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Sandy’s Computer Ch. 05

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Ian lay on the bed with Sandy’s sensual scent wafting through his room, briefly he fell asleep into a deep dream, as he dreamed, this is the vision he felt.

Sandy’s Ivory Satin

Softly lit with low yellow light,
Barely making visible her image,
Outside her window I stood and watched,
Eroticism skillfully played out before my hungry eyes,
Her face was different,
She was crying,
I could not tell,
Was she said or was she happy,

She was lying across her bed,
Her head toward foot,
Her tanned skin bare upon crisp white linen,
At first she was very still,
As if her mind was far away,
I watched and I waited so intrigued,
She wiped tears from her face,

Dressed in Ivory Satin,
Slowly she raised graceful legs,
Placing them on a large wood headboard,
She lifted her body off her bed,
Positioning pillows carefully beneath her hips,
I watched her hands cup her breasts,
Her legs slowly parted,

This window became my screen to this beautiful play,
My own need stirring at this site,
Envisioning her hands as mine,
Her bed holding us both,
I held my breath as she drew her hand slowly,
Across her abdomen,
My other still on her breast,
I could see her stomach,
Moving with increasingly deep breathes,

It was almost as if she could hear me,
I in my silence whispered to her,
Longing to be one to touch her,
I saw her body begin to shift about,
Her head began to move from side to side,

It was when I saw her hand move slowly down,
That I felt as if I had kissed her,
And tasted where she touched,
Her hands seemed to explore so gracefully,
Her hips would slightly rise and lower again,

Her feet spread wider,
Braced against wood,
Her hand moved a little faster,
Hypnotic circles pressed against her with tiny fingers,
Her body curving as if floating on waves,
I could hear soft sounds,
To faint to understand,
Covered by the pounding of my heart,

Her legs now lifted,
her knees drawn back,
She became totally entranced in her pleasure,
As I was in mine,
Her beauty opened now revealed,
As her hands danced expertly,
Commanding perfect timing,
Her voice musical,
Now where I could hear,
Notes pleasurable,
Stimulating to my ears,

Unfolded before me a vision,
On the other side of a window,
Her body stretched before my eyes,
A hint of moisture upon her skin,
Illuminated by moon glow,
Her head turned facing me,
Her eyes are closed,
I watch her face,
Release has blessed her body,

A reflection seen in the glass,
Of one who had just held her,
Brushing kisses across her lips,
Who’s hands had found her warmth,
Was seen ,

Reflection I saw was me,
Longing for her now,
Replaying visions seen,
Outside Urfa Escort her window,
I wonder with her eyes closed,
Does she see me?
Can she feel me?
Sandy his mistress

Sandy and Ian continued to meet several times both filling voids within each. They were a matched pair, so rare in this civilization. The day was chilly feeling like a first sign of a winter which would be coming in a few weeks. Summer was definitely over.

Big sky black clouds flowed quickly overhead as northern cold front approached; dark clouds were rambling like a river steam bead suspended precariously above her head. Sandy looked up at the heavily laden pillows of gray. She felt wet fluffy flakes of snow as they landed on her upturned face melting on her cold nose.

Flakes typical of being between summer and winter, these were first flakes of a new season. She was one of those people who loved gray stormy action days. These days felt dark to her. She wanted today to be a cozy one. A fireplace with warm hearth would do along with a drink.

Sandy was worried earlier that promise of snow might delay Ian’s flight but this weather just teased her with a threat of an autumn storm. Only now, flakes kissing her face were first sign of snow.

Ian’s plane was about to land, so her fears diminished, she felt revived as clock tower hands were almost at time of his scheduled landing.

Sandy looked deliciously attractive in her tightly fitted blue-jeans, waist length light blue suede leather jacket, and low cut styled boots. She wore her jacket open, showing her tight rear end enjoying men peeking as she walks past. Sandy was shy, but did enjoy attention of being looked at.

She was resting in a backward lean against air terminal railing watching security people to her right check passengers outbound, while on her left inbound passengers were arriving passing from ‘airside’ to ‘curbside’.

Sandy had her arms and ankles crossed maintaining a restful lean. Railing pressure against her back felt good. She wondered if Ian would give her a long slow massage, then visualized him with his hands slowly massaging warm oil into her skin.

She lived with her husband near a town with an airport. Airport was across the river, where state line was the river. Once across river airport was up a large hill out interstate about 30 miles from her home.

She had been seeing Ian for several months as opportunities presented themselves. This was her second marriage, and only her third man in her life.

She had agreed to become Ian’s mistress. They talked about this day since their early internet chats, now their day was here. This special relationship filled a void in both their lives. They both wanted a long term relationship with special significance. Often they thought of themselves together in an indelible bond Urfa Escort Bayan in union as one. This weekend meeting was going to be more meaningful than previous weekend meetings. This time they decided to formalize their arrangement with vows of loyalty.

