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Sara’s Friend Ch. 3

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Sara pulled into her driveway with a smile on her face. She knew she was going to have a huge surprise for Michelle tonight that would make her friend extremely happy and content. Sara gave a small chuckle at the erotic thoughts going through her mind. She knew she wanted to get her hands on her friend again, she could still taste her in her mouth. Sara groaned as her mouth watered and her pulse quickened with sexual excitement. Slowing the car, then stopping it, Sara turned it off. Looking at her house knowing her friend was in there made Sara’s pussy start to get wet. She stared at the red front door as she thought again of all the things she wanted try with her friend. She just hoped Michelle was up for it and would be as excited at all the new things they could do.

Slowly reaching over to open the door, Sara took a deep breath and pulled the doorknob. She was also worried that Michelle had regretted last night and would be uncomfortable around her. God…she hoped not. Cause if there was one thing Sara did know it was she really wanted to do it again. Pushing the door open wider Sara reached over, grabbed her purse beside her on the seat and moved her leg out to get out of the car. Taking another deep breath she slowly got the rest of the way out of the car, stood up, turned around and shut the door.

Turning to face the door to her house, Sara squared her shoulders and proceeded to go in. It seemed forever before she reached a foot from the door but she knew it was only a matter of minutes. Reaching out, Sara placed her hand on the doorknob and paused. Closing her eyes and mentally preparing herself for what she was going to encounter inside with her friend. Her stomach tied in Knots Sara turned the knob and walked in her house. When she came into the hallway she quickly looked around to see if she caught a glimpse at Michelle. Sighing with disappointment she didn’t. That’s when she noticed the house seemed awfully quiet.

“This is strange,” thought Sara. She had expected to hear at least a TV or something when she walked in. Looking around again slowly she still noticed that it was entirely too silent in her house. Sara began to worry that maybe something was wrong or that Michelle might has left without saying goodbye. Panicking, Sara turned closed the door and started walking through the rooms of her home calling out softly for her friend. Her heart sinking to her stomach when no reply, made her search faster as she went from her living room to her kitchen and even to peek outside on the deck. Realizing that there was nothing downstairs she practically ran up the stairs in the hall to get to the second floor. Seeing Michelle’s bedroom door closed she walked swiftly to it and pushed it open.

Sleeping soundly in her bed, Michelle never noticed she had an intruder. Sara felt air rush back into her lungs as her heart beat pulsed quickly. Still with her hand on the door, Sara stared at her friend while she slept mentally checking to make sure it was she in the bed and not a fantasy. She looked over her body intently to familiarize herself in her mind her friend’s body. Once her heart slowed down and she was able to see everything was okay with Michelle, Sara sighed in relief. Realizing she could wake her friend Sara felt a stab of guilt and slowly stepped back in the hallway to move out of the room. Just as she was almost into the hall a sound came from Michelle as she shifted in bed in her asleep. Turning over from her side to her back Michelle scooted in her sleep to make herself more comfortable. In the process the sheet had moved aside to allow Sara to see one of Michelle’s breast and a leg uncovered. It hit Sara then that her friend was sleeping in the nude.

A jolt of fire went through Sara’s body as she felt her pussy start to get moist again. She started seeing flashbacks in her mind of the night before as she had kissed and sucked on her friend’s body. She remembered feeling her friend’s breast and the taste of her too. Sara was totally turned on with these thoughts and without realizing it, stepped back into the room. Watching her friend intently as Michelle’s breathing made her breasts move up and down, Sara felt more sexually aroused then the night before. She knew what treasures laid before her and knew how much pleasure she can get out of Michelle. Pushing the door open all the way quietly Sara looked over Michelle’s half covered body and felt herself become even more wet. She knew she was going to crawl in that bed and taste her friend again.

