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It was the week I look forward to every summer. For only one week, I got a break from working day and night at the cultural center, dancing for tourists who liked to think of themselves as intelligent and worldly. They had no idea I was of Filipino and Japanese heritage, they just saw the slanted eyes, black hair and honey-brown skin (which no one can truly live in Hawaii without developing) and assumed I was expressing my native Hawaiian roots. Regardless, it paid well, and I enjoyed the anonymity of performing for a new crowd every night.

And there was this one week off. I always spent it far south along the coast away from the main beach, in a secluded alcove I claimed as my own. No one ever ventured that far, so I could be assured my solitude and could simply lay there in the sand, my bikini draped on a rock, with maybe some pineapple or coconut brought along to eat. I could sun my body, breasts pointed to the sky, my long hair pulled back from my face and my trimmed pubic hair shiny in the light. It was an amazing swimming area as well, it felt so much better, so much more natural, to swim nude.

This day I had just swam out as far as I could go, towards the horizon and the bright sun and was back on shore to dry. I could feel the sand stick to my bare, wet skin as I lay down on the beach. I listened to the waves going in and out and closed my eyes, warmth radiating through my body. Suddenly, there was a rustle in the nearby bushes.

Thinking it was, perhaps, some brightly colored bird, or a cat, escaped from the town, I opened my eyes and looked towards the sound. The rustling continued and I saw a small pale hand brush aside some leaves, followed by some golden blonde hair. This girl, wearing a tiny silver metallic bathing suit, just covering the nipples of her surprisingly large, but firm, breasts and exposing her smooth, long stomach and slightly visible hip-bones, stepped onto the sand of my beach with her dainty bare feet. She looked as if her mind was preoccupied with something; I watched her place her feet until she finally looked up and noticed I was there.

“Oh!” She squeaked, obviously as surprised as I was to find that we had both chosen the same secluded beach to trek to.

I noticed her eyes were red, as if she had been crying, and her face had a look of melancholy, despair even.

“I’m sorry..I didn’t think there would be anyone here..I’ll leave..” She muttered.

“No, stay if you like.”

I felt sorry for her and was curious what had led her all the way out here and caused such a pretty face to look so sad. Also, I hadn’t bothered to put on any clothes and noticed her eyes looking me over in what she most likely thought was a subtle şişli escort way.

She sat next to me and picked up a handful of sand, then let it fall back through her fingers.

I leaned up onto my elbows, admiring her profile in the light, tendrils of hair wispy around her face, a bit of sweat glistening on her forehead and between her breasts.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

Tears began to fill her eyes, “Honeymoon,” she replied.

I said nothing, waiting for her to go on.

“It’s supposed to be a happy time, I know, and this trip was going to be one of the best of my life, but..”

“But what?”

“We had waited until our wedding for sex. I was a virgin, I wanted to save it for the one I would spend the rest of my life with. He is the one and it was going to be a night of passion and love between us..” she looked up from staring down at the sand to my eyes, “I’m Stephanie, by the way, and I don’t usually talk to strangers.”

“I’m Mya, and I don’t usually either, but nice to meet you,” I smiled and offered my hand. She took it and gave a weak smile back.

“Can you get off by yourself?” I asked.

She looked confused then realized what I meant.

“Yeah of course. I mean, I think so..” She answered. I wondered how one could not know something like that, if you have had an orgasm you know it, maybe that was her problem, she had never had one.

“Show me.” I said.

We were staring at each other; as I looked in her eyes, I felt like I could see her thinking it though, deciding what to do.

Without saying anything, she stood up and stepped one leg, then the other out of her tiny metallic bottoms and dropped them on the sand. Her pussy was mostly bare, with a small landing strip of hair. It was soft and pink, probably barely touched except for these past few days. She must have went to a spa for that wax right before the wedding.

Showing no signs of embarrassment, perhaps because I had been and was still totally nude and comfortable, and because the beach was so beautiful and the sun so warming on our skin, she sat back down, this time in front of me, and I sat up full, my arms around my knees, watching her.

She spread her legs and stroked a finger slowly on either side of her clit, then down the middle of her pussy. She used her palm to press and massage herself. Her other hand reached under her bikini top, grabbing her left breast and pinching her nipple between her fingers. It was turning me on, I could feel my body getting hot, but I managed to maintain an appearance of objective observer.

