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RV Park: Improvements to the Park

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This RV park is a work of fiction. While I live in a Motorhome and travel to many, I have only encountered this park in my imagination. The cast of characters is expanding, and there are many stories to tell.


Every RV Park offers amenities to their customers. Things like coin-operated laundry; showers for men and for women, sales of camp necessities, sales of foods, lending libraries and even video rentals. We aren’t different in that regard — but how we provide them is absolutely unique. Since we’re an adults-only, clothing-optional park (and a rather private one at that) almost everything we offer has a rather adult twist.

Take, for instance, the laundry area.

Given that the vibration of the machines is so similar to many of the toys that Val (my wife) has, we decided to indulge our own fantasies and offer them to our guests. To take away the boredom of waiting for loads to wash and dry, Val came up with the idea of providing certain “attachments” that connected to the machines. Attachments that tended to be about eight or nine inches long, flesh colored, with suction bases. In case someone needed help to get in the mood, the reading material we placed there included Penthouse Letters, printouts of some favorite stories from Literotica, and any sexy novel we came across. (Separate from the lending library) The attachments were stored in a sanitary case, in a liquid that both sanitized and lubricated. Pretty soon our laundry was a very popular place with the single women in the park. And, after we installed video cameras, Val (my wife) and I found ourselves enjoying their activity as well. We came up with a plan to add to our income stream — for those who would give us permission, we could stream their activities on our website. Hallie and Callie Andrews, our redheaded twin residents, were the first to sign up. Maybe it was because we gave them free laundry — but more likely because they were exhibitionists.

Our store not only sold things necessary to live in an RV, but things that were also important for those wanting to be sexually self-expressed. We had lingerie from Frederick’s of Hollywood (it dates us, I know) and catalogs from others; we had a wide assortment of condoms and lubes; a small but growing collection of restraints and similar items, dildos and butt plugs, videos and more. In fact, Val and I were trying to work out how to set things up so we had the equivalent of an adult boutique open to the public outside the gates of the park, as well as access to that same area for our residents. I’ll keep you posted on our adventures with the zoning board and others. Some of that is just as hot as our laundry area!

I was most proud of our bath houses. Most RV parks separate the men and the women. I mean, that’s a common thing and there’s nothing wrong with it. But we decided very early on that we weren’t going to be common, and that our residents were all adults. Of all sorts of proclivities. So we redesigned our bath house.

We had a Men’s section as well as a Ladies section — after all, not everyone who came through our gates was as liberated as we were. Even there, however, we decided to get bold. I had Bonner, our maintenance engineer, set up the Men’s room with two rows of stalls. The outer row was straightforward — toilets and paper holders. The rear row, however, contained a feature that I personally loved. Every stall had a glory hole. Bonner and I worked together on this. He’s 6 foot 5 inches, and I’m 5 foot 4 inches, so we made sure that every one of the holes we created could fit either one of us. And, rather than the crude, illicit ones you’d run into in adult bookstores, we made sure they were smooth, curved and comfortable. The mouth on the other side might bite, but the framework wouldn’t hurt at all. We had five booths, so the middle three had holes on both sides, and the outer two had only one each.

Of course Bonner and I had to test our work, to make sure no one would be hurt by sharp edges. We spent about an hour getting that first hole correctly placed. First I had him put his cock through. And his cock was every bit a match for his height. It must have been 10 inches long, thick and meaty, with a glorious purple head. The first adjustment we made was make the hole lower so his balls would also come through. After we made that adjustment, I went back into the stall and had him try again. And there, in front of my face was this porno-sized cock attached to a big set of balls, and never being one to pass up temptation, I dropped to my knees and began to stroke his snake. I shivered as I felt it grow harder, thicker and longer. I put it up against my face, amazed by the soft skin that covered the rock hard core. I lowered my face and began to lick his balls, one by one. His sack was loose, and soon I had one of those juicy plums in my mouth, squirming under my tongue as I stroked his dick. I could hear his moans.

