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Rummates Pt. 01

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

*Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft Spell-check. You have been forewarned; expect to find mistakes.


The day after Christmas, cleaning the remnants of wrapping paper and tinsel and glitter, Linda Boudreaux felt a wave of loneliness suddenly wash over her. Glen and Jenna and their three boys had left early Christmas morning; they had a seven hundred and fifty mile drive from driveway to driveway. Scott and Fauna left this morning; their next stop was to see Fauna’s mother and father before driving home to New Orleans.

“A shame that Fauna can’t have babies; she’d be the perfect Mommy,” Linda thought, thinking of how Aunt Fauna helped Jenna look after Robert and William and Alex. (And Glen and Scott.)

While the brood was there, Linda had tried to take care of her boys and the wives, and the grandchildren. But, Linda found herself being relegated to the post of observer while others took on her duties.

Linda worked out three mornings a week at Shapes Wellness before going to her job at the St. Elizabeth Parish Courthouse. She had friends at work, friends among the neighbors; she was no recluse. But, the fifty two year old woman had to admit, she was lonely. Over the years since her divorce, and then the boys moving out, Linda had fallen into a rut.

“Cooking for one just isn’t much fun,” Linda thought as she used some leftover pot roast to make herself a hot open faced sandwich for her lunch.

On January 7th, Linda Boudreaux stood in the lobby of Gilbert Hall, looking at the cluttered bulletin board. A large sign stated that only Authorized Personnel could remove posted material, but there were fliers from the previous year’s Greek Week Rush, signs announcing Homecoming parties, one for a Blood Drive that the St. Elizabeth Parish Trauma Center had held in April of the previous year. The hall was eerily silent so Linda took it upon herself to remove the fliers that were older than six months from the long and wide cork board.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Linda said, finding fliers that were one, two and three years old; the oldest ones buried underneath more recent fliers, if seven and eight months ago could be called recent

That task completed, Linda then affixed her 3X5 bright yellow index card advertising room for rent to the bulletin board. Her feet echoed loudly as she marched out of Gilbert Hall into the bitterly frigid January wind.

“I uh, yes, yes ma’am, I, I’m calling about the room?” a young man said when Linda answered her cell phone.

“Oh dear,” Linda thought. “I, I didn’t put down ‘Only Females Need Apply’?”

Lawrence was a nineteen year old man with dimpled smile and curly brown hair. He said he was sick of living in the dormitory, sick of roommates that had no idea what hygiene was, or how to respect the property of others.

“And, Ms. Boudreaux? I hate being called Larry,” Lawrence said.

“Hi. I’m calling about the room for rent?” another young man said when Linda answered her phone.

Linda had intended to rent out one room. She made a snap decision; there were four bedrooms; she could rent out two and still have room for Glen and Jenna and the boys to visit.

Charles was a handsome young man of twenty. He too complained about living in the dormitory. Looking around the house, Charles nodded his approval and filled out the application.

Linda then drove to the University and plucked the index card from the bulletin board. Reading it again, Linda saw that she had not specified ‘Female Only’ on the card.

Within a week, the three had settled into a comfortable existence. Lawrence and Charles did inform Linda that usually ‘Room for Rent’ did not come with laundry service. Room for rent did not include breakfasts and suppers.

“I mean, Ms. Linda, not that I’m complaining,” Charles said as he polished off a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

“Hey, Chuck? Shut up, huh?” Lawrence laughed. “Ms. Linda wants to cook? Let her, huh?”

“Huh? Oh, oh sure thing, Larry,” Charles smiled.

“Well, it just doesn’t make sense for me to cook and not have y’all join me,” Linda said, smiling as Charles gave her an affectionate one-armed squeeze.

“Supposed to get down to twenty one tomorrow,” Lawrence said, looking at his Weather Channel app on his phone.

“Twenty…wow, that’s cold,” Charles said, making sure he’d not forgotten anything at the table.

Lawrence also gave Linda an affectionate one-armed squeeze and a soft kiss to her cheek. Linda finished cleaning the kitchen, then went to her bedroom.

Scottie, her youngest son had noticed almost immediately that his mother seemed happier when he called home on Saturday. Since leaving her home to go to college, Scottie had started the ritual of calling home on Saturdays, even when he didn’t need anything.

Glen, her oldest son would call on Sundays, would call when Linda was Avrupa yakası escort due to arrive home from Mass. Within minutes of his call, Jenna, his wife was yanking the telephone from Glen’s hand and talking Linda’s ear off about Glen and about herself and about their three boys. And, even as self-centered as Jenna was, a few weeks after the boys had moved in, Jenna noticed that Linda was happier.

