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Royal Harem

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A little background: this story is based in an ancient Egypt-like society, this is kind of just like an excerpt of a larger story-line, but the jist is that there are kings and princes and they keep large harems. It’s unfinished but I’d appreciate some feedback. I’m kinda trying to combine older more formal language with modern sex language so its still hot ;). A work in progress. All characters are 18+


He noticed her immediately from across the large room. Her perfect ass and legs were silhouetted through the haze of incense. Wearing nothing save for a couple of gold bands on her ankles and wrists, common for low-level concubines, she was bent over a small crib, her elbows resting on the edges. As Rakha walked closer he could see that she was breast-feeding two babies. They were latched on to her huge, full breasts sucking greedily, both babies using their hands to grip the firm tits.

As Rakha neared, the girl heard him approaching from behind and turned her head to look over her shoulder. She immediately recognized the prince and let out a gasp.

“Your excel-“

“don’t get up,” he commanded as he stood behind her and placed a hand on her lower back. His cock began to stir. “They look hungry,” he said with a smile. The girl still had a look of shock on her face, she no doubt had never seen the prince before and didn’t know how to react.

“Relax, are either of them yours?”

“N..no your excellency, I believe this one is Linma’s and this Osoo’s.” The prince didn’t remember either woman — no doubt new, low-level whores much like the one that was currently feeding two of his babies.

“And who are you?” the prince asked as he slowly started to grind his cock against the girl’s ass, his dick hardening. She let out Trabzon Escort a soft moan as she felt the hard flesh gently nudge her pussy.

“M..my name is Sheeshena, your excellency.”

“Ahh a woman of the north, then?”

“Yes your excellency,” she said, her voice dropping a little as she started to gently push her ass back against the prince. Her initial shock was quickly giving way to lustful arousal. “I am from the Netal province,” she said, still looking over her shoulder with now half-lidded eyes. By now Rakha’s cock was fully erect, although she couldn’t see it she could feel how huge it was. Big. Thick. Powerful.

“Hmmm a Netaline,” he stated as he took a step back, allowing his cock to spring forward. He dropped a hand and began to slowly fist his big dick as he admired the ass and now wetting pussy that stood bent-over in front of him, still feeding the babies that were sucking on the big tits above them. Sheeshena winced slightly as one of them must have been a little over-zealous in its hunger.

He smiled at her, still slowly stroking his cock. “My children are hungry aren’t they?”

She giggled, “yes your Excellency, I never knew babies could be so hungry!” The appetites of the children she would nurse back at her village paled in comparison to the prince’s.

The prince laughed, “well you are well-suited to take care of their impressive thirst it would seem.” The girl blushed and dropped her gaze, “yes, your excellency, I live to serve you.”

She was in disbelief that she was actually talking to the prince! She knew sooner or later she’d probably meet him — but that could take anywhere from a year to three with the thousands of women in his harem. She had just left her village 2 months ago! Trabzon Escort Bayan She never dreamed she would ever be where she was right now, but what the prince said next left her at a lost for words.

“And tell me, Sheeshena, do you want one of your own?” he said, one hand motioning to the crib while the other methodically slid up and down the big fuckstick. He took a step toward.

“Y..yo..excele….I”, she stammered, not sure she had heard him correctly.

“Would you like a child of your own?” he asked, now running the tip of his member slowly up and down her wet slit.

“O yes! Please!,” she squealed, the fire in her young pussy and the surge of hormones causing her to forget to address him correctly. He chuckled at her momentary lapse in formalism, a common reaction when he fucked one of his whores for the first time.

“Good.” He smiled, then slowly began to sink every inch of his big cock into the now soaking wet pussy in front of him. Sheeshena let out a long moan that didn’t stop until he was buried to the hilt inside her pussy. As she felt his massive balls rest against her clit, she again reflected in disbelief at her situation. It had only been two months since a man who said worked for the Royal Harem had come to her family’s door and asked to see her. Two months since she left her home for the first time in her life and was wisked away to the capital. Two months since she arrived at the massive harem complex, brimming with excitement, nervousness and homesickness. And although she was told that it would probably several years before she even saw the prince, something about his busy schedule with diplomacy in the country of Yukz, or was it Kajy?, she now stood with her pussy stretched around Escort Trabzon his long, thick cock. She was fucking the prince! She might even give him a child!

As Rakha, stood with his dick stuffed into the unbelievable tight, wet and spasming pussy, he made a mental note that he needed to reward Queto — his High Chancellor of the Royal Harem. He recently had appointed a new Overseer for replenishment of his harem in the north, and the women that he was bringing to him were unbelievable! In fact, he concluded, he would like to meet the new overseer himself.

Having let Sheeshena adjust to his size, he slowly began to slide his big babymaker out of the girl, an act she appreciated judging by the moan it elicited. The prince let groaned himself in appreciation, she is so fucking tight!,as he moved his hands to grab her hips. The babies continued to drink greedily from the whore’s huge tits. As Rakha started thrusting, she worried this would upset the children. She looked over her shoulder, the hair running over her face masking one of her eyes, the other half-open in pure pleasure, and asked between thrusts and moans,

“Y..Your. oooh!…excell-OO..would you…mmmm…like me to…move the children..aahh!?”

“No my love, they’re….ughh….hungry…let….them…be, my Sathe” he said with a wry smile. She led out a loud moan. Sathe was the Goddess of fertility and beauty. To call a woman by her name during sex was a playful compliment. To have Prince Rakha call you that….never in her life had she thought…. “OOoooo” she let out another loud moan as he thrust into her again. Here she was being fucked by the prince with promises of making a baby while she fed two of his other children — never in her life had she felt so much pleasure, never in her life had she felt so female!

As the prince’s big cock slid in and out of her stretched, wet pussy, as his huge balls slapped her clit, she felt an orgasm come on, knowing immediately that it would be better than any she’d had before.

…..to be continued.

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