Her breathing became heavier. She took a finger and slid it in her pussy, it was wet and slick, but even so, I could tell it was very tight. I wondered how long ago she consummated the marriage, he must not be very big, I thought with a smile. Her finger was exploring around inside of her, then rhythmically pumping in and out. She added another finger, slowly pressing it in next to the other, stretching the hole.

“Fuck,” she breathed, moving her fingers faster and grinding her hips, riding against her hand.

Her body was creating a small indentation, the sand clung to her sticky pussy as the covered her fingers. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, her palm pressing hard against her clit, while her fingers stroked in and out. I felt myself getting wet, and my nipples were hard. She gave out a moan and leaned her head back, arching her body as she came.

Still breathing heavy, she smiled and looked at me. I kept pretending my hands were rooted to the ground, resisting the temptation to touch myself or to touch her. She took her fingers out of her pussy and took them to her mouth, licking them clean and looking at me.

“Thanks, I’ve never done that before,” she said after a moment. She untied her bikini top, letting her large breasts and bright pink hard nipples free.

“Come swim with me,” she ordered, standing up and facing the ocean. Her skin was smooth and light. There was sand on the back of her legs and on the crease of her round ass. She didn’t bother to brush it off before diving into the clear turquoise ocean.

Stunned, unable to reply or do anything else, I got up and followed her, walking into the surf, then swimming out to where she was.

When I reached her, the water was deep where we could barely touch and the beach looked smaller than it did when we were on it. Her gold hair was wet and drops dripped from the ends of her bangs onto her face. A wave washed into us and with that push we grabbed onto each other and kissed passionately. Her body was slippery in my grasp and her tongue soft but quick as we devoured each other. Our breasts were pressed together, my soft small ones with brown nipples and her larger pale ones. Our lips parted and we looked at each other. Her hand darted under the water, finding the area between my legs. She shoved her fingers in and I screamed out in pleasure. She disappeared under the water and I felt her fingers pumping in and out inside me then a small tongue on my clit as well. She licked the tip, her little tongue moving fast back and forth then slower in deep big licks and sucking. I felt her fingers move out of me to hold onto my legs and position my pussy closer to her mouth where she could lick and suck and her tongue could enter me as well. I was struggling to stand on the ocean’s floor, the waves kept crashing into me. I could barely make out her shape in the water below me. I had no idea how she was able to stay under so long, but at that point I could barely concentrate on staying above water myself.

Her face was against my pussy, tongue working hard inside. She pushed a finger into my ass and I screamed out again. Some forceful thrusts of her finger and hard licks of her tongue and I came hard, my body writhing in the water. She licked me until I came down from the orgasm, then kissed my stomach and up to my breasts then swam up to hold me and kiss my mouth. I closed my eyes and kissed her back. I was surprised to find her mouth not full of water she was down there so long. We separated and I opened my eyes and looked back at her.

“I have to go now,” she declared.

“Back to the husband?” I asked in a slightly mocking tone, unhappy that she was leaving so soon and so suddenly.

“Yes,” she solemnly replied.

We embraced and kissed again, our bare breasts pressed together again, my hands wandered down her back, until it felt strange. Her smooth skin felt different; it was more slippery in the water. Before I could figure out what it was, she broke off the kiss and pulled away from me, sliding underwater and out towards the horizon.

I waited, confused, looking out across to sea until I resigned myself to the fact that she was not coming back. The sun was setting over the water, so I started to swim back. Back on the shore, I saw our footsteps and the indents where we had sat in the sand, though her bikini was gone. If it weren’t for those signs, it would have been hard to convince myself anything had happened today. I daydreamed alot, and that day had seemed like something out of a daydream. I gathered my things and tied on my bikini, my clit was still a bit hard, and pink and warm, and my nipples still tender when I brushed my hand against them. I wondered where Stephanie had gone. She had looked so sad when I met her, maybe she simply swam out to sea. But then there was the strangeness I felt on her skin before she left, and the length of time she spent underwater. Not to mention such skill at eating pussy, especially for someone who had only been with a man and only just recently. She seemed so genuine, I could hardly believe she had lied about anything.

I decided not to tell anyone about what happened that day. I still think about it and wonder. I decided that she was probably just a good swimmer and swam to the other beach. Just because someone says they are inexperienced at sex, doesn’t mean they are inexperienced at other things, like holding their breath or swimming great distances underwater..It was easier for me to create a plausible explanation and believe it than to accept what may have happened, and who or what I may have kissed that day..

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