“What can I say?” Linda thought as she undressed for her shower. “I love taking care of my boys.”

She showered and dried herself off. After giving herself an approving once-over in the foggy mirror, Linda pulled on her flannel nightgown.

“My frumpy, grandmother nightgown,” Linda thought, looking at herself in her slightly fogged mirror.

That night, Linda did not pull her trusty battery powered boyfriend from her nightstand. She lay in her bed and stared at the ceiling for a long while before turning off her bedside lamp and attempting to sleep.

Linda’s supervisor wasn’t concerned when Linda decided to take a ‘Personal Day’ the following day. Linda was thrilled that Miss Helena was able to squeeze her in at the last moment.

Hair styled and colored, to hide the strands of gray, pussy freshly waxed, again, to hide the strands of gray, Linda then drove to Abdul’s Department Store. She spent a few moments in the lingerie department; the helpful young lady making suggestions and comments.

“Man oh man! It, it is some cold out there,” Charles declared, coming into the house.

“Can tell he’s in college, eh, Ms. Linda? Don’t nothing get by him,” Lawrence said, closing the door.

“Either of you boys ever had hot buttered rum?” Linda asked from the kitchen.

“Hot buttered…no ma’am,” Lawrence said, seeing Ms. Linda at the stove, stirring a large saucepan.

“Figured, nice cold day like this?” Linda smiled over her shoulder at the two handsome men. “Y’all might like a nice hot beverage, really warm y’all up.”

“Yes ma’am; we do anything to help?” Charles offered.

“Hmm? No, no, just go get out of those heavy coats. I’ll bring the drinks to the living room,” Linda cheerfully said.

Pouring three mugs of the steaming concoction, Linda steadied herself. She made sure the stove was turned to low, keeping the remaining liquid warm. Linda pulled the sash of her rand new scarlet red satin robe tight. Then, with a smile to hide her writhing nerves, she brought the tray of mugs and warm blondies to the living room.

“No, no, you two come sit on the couch with me,” Linda ordered and sat on the middle cushion of the sofa.

Charles got out of the recliner and Lawrence got off of the loveseat. Charles and Lawrence flanked Linda and politely waited for her to serve them. She did so and took her own cup of hot buttered rum, blowing on the hot beverage to cool it slightly.

Linda waited until the two young men had polished off their treats and had drunk most of their beverages. Then, with a soft kiss to their cheeks, she got up and refilled their mugs with the remainder of the brew.

“So, I, I’ve got a little problem and I’m hoping the two of you will help me with it,” Linda said, returning to the living room after bringing their two dessert plates and her own empty mug to the sink.

“Oh, yes ma’am,” Lawrence said, sitting up straight.

“Anything you need, Ms. Linda,” Charles agreed.

Linda knew she’d put a lot of work into her body. Cindy and Shaley had worked with her on the free weights and the exercise mashines and Trish had certainly pushed her in step aerobics and yoga.

“I, this, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be,” Linda said truthfully as she stood in front of the two young men.

Loosening her sash, Linda let the robe flutter off of her shoulders, baring her bright red baby doll nightie and matching G-string panties to the two stunned young men’s gazes. With a confident smile she did not feel, Linda undid the bow that held her top together, baring her 36D breasts and hard nipples.

“Truth is, I want, I need to get fucked,” Linda declared. “Can you help me?”

“Larry can’t, but I sure can,” Charles said, standing up and pulling his long sleeve Henley up and off.

“Chuck won’t be able to, but I’m ready,” Lawrence agreed, standing.

“Oh, goodie!” Linda laughed, plucking her robe from the floor and leading the two men to her bedroom.

Linda had turned on her bedside lamp and turned down the covers earlier, before starting on the hot buttered rum drinks. Now, inside her bedroom, Linda turned and kissed Charles, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. She flung the scrap of satin off of her shoulders onto the bed, then turned and kissed Lawrence with the same passion she’d shown Charles. Then, sliding her panties down and off, Linda bared her hairless crotch to the two men.

“Oh, oh they, they’re just lovely!” Linda enthused, seeing two young, hard, throbbing cocks, two cocks ready for her.

She sat on the bed and pulled both young men Ataköy escort bayan to stand in front of her. Linda bent and took the head of Charles’ cock into her mouth, her free hand stroking Lawrence’s fat meat. Linda managed to swallow Charles cock halfway before he hit her gag reflex. She bobbed her head up and down the length of his cock, trying to push him in past her gag reflex. Finally, she had to accept the facts; she would only get half of him into her mouth.

She purposefully made a noisy ‘pop’ when she pulled her mouth off of his cock. Then she turned and pulled Lawrence’s cock into her mouth. Her free hand stroked up and down Charles’s spittle lubricated cock.