Passengers pass by to ride an escalator down to baggage claim. Sandy’s heart was beating a quickened pace as terminal clock hands reached Ian’s scheduled arrival time. Arrival monitors in front of her were updating every minute. She was focused on Ian’s flight number, scheduled arrival time, and flight status, which read ‘on time’. It seemed as she blinked, when suddenly Ian’s flight status changed from ‘on time’ to ‘arrived’.

Nervous, heck no, although to look at her, no one suspected how nervous she was; she looked so calm, collected and beautiful.

Sandy watched many people leaving, a young girl maybe eighteen years old or so, hugging two people who must have been her parents. They reluctantly let go, “dad” picked up her case as they walked quickly to escalator.

In distance she saw an outline of a tall handsome man. Sandy’s heart sped up a bit more, wondering if that could be him; but a blonde in a long black coat came through door behind him. He turned to her as she took his arm racing past her.

A family came out next. A little girl was crying while her mother dropped smaller of bags stopping to talk to her. A father was holding a little boy in his arms lugging a suitcase in his other hand. This small group blocked Sandy’s doorway view so she did not see Ian standing there in front of her this family moved past through security down airport walkway.

As they passed away, she looked up, there he was, Ian. Ian suddenly appeared before her, just standing there looking around, before venturing forward.

Ian did not know where she might be. As the crowd passed opening up a vision path to her, finally he saw her. They looked into each other’s eyes from a distance with a smile of recognition. She had come to know his voice style and longed to hear his voice.

They had been sending snapshots of each other online. No online photo did each other justice when time came for them to meet again face to face.

Sandy was shocked at herself at how shy she felt meeting him. They had been intimate before, they had chat-line or phone medium and had face to face follow up meetings. He took long, purposeful strides. He was standing tall before her. Sandy blushed at rush of feelings coursing through her body.

He put down his suitcase at her feet she said; “Hello, Ian”

Ian had her in his arms kissing her. Ian whispered in her ear “Sandy, “You are even more beautiful than imagined. I have missed you.”

Sandy responded, “Oh honey, I have missed you too”

In years to come, when Sandy remembers this moment as an older lady sitting Escort Urfa in her rocking chair, she will pleasurably recollect that his first words from his mouth today were; “You are even more beautiful than imagined.”

He had said that to here each time they met.

Sandy smiled turned to a nervous giggle, not sure what she should say. She ended up, just saying, “Thank you, Ian.”

Sandy wanted to be beautiful for him. She was beautiful.

When he finally released her from his arms he put out his hand for her car keys. Handing them to him, she followed him to trunk where he stowed his suitcase. He passed her back her keys holding her hand tight not letting go. Ian just looked into her beautiful eyes smiling. Sandy smiled back at him and waited for him to let go of her hand.

Behind the wheel of the car, Sandy buckled up before she turned ignition key.

Nervously, she put the transmission into reverse backing up then into drive, slowly pulled out of parking garage, paying her parking ticket, she drove out into traffic.

Sandy was very aware that Ian was still staring at her. Soft music was playing in background from her car radio but neither of them listened.

Ian spoke; “I am so glad we are together again. I am so glad you agreed to let me come. I have dreamed of this day for weeks now. Are you happy? Because I am”

Turning her eyes from road for brief second, she looked at Ian and seriously answered him; “Yes, Ian, I am very happy you are here.”

Their hotel was not that far from airport. Sandy pulled into the parking lot of a very elegant downtown hotel, most fancy hotel in town. A valet took their car, handing Sandy a parking ticket. Walking into a large lobby, they went to registration desk together.

Sandy stood next to Ian as he signed for their room. Between register signing and waiting for clerk to do whatever it is clerks do, Ian leaned forward kissed her on her neck again. Hotel clerk took his credit card prudently carrying on with her work, pretending not to see. She must have known they were lovers but discreetly said nothing. This behavior was surely common for hotel clerks to see.

Once the paperwork was in order, Clerk handed him two plastic electronic pass keys in an envelope with their room number on its front. Over to elevator bank Ian pressed UP, doors opened, they stepped in, pressed PH for penthouse, and went up to the top floor where privacy awaited their arrival.

Ian leaned over for a kiss as elevator doors closed. Before they reached penthouse floor, their elevator stopped, doors opened to admit another couple. Sandy jumped guiltily nervously lowering her eyes. Sandy saw a small smile on lips of man as he covered his mouth to cough. Couple went up two more floors they got off and left Sandy and Ian to carry on alone.

At their floor, doors opening, they step out into a plush lobby. Treading softly on plush carpet they looked at the brass signs with arrowed room numbers. They followed one that led them down hotel corridor and to their room. Ian inserted electronic card key, a small green light lit up and door unlocked.

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