Slowly and quietly Sara moved toward the bed. When she was a foot away she stopped and stared down at her beautiful friend sleeping. As she kept an eye on Michelle, she slowly started to take her cloths off one article at a time. First the shirt, then her bra, and finally reaching down to her pants, unzipping them and sliding them down. Kicking her feet out of them and tossing them again to the side with one foot. Standing over her friend in nothing but a g-string, Sara thought again of her surprise for Michelle. She had called earlier today to şişli escort one of her friends named Keith from work on his day off and asked him if he would like to come over this evening for some fun. When he seemed confused as her meaning of fun, she explained about her and Michelle. She had told him that she wanted to have a threesome with him and if he was interested. He had agreed eagerly and had set up the time for six in the evening, giving them all enough time tonight for each other. Sara knew she could trust him for her and her friend Keith had had many different sexual experiences together in the past. Sara had always enjoyed having sex with him and knowing he could be trusted totally. She just hoped that Michelle would get comfortable with involving another person tonight. Sara was very much excited about opening Michelle’s sexual experiences in the week she was there to spend time with her. Shaking herself mentally from those thoughts, Sara looked over at the clock and noticed it was four-thirty in the afternoon. Smiling she knew there was plenty of time to have a little fun now.

Slowly Sara reached down and uncovered the rest of her friend’s body to bring it into full view.

“Oh god,” Sara thought and groaned softly as she stared at Michelle’s body. She loved looking at her and thinking of all the things she would like to do to her. Quickly observing the situation Sara realized she wanted Michelle to wake up so turned on that she would not be able to turn back from wanting an orgasm. So softly Sara reached for one leg and moved it toward herself parting Michelle’s legs further. She slightly bent her knee up and out to make room for Sara’s body for when she was in-between Michelle mumbled something unintelligible but didn’t change her position. Walking around the foot of the bed to the other side, Sara repeated her steps with the other leg. Michelle didn’t mumble this time making Sara believe she was deeply sleeping.

Walking back to the foot of the bed to stare down at Michelle’s open pussy spread and waiting. Sara mouth became dry. Slowly letting her wet pink tongue lick the bottom lip and then the top, She thought of how she really should moisten her mouth. With that thought Sara smiled and slowly descended down on the bed carefully as not to wake up her friend. The bed groaned a little with the extra weight but finally accepted her and not disturbing her friends sleep. Sliding on her stomach and getting well in-between Michelle’s legs, Sara felt her heart beat faster as she knew she was about to taste heaven.

Positioning herself with her face a few inches from Michelle’s pussy while she laid flat on her stomach, Sara looked at her friend’s pussy up and down savoring the moment. Getting to know all the areas that the dark wouldn’t allow the night before. Michelle’s pussy was a dark pink with soft skin all over. It looked as though it was beckoning Sara to come in and play. Slowly and carefully Sara moved her nose closer to take a deep breath and to inhale her friend’s aroma.

“God,” Sara thought, “She smells wonderful.”

Sara stared longer into Michelle’s pussy savoring the moment of freedom to explore with her eyes. She knew once she touched Michelle it wouldn’t be long before she woke up. She thought how erotic it would be for her friend to wake feeling of someone sucking on her clit. She felt tenderness for her friend knowing she was able to make Michelle cum.

Slowly she brought her mouth forward and slid he tongue out. Lightly she touched Michelle’s body and started to move her tongue, licking slowly in the crease between Michelle’s leg and pussy up and down. Tasting the crease for awhile she decided to move to the other side of Michelle’s pussy. Her friend unconsciously spread her legs wider. Sara smiled because she knew in her sleep her friend was feeling this and liking it. Giving the other side the same amount of loving strokes, Sara started to become excited. Getting eager Sara moved her tongue and brought it slowly inward toward Michelle’s pussy lips. She desperately wanted to dive in-between them and tastes the juices but she controlled the urge. Instead she lightly skimmed over the top of them up to where they meet and down to the top of where the anus started. Michelle sighed in her sleep spreading her legs just a little further apart. Moving her tongue slowly, Sara added pressure to make nice long strokes on the surface of the lips. She knew Michelle was feeling it in her sleep and not only cause she sighed, it was also cause she could start to smell her friends arousal. Sliding her tongue again slowly up and down, Sara moaned herself from loving the feel of her friend’s pussy lips on her tongue. Michelle moaned again in her sleep and mumbled something unintelligent. Sara was ready to bring her friend awake.

Speeding up the strokes and adding more pressure made Sara’s tongue slip into the warm honey juices lying just underneath the lips of her friend’s pussy. She could feel the top of Michelle’s clit as she slid her tongue up and down between the moist crack. Moving her hands up from her side, Sara placed them on either side of Michelle’s pussy. Sliding her thumbs down over the soft warm lips, she moved them inside the lips to slowly spread them open.

“Oh yea…” Sara whispered as she saw the juices glistening all over.

