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Sales and Opportunity

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It seemed almost too good to be true, and Terry had to look twice to make sure; but, there, walking with his lead painter past his office door, was the new paint rep he’d heard about.


If his first impression was correct, she was everything he’d been told: pretty, petite, and blonde, with a body just made for the tight white jeans and knit shirt she wore today. Of course, he only got a glance at her as she passed his door, but he was pretty sure it was her. Excusing himself from the conversation he was in with two of his other workers, he headed for the paint shop. “Damn that Frank,” he growled to himself. Was he trying to keep her all to himself? Who was in charge, here?

Entering the paint shop, he saw Frank returning to his desk, and the back door just swinging shut.

“Who was that, Frank? Where was she from?”

Frank looked over at him, giving him the usual baleful expression that he had become known for.

“What…originally?” he asked, then mumbled to himself. “I’m not sure,” he said quietly. “Atlanta, maybe…” Frank was a man of few words, and half of those meant next to nothing, but he had an extremely dry sense of humor, and normally Terry would have found something funny in his offhand answer. Not right now, though. He noticed the new ballcap that Frank was wearing, and the folded t-shirt in his hand.

“Dammit, Frank! I meant, was she the new Glidden rep, or what?”

Without waiting for an answer, one that could take another minute to arrive, Terry burst on through the back door, and hollered at the head of blonde hair that was disappearing into the big Suburban.

“Hey! Just a minute!”

He saw her turn to him and she paused, midway through shutting the truck door. Her face, and it WAS cute, wore a puzzled expression, as if she wasn’t really used to being accosted in this particular way. She waited to see if he was going to approach her, and as he did, she slid from the seat.

“Can I help you?” she asked, with a VERY southern accent, and Terry was already in love. Her blue eyes held his as he strode up to her, his hand outstretched.

Terry introduced himself as the maintenance supervisor, and told her he was in charge of all buying for the department. Not true, exactly, but close enough, and told with such conviction that the girl immediately warmed to him. “Salespeople! Gotta love ’em,” he said to himself.

Especially this one, he decided, as she quickly attempted to sell him on the benefits of using their paint over their competitor’s paint, all the while fixing him with her most provocative smile. Turning to retrieve brochures from the plastic file box on the seat, she gave him a chance to really look her over, unnoticed. He observed her trim waist and the way those jeans stretched across her ass, and the enticing way in which her arm pushed one breast against the side of the other as she reached. Her deep tan testified to hours spent at the beach, or in a tanning bed.

“And if you want,” she was saying as she turned back to him, “we can look at your…usage of certain finishes. We have it all on computer.” Her pause in mid-sentence told him she had noticed his appraisal of her body, and the fact that she continued on with her statement, almost non-stop, told him something else, as did her body language as she handed him the literature. She leaned toward him a bit more than necessary, he thought, and her eyes held his a little longer than recent acquaintances normally would.


She left shortly after, making him promise to call her if she could do anything for him, and he assured her that he would. As he walked back through the paint shop, Frank was watching him with an amused smile on his face.

“Get any business done, boss?” he asked quietly, and showed his cigarette-stained teeth in a lecherous smile. Terry answered him curtly.

“Nah,” he said, slipping her business card into his shirt pocket. “Just checkin’ out her ass.”

* * *

He waited almost a week before calling her, and the first thing she said to him was, “Gee, I thought you’d forgotten me.” It was delivered in an almost childish tone, with that southern accent spicing it up. He smiled to himself.

“Not likely,” he said with a laugh.

He told her he had a problem that might involve some computer paint matching, and she volunteered to meet him at the paint shop door in an hour.

“No good. We go to lunch in half an hour. Why don’t you meet me at the Roadhouse Grille out on 41 in the next hour? I’ll spring for lunch, if you can make it.” He smiled to himself as she readily agreed.

Wondering what she was wearing today occupied the better part of the next hour, and by the time she pulled into the parking lot, he’d been hard for 15 minutes, and was beginning to notice the aching in his cock. “S’bout time,” he murmured, as he watched her exit the Suburban. He was not displeased by her appearance. Not at all.

