry sir… I just can’t hold it back, nnnnnnggggg… I’m trying… but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…’

‘Oh fuck,’ Ian gulped.

At this point Ian had hilted more than a foot of his horsecock between Diamond’s distended bimbo lips, and Diamond, looking up, unexpectedly released her grip on Robert’s monster schlong, which vibrated in the air. Catching Robert’s Yalova Escort eye between the broad trunk of the massive, vascularly pulsating dong that stuck out between them, still protruding atop her head, Diamond sent him a delicate wave using only her fingers in a sort of ‘see you’ gesture, before Robert really groaned and his shoulders hunched. In front of him, still having his ballsack yanked further towards her and the last few remaining inches of his inhumanly monstrous throbbing shaft penetrating the stacked bimbo’s throat, Ian braced himself. What gave him this signal was when Robert’s eyes literally crossed.

‘Ooooooh fuuuuucknnnnnnnggggg…’ Robert continued. Even as his dick weaved in the air, without either he or Diamond touching it, the apple-sized, glistening, heart-shaped head throbbed, the shaft tipped upwards, the thick trunk of his dick convulsed, and a long, thick lace of creamy spunk emerged from the tip in a pearly, glistening arc that squirted through the air and landed with a splat on the taut, stretched skin of the muscularly engorged and distended base of Ian’s hulking stalk, the rest of which was lodged in Diamond’s mouth.

‘oooooohhhh shiiiit…’ Ian groaned slowly and deeply, face held in a rictus looking downwards as the student’s warm seed spewed sloppily on his cock.

Robert shuddered and bit his lip — ‘O God!’ — as the glistening cord of jizz that he’d been unable to stop fountaining out of his cock impacted messily against the meaty trunk of his teacher’s gleaming, vein-ripped tool, an audible, thick splat sounding as the white goo smacked against the bulging root of Ian’s penis. The ejaculation was a long, leaking rope of heavy, gluey penile batter that just kept sliding out of his weeping cumslit. He whimpered as the splooging bolt of cum stretched out and laid itself, extending like smooth, rolling caramel in a gllistening line that traced like a double-helix along the upper surface of the teacher’s monstrous fuckmast alongside and over the dangerously throbbing, electrical-cable thick dorsal vein of Ian’s massive shaft that bulged angily on top of it, Robert’s jizz an almost equally elevated trail of pearly gunk running parallel to it.

Ian gasped and then gritted his teeth as Robert’s heaving, pulsating junk spat the oozing rope of cream-coloured balljuice, the gooey white lace running continually all the way over where his brawny length was stuffed in Diamond’s mouth, whereupon it continued its unbroken line, running up over her top lip, her nose, and breaking off over her forehead.

‘Fuuuuuuuuckk…’ it was Sanddy’s voice, and she had sauntered over to see what filthy debauch her partner in crime was up to in this part of the room. She reached the trio, looked down, and her eyes went wide. She looked at Robert, at Diamond, to Ian, over to Laura Hart and then back to Robert, a hand over her mouth, as another potently white rope of sticky spunk dripped like honey from her boyfriend’s gleaming, engorged cockend onto the monster shaft underneath it, briefly connecting them before it snapped off.

Sanddy delivered her line in serious, measured, monotone, looking down at the confluence between the pair of muscular dicks:

‘You fucking glazed Mr White’s dick…’

And then, looking Robert in the eye:

‘Robert… fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…’

Ian grimaced as he looked down at the lace of thick cum adorning the top of his shaft, and started the task of pulling his dick out of Diamond’s mouth. As he did so, the arm-thick rod emerging from the pornstar’s plump lips, drool roping out onto her monster tits below, a further oozing cord of spunk coursed evenly out of the belching tip of Robert’s fuckpipe which continued to smear itself over the bloated penis that reversed from the teen pornstar’s mouth, picking up from where the other line left off on the surface of it, almost attached to it. Robert at that point was gazing downwards, hands clenched by his sides, while Diamond pouted and made a mock ‘sad face’ when Ian finally extracted the massive crown of his monster dong from her lips, the whole quivering, bloated member pointing at her face as it had done a minute before, a line of Robert’s spunk roping in a line all over its vein-ridged topmost edge almost to the length of its full eighteen inches.

‘Like I said a minute a go…’ Diamond said, ‘me and my big mouth…’

‘Fuck,’ said Ian. He levered his stiff dick up in the air by engaging his pc muscle, the vascular shaft throbbing, saliva and cum gleaming on the immense organ. Groaning again, Ian jacked his groinal muscles so that the shaft continued to ascend to about a foot, where Robert’s dick was sticking out above the giggling Diamond’s head.

Now it was Robert’s turn.

