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The door slides quietly shut behind me and I pause, leaning my shoulders against the heavy oak to silently watch as your struggles come to an abrupt halt, your eyes widening. I savour the moment, luxuriating in the many shifts in your expression from angry indignation to pure, unadulterated lust. I smile slowly and walk lazily toward the bed.

You are, of course, more or less how I left you. Naked and sat in the centre of your large bed, your back against the wooden headboard, long arms stretched wide and wrists securely tied to its heavy, ornate posts. There are some changes, however. The once crisp sheets are mounded and drape to the floor, no doubt a result of your spirited and somewhat loud attempts to free yourself. Your skin is flushed and glistens damply from your exertions and your once smooth hair is in spiked disarray. The habitually arrogant expression which had slipped from your face as I left the room is slowly edging back as you show your approval of my new attire, a single eyebrow raised in an unspoken compliment. I turn slowly to let you fully appreciate the changes I have made to my own person.

I am dressed almost entirely in white, a soft transparent fabric that clings to every curve and contrasts beautifully with the olive of my skin and my long dark hair. A wide sleeved, wide necked peasant style blouse exposes my throat and shoulders and the laces which decorate its front barely conceal the deep shadow between my breasts. My skirt is long and falls in layers almost to the floor. I gather its soft material in one hand, slowly raising the hem to reveal thigh high brown leather boots and turn once more, showing the laces which run along the back. A wide belt of the same leather clinches the billowing fabric at my waist, emphasizing my curves and pulling the fabric against my skin.

You start to speak; I turn, lightly pressing a finger to my mouth, compelling your silence. My hands move to my belt, releasing the heavy buckle and letting it drop to the floor with a thud. The skirt falls next, a cloud of frothy white at my feet. My blouse is long so that only scant inch of tanned flesh is visible between its flowing hem and the tops of my boots. I let my hands drift here for a moment, smoothing the fabric against my skin before lifting it slightly to tease you with a glimpse of my naked thighs. You surge forward but your bonds are strong and after a moments struggle you subside.

When you’re still once more my hands move to the laces of my blouse. I arch my back, my erect nipples clearly visible through the sheer fabric. Slowly, so slowly, I draw the laces from their loops so that the blouse falls apart, revealing the inner curves of my breasts, my flat stomach and white silk briefs. Your cock twitches reflexively and your eyes beg me to sweep the blouse aside but I have my own plans.

Keeping my briefs on, I climb onto the bed. Moving upwards on my hands and knees between your spread thighs. Letting the tip of my hair trail along your legs, leaving you aching for a more firm touch. My head draws level with your sex and I see your hips rise expectantly. I lean forward so that my hair falls like a curtain, pooling on your stomach, hiding your cock and my mouth from view. Your hips are moving, eager to feel the first touch of my lips. I come close enough to let you feel my breath against your skin, close enough for me to smell the hot, salty scent of your arousal then move away, smiling to myself as you try to follow me with your hips.

I Uşak Escort lie facing you between your knees, my own knees parted slightly. Your frustration is almost palpable but your expression is avid and follows every move of my hands as I trace a slow, swirling line from the base of my throat to the edge of my briefs, flattening my hands against my skin and moving under the open edges of my blouse. Spreading my fingers, I let my hands draw the material apart, caressing the skin of my stomach and moving inexorably upwards to cup my breasts. I lift them slightly, pressing them together a little before using my nails to gently score intricate patterns across my dark areolas, the action causing goose bumps to spread across my skin and my nipples to tighten even further. I devour your expression as I pinch my nipples, tugging them ever so slightly. I repeat this action, watching your mouth, your tongue flicks out to wet your dry lips. Your own eyes darting back and forth from my hands, my breasts, and back to my eyes.

My hands abandon my breasts, sweeping downwards once more to the juncture of my thighs. I part them wider and wider until my skin is touching yours. You groan a little but whether from the heat of my skin or the exposed view, I do not know.

Bringing my hands back up my thighs I let a single finger trace the outline of my briefs, just dipping below the elastic before drawing a line along my hot, pulsing centre, pushing the fabric against my pussy so that it moulds against my swollen lips. Gently, oh so gently, I circle my clit which leaps at my touch. My head falls back and my hair is once more trailing across your skin as I tease my self with my touch, my hips gyrating into my hand. It is not enough. I pause for a moment to regain my control and to gauge the effect my display is having upon you. Your eyes are glued to my fingers pressed into my moist cleft and the muscles across your chest and arms are straining towards me. Your cock is hard and moving slightly against your stomach, the tip beaded with moisture. The time for slow seduction is quickly ebbing away.

I lie back and raising my legs scoop my thumbs into the edges of my briefs and whisk them away. Quickly I sit up and you have only a moment to appreciate my newly naked pussy, framed only by the edges of my blouse and the leather of my thigh boots before my fingers obscure your view. Both hands now, one teasing and circling the hard jut of my clit whilst the other dips in to my pussy, coating the moisture that is pooling there across my fingers and naked lips.

I shift position, moving forward on the bed so that you can feel the wet heat of my sex against the base of your cock. Your groans become suddenly loud and frequent and your hips strain towards me. I raise myself till my knees are straddling you and slide my pussy along the length of your cock, enjoying your desperate attempts to push into me, lifting myself at the last moment to frustrate those attempts.

I stand on the bed, my own arousal and my heels against the softness of the mattress making me sway a little. I want to tease you with the view, but my own needs are too demanding. I move myself towards your mouth and you gladly meet me half way. The scent of sex, mingled with cinnamon oil fills your senses with a fresh surge of desire. The tip of your tongue slides onto the smooth skin of my pussy, zeroing in on my clit and alternating between slow, soft circles and flicking at the very tip. My hands Uşak Escort Bayan entangle themselves in your hair, partly to keep my balance but mainly to hold you in place as I push my pelvis towards your face. I feel the vibrations of your groan against my pussy and begin to tremble, tension building from my legs and centring on my groin. Sensing that I am close to capture; you take my clit gently between your teeth and lash the very tip with your tongue. It is too much. Clutching now at your hair, I push myself hard against your mouth and scream your name as I climax.