She wore a short black skirt, and a teal tank top with embroidery Demetevler Escort around the neckline. High heels made her look taller than her real height, which he estimated at somewhat under 5 feet. Her shock of blonde hair was arranged into those ‘fuck-me’ curls, the kind that made a woman look like she’d just taken on a troop of Hell’s Angels, and come out smiling.

“Wow,” he said aloud. Mentally he was already removing that skirt and bending her over, imagining a lacy thong splitting those ass cheeks, and barely covering her already-wet snatch. “That’s a nice look,” he said, as they approached one another. “Did you do that all for me?”

She crinkled her nose at him, her lips pursing together, then, and blew him a kiss. “Yeah, right,” she said. Falling in beside him as they crossed the parking lot, she admitted, “I guess I did, actually. I don’t get to dress like a real woman too often, so when you called, I stopped by the house and changed.” She looked over at him. “Does that flatter you?” she asked abruptly, stopping just outside the door to the restaurant.

He looked down at her. Her breasts, though not big, were nicely defined, and the tank top and lacy push-up bra showed them off to good advantage. Her waist was small, befitting her tiny stature, and her hips swelled enticingly beneath the tight skirt. He made no secret of his appraisal of her body, and when his eyes met hers again, he could see she was smiling coyly.

“Flatter?” he asked. “No.” He smiled. “More like…excite.”

He pulled the door open, and held it for her. She hesitated.

“You know,” she said, turning to him again. “We don’t have to go in. I live 2 miles from here.”

* * *

The trip to her house took no more than ten minutes, and during that time she leaned against the passenger door of his truck, smiling at him and making talking paint. She had on her best ‘salesman’s face,’ he thought, but it didn’t bother him. The view she afforded him up her thigh promised to make it all worth it! When they reached her place, he watched as she slid off the seat, and she smiled as she turned to him. “Are you coming?” she asked, knowing he wouldn’t miss the double entendre’.

“Close,” he said, chuckling and shaking his head.

As she unlocked the door, she stopped and put her hand on his chest. “I don’t just do this,” she offered in a solemn voice, looking up at him. Her hand lingered on his chest.

Terry slipped his hands around her waist. He pulled gently, and she slid up against him. He dropped his hands to her ass and wrapped them around her tight globes. “I know,” he whispered as he took her mouth with his.

The kiss was short, but intense enough to leave them both breathing hard, and they lurched inside as soon as the door swung open, holding each other possessively. Terry kicked the door shut with his foot, and spun her around, pinning her against the wall as he kissed her. They stayed like that for a good five minutes, getting more passionate as their kisses gave way to gentle nips, and licks along the jaw line. He began to slide toward the floor.

“No,” she said, stopping him. “In the other room. I have something I want you to try.”

He stood and grabbed her by the waist, picking her up easily and turning toward the back of the apartment. “You drive,” he said, burying his face in her neck as he began to walk. She directed him to the door at the end of the hall, laughing as he tickled her skin. When her legs hit the bed he stopped, and slowly lowered her onto her back.

She smiled up at him, her eyes dark and smoky. “Undress for me,” she ordered him, and watched as he straightened up.

Terry was no small man, and he took this opportunity to show off for her, slowly unbuttoning his shirt and peeling it back over a chiseled chest. Looking at the tiny girl on the bed excited him, and he was hard and throbbing by the time he unbuckled his belt.

Brittany gazed up at the man lustily as he undressed. He was very muscular, more so than his sedate white shirt would have led her to believe. Her eyes roamed over his body as he bent to remove his shoes and socks, and she felt herself getting wet. To dominate a man his size would be especially sweet. She hoped he would be up for it. She held her breath as he began to unzip his slacks, her eyes intently on him.

When his erect cock came into her view, she gasped. It was the biggest cock she’d ever seen in real life. Perhaps not as long as some she’d experienced, it was the thickness that amazed her. It was easily as thick as her wrist, and criss-crossed with huge blue veins. It stood straight out, as if looking at her, and she could imagine it splitting her slippery lips and forcing itself into her. Her juices flowed freely onto her inner thighs at the thought.

“Your turn,” he said, wrapping his hand around the base of his cock and kneading it slowly.

Unable to take her eyes from it, she merely smiled seductively Otele Gelen Escort and reached for the hem of her tank top, pulling it in one motion up and over her head. The lacy bra she wore was a front-clasp type, and she flicked it open easily, revealing a gorgeous pair of breasts. Small but full and round, the pink nipples stood prominently atop their milky white mounds, highlighted by the tanned skin around them. She lay back, smiling.

