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San Blas Mexico

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He took her to the village of San Blas in Mexico. It was beautiful this time of year, but then, San Blas was beautiful anytime of the year. He told her he wanted to make love to her in a room with a ceiling fan, behind 9 foot tall French doors that opened onto a large balcony that overlooked the sea. He wanted her to wear a bikini top and a long wrap around skirt and nothing else. He would place orchids in her hair and they would feast on Mahi-Mahi and lush tropical fruit for which the region was known.

Although San Blas was a small village, it was becoming known as a tourist haven. He told her he would take her places the tourists didn’t go, and he did. He also told her she would be unique there, that men would stare at her from afar and lust after her. It was true. As they walked through the market place men and women couldn’t take their eyes off her.

Women looked upon her as a curiosity, but men turned their heads to look at her after they passed to see if the back parts of her looked as good as the front parts of her. It did. She was statuesque at 6′ 2″ and her white flawless skin contrasted with the mocha skin of the locals. Her short blonde hair contrasted with the coal blackness of theirs and she was beautiful in any man’s language. He felt proud to be the man by her side and he held her hand or placed his arm around her shoulders to let others know she was his.

She spun around with her arms out to her sides taking in the atmosphere. “Ohhhhh, Steve, I’m so happy you brought me here. It’s every bit as beautiful as you said it was.”

Music played everywhere, from Latin beats to country music, and it played loudly. It was interspersed with taxi cab horns blaring as they sped tourists here and there and everywhere. Visually, San Blas was paradise. Brightly dressed locals who were not afraid to show skin, danced in the street to the beat of the music. A soft hot breeze caressed the fronds of palm trees ruffling the feathers of brightly colored birds that were perched there. The odor of food from the small carts of vendors wafted through the market place. All the sights and sounds lent an air of romance to those fortunate enough to be in such a magical place.

“I knew you’d adore it here, mi querida.”

“Ohhh, yes, I do indeed. Just look at all these beautiful handmade things that are for sale in this market place, and they’re so inexpensive, too.”

She held up a pair of Mexican silver earrings to her ears and admired herself in a small mirror that hung from a stand next to the jewelry counter. “These are lovely,” she said.

“Then they are yours. Add them to your basket.”

“Thank you, Steve. They really are beautiful, don’t you think?”

He looked at her and smiled. She was lovely dressed in a creamy yellow blouse and skirt and a matching wide brimmed hat. He could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra by the way her breasts jiggled when she walked.

“I’m looking at the most beautiful thing here,” he said as he brought her hand to his lips. He kissed the back of it, then turned it over and kissed the palm, his hot tongue licking the sensitive center. Her skin was smooth and soft like the rest of her and he couldn’t wait to be alone with this marvelous creature.

She smiled at him in a most seductive way slightly raising her right eye brow. a dreamy and excited look evident in her eyes.

“Steve, mi guapo, are you trying to seduce me? Right here in the market place?”

He sancak escort loved it when she spoke to him in that soft sultry voice. “Yes, my adored, I am.”

Tilting her head downwards and looking up at him from under her hat, she smiled and whispered, “Perhaps we should go back to our room now.” She watched his face light up and the corners of his mouth curve into a devilish grin.

“That’s a wonderful idea! It’s almost lunch time and I’ve arranged for food to be brought to our room. I’m sure you’ll love the local fare.

The walk back to their room was leisurely due to the heat of the noontime sun. They walked hand in hand, admiring the lush vegetation and colorful flowers that bloomed along the way. Illegal purples and reds making stunning riots of color brilliance were seen everywhere. Shrimp boats were unloading the morning’s catch in Mantachen Bay, and fruit sellers, hiding from the blistering tropical sun under thatched palm shade and weathered concrete, were selling bananas and mangoes and fresh pineapple out from small carts that lined either side of the road. They too would soon be seeking cool shelter from the heat and humidity of the early afternoon, only to return in the cool of the evening after siesta time.