I switched to his other ball, and tried to get them both in my mouth but couldn’t manage. Never the less, Trabzon Escort his moans had increased in volume and his cock was moving in my hands. I popped his ball out of my mouth and began to lick up the length of his flesh, moving a hand to hold and play with those amazing spheres. I worked my way up to the tip of his cock, and then spent time licking the head. At his size, there was plenty to lick! But I was as anxious as he was, and soon I opened wide and took the head and the first four inches into my mouth where I proceeded to worship it with my tongue. His hips were beginning to pump. This was not going to be a subtly blowjob. I angled my neck and relaxed the muscles of my throat, and the next time he pumped forward I moved towards him and suddenly had my nose jammed up against the stall wall with his cock in my throat. He pumped in and out two times and then I felt his cock twitch, the vein pump and his cum began to pump into my throat. I held my held down until I needed to breathe, and by that time four ropes of his jizz were in my gut. When I pulled back he kept pumping, filling my mouth almost faster than I was able to swallow. The hot, thick spunk taste was somehow sweet, and the feeling was magical. I just kept swallowing until he shuddered and withdrew.

“Bonner” I said. “I think we might want to see about putting some sort of padding on the floor. My knees are a little sore.”

“Shit. Anything you say, Roger. Man, I never knew you sucked cock — let alone deep throated something as big as mine. Does Miss Val know?”

“Oh yes,” I said, rising to my feet, “she’s the one who got me started!”

“Wow. I don’t know what to think of that.”

“Don’t think. Don’t worry. I’ll let her know all about this, and you can probably expect to be sexually harassed by her within twenty four hours. She’s a size queen, and she’ll be a big fan.”

“Okay. I think I might be interested. But we need to see if it works for someone your size, and I don’t do that stuff. At least, I never tried it and ain’t sure I want to now.”

“That’s okay, man. You don’t have to do anything. Let me just see if it fits.” With that I stood up, dropped my pants and my already achingly hard cock was ready. I put it through, and then got my balls through as well.

“Seems okay to me” I said.

“Let me make sure you got enough room” and suddenly there were hands on my cock and at my balls. I rose up on tip toes to allow him to reach everything, and refrained from saying a word. I just let him continue his exploration of my 8 inches.

“My, my, I know what my dick feels like, but never thought someone else’s would feel so good to touch. Are you okay, Roger?”

“Man, just keep doing what you are doing for as long as you want. You sure you never been with another guy before?”

“Oh, I have. It’s just that I usually lie back and get a blowjob — guys seem wild about my big cock. But I wondered…and now I think I like what I’m feeling.” He was now stroking me from top to bottom, with a motion that was different than I use on myself and I was just caught up in the sensations.

“You like, Roger?”

“I like, Bonner. I like a lot. I’m about to cum, so you better stand aside.”

“Okay. Let’s see how far you shoot!” as he increased the speed of his stroking. Three more pumps and I felt the cum boil up out of my balls and jet out of my cock. I pumped out sperm until there was nothing left, and then had to tell him to stop because it was uncomfortable. I pulled back into the stall and pulled up my pants, then stepped out. The door to his stall was open and there was cum dripping off the wall across from the hold. I laughed.

“Well, one of the advantages of being a cock sucker is that there’s no cleanup necessary. You, on the other hand, had better get that mess wiped up!” We both laughed at that point I left him to finish the work in the mens’ room, cutting the holes and putting down some padding in front of them, then headed back to the office.

As I walked in the door, Val was seated behind her desk; her head was thrown back and she was obviously naked. Nothing unusual about that, but the expression on her face suggested something was happening. I took two strides and was up at her side.

“What the?” she barely got out before my dick was in her mouth. She fastened on it like it was a source of life, and I saw that she was holding our office staff member Lori’s head in her lap.

“Lori, don’t you dare stop. Make her cum” I said. She was startled and began to pull away before Val grabber her hair and pulled her even harder into her lap. Lori relaxed and suddenly Val’s hips were jerking and she was moaning. Not sure exactly what pushed her over the edge, but she was clearly in the throes of an extended orgasm.

Finally Val pushed Lori’s head back and seem to melt into the chair. I withdrew my now dripping cock to let her speak.

“Oh my God. Lori, I need to give you a raise! That was magnificent!”