“Is okay?” she joked, knowing full well the lust he felt. She could see it in his eyes. His hand moved more aggressively on his dick, stroking it from base to tip as he looked down at her. She brought her hands to her own breasts, and began to tease and pull at the nipples. Her pussy was awash in her juices now, and she began to move on the bed, flexing her hips as she watched him stroke himself.

“Terry?” She whispered his name. “Will you eat my pussy now?” she breathed, lowering one hand to pull her skirt upward, revealing her naked cunt. She spread her legs, allowing him to see her glistening wetness. “Please?”

Without a word, he moved to the end of the bed. Sinking to his knees, his hands went to her skirt, and he yanked it up around her waist. Her pussy was lovely: puffy pink lips beneath a thin strip of wispy blonde hair. It was soaking wet in anticipation of his touch. He pushed her legs further apart, a hand gripping the skin just above each knee, and lowered his face to her.

When his breath hit her, Brittany gasped again. His mouth was so close; so warm. She felt him there, pausing to inhale her aroma, and raised her hips to him. Her slick pink lips parted slightly, and she felt his tongue touch them tentatively.

“Oh, god,” she breathed.

Terry began to work her pussy. Teasing flicks of his tongue led to long, deep laps up the furrow of her slit, his tongue splitting her labia with its width. At the top, he would pause, nibbling at her clit, until she began to move under him. Then he would begin again. For fifteen or twenty minutes he continued this unbroken string of pleasuring movements, until she was ready to climax from the mere expectation of his torture. Then he changed his routine. Pushing his face between her thighs, he drove his tongue deep inside her, lapping at her inner walls.

Terry’s assault on her pussy had brought Brittany closer and closer to the edge, and when he stabbed his tongue deep into her, she gave herself over to her longings, and allowed herself to orgasm. As she bucked and writhed under his touch, her pussy gushed forth its fluid, and the release was unbelievably good. She couldn’t wait to do the same for him.

Terry lapped eagerly at her pussy as she came, his tongue caressing and cleaning her. When she finally slowed to a gasping, whimpering undulation of her hips, he began to slide up her body, his mouth on her skin. Her belly was as smooth and as hard as marble, and he kissed his way up it until he came to her chest. He moved to his left, taking the hard nub of her nipple between his lips, and began to flick it with his tongue while his hand covered the other breast.

“Yessssss,” she whispered urgently, as her body responded to his touch. She arched her back, grinding her breast against his face, and moaned as his fingers kneaded one nipple, while his tongue tortured the other. Terry switched his attention when she began to whimper and beg, taking each hard nipple between his lips in turn, and pleasuring the other with his fingers at the same time. All the while he slid his massive cock along the inside of her leg, back and forth, keeping her aware of the penetration he intended.

Brittany came again and again; little peaks of pleasure highlighted by intense longing for the monster dick so close to her cunt. She thought she might pass out before he finally put it inside her.

“Please,” she gasped, and her voice turned husky. “Fuck me! Fuck me now!”

Terry was all too happy to comply. This little slut had been asking for it ever since he’d met her in the parking lot, and now he’d give it to her! He pushed her leg farther apart with his knee and moved up over her, positioning himself at the entrance to her pussy. His massive cockhead hovered like an angry alien just outside her steamy hole. All it would take to split her apart would be one quick thrust; one intensely pleasurable sinking into her depths!

He waited as she thrust herself upward at him, eager to feel his thickness inside her. “Oh, god,” she whimpered, as he barely touched her with his cock. At last he could stand no more.

Lowering himself forward onto his elbows, he entered her, slowly. He intentionally held his hips high, resting just inside her until she adjusted to his girth, then began to stroke into her. Each gentle thrust of his hips put him deeper inside her, until at last his pubic hair was kissing her own.

She held herself tensely, savoring the feel of him. My god, he was big! When he Balgat Escort bottomed out in her, she could feel the head against her cervix, and it set off a series of little explosions in her belly, that quickly grew in intensity. “Oh…h…h…h… god,” she gasped, as the climaxes began to overtake her. “Ohhhhhh…GODDDDD!”