Again, Linda could only take half of Lawrence’s length into her mouth before gagging slightly. She bobbed her head back and forth, swallowing noisily as she sucked the young man’s cock.

Linda marveled at the taste and texture of their dicks. True, it had been quite a few years since the last cock she’d had in her mouth, but she vaguely remembered the last cock had tasted of sweat and even a tinge of urine. These two cocks tasted of soap, a little bit of sweat, and a bitter, salty taste as their excitement oozed from their tips.

The texture, the spongy feeling of their cockheads, the velvety feeling of their skin rasping over her lapping tongue was wonderful, exciting to Linda. She could also feel the iron bar hardness under her hands as she stroked them.

“Sorry,” Linda apologized, again creating a pop when she pulled her mouth off of Lawrence’s cock. “I, I’ know I should be able to take you all the way, but…”

“Ms. Linda, you don’t need to apologize,” Charles gasped out.

“No ma’am, nothing to apologize about,” Lawrence groaned, now reaching down and fondling Linda’s right breast. “Oh God, these, these feel amazing.”

“Mm hmm,” Charles agreed, now fondling Linda’s left breast.

Linda swallowed as much of Charles’s cock as she could. Again, she bobbed her head up and down, increasing the suction and tongue waggling. She grunted and groaned; Lawrence was now tugging and twisting her nipple.

“Mm hmm,” Linda encouraged, slurping noisily.

Charles also began tugging and pinching and twisting Linda’s hard nipple. Linda moaned her appreciation as she vigorously sucked Charles’s cock.

“Oh, oh man, I, I was so close,” Charles protested when Linda again pulled her mouth off of his cock with a loud pop.

With a sassy little giggle, Linda took Lawrence’s cock into her mouth and began sucking and licking him in earnest. Linda still could not fit more than half of his length into her mouth, so used her hand to stroke him while she performed a noisy blow job.

When Lawrence’s hips began to piston slightly, Linda again ceased and returned her oral attention to Charles’s cock. The two boys were kneading her breasts, teasing her nipples in a most pleasing manner. Linda found herself on the verge of an orgasm, just from their breast play. Maybe her heightened sexual response was due to the act of sucking not one, but two hot, young cocks. Or, possibly, from the wanton naughtiness of the whole situation. She was a fifty two year old mother and grandmother, in her bedroom with two young studs who were fucking her mouth and playing with her heavy breasts.

“Mm, augh, I oh God,” Linda shuddered just as Charles’ semen began flooding into her mouth.

A moment later, Charles’ cock quit spurting his bitter, salty semen. Linda gave his cock a soft kiss, then turned and swallowed the head of Lawrence’s cock. A moment later, Linda again shuddered in pleasure as Lawrence groaned and filled her mouth with seed.

“Oh, that, that was good,” Lawrence groaned, sagging.

“Uh huh,” Charles agreed.

“Tit for tat?” Linda asked, scooting backward on her bed.

“Oh yes ma’am, absolutely,” Charles agreed with enthusiasm as Linda lay back, spreading her legs.

“Lawrence?” Linda asked as Lawrence stood, looking embarrassed.

“I uh, ma’am, Ms. Linda? I, I’ve never, I don’t know how…” Lawrence admitted, blushing hotly.

“Oh, goody!” Linda laughed happily, using two fingers to spread her lips wide. “Oh sweet boy, come here, let Ms. Linda teach you.”

“Uh, ma’am, I, he can watch me,” Charles eagerly suggested.

“Oh, silly boy, here, you play with these while I teach him,” Linda laughed, hefting her breasts in her hands.

Charles did kneel on her bed and begin to suckle on her nipple. Linda waved Lawrence into place between her legs and quietly, softly instructed Lawrence on the finer points of eating pussy.

“I, oh, oh yes, I, use your thumbs, oh, open me,” Linda panted as Charles kissed and nipped at her breasts.

Lawrence proved to be a good student and Linda locked her legs around his head as he suckled her fat clitoris. She squealed in orgasm, hunching her bald mound against Lawrence’s face.

“Oh, oh, oh my sweet boy, oh yes my sweet boy,” Linda panted, gently pushing Charles away from her breasts.

Linda Escort Şirinevler pulled Lawrence to lie between her legs and guided his throbbing cock into her very wet pussy. She tasted herself on his lips as she kissed him.

“Oh, oh, God yes, that, that’s good,” Linda gave a guttural grunt as Lawrence pushed his fat meat into her.