Spreading her thumbs apart to where she wanted, Sara stopped and just stared for a second. She was becoming to love the sight, taste, and feel of pussy so much. It being Michelle’s made it better. Sara knew the things she was doing to her friend were wetting her own pussy. She loved every minute of it. Slowly she lowered her face in-between her friend’s legs and with her tongue her lapped up Michelle’s juices in one stroke. Which of course produced more from her friend’s slumbering excitement. Sara just smiled as she again took her tongue and slowly dragged it from the top of Michelle’s anus to her clit. One long, slows, and pressured stroke. Michelle whimpered in her sleep. Making Sara clearly enjoying herself more.

Moving her tongue a few more times up and down all over Michelle’s pussy Sara knew she was going to make Michelle cum hard today. Finally moving her tongue up, Sara started to slide her tongue over the aroused clit, dragging her tongue again over it as it moved around with the pressure. Michelle mumbled again and twisted her body slightly. Sara started to speed up as she brought her tongue away a little bit to flick the tip of her tongue over Michelle’s clit. Quickly she teased the clit’s tip as her friend slowly came out of her sleep. Wrapping her lips completely around the clit to make an unbreakable seal, Sara paused. She waited till Michelle had closed her eyes again ready to fall back asleep. When everything was silent, a moment later, Sara quickly sucked the clit in her mouth. Making Michelle body jump and her eyes fly open. A soft gasp came out of Michelle’s mouth as reality came into focus as to what Sara was doing. Sara began sucking the clit in and out of her mouth, making Michelle whimper.

Michelle woke up confused for a second trying to get out of a dream state and come to reality. Quickly she looked around to find out what woke her up suddenly. Feeling a jolt of pleasure go through her body she gasped as she look down between her legs and found Sara tasting her. Every nerve in her body woke up and just then a jolt of heat ran up from her pussy to her stomach. Michelle collapsed back down on the bed and moaned. Opening her legs as far as they would go Michelle laid back and enjoyed her friend assaulting her pussy. She could feel her wetness all in between her legs as Sara licked and sucked that harden clit. “Mmmmmmmmm… “Michelle thought as she felt her nipples get hard. Taking her hand she trailed the tips of her fingers over the aroused nipples. Feeling warmth through her breast. Slightly she pinched it and looked down to Sara.

” Oh God Sara…yes baby yes…” Michelle mumbled out

Sara continued to suck on her friend’s clit like a baby’s bottle, making Michelle squirm. Although still partly in the dream world, Michelle knew what was happening to her and was loving it tremendously. Waking up and finding Sara between her legs was the most wonderful feeling in the world. Being so relaxed also made the excitement even more intense, which made Michelle juices flow more. She knew if Sara continued the assault on her pussy she would be cumming in a matter of seconds if she didn’t slow down.

” Sara …oh yea baby… make me cum hard for you…” Michelle whispered to her friend as she grabbed Sara’s head and pressed her pussy in Sara’s face. Michelle lifted her ass off the bed some as she grinded slowly into Sara’s tongue. Sara stopped sucking and moved her mouth down to her friend’s vagina to slide her tongue up inside making Michelle yell out in pleasure. Sara slowly started to wiggle her tongue in her friends pussy and she moved her thumb to rub the harden clit. Adding pressure just above where the clit stuck out on the vein. Making warmth spread through Michelle’s legs as she felt herself getting ready to cum. Sara continued to soak up all the juices she could with her tongue. Wishing it was a sponge to get every last drop. Her friend was groaning and spreading her legs as wide as they could go again to give Sara as much access as possible. All the pleasure she was getting from Sara’s tongue was making Michelle whimper like a kitten.

“Oh yea baby…lick me up ” Michelle told Sara with pure pleasure. Doing as she was told Sara continued to suck, lick and drink in her friend’s juices. Making Michelle’s lips swell and her pussy become sensitive with all the friction from her tongue. The pleasure was so intense Michelle could feel herself becoming ready to cum.

” Sara…oh my god …I’m about to cum” Michelle yelled out.

Michelle started to breathe heavily as she could feel her legs starting to shake and her heart pounding faster. Sara stopped what she was doing suddenly and looked up quickly at her friend.

