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Sailing Away

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I couldn’t sleep without picturing the angry waves crashing on to the side of our ship. The image almost seemed romantic to me in a way. I laid in bed in my thin white night gown debating on going out there for myself to be with the water. Everyone else in my cabin was asleep peacefully rested in their dreams. After some time I decided to just go out there. There was no way I was going back to bed until I had gone out there. I crawled out of my bed careful not to wake the sleeping. Tip-toeing to the upper deck, I could feel the coldness of the air piercing through my nightgown, making my fine hairs stand on end and my nipples hard.

I was freezing cold but I was with the epicness of the ocean. The waves crashed onto the ship just like I had imaged them in my bed. I couldn’t see anyone in sight so I took the liberty of dancing on the lonely deck. Braless and free I pranced around like a ballerina or maybe like a fool. It was liberating being out there barely clothed. Once I had tired myself of dancing I leaned against of the rail to take a closer look at the water. A sudden wave rose to meet me and its cold hand came down hard upon me soaking me through and through. I stood silent in frozen shock but soon laughed. I could always laugh at myself. I looked down and could see my brown skin through the white translucent material as well as my dark drown nipples now begging to get through. My white panties were soaked too. I had never been so cold before, but never had I also felt so giddy.

I started to run back to my cabin before anyone could see me but a strong voice called out for me to stop. I turned around trying my best to cover myself with my hands. It was the deckhand Roland. I did not know him, but I remembered his name from when the captain told me everyone’s names and I never forget a handsome man’s name. He was tall, dark haired, and his face had beautiful and perfect angles. “Sorry sir” I said quickly trying to excuse myself.

“You’re soaking wet, are you okay ma’am?” It tickled me when people called me ma’am, I was only 21. The look in his eye was of true concern.

“I’m alright. I just wanted to get some fresh air, but I got some fresh water too,” I laughed.

“Well you should probably get out of those wet clothes soon,” he suggested. “Here take my jacket, it doesn’t take long for pneumonia to set it, believe me.” Roland began to take off his jacket like a true gentleman

“Oh no I don’t want to take your jacket..”
“No, its okay I have another one I could go get.” He handed it to me and I put it on giving

Roland Avcılar Escort a quick peek of my protruding nipples. I wonder if he liked what he saw. I wrapped his jacket around me snuggling into his lingering scent. It was a long warm black jacket.

“May I ask what you are doing out here?”

“I am on watch. Would you like to go to the observatory deck? You can see the ocean much better from there and not get wet, but you should probably get changed first.”

“No, its okay. Lets go.” We went up to the deck. As I followed him I could not help but to enjoy the view of his back side. I bet it looks great while he made love to his lucky lady. Thrusting—man I could watch men thrust all day. I had never had sex before but I sure had watched lots of it. My nipples still hadn’t calmed down as the cold got more piercing. We watched the waves for a while from the safe place until the cold was just too unbearable. Roland went ahead of me to open the door to let me out but there was a hesitation.

“I think it may be locked…” That was not what I wanted to hear. At that point I was shivering to no end, but at least I was in good company. Roland tried the door some more, but it just wasn’t budging. “I don’t think its gonna open anytime soon. We’ll have to wait ’til someone comes by.”

“Its okay,” I managed to say through my shivering teeth.

“Take off your clothes.”

“What?” I asked feeling a delightful tingle between my legs.

“You are going to get sick. I will turn around, and you can just put my jacket back on.” I did as he told me to do. As his back was turned I took off his jacket and peeled the white wet gown and panties off of my skin. I felt so weird being naked in the same room as a man. It was my first time being nude so close to the opposite sex. I already felt better having those wet clothes off. I bent down to pick up his jacket from the ground and as I came back up I felt something on my backside. “You look like you need some warming up.” The warm breath sang to me. Roland was pressed closely against my backside slowly encircling my midsection. He was much warmer than his jacket could ever be on my naked skin.

I closed my eyes and gave into the feeling of his touch and let go of my mind. His face nuzzled into the curve of my neck kissing me and sending electric shocks though my whole body. With his hands he warmed my begging skin. From my stomach to my round 34D breasts, lightly pinching my hard dark nipples. I wanted him to squeeze them harder. I pushed my butt deeper Avcılar Escort bayan into this crotch, reassuring him that I like it and I wanted more. I lifted my hands and put them over his guiding his touch on my body from my breast, over my stomach, and down to my thighs. His big hands grabbed onto me wherever they could grab. I was not a fat girl but I was not stick skinny either. I felt juicy and soft and I couldn’t wait for him to taste me. “Touch me in between my legs so you can see how wet you are making me.” I wanted to tell him, but I couldn’t. Everything felt too good and I didn’t quite know what I was doing. His warmness left me for a moment while he took off his own clothes.

