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Rose in Winter Ch. 06

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Rose stood in her bedroom staring at the closet. Lee had told her they were going out for a special night and she wanted to dress herself extra special for him. She took a black dress out that she loved. It curved low accentuating her curvaceous breasts. She knew how Lee loved her breasts and seeing them pushed up in that dress really set him on fire. She carefully chose a gold heart necklace to adorn her neck bringing the attention slightly from her round tits. She slipped a golden bracelet onto her right wrist and gold hoop earrings into her ears. She checked herself in the mirror. Yes, gold was definitely her color; the way it reflected off her light skin making the gold look even shinier definitely looked good on her.

Rose chose a pair of black thigh highs and her black two inch heels to set off the dress. Pulling her hair up into an ornamental bun, she brought a ringlet of curls down on each side of her face, making her look almost angelic. She sprayed on her favorite perfume and applied her dark red lipstick, then blotted it. Not too bad she thought again checking herself in the mirror.

Lee arrived home at six pm. Walking into the bedroom he was taken back by Rose’s beauty. Damn he thought to himself. She always looked beautiful to him, but tonight she was positively stunning. He pulled her into him and kissed her. “Baby, you look good, but what am I gonna wear?” he asked. She laughed at him and pointed to the bed. She had selected a pair of black trousers, and a navy blue dress shirt.

“What is the occasion?” she quipped.

“I have gotten a promotion.” he told her.

“What? Seriously!!” she was overjoyed. Rose knew that Lee had been hoping for this promotion for a few months now. “I’m proud of you baby!” She pulled him to her again and kissed him passionately. He laughed and kissed her back.

“Easy babe, you keep this up and we won’t make it out of the Tekirdağ Escort house,” he told her.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,”Rose teased him.

Lee showered quickly and dressed for their night out. “Where are we going?” Rose asked.

“You will have to wait to see,” he told her. Tonight he was taking her to a nice restaurant that had just opened up to celebrate. Things had been a little tough lately with him working all kinds of crazy hours and he wanted to show her how much she meant to him.

They arrived at the restaurant and were seated in a corner with low lighting. Rose thought this had to be the most romantic place she had ever been to. She looked across the table at her love; she was definitely one lucky woman. “I need to go to the ladies room, I will be back in a minute baby.” she told Lee.

Rose strode to the back of the restaurant to enter the bathroom. As she entered she ran straight into a dark haired beauty coming out. “I…excuse me, I’m so sorry,” Rose’s face was red. She had damn near knocked the woman out.

“It’s OK,” the woman purred. “I’m Kat, and you are?” Rose stared at the knockout of a lady. Long black hair, glistening green eyes, ruby red lips, she was absolutely stunning and Rose couldn’t stop staring. “Sweety?” Kat said, “you OK?” Rose blinked, and shook her head.

“Yes, yes I apologize, Rose, nice to meet you.”

“Well Rose, you look like you just saw a ghost or something,” Kat laughed.

“Wh..What?” Rose was staring again, what was wrong with her? “No, I, umm…you’re beautiful,” Rose muttered, her face hot. Kat giggled. She studied Rose, long blonde hair, huge tits, curvy body, yes just what she liked in a woman.

“Mmmm,” Kat purred, “so are you.” Kat pushed Rose against the door and locked it. Rose looked terrified for a moment. What was this woman going to do, locking the door? “It’s OK,”Kat Tekirdağ Escort Bayan whispered, “some alone time for us.” Kat kneaded Rose’s breast and Rose let out a deep sigh. Oh my god, she thought, I am getting felt up by this beautiful woman, what the hell??

Rose closed her eyes. Kat’s tongue traced her lips and Rose opened them slightly, her breathing quickening. What should she do? She wanted this woman! Right now! Lee was not going to believe this was happening. How was she gonna tell him? Would he be mad or excited, or both?

Kat’s hand slid down to Rose’s pussy. “If you want me to stop, tell me,” Kat murmured. Rose’s head was swimming. Stop? She didn’t even know how the hell this started. Rose moaned again. Kat grinned. “I didn’t think so.”

Kat pulled Rose’s panties off and began to rub her swollen clit. Rose felt like she was going to climb the walls. This was so hot. Kat kneaded her swollen rose petal and Rose felt like she was falling into some type of hypnotic state by this woman. She wanted to feel Kat’s mouth on her pussy. She was so aroused her love box was soaked. Kat slid a finger into Rose’s tight hole. “Oh god, you have a tight little cunt now don’t you,” she whispered licking her lips. Rose arched up against Kat’s hand, wanting more fingers in her.

“Please,” Rose begged.

“Please what sweety?” Kat asked. “Please, make me cum!” Rose whispered. Kat smiled and got to her knees. She began lapping and licking Rose’s aching clit. Rose’s legs were barely holding her up. She felt she would fall any moment. Kat’s tongue expertly traced around Rose’s clit and flicked vigorously at it. Rose hit a peak and orgasmed, her legs quivering, cum dripping out of her mound.

“Mmmm,” Kat purred, “let me lick that up.” Kat’s tongue was in Rose’s hole, voraciously eating her cunt. Rose shook. What the fuck was going on? This woman was Escort Tekirdağ licking her pussy right here, in the restaurant bathroom! Ah hell with it, Rose thought and let her body enjoy the orgasms the woman was giving her.

Kat’s tongue plunged in and out expertly fucking Rose’s tight pussy. Rose came hard and squirted all over Kat’s face. “Yes, more!” Kat squealed. Rose came again and once more, her whole body quivering.

“Oh my god,” Rose screamed. Kat laughed, wiping her mouth. She pulled Rose’s panties back up, and stood. She looked Rose in the eyes, and kissed her, moving her tongue around Rose’s mouth so she could taste her own juice.

“That was so damn hot,”Rose said. “What did I do for you to do that?” she asked Kat.

“Nothing,” Kat smiled, “I thought you were sexy, and wanted to taste you.”

Rose laughed, “Really?”

“Yes,” Kat said, “and I want to do it again.” The two laughed and exchanged numbers. Rose promised Kat that on their next meeting she would have to reciprocate the delicious pussy licking.

Rose returned to the table, her face a bit flushed. “You OK babe,” Lee asked her.

“Baby, you would NOT believe what just happened to me in the bathroom,” she told him.

“Tell me babe,” he looked worried. She glanced around and there was Kat, across from them. Instantly Rose’s face burned bright red. “Babe, babe,” Lee questioned, “what’s going on?”

“See that woman over there?” Rose nodded toward Kat, who smiled and waved.

“Yes, and?” Lee was getting impatient.

“Well,” Rose began, “she just felt me up and licked my pussy in the restroom!” Lee shook his head.

“What did you say?” he was shocked.

“She licked my twat and got me off!” Rose whispered, embarrassed.

He started laughing, “You’re kidding right?” he nervously asked.

“Nope,” Rose giggled.

Kat kept staring at Rose and she became uncomfortable. She thought about Kat’s tongue on her cunt, on her clit. Damn that was so hot. She wiggled in her seat, her pussy soaked again from just thinking of it. Lee started to laugh, and Rose’s face turned red again. “That good?” he asked.

“You have no idea,” she told him.

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