Suddenly he was thrusting into her, aware of her building momentum, and determined to set off an orgasm that neither of them would ever forget. Terry timed his strokes to her groans of pleasure, pounding into her, harder and harder as the minutes passed. They fed off each other’s excitement, and they both felt their own release approaching.

As Brittany gave herself over to this previously unknown level of pleasure, her hands grasped at Terry’s broad back, leaving red welts where her nails dug into his skin. Her body responding with a surge of passion, she suddenly threw her arms outward, grasping the bed-sheets as the wave of pleasure washed over her. Finally, she screamed…an animal howl of pleasure.

Terry doubled his efforts, his thrusts moving the tiny body back and forth on the bed beneath him. Her ankles locked behind his thighs as he plunged in and out of her grasping cunt, his cock almost leaving her entirely before sinking to its base again. His balls tightened, their contractions imminent.

When at last they yielded their abundant load, he groaned loudly and bucked into her one last time. He held himself motionless as he came, the only movement of his body the tremendous contractions of his exploding dick inside her, and his pounding heart. He filled her cavity completely, his scalding semen erupting up past his slippery cock as he pumped his load into her.

Brittany felt as if she would explode, herself! Her body no longer under her own control, she felt his throbbing member deep inside her as her legs fell apart and her head arched into the mattress beneath her. Her voice had given way to a steady, low moan. For long moments she took his seed, its overheated quantity filling and overflowing her, leaving her breathless and unable to move. Then he began to move again, milking the last few loads from his balls.

When at last she could function, she slowly wrapped her limbs around the man above her, and her mouth sought his. His slow thrusting stopped, and he pulled her up into him. Their mouths moved across one another’s, lips mashing together as tongues sought each other’s warmth. They kissed passionately as he rolled onto his back, taking her with him.

“Oh my god, Terry,” she gasped, as she felt him slip from her pussy. His cock traced a slimy trail across her thigh, and she suddenly felt so empty. She wanted more, but she wanted it her way, now. Between kisses she spoke.

“Listen, lover,” she began. He didn’t want to talk; he only wanted to kiss those tender lips. “I want you,” she said. More kisses. “…to do something for me.” Another kiss, then a grudging reply.

“What is it,” he asked, his only thought being back between those tanned little legs; his only desire, to turn her inside out with his dick. He was already getting hard again, and was painfully aware of the head of his cock pressing against the warmth of her leg.

Brittany could feel it, too, and she moved her leg against it. “Mmmmm,” she cooed. “You want to be inside me again, don’t you?” His moan was the answer she sought. “Well…” She scrambled off him, and slid from the bed. “I want that, too. In time.”

Terry watched, taking in the sight of her as she rose to stand beside him. Her skirt was still bunched up around her waist, her hair tousled even more than before. Her body was otherwise bare, and she slid one hand down her belly and over the material of the skirt as the fingers of the other closed around one nipple. She smiled provocatively at him as he watched her pull the nipple outward and up, stretching the breast. He glanced down, and the other hand was between her legs, the fingertips already slick with her juice. He could hear the enticing sound her fingers made as they slid along her sticky labia, forward and back.

“Can we play a game?” she whispered, and closed her eyes momentarily in pleasure. She moaned aloud. When she refocused on him, her tongue was at her upper lip, reminding him of the pleasure that mouth could give him. He smiled.

“Do I get to touch, or just watch you?” he croaked, his throat suddenly dry. He knew she wanted to do something kinky, and was trying to decide if he should relinquish control to her. When her fingers disappeared inside her and she threw her head back in a silent gasp, he decided. His cock leaped at the lusty image before him. He wanted her again, no matter what games he had to play.

She allowed herself a moment to collect her thoughts, and looked him in the eye. “Let me tie you up,” she breathed. “And pleasure myself with your body. At my own speed.”

This was an offer too good to refuse, and he simply closed his eyes and outstretched his arms and legs. Brittany saw his acquiessence, and moved eagerly to the foot of the bed, where she bound his ankles together with a silk scarf, and then to the end of the bed. She paused to run one hand up his shin and onto his thigh, and said, “You’re gonna love this, so much.” His cock twitched straight up as her hand neared it, and she thought, “And so am I, baby!”

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