“Cum for me baby…drench my mouth” she demanded before she quickly dove back between her friends legs and surrounded Michelle’s clit with her mouth. With almost inhuman speed she flicked her tongue over the harden bud and adding pressure to make Michelle groan loudly. Feeling Sara’s tongue moving quickly over her clit was all Michelle could take, stiffening her legs and raising her ass off the bed more to smother Sara’s face with her pussy, Michelle started to cum hard. Feeling her body shake as she felt wave after wave of orgasm flowing through her was all Michelle could do not to pass out. Crying out fiercely in the room Michelle let her body take over with its selfish pleasure as she continued to grind more into her friend’s tounge. Sara moved her tongue down to the pussy opening and licked up all the new juices from her friend’s body. Groaning out loud with pleasure Sara dove in harder to get all the sweet juice she could. Michelle couldn’t stop shaking as her body went through intense pleasure.

” Sara…” Michelle screamed as the last sensation swept her body. With her body shaking Michelle collapsed on the bed spent. Slowly Sara licked up the juices flowing out of her friend. The taste was magnificent. Michelle’s breast rose and fell as she tried to calm her breathing.

” My God Sara you are wonderful” Michelle exclaimed.

Sara took one last lick and looked up from in between her friend’s legs to smile.

” I just wanted you to wake up feeling good baby” she explained to her friend Michelle.

Michelle looked down to her friend and smiled back. Slowly Sara moved away from in-between her friend’s legs and scooted down to edge of the bed, finding her feet to the floor she stood up and looked over her friend still lying down on the bed. They each looked at each other for a second before Sara broke the silence.

” Honey, I have a surprise for you” she started.

“Oh?” Michelle looked at her with curiosity still trying to get control of her breathing.

” Yes I am having a friend over tonight and I would like very much for you two to meet. He means a lot to me and I think you two will hit it off very well.” Sara explained.

” Well I think any friend of yours Sara would be a friend of mine” Michelle said hastily to be helpful and to put her friend at ease.

Sara paused to take a deep breath to help her friend understand what she was about to announce.

” Honey, I would like very much for Keith, my friend, to join us in um…” Sara said pausing to find the right words.” Well…” she tried to continue feeling uncomfortable suddenly worried about Michelle’s reaction.

There was a pregnant pause as Sara rolled over ideas as in her head as to how to put her plan into words.

” You want him to join us in sex don’t you honey” Michelle said quietly looking straight into Sara’s eyes. Knowing what Sara was having a hard time telling her. Her friend stared back at her silently and watched her reaction as she finally stated “Yes” with a quiet reply.

Both looked at each other and then Michelle smiled

” Sara, I trust you baby and if you feel this will be something that will be great for both of us, I am more than happy to join.” She assured her friend.

Sara slowly smiled and leaned down to bring her mouth about three inches from Michelle’s

” You won’t regret it” she stated happily and lowered her lips to kiss her friend hungrily as she slowly slid her wet, warm, tongue into Michelle’s mouth, playing with her friend’s tongue and raising her hand to cup one of Michelle’s breast. Michelle reached up and grabbed Sara’s head and pressed her mouth harder to Sara’s as they both kissed each other with renew passion. Their tongues seeking each other’s secret places and making small moans telling each other how much they enjoyed it. Michelle could taste herself on Sara’s tongue and it excited her more than ever. Liking the taste and trying to suck what was left over from Sara’s mouth

Sara caressed her friend’s breast and slowly moved her fingers to slightly pinch the erect nipple. Making Michelle groaned loudly and raises her chest into her friend’s hand. Sara continued to pinch Michelle’s nipple and added pressure to make her friend jerk her body with reaction. They continued to kiss giving each other pleasure and both breathing hard while their pussy’s started to flow. Until Sara raised up slightly and broke it off all of a sudden. Looking back into Michelle’s eyes she regretfully moved her hand away from her friend’s breast. Michelle looked at Sara with lust and confusion in her eyes.

” Oh babe, don’t look at me like that” Sara asked with a groan. ” I just want you to save all that sexual energy for tonight “

Michelle pouted and looked at her friend’s naked body with selfish regret.

” But I wanted to give you some pleasure too…” she said softly looking directly at Sara’s pussy which in turn made the image of Michelle between her legs tasting her pop in Sara’s mind. Again Sara groaned loudly and quickly raised up and started walking to the door. Trying to handle the urge to have sex again with her friend. Looking over her shoulder as she walked toward the door slowly saying regretfully

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