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Samantha’s Self Pleasure Ch. 03

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This story is the third in the series of self-pleasure stories that I plan to write. I thank you all for the great feedback and again, when the next story is written, will depend on your feedback, so please be nice J if you want more stories… This story is how I pleasure myself at the request of a lover…this one’s for the exhibitionists…enjoy!

The house is empty, except for my lover and I. I am lying in bed, on the verge of getting up, but it’s so warm and cosy tucked under the covers, snuggled next to my lover that I never want to get up! I just lay there thinking, dreaming, hoping that my lover will wake and maybe give me a little morning action. I always wake up horny. Why I don’t know, it must be the dreams I have, but I never really remember?!? I reach under my nightie and gently fondle my large breasts, rubbing my nipples between my thumb and finger, enjoying the sensation as my nipples harden into sensitive pebbles.

‘Touch yourself Samantha, I want to watch you!’ your lover seductively whispers in your ear. You are startled, yet when the words register, a wicked smile crosses your face, as you turn, facing your lover. I lift my mouth to his and we passionately kiss, lips locked, tongues battling in pure pleasure. A soft yet arousing tingle starts at my mouth and runs through my body, causing me to shiver. He breaks our kiss and looks deep into my eyes and says ‘Pleasure yourself Samantha, I want to see you cum!’ With that, he pushes the covers down, revealing my scantily covered body, then removes my nightie.

My fingers touch the tip of one my nipples as my lover marvels at how hard it gets from a simple touch. I touch my other nipple, causing it to instantly harden just like the other. I then begin to gently roll them, as I feel the wetness start between my legs. escort şişli A soft moan escapes my lips, causing my lover to reach into his boxers and take hold of his hard manhood. I can see his hand working its way up and down, up and down along his hard penis, heightening my excitement.

‘Lower my love.’ He asks of her.

I lower my hand, over my stomach and though my silky pubic hair. I begin to slip a finger past my tender clit, causing me to shudder, then past my pussy lips. I can feel the wetness on my fingers. My juicy pussy and hard little clit are so tender. I slide a finger through my wet lips and slide a single finger deep inside, releasing more of my juices.

‘Another…’ I hear, adding a second finger, causing a louder moan to escape my lips. …’Look at me while you fuck yourself.’

I look into his eyes once again, this time seeing the pure lust he has for me. I break the stare and look down as he removes his boxers and again begins to stroke himself. I can’t take my eyes from him as his strong hands slide the length of his beautiful cock. I want to feel that silky smooth hardness in her body, but this is for him and I continue to slide my two fingers in and out of my wet pussy. I work my fingers in and out at a steady pace, enjoying my self-pleasure as well as enjoying seeing my lover pleasure his own cock. My orgasm is building, as I lower a second hand to my pussy and rub my hard little clit. My clit is as sensitive as ever and I lift my big ass off the bed, trying to impale my cunt further on my fingers. I am writhing in pleasure, unable to keep still as a continuously moan. Knowing that nothing excites my lover more than to hear a women loudly orgasm, I moan louder and louder as I finger my way nearer to orgasm.

I look over at my lover as taksim escort bayan he is rapidly stroking his big hard cock, whilst staring at my hands working my hard clit and juicy cunt to orgasm.

‘Oh lover! My cunt is so fucking wet! I wish I could feel your big meaty cock up me!’ you moan to him. ‘Later baby, later…’ he replies …’for now, I want to see you cum hard!’

‘Oh lover, I’m so close to cumming! I want you to join me, to cum with me! I want to feel your hot cum on my body. Spray my tits with cum lover!’ I tease. I love nothing more than to see the look of pure pleasure on his face as he cums on my big tits, and I know he loves to see my tits covered in his cum just as much. I see his hand quicken, as it pumps his big cock. His eyes are nearly rolling back in his head, I can tell is going to cum soon.

I want to cum with him, and I am just as close. My fingers are a blur on my pussy as I pump my fingers in and out of my wetness, causing a wet, sexy sound. My other hand is rubbing my clit in circles, continuously causing my body to shudder. I pull my fingers reluctantly from my wetness and bring them to my mouth. I look my lover in the eye and lick my own juices from my fingers, moaning as I do so.

‘Oh lover, I taste so good…mmmmmmmmm……’ I moan to him …’I wish you could slam that cock into my cunt, its so fucking wet lover! Oh god I’m so close to cumming…I need something in my cunt! Oh god, I want something in my ASS!’

I am on the verge of a huge orgasm and my lover is going to shoot his cum on me any second. I lower my hand down again, only this time going past my clit, and past my soaking cunt. I look into my lover’s eyes, as I slide my middle finger up my own asshole. ‘Oh fuck lover, my ass is so fucking tight, it feels escort beşiktaş so good! I love being fucked up the ass! Oh yessss! Lover…I’m going to cum…yyyeessssss!’

My lover kneels up on the bed over me, his hand fisting his big cock like crazy. ‘Oh fuck honey…I’m cumming! Y..yyeessssss! Take it on your fat tits honey!! Oohhhh’ he shouts as his body tenses. ‘Yes lover, yes, cum with me! Spray my fat titties with your hot cum as I finger my dirty asshole! I’m cumming on my fingers…oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I scream loudly as my body is shaken with a mind blowing orgasm!

As my orgasm subsides, I slide my fingers out of my ass and stop rubbing my sensitive slit. I open my eyes, to see my lover still kneeling over me with a huge grin on his face, as he marvels at the scene he has created. He is still stroking his cock, pumping the last few drops of cum onto my tits. I reach up with my hands and cup my big tits, watching the cum drip from my nipples. I reach out with a finger, scooping up a large drop of cum and lick my finger all the way into my mouth as I look my lover in the eye and smile my sexiest smile. He finally lets his softening cock go and lowers his head to mine for a passionate kiss.

I break the kiss, pushing him playfully away ‘ I haven’t finished yet!’ I cheekily say. I cup my big tits again, bring them closer to my mouth. I snake my tongue out over my still hard nipple, tasting my lovers salty cum. I then repeat this with the other before cleaning ever last trace of cum from my tits.

Seeing this excites my lover, as he starts to stroke his big cock to its full hardness again. ‘Roll over honey and get on your hands and knees and stick your big butt in the air!’ he orders me. ‘Why lover?’ I innocently reply. ‘Because I’m going to fuck you up the ass like you were begging before!’ my lover says.

But that’s another story… Do you want to hear it?

* * * * *

NOTE: So how did you enjoy that? Tell me if you would like me to continue the series. Any ideas? Feel free to express them with me…kisses

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