Our little staff member spoke up. “How about Trabzon Escort Bayan you just give me Roger’s cock. Or at least loan it to me — and do it soon!” She stood up, revealing her double DD boobs and healthy hips with her thatch of blonde fuzz. Then she lay back on the registration desk, spread her legs wide and held open the lips of her pussy. “Come fuck me, boss!” I didn’t need any urging. Between the warmth of Val’s mouth and the stirring visuals, I was as hard as I had ever been, so I moved into position and slowly sank my cock into her warm, wet, tight cunt. I leaned back and did all the work with my hips while I managed to locate her clit with my hands and give that attention as well. It didn’t take long before Lori was shrieking and cumming. I just kept going and kept her cumming until she finally had enough and stopped me.

“It’s a wonder any work gets done around here.” I said, jokingly. I withdrew my glistening dick from her slit and enjoyed the sensations of the cooler air on the moisture coating me. “Are either of you in any shape to work?”

“I need a few more minutes” said Val. “Lori was about to go on her break anyway. Roger, can you look like you’re in charge for a few minutes?”

“Sure. Seems to me a man with a hard-on always looks like he’s in charge, anyway”

“Gee, boss, you didn’t get off! Are you okay with that?” said Lori.

“Not a problem.”

I got as close to the front counter as I could until things softened, and began to look at the books and the mail. Pretty soon Val was on her feet, next to me and helping sort things out. I love my wife, and standing next to her magnificent body was not making it any easier to lose my erection. I was thinking of times tables — I needed to get things done today!

“You came in looking like something had happened. I wasn’t completely oblivious — at least until you shoved that boner in my face. What happened?”

So I told her about how the work on the second set of stalls in the men’s room had progressed, including all the details about how Bonner and I had thoroughly tested out the facilities. After I finished, she just looked at me for a minute.

“You slut! He’s ten inches and you didn’t let me get a crack at him? I ought to punish you — but you’d enjoy that too much. Did you let him know I might need to see him? Soon?”

“Oh yeah, I did. Seems that while he doesn’t mind a blow job from anyone, he leans decidedly hetero. I think those magical boobs of yours hold a strong attraction for him. They do for me — but you knew that!”

“Good. I’ll make sure to meet with him before he leaves for that day. We still have to discuss the work for the woman’s showers anyway.”

“What did you have in mind? The cost to install new fixtures is prohibitive since we’d have to tear out walls and rebuild.”

“I thought you would say that. So I was doing my homework. First, all the toilets need to be replaced with bidets. That will cost some — but I found a place that will buy older toilets so it won’t be a total loss.”

“More like a total wash” I said, grinning. We both have a “thing” for puns.

“Right. And for the showers, I found a device that will allow the water through multiple hoses at each location, so we can wall mount shower heads at waist high as well as head high. AND a handheld shower extension as well. I have the sample here, with parts and instructions, so I can set Bonner up to install it tomorrow. Of course, once he’s got a sample, I’ll have him help me work out the kinks. I’m looking forward to tomorrow!”

“Have you given any more thought to the combined room?”

“I have some ideas in mind-but let’s discuss them this evening. For now, I want to clear away the inboxes and pay the bills, and I need you to head over to Crandall rig in site 22. She said they were having an urgent issue but didn’t give details. I said I would send you as soon as possible. That’s now, right?”

I put on shorts and sandals, took my tool box and gave her a big kiss on my way out.

“Enjoy your meeting with Bonner!”

“I’m sure I will, if your description was the least bit accurate. Now go help the Crandalls!” I decided I’d be faster on wheels, so I hopped in one of our golf carts and headed over to their rig. Hillary and David Crandall were some of our newest residents, and they had a 3 month lease so they’d be with us for a bit. They were that newer generation of RVer — they’d watched the cable TV RV shows and had fallen for a high end salesman. As a result, their 44 foot diesel rig was almost brand new. With 4 slides, it was impressive from the outside. This would be my first time inside it. The outer door was open and the screen in place, so I knocked loudly.

“Hillary? David?” It’s Roger — I came as soon as I was able. What seems to be the problem?”

A muffled voice — Hillary’s — came from the back. “Thank goodness you’re here. Come in and come to the back. We need your help!”

I opened the screen and stepped up into a luxuriously Escort Trabzon appointed Motor Home. Leather and marble all over. Bright and shiny. I slowly made my way towards the back. It was when I opened their bedroom door that I saw why needed help.