‘Fuuuuuuuuck…’ the student stud said slowly, as the bloated, gleaming, distended head of Ian’s log of manmeat touched against the flared crown of his own massively engorged and violently pulsing prong, a shiver running through him as a creamy blob of spunk disgorged from his gaping cumslit all over the glossy tip of the Yalova Escort Bayan teacher’s megacock, part of it becoming suspended between the centimetre-thick brim of the rounded purple crown and the thick shaft it sat atop.

Groaning, Robert once more clasped his hands over his dick on the top of Diamond’s head to improvise a channel to slide his cock through, and pushed his hips forward so that his beefy pillar of iron-hard meat slid further down against the muscular member that was facing it, the stretched skin and bulging, tumescent veins slickly coursing against the ridged, brawny tissues of the foot and a half monster shaft that Ian was sporting. The turgid shafts were in contact for about twelve inches, the glossy, gleaming, slickened fuckpipes smoothly slipping side by side, until Robert eased the stroke backwards until the pair of shafts were once again lined up against each other, facing each other in the air, a rope of cum suspended between them.

Robert’s massive testicles plopped downwards off the top of Diamond’s head, dangling in her face. The student stud his ballsack over her face so the porn bimbo looked like she was wearing a mask made of the rubbery skin of his scrotum, though he could still hear her giggling under it.

Sanddy leaned forwards and addressed Robert.

‘Robert,’ the busty teen whore said, looking him in the eyes, ’empty that fucking cum-cannon all over his dick…’

Robert gulped as Sanddy stuck her tongue in her cheek and extended her hand to clasp the area just beneath the gleaming hood of his juddering dick.

‘… I want it fucking coated.’

Robert’s body convulsed at the slut’s exceptionally talented touch, and a massive spurt of cum surged out of his dick and splattered Ian’s monstrous, brawny length, the creamy spray arcing over the rounded head and thickly plastering the meaty schlong.

Sanddy grinned as the spatter splashed back from Ian’s overdeveloped groin, and jacked Robert again, this time more firmly, sliding her hand up and down the heavy, thick, hard tube, and coaxing another massive load from his visibly throbbing fuckpiece that drenched Ian’s bell-end with a thick cord of hot balljuice, a thick rope developing a tail and hanging off the rounded tip.

‘All those fucking hundreds of sluts that I’ve sucked your cum out of… all those fucking teenage assholes you broke with this monster… but this is SUCH a fucking turn on…!!’ Sanddy mused while jerking Robert forcibly.

Ian gasped as another glistening spray of jizz splattered noisily and messily over his quivering, cum-drenched dong courtesy of the massive-jugged teenage sexpot’s concerted masturbation of her boyfriend.

‘You fucking little bimbo whore…’ he told Sanddy through gritted teeth. His dick was getting completely caked in thick white spurts of the student’s spunk.

‘You fucking love it, you fucking mutant-cocked pervert…’ Sanddy said, turning her head to him and punctuating her sentence with a sluttish wiggle of her tongue as her clasped fingers wrung another heavy rope of cum out of Robert’s spasming spunk-cannon. Robert’s tongue was literally hanging out of his mouth. The beam of semen that shot from his pisshole smacked onto the base of Ian’s dick, the thick glistening fluid splattering around both sides of the pole and dribbling down the teacher’s ballsack.

‘And so do you,’ she told Robert as another syrupy bolt spurted out of his mega schlong, Ian’s dick now completely glazed with hot spunk, the towering, eighteen-inch length replying by belching a glutinous spray of precum out of the film of cum that coated his cockend that spattered against Robert’s fuck pipe.

‘fucking WHORE!’ Robert told Sanddy, shoving two fingers up her asshole, the busty teen yelping with delight while Ian one-handedly groped her massive jutting tits.

Cum was roping in a several thick, molten laces from the distended tool as another jet of Robert’s spunk was released over it. Ian gritted his teeth, groaned, and then almost roared. He engaged his pc muscle and began to lever his gigantic monstercock downwards, lowering the angle that the brawny tool protruded a foot-and-a-half from his muscular groin.

Sanddy wrung another bolt of spunk from Robert’s dick that coursed out in a messy spray and splattered the topmost part of Ian’s broad, vascular fuckpipe, the thick, gluey discharge roping off the blunt, rounded tip as it lowered downwards until it was pointing at Diamond’s mouth.

Finally, Robert eased himself to the side from where he had been standing behind Diamond, his ballsack peeling away from her face. Diamond blinked and then her eyes bugged to see the monolithic, spunk-coated meat pipe that was pointing directly in her face.

‘Well I-MMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKK!!’ was all that Diamond could get out before Ian slammed the behemoth penis into her mouth, grabbing it in his hand, his palm and fingers slickly coated with Robert’s cum to direct and steady the passage of the monster length before releasing it Escort Yalova and ramming the entirety of the eighteen inches of arm-thick fuckmeat down Diamond’s throat. Diamond’s eyes rolled back white as Ian hilted the gigantic fleshmast into her throat, impaling her face, Robert’s cum roping off it as it slid past her lips, a thick beard of the student’s cum becoming fixed on her chin, the rope dangling between her gleaming chest and protruding tits.