It may have been Lawrence’s first time eating pussy, but it was not Lawrence’s first time fucking a woman. Twice, Linda locked her legs around his narrow waist and screamed in orgasm before he stiffened and pumped her pussy full of his semen.

Linda rolled onto her hands and knees and encouraged Charles to fuck her. Charles knelt behind the attractive GLF and slid his hard cock into her slimy pussy.

“Oh! I, oh! This, this is wonderful!” Linda enthused.

“I, yes ma’am, it is,” Charles grunted, pumping his hips in a strong, firm rhythm.

Linda keened in orgasm, slumping onto her shoulders when her orgasm left her too weak to support herself. Charles stiffened a moment later and bellowed as he pumped his seed into her clutching pussy.

“I, give me a minute,” Linda panted as Charles pulled his wilting cock from her stretched pussy. “I, I’ll have supper ready, give me about ten minutes.”

A moment later, Linda weakly staggered from bed to her bathroom. A few moments later, she appeared, a terry cloth robe pulled around her nude body. She pulled her fuzzy slippers onto her feet and left her bedroom.

“Ms. Linda, we can help?” Lawrence asked a moment later.

“Hmm? You two can set the table,” Linda smiled.

Lawrence and Charles looked at each other. With a shrug, Lawrence got three glasses out of one cabinet while Charles grabbed the plates from another cabinet.

“I swear, it’s getting to where I like the permesean cauliflower more than I like mashed potatoes,” Lawrence praised as they ate.

“I know I like your baked chicken,” Charles declared.

“Well, thank you,” Linda smiled at their praise.

“Ooh, we’re in for a heat wave tomorrow,” Lawrence said, looking at his phone. “Thirty one is the high.”

“Hmm. Shorts? Sandals?” Charles joked and kissed Linda on her cheek before getting up from the table.

The following day, Linda’s supervisor complimented Linda’s new hairstyle. Other than that, there was no mention of Linda taking a personal day.

Coming into the house through the garage, Linda saw that Lawrence was at the stove, stirring the ingredients for hot buttered rum. Linda smiled, feeling a spasm in her pussy.

“I uh, hope you don’t mind,” Lawrence stammered, blushing hotly.

“But uh, cold like it is?” Charles said, the tent in his jeans very obvious.

“Let me get out of my work clothes and I’ll join you in the living room,” Linda smiled.

She did not bother with lingerie, just pulled on the red satin robe. Looking at the garment, Linda felt naughty. Linda felt her excitement in her guts. The two young men were already on the couch, leaving the middle cushion for her.

“I uh, I looked up the recipe on my phone,” Lawrence admitted, indicating her waiting mug.

The drink was warm and soothing. Lawrence had followed the instructions to the letter, measuring out each ingredient carefully. Linda simply eyeballed her measurements so there was a noticeable difference between the two batches.

But the result was the same. Linda, and the two men were in the mood to fuck.

(Linda did not fool herself; this was not love. This was a fuck, pure and simple. There was no long-term plan with these two handsome young men.)

Stripping out of her robe, Linda lay the two men on the bed. Kneeling between them, Linda took turns, sucking one, then the other cock. After she swallowed their first loads, Linda sucked them up to full mast again. Then she squatted over Charles’ thick cock and impaled herself on his ready erection.

Lawrence was not as thick in girth as Charles, which was why Linda had selected to take Charles into her pussy.

“Lawrence, sweetie,” Linda cooed, “On my vanity there? See that tube of Vitamin E cream? Be a dear and get that, please.”

“Hmm? Oh, this? Yes ma’am,” Lawrence said, bringing the tube to the bed.

“Okay,” Linda shuddered, dangerously close to orgasm with the naughtiness of it all. “Now, get some cream on your index and middle finger…good boy.”

Leaning forward, Linda gave Charles a passionate kiss. Then, she reached her right hand back and pulled on her right buttock.

“Now, get my other hole good and greasy; get it ready for that nice fat dick of yours,” Linda instructed.

“Fuck!” Lawrence groaned. “I mean, augh, oh yes ‘ma’am!”

The two fingers probing her rectum felt odd. Lawrence was inexperienced and it showed in his jerky movements. Linda found this to be titillating and laughed happily as Lawrence added a third finger to his clumsy probing.

“I, augh, oh, okay,” Lawrence groaned and Linda felt the bed sag behind her.

“Man, Ms. Linda, you, God, you, you’re so hot,” Charles praised as he thrust up into her.

Linda cried out as Lawrence’s cock jammed into her. Lawrence did not push slowly into her; he shoved his cock into her in one full thrust.

“I, oh, oh baby boy, augh, oh God, wait, wait, let me get used to this,” Linda panted as searing pain shot from her anus outward.

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