By the time they reached the room, their clothing was plastered to their skin with perspiration.

“I’m going to take a shower, Steve.” She stood in the doorway to the bathroom and turned to look at him while unbuttoning her blouse. Looking at him from under thick eyelashes, and using her most provocative voice, she said, “Why don’t you order the food brought up and then join me?

He smiled as she removed her blouse and let it fall to the floor, revealing her perfect breasts for his perusal. She smiled coyly at him before turning around and walking away. Her breasts were those of the mature woman she was, luscious and ripe and ready to be feasted upon. He felt his cock grow in anticipation.

He spoke loud enough for her to hear as she finished undressing out of his sight, “I will do just that, my dear, and when we’re finished showering, I want you to put on the outfit I’ve laid out for you on the bed. I picked it out myself.”

“How thoughtful of you, Steve, I’ll be happy to wear it for you. I’m sure I’ll love whatever it is.”

He heard the shower turn on as he picked up the phone to have the food he ordered earlier sent up, and told them they didn’t need to knock, to just enter the room and put the tray on the table. His clothes fell to the floor piece by piece as he walked to join her.

Pulling back the curtain, he stepped into the tub, his cock already hard. She had the water set to the cool side of lukewarm, making her nipples stand out. The water felt deliciously cool on his hot skin and her nipples tasted delicious as he lowered his head to suck gently on each one. They tasted of her sweet woman sweat, and the scent of papaya from the soap she was using. He took the soap from her hand and lathered his hands with it before applying it to her breasts. They were slippery and smooth as silk as he thoroughly caressed them, weighing their fullness in his hands, the nipples hard against his palms. He couldn’t take his eyes off them as his hands slipped around and around, squeezing them and letting them gently fall, only to begin again.

“You’re enjoying that aren’t you?” she said, more of a statement than sarıyer escort a question.

“Baby, you have no idea how much I’m enjoying this, and I’ll bet you are as well. Aren’t you?”

“MMMMMMmmmmmm….yes, I am.” She tilted her head up and put her arms behind her back, thrusting her breasts out to him. “They need attention and they love the feel of your rough hands slipping and sliding over them.” She felt his thumbs rub across her nipples and a soft moan escaped her lips.

“Stay just like that, my sweet, don’t move. I’m going to ravish them.” He took the hand-held shower nozzle and rinsed the soap from her breasts. The water was cooler now and she gasped when he held it to her nipples making them even harder. He turned the water a little warmer and rehung the showerhead. Taking one breast into both hands, he feasted upon it like a starving babe, kissing and squeezing and licking and sucking, drawing her nipple out and nipping it with his teeth. Her moans reverberated as a result of the room’s acoustics, making his cock grow even harder.

She reached out and held his head to first one breast, and than the other, her breath becoming ragged. His mouth felt hot on her cold nipples and his teeth nipping at them drove her crazy with need. She didn’t want him to ever stop.

“Oh god that feels so good! So good! That’s it, baby, suck them just like that. Suck my tits hard! Oh yes! Yes! I’m wet! So wet!”

Her talking like that was making his cock throb and he loved that she was so turned on. He gladly gave her what she asked for and devoured her milky orbs with gusto. His groans and moans equaled hers and reverberated off the walls and ceiling. He had to feel how wet she was and inserted a finger into her juicy pussy. His finger was rewarded and drenched with her love juice as her pussy muscles grabbed his finger and held on. He finger fucked her while his thumb circled her big hard clit. She had the biggest clit he’d ever seen and she had the most intense orgasms he’d ever been privileged to induce.

“Steve! I’m going to come, baby, I’m going to come now! Suck my tits harder! Harder, baby! Oh yes!!!! Use more fingers, fuck me hard and fast! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!!!!”