Ian held Diamond’s head as she tipped it back while he shoved his fuckpipe down her mouth, and then sawed his hips back and forth to further entrench the tool in the hot young teen pornstar’s throat.

‘You started this, you dumb slut,’ Ian told Diamond, ‘now you clean it up!’

Sanddy was still expertly jacking Robert, keeping him on the edge.

‘You still thinking about spunking on that stud’s giant dick, baby? I bet you are.’

Robert groaned, ‘slut…’

‘Do you want me to jerk you off on it? Or do you want to do it yourself?’

Robert swallowed.

‘I’m going to fuck your hand,’ he said to Sanddy.

Sanddy smiled lusciously. ‘You can fuck anything of mine you want.’

Robert set his jaw and shunted his hips forwards. His glistening, juiced fuck piston slid through Sanddy’s grip. She tightened her clutch on the steel-hard monster fuckpiece gliding through her hand. Not taking her eyes from Robert, her smile grew noticeably nastier as she pointed his meatstick in the general direction of Ian and Diamond, a superior look in her eyes that made Robert gulp again as his dick slid through her slender fingers, her hand clasping around the brawny tissues at the base.

Robert groaned and transferred his gaze to where Ian released his grip on Diamond’s head, his megacock unsheathed from the stacked blond teenage porn bimbo’s experienced throat, the girder of throbbing, muscular meat coming free in a spray of frothy slobber.

A simply monstrous pair of bronzed, round, protruding, gleaming fuckbags with tiny eraser-tip nipples appeared at Robert’s side.

‘Well what did I mi-‘

The inimitable Laura Hart stopped mid-sentence as Robert’s monstercock unleashed a volcanic splatter of hot, gushing spunk that ripped out of the tip of his rock-hard, turgidly bulging fuckstick in a messy jet that smacked against Ian’s newly-dislodged, slobber-coated cum-cannon as it hovered from Diamond’s gasping, parted, plump bimbo lips. Robert groaned as he spunked all over the glistening, vascular teacher’s schlong, who gritted his teeth in response.

‘Ooops…’ Sanddy said, shrugging as she looked to the momentarily stunned Laura Hart, the stacked blonde’s mouth gaping and eyes agog.

Laura looked at the student’s cum-dripping beastcock, the tissues of the glistening shaft visibly inflating and deflating as a thick, ungoverned rope of cum laced onto the ground between Robert’s feet from the gaping cumslit.

‘Robert,’ the stacked blonde said, ‘I know Mr White’s your favourite teacher, but this is taking things a bit far!’

Robert groaned, his eyes rolling around the top of his skull until they located the monster-jugged whore on his left.

‘It’s not me…’ he said, ‘it’s Sanddy…’

Sanddy gasped in mock-surprise, eyes going wide.

‘Not guilty!’ the curvy teen slut protested theatrically. ‘See?’ she pulled her hand away from where Robert’s schlong had been pistoning through her fingers, ‘no fucking hands!’

On cue, Robert’s cum-pumping penis jolted, sprung up six inches in the air, and shot a thick bolt of white, gooey spunk that spewed into space from the tip of the member and smacked wet and hard in a rope that laid over the gleaming, round hood of his teacher’s cock, all the way to about seven inches down the top of the shaft, dripping off the other side.

‘Looks a little like six of one and half a dozen of the other to me…’ said Laura, looking at the way that Ian’s dick was glazed with the stud teen’s load.

Ian grunted and nestled his cum-dripping member back against Diamond’s permanently pouting bimbo fuck-pillows, settling against her pink lips with a plopping sounds, before inserting the veined prong into her mouth, the vast pillar of flesh sliding down her gullet and expanding the teen’s throat, while the student’s thick, potent man-goo sluiced off it as it glided between her lips, roping in cords of thick, pure, white molten ropes that splattered all over her tits.

Charles and Candi appeared, next to Laura. Charles was carrying Candi in front of him, and he had her legs hitched up and splayed with his hands underneath her slender thighs. The boobed teenage slut had her glistening, saturated eighteen year old pussy sliding slickly over the root of the megadong, the gorgeous young slut able to straddle it like a bar on a playground as it stuck out in front of her.

Charles had obviously ejaculated in the not-too-distant past, and a heavy, weighted blob of spunk, heavier at the bottom than at the top, was suspended from his cockend, dangling about a foot from the floor, with other equally thick and stubbornly elastic and viscous ropes trailing upwards, attached to the blonde birthday girl’s spectacular pair of massively spherical tits that jutted out of he chest, one between her deep cleavage that was stuck to her chin.

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