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Savannah’s First Time

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My name is Savannah and I am nineteen, this is about my first sexual experience.

My boyfriend and I had been dating about two weeks as we started dating after I turned 18. He was several years older than me and he was much more experienced than I was. He says he had been with several other girls and I hadn’t been with anyone, he was the first guy that I had even kissed. I had never touched his cock or even seen it, but at times I wished that I had after our make out sessions.

He made my pussy wet and I often left with my panties soaking wet. I think I started too fast as I started on our first date with kissing. He would try to squeeze my tits and he would often try to work his hand down the front of my pants only to have me stop him. Little did I know what he was going to do to me on that Saturday night.

My parents were out of town and he came over and we started kissing while sitting on my bed. I was wearing a plaid pleated short mini skirt, a white blouse, white lacy anklets and black patent Mary Janes and my hair was in pigtails. My boyfriend James began kissing my neck like he usually did working his way to my lips. He would kiss me on the mouth sticking his tongue inside of my mouth and he would try to push me onto my back. I wasn’t ready for sex but I was ready to explore touching each other. James tried again to push me back and this time I let him. He began to inch his body onto mine when I realized how hard his dick was as he was rubbing himself on my leg.

He began to unbutton my blouse easing it open revealing my white satin bra and my stomach. He began Anadolu Yakası Escort kissing me harder as he became excited that I was letting him inside my shirt. His hand sliding under the cup of my bra made me moan and his hand was so soft as he played with my nipples. I felt him move completely on top of me causing me to open my legs slightly. He pressed his groin into mine and he began to push against me. I was so wet that my underwear began to slide against my clit with each push. James asked if he could pull his pants off and I told him it was okay as long as he left his underwear on and that he couldn’t stick his dick inside of me.

He pulled off his pants and I saw he didn’t have any underwear on. I told him to make sure he didn’t stick himself inside of my pussy as I wasn’t ready. I also told him that if he cums he would have to make sure to cum on my stomach so I wouldn’t get pregnant. As James climbed back on top of my body I placed my feet on the edges of the bed which caused my skirt to slide up to my waist. I couldn’t believe how big James cock was and knew that it wouldn’t fit easily inside of my virgin cunt. James began sliding his cock over my underwear as my cunt juices soaking through my underwear coated his dick.

I unclasped my bra which allowed him full access to my breasts. I asked him if he promised not to have sex with me and James told me “Savannah, I will wait until your ready.”

I relaxed and I stretched my body out by grabbing the head board. James kept pushing harder against my pussy almost finding my tiny opening. We Pendik Escort continued making out with each other I couldn’t believe how my body tingled from the excitement of our bodies rubbing and sliding against each other. I was breathing so hard and the sweat from our bodies made him slide across my body that much easier. His kisses were getting deeper and wetter, his tongue probing the inside of my mouth. Part of me wanted to tell him I was ready for him to have his way with my body and the other part of me just thought it would be wrong. That was when James took my bra off and moved my hands together and then tying them to the headboard with my bra. I now realized I could be in trouble. He kissed my body down to my underwear and he slid my underwear off over my mary janes. He ran his tongue over my pussies hole which felt so good. He licked it a few more times. James started to climb on top of me and I brought my legs together.

“Savannah, open up, I will be gentle.”

“James, I kinda want to but I am not ready.”

He just replied, “Savannah, be a good little girl and open your legs, its time to become a woman. I will get your legs apart.”

James began to try and push my legs apart as I tried to not let him.

My thighs were so wet from the heated action earlier that as he pressed himself against me, his cock would slide down and in between my thighs. Between that and his body weight my legs were spreading apart despite my best efforts. I was so scared and worried that he was going to stick himself inside of me. I felt the head of James cock Kurtköy Escort find the opening of my pussy as he pressed the head of his cock against it. I couldn’t bring my legs together to keep him out of me and my hands were tied to the head board. I felt the head of his cock begin to slide inside of me and with each push of his hips, it went a little deeper. I felt a rush of my fluids leaked out of me as my whole body shook in its attempt to handle his cock fucking my insides. I couldn’t believe this was happening as he began to slide his whole dick inside of me. It felt like his cock was inside my stomach and I have to admit, it felt so good. I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy the sensations that were overcoming my body. Without wasting a moment he began pumping my pussy harder, stretching it wider and wider making it learn to handle his fullness.

I brought my legs up wrapping my mary janes around his back allowing myself to open wider. I began to moan out from pain and pleasure as it only allowed it to go in deeper inside of me. I couldn’t lower my legs to keep him from going in so deep inside of me as he wrapped his arms around my thighs as he grabbed the head board. He was driving it in so hard that I began to ask him to stop. That was when James began to grunt as I felt his whole body tense up. I then felt his cock begin to throb inside of me, splashing his baby makers against my cervix. He came so much I thought I was going to be sick from being so full of his fluids. He then stopped and fell limp onto my sweat soaked body.

Shortly after he kissed me on the cheek and untied my hands telling me I had better clean up so I don’t get pregnant. When I stood up I felt his cum begin to run down my legs and dripping onto the floor making me feel dirty.

James never called me back so I began looking for someone else who wanted to be inside of me.

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