He felt her legs stiffen and her pussy muscles strangled his fingers. She held that position for what seemed forever and suddenly her body convulsed and she screamed. Loudly! He loved it! God how he loved it!! He loved it when she lost control, loved it when he made her lose control. Her body heaved and her breasts jiggled. She was beautiful when her long tall body was in the throes of orgasm. She screamed a second time and he thought he heard a giggle coming from the other room, then remembered the maid was probably delivering the food and heard them. No matter, the maids were used to this sort of thing.

He watched her face while she was in paradise and continued to apply pressure on her clit while circling it with his thumb. Every time he completed a circle around it, her body convulsed. She reached down and grabbed his wrist with both hands and tried to pull his hand away from her sensitive clit but he wouldn’t let her. He just kept circling and she kept convulsing.

“Please” she gasped between spasms “Please stop!”

He kissed her lips and then the side of her neck and whispered in her ear, “But, mi querida, aren’t you loving this? I know I am. I’m so hard sefaköy escort for you, baby! So hard for you! I can’t wait any longer. I must have you now! Turn around and bend over for me, I’m going to fuck that sweet pussy. I want to fuck you silly.”

She did as he asked holding onto the towel rack in the shower while his big hard cock invaded her dripping pussy, driving it home, pushing the breath out of her with each hard thrust. He filled her completely, hitting all the right places, and the wonderful sensations his cock created inside her were delicious to the point of ecstasy.

Her pussy was built for his length and girth. Unlike most women, she was able to take all of him. How he loved the feel of her pussy, hot and wet and silky smooth, its tight inner muscles grabbing and massagng his cock. He watched his steel hard rod thrusting in and out of her. It was beautiful. Her pink lips separating as he pulled back, and closing as his hardness disappeared into her depths.

He spread her ass cheeks and watched her anus wink at him and imagined the tightness if he were to bury his cock in that dark place. He thrust faster and harder and his balls tingled and his cock was hard to the point of pain. Lying across her back, he reached around her and grabbed a bouncing breast in each hand. Her pussy muscles grabbed him harder when he rolled each nipple between his fingers. He felt his cock twitch inside her and he picked up speed and thrust into her hard and fast, over and over again, her whimpering and gasps urging him on.

“Damn, baby, your pussy is so tight! I love fucking you!” He grabbed her hip and pulled her toward him as he drilled her with his cock. She met each of his trusts and her ass felt good bouncing off him. He could feel his now sensitive tip trying to invade her cervix, “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! I’m going to come. Dammit! Dammit! Dammitttttttttt!!!!”

She hung onto the towel rack with one hand and reached between her legs with the other hand and held his balls. She felt them draw close to his body, and soon she felt his hot come spurt against her cervix. His cock felt hard and strong and wonderful as spurt after spurt of heat bathed her pussy.

She released his balls and began fingering her hard clit. She rubbed it furiously until her orgasm racked her turned on body. Each spasm of her pussy pulled more come from him. When the last drop of hot lava was drawn from his cock, he lay across her back and gently held her breasts until their ragged breathing and pounding hearts returned to normal. They hardly noticed the water falling over them, but it didn’t drown out their moans of love and lust and pleasure.

The maid had called her fellow workers to listen outside their bathroom door. They giggled and covered their mouths with their hands, but their pussies were wet and they each secretly wished it was they in the shower being fucked royally.

He soaped his hands once again, and gently rubbed the lather between her legs, while whispering into her ear. “This is mi tresora, your gift to me. Thank you.”

She stroked his softening cock with lather from her pussy and whispered to him, “This is my treasure, your gift to me. It brings me pleasure beyond words. Thank you.”

They stepped out of the tub and dried off. He held her in his arms and kissed her passionately, naked skin to naked skin, her breasts pressing against his chest. He loved the feel of her soft hands on the back of his head and across his shoulders as she caressed him. She whispered in his ear, “Mi dulce hombre, besame mucho.”



mi tresora = my treasure (feminine)

mi tresure = my treasure (masculine)

mi querida = my beloved

mi guapo = good looking man

mi dolce muchacho/hombre = my sweet boy/man

Besame = kiss me

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