Hillary was naked and spread-eagled on their bed, with her arms and legs cuffed to the headboard and footboard. She wasn’t going anywhere. I was very tempted to simply stop and stare — she was clearly a woman who kept herself in shape, was completely tanned, with a shaved pussy and what were very large — but clearly artificially enhanced — boobs pointing straight up at the ceiling.

“Roger, do me a favor. Stop staring and unlock these restraints. When this is all over I’ll make sure you have every chance to ogle — but David over there seems to have fallen and I think we need a doctor.”

I looked in the corner at an easy chair containing all 6 foot, 4 inches of David. He had a phone at his feet and appeared to have passed out. And he too was naked. I rushed over to him and felt for a pulse — it was good and steady — and he was breathing as well, so I dropped out of emergency gear and just took charge.

“Okay, Hilary, tell me what happened while I get the EMT’s out here. His pulse is good and he’s breathing, but he’s out cold. Once I get them started, we’ll get you freed up, okay?”

“He was all set to use me when he started feeling faint. I told him to sit and get 911 on the phone, but he apparently hit the speed-dial and got your office.”

“Okay, I got it.” I dialed 911, told them I had an unconscious male, 6 foot four, about 240 pounds, steady heartbeat and breathing, and gave them the address. Then I hit that speed-dial for our office and got Val on the line.

“Hi honey. I have EMT’s coming for David — he’s passed out but breathing — so would you and Lori get in your “meet the locals” stuff and get me some shorts and a t-shirt? Thanks!”

I turned to Hilary. “You heard all that. Now, where’s the key for those cuffs? And do you have a coverup I can get you?”

She gestured with her chin to a hook on the wall with a set of keys. “There’s the key, and it won’t take but a minute to get something to wear.”

I flipped through the different keys until I found what looked to be probable, and then unlocked her hands and feet. But when she started to stand she crumbled back onto the bed.

“How long were you cuffed?”

“It might have been an hour. I guess I will need your help. There’s a night shirt hanging on the bathroom door — could you get that?”

I did, and helped her into it. I also got her a large glass of water, and then went back to check on David. He was still breathing normally and appeared, at this point, to simply be asleep.

“Do you have his medical history to give to the EMTs when they arrive?”

“We both keep an updated 1 page summary in our files. It’s under medical, in the desk drawer. Can you dig it out? I’m still not sure I’m mobile yet.”

I went to the desk to start looking, and at that point Val came in with what I needed. I took a moment to dress.

“Hilary! Are you okay?” They hugged.

“I’m okay. I was just bound for an hour and not fully able to move. It’s David I’m worried about!”

“The ambulance was pulling up as I got here, and Lori will bring them over in a minute. He looks okay, and Roger says his vitals are okay. But we’ll let the professionals take over.”

As she said that Lori entered with two uniformed techs. I recognized the first one; Aly Fansome tended bar in town when she wasn’t riding in a rig — and took advantage of our facilities on the weekends. Like Hilary, she had no tan lines, and we nodded at each other.

“Hi Aly! Glad you came. Who’s your partner?”

“Hi Roger. This is Marco. He’s new, but he’s good. Where’s our patient?” I directed them to David. Marco began to check his vitals, and I handed the medical history to Aly.

“His name is David Crandall, and all his vital information and medical history is here. His wife’s name is Hilary, and she’s in the other room with Val. I think she may be in shock — but even if she isn’t you might want to get with her.”

At that point, we heard a noise and saw David’s eyes fly open. Marco had popped one of those smelling salts type of things under his nose.

“What? I, er…”

“David, don’t try to talk. My name is Marco, and you evidently passed out a little while ago. Are you having trouble talking?” He waited and watched.

David’s near inability to answer gave Marco what he needed.

“Okay, David, don’t try to talk. You’ve had some sort of episode. Possibly a seizure. Your medical history doesn’t give me any clues, so we are going to get you to the hospital to let their staff find out more. Are you with me?”

David nodded, and appeared to want to say something, but also looked a bit lost.

“Hilary is in the other room, David. Val is with her and she’s fine, Hey Val — can Hilary come back in now?”

They appeared at the door. Val had her arm around Hilary’s waist, supporting her.

“Mrs. Crandall, I’m Aly Fansome and this is Marco Pannecetti. David may have had a seizure of some sort, so we are going to be transporting him to the hospital for observation and testing. Are you with me?”

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