Waves of sensation pushing through every part of my body I hold you tightly as my back arches fiercely, the intense pleasure causing my nipples to tighten almost to the point of pain. My legs can no longer hold me upright and I slide down your body, knees falling either side of your hips, my hands still holding your hair, the trembling spasms of my body gradually easing, becoming further and further apart until I once more gain control of my senses.

I raise my head and gently kiss you, using my hold on your hair to prevent you leaning into the kiss, taking my time licking at your mouth and face where my own scent lies thick and sweet. I tip your head back slightly so that I can kiss and bite along the edge of your jaw and down the sides of your throat, easing myself down your body so that my sex is brushing the tip of your cock. You jerk violently at the first touch and raise your hips towards me, trying to thrust your way inside, but I want to play with you for a while longer.

Slipping over the tip of you, I lower my sex onto the front of your cock, rocking myself onto you, covering you with my juices. The ridge of you presses against my sensitive clit and I begin to tremble again and my impatience quickly rises to meet your own. I reach down between our bodies and smooth my hand from the base to the tip of your cock, enjoying our shared wetness before sliding once more to the base, holding you in position as I lower my pussy, ever so slightly, onto your waiting hardness. Just a single inch inside, I then pull back and slip the hot, wet dome of you over my clit again. I repeat this movement; letting you penetrate me just enough to gather my heat and moisture before letting you slip out, using you to selfishly pleasure myself. Each time you try to thrust further forward and each time my hand at the base of your cock prevents this until your hips are raised entirely from the bed and you’re growling at me to fuck you.

Trying to control my breathing, I cry out “say my name, SAY MY NAME “. You oblige beautifully, your voice shaking with need and frustration.

My own desires overcome my need to play and I quickly withdraw my hand and sink onto your cock in one fluid glide of motion. My backside is pressed against you and I arch my back, enjoying the feel of you hard and hot against the deepest recesses of my womb, the position increasing the degree of penetration and also preventing you from thrusting again. Your arms pull hard against your bonds and your eyes plead with me to move but I am enjoying myself far too much. Holding you pinned inside me I let my hands stray once more to my pussy, spreading myself around you and letting my fingers trace where we are joined. I let my inner muscles tense and relax as I stroke myself slowly, lazily, my previous climax having taken the urgent edge off of my desire. I grind my hips against you, trying to make you groan once Escort Uşak more and you oblige oh so beautifully.

When I think that you can no longer stand the pressure, I lean forward; my booted legs pressed taught against your own, my breasts pressed against your chest and my arms around your neck as I raise myself high before impaling myself on you. I increase the pace, slamming myself against you, fucking you fast and hard and deep. I kiss you once before allowing my mouth to roam over your jaw and neck and shoulders, kissing and biting, my nails digging into the skin of your back. You are surging towards me, thrusting as hard as you can from your seated position, fucking me back, your mouth trying to reach any part of me as I thrash upon you.

I bring my mouth to yours and after a hard kiss I bite your lip, hard enough to draw blood and as you start in surprise, you feel my pussy begin to spasm around you, watch as my back arches once more and my body shakes with the force of my climax. Screaming your name as you continue thrusting against me, fucking me from below even as my body starts to calm and slump in reaction. I raise my hips and let your still thrusting cock slip from my body. I move away as you let out a roar of disapproval.

Your anger is soon abated as I move my mouth to your cock. With the tip of my tongue, I swirl around the head of your cock, enjoying the mingled taste of my own juices and your own salty pre-cum, following the trail of taste down to the base of you before flattening my tongue and licking my way back to your glands. Holding you tight, I look into your eyes as I lick the fingers of my hand, wetting them thoroughly before sliding them over your perineum and to the cleft of the arse. My tongue returns to your shaft and as I trace every ridge and vein, my fingers edge their way between your cheeks. As I suck you hard into the depths of my mouth, my fingers pierce you, slipping past your resistance to arch upwards and press against your own g-spot, drawing gentle circles which have you trembling and lifting towards me. Keeping up this pressure, I let my mouth move back to the base of you, leaving copious moisture in its wake, my tongue licking over your tautly swollen balls, sucking one into my mouth and rolling it along my tongue.

I release you and move upwards, my tongue following the swollen veins. Coating you in saliva, making you slick. I press my breasts against and around you. Snaking my tongue as I push my head forward as far as I can, feeling you press into my throat. I swallow hard and then force the tense muscles to relax so that you fuck the length of my throat. My tongue continues to sweep across you and my fingers maintain their pressure as I sense you speeding towards your own climax, your body tensing, your jaws tightly clamped and your back and neck arched as far as your restraints will allow.

I increase the pressure and you moan, thrusting hard against my throat where I swallow against you, the rhythmic pressure squeezing and releasing until you explode deep in my throat. The thick, hot, salty cum hits me hard and I edge backward slightly and let it bathe my tongue, inner cheeks and throat, tears of pleasure streaming down my face. Your spasms grow less fierce and less frequent and I continue to lick and massage you, draining your cock of every last drop of cum and sucking you clean until you are finally still. I rest my head in your lap and relish the relaxation of your muscles and your gradually slowing breath. When you speak, I can feel the vibrations of it against my face.

Quietly you whisper “so are we even now?” Brushing my cheek over your thigh, I smile to myself and lightly lick the tip of your cock, “not quite yet sweetheart, not quite yet. “

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