“We gotta huddle for warmth.” He smiled bringing my naked body back. Face to face he kissed me like he had wanted to kiss me for a long time. I kissed him back hard because I knew how to do that much. I didn’t want him to leave my body. In between us was his hard cock pressing against my stomach. I wanted to explore the foreign object so I snuck my hand in between us and got my first touch. The soft skin covering his hardness was a delight to touch and the texture of his wet head made me giggle. He smiled back at me. “Go ahead,” he whispered. Staying close to him, I slide down his body to his large and thick cock with a great joy in my heart. This would be fun. I took his cock into my hands and my eyes widened with possibility. I peeped out my tongue and took my first taste. I instantly wanted more of him. Ambitiously I took his cock into my mouth and wrapped my lips around it. I always loved sucking on popsicles and lollipops and this was just a bigger and better one. His meat filled my mouth perfectly and when I first pulled him out of my mouth he glistened.

It didn’t take a genius to suck a cock; all it took was a little bit of excitement and a nice set of plump lips like mine. My shyness disappeared as I licked, kissed, and sucked his cock. Once his cock was covered to the maximum in my wetness I gave his balls some attention. I wasn’t done with him but he lifted me up and told me to turn around. I didn’t know what he was up to but I did as I was told anyways. Starting from the back of my neck he kissed me gently all the way down to my butt. “Bend over sweetheart,” he whispered softly. I bent over for him and waited for his next touch. He spread my checks and suddenly I felt his tongue touch my most private places. My pussy wanted more. I pushed myself closer to his mouth. He grabbed onto my hips and thighs and drove his tongue Escort avcılar into my folds and holes. I couldn’t help but to cry out at first in a shy whimper then I let go and started crying out as loud as I wanted to.

“You are so wet,” he let out just taking a quick break. He licked my pussy and my asshole aggressively driving me almost to the brink of orgasm. I loved it and would definitely want to do that again. We rose again to be face to face. I got to taste the wetness of my pussy on his lips. As we kissed I put his cock right next to my pussy. I wanted him to rub it against me and bring me to my orgasm and him to his. “Is this your first time?” he asked taking me off guard. I nodded bashfully but he lifted my head up and kissed me again. “I will go slow.”

On the floor of the observation deck I laid on my back, naked and exposed to sexy Roland. I never imagined myself losing my virginity to a stranger on a ship, but it felt so good I could not bring myself to stop the pleasure. He hovered over me taking my nipples into his mouth making them wet. “I wanted to do this with you since I saw you. You looked so beautiful boarding the ship in your pink dress blowing in the wind. You’re so cute and innocent, I wanted to corrupt you. Make you beg for my cock….do you want it?”

“Yes,” I breathed.

“Do you really want it?” He asked as he rubbed the head of his cock against my clit.

“Yes I do.” I told him looking at him deep into his brown eyes.

“Close your eyes sweetheart,” he started as he put the head of his wet cock at my pussy hole. “Think of the tides going in and out, in and out, in…”He pushed it forward into me and I tightened all over. “Relax, in and out…”. I changed my breathing to match the waves I could hear in the background. In and Out, I thought. My tight pussy was penetrated just as gently as he promised. A single tear fell from my eye, but it wasn’t so bad. Roland held me as he rocked into me slowly. It was a little uncomfortable and he could sense it so he pulled out and kissed me. I closed my legs and covered my sore pussy. To ease my soreness he began to lick me again between my legs. Once his began sucking on my swollen clit I knew that I could come. I made me feel so much better once I did come. While he was making me come, he made himself come. I was intrigued by his white sticky substance, but he quickly wiped it away with my nightgown to my disappointment.

We laid on the ground together underneath his long black jacket. In his arms I was warm and satisfied. He caressed my body as I caressed his. I wanted to get him hard again to get an actual taste of his ejaculation. We had all night together as well as the rest of the trip to sail away in the sea of pleasure. “Crash into me..”I whispered to him after I got him hard again.

The door was never locked…

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