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Room Service

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The story is inspired by something I experienced myself. Working night hours at a classy hotel, I found a pair of sexy red panties hanging on door 146. They smelled wonderful, that mixed smell of feminine perfume and musk. They were still warm when I smelled them, and, fuelled by the mystique, I looked into the matter. A classy business woman had been living in that room for a long time. I saw her several times after this and even served wine to her as room service once. She had another woman there, and, though they acted professional, I sensed a tension in the air (perhaps imaginary). The other woman was also staying at the hotel, and they lingered in my imagination long enough to inspire this story.

I also would like to thank C Lakewood who has helped me smooth out the text and the story. Big thanks to you mate.

I would also like to point out that this is a repost since i posted this on another site back in 2005. But my screen name Kev was too generic and another author that called himself Kev ended up on my page. SecretLace is more attuned to my writing and my fetish so I thought I would find a home here on this fine site.



Kev (SecretLace)

It was almost 3 PM. Ellie had stopped the cleaning trolley in order to stock up on fresh towels when something red caught her eye. The something was hanging on the door handle to room 146, and, as she came closer she could see it was a pair of what appeared to be red silk panties.

The room was located in a far end of the hotel so the corridor was empty as she approached the delicate garment. It felt so forbidden that she looked over her shoulder, as if she were a thief, before she reached out and picked them up. Still warm, she noted. She looked over her shoulder again as she held them to her face and inhaled. They smelled of feminine perfume, but with a faint scent of something more carnal. The silk caressed her cheek, sending shivers down her spine. The waistband was a lacy string with rose details, and the shiny material shone in the hallway lights.

Retreating back to the safety of her trolley, she went though the list of guests and found out that a Ms. Rebecca Winters was staying in room 146. She also noted that the woman would be at the hotel for another two weeks, probably a business traveler. It wasn’t uncommon for guests to stay as long as a month, so she went back to her chores, putting the delicate panties in her breast pocket.

Later that afternoon, she was reminded of the curious incident. She was passing the reception desk as a raven haired woman was waiting there for service, pink nails drumming impatiently. The reception desk looked empty, so Ellie shyly asked if she could help. The woman looked down on the small Latina maid.

“Yes, I was told a gift was hanging on my door, but, when I arrived there a few minutes ago, I couldn’t find anything hanging there. I wonder if one of the maids has picked it up.”

It felt more like a statement than a question, and the emerald green eyes felt like lasers as they bored a hole in the now nervous maid. Ellie blushed involuntarily. The lacy knickers in her breast pocket felt hot as she tried to look innocent. The woman studied her for a second before the opened her blood red lips again.

“What is your name, poppet?” She didn’t sound as arrogant as she had initially. A sweet but predatory smile spread across her lips, and Ellie felt her face heat up from the humiliation.

“Ellie,” she answered softly.

“Thank you, sweetie,” the woman said and then left. Ellie was confused. She had been certain that the woman knew of her theft and would tell the manager, but now she wasn’t so sure. She stood there for several minutes while her mind worked in overdrive. Ms. Winters had been dressed in a classy black outfit and had looked very professional. But the image of her wearing something slutty like the fiery red panties in Ellie’s pocket wouldn’t go away. Who had put those sexy panties there…and why? Ms. Winters’ expensive fragrance was still hanging in the air when the regular staff returned. Ellie excused herself and went on with her business, trying to leave the scene şişli escort of the crime as soon as possible.

The following afternoon, she had changed into her pink nylon cleaning smock and was on her way out to start her shift when the supervising maid caught up with her. “A letter came for you this morning, Ellie,” she said and gave the maid an envelope of what appeared to be the hotel stationary. Ellie just nodded and hurried on with her trolley. She waited until she reached the far end of the hotel before opening the letter.

It was written in a feminine handwriting and simply said, “Knock on my door at exactly 3 AM sharp. And wear the panties. They will look good on you, my little panty thief.” At the bottom of the letter someone wearing pink lipstick had made a kiss-mark. The letter smelled of the same expensive perfume as the woman had worn the day before. Ellie was staggered by both fear and exaltation. She pulled the red garment from her pocket. The small piece of silky fabric looked inviting to the touch, and she found herself again inhaling the quintessence of womanhood. Even though there was no threat, she felt compelled to obey the letter.

It wasn’t her night to work, but she knew she could switch with another maid who always wanted to go out with her boyfriend.

* * * *

She slipped into the vacant room, locked the door behind her, and pulled the curtains, blocking out the light from city below. The digital clock by the bed read 2:37 AM, and, with trembling hands, she slowly undid the buttons of her smock, shrugged it off, and hung it over a chair.

Ellie stood in only her plain white underwear while studying the red panties. It felt so thin and tiny in her hand. Slowly she stepped out of her own panties and into the others. The lace tickled her as she slid the sexy garment up her bare legs. It settled snugly against her crotch, but felt uncomfortable due to her pubic hair that was now tangled in the lace and silk. She hesitated for a few seconds. It looked awful, and she knew that she had to shave before it would feel comfortable.

As if in a trance, she moved to the bathroom and found the little complimentary shaving kit she had replaced while cleaning the room earlier. She felt her nipples harden as she slid the silk down her legs again. Naked except for her bra, she sat down on the toilet. With nervous hands, with a scissors she cut the hair close, washed herself, and began shaving off her precious hair, watching it disappear, leaving a bald slit oozing with arousal. Several times during the process, she had to steady her trembling hand.

Impulsively, she removed the plain bra and caressed her hard nipples. She was immediately rewarded with a jolt of pleasure. Her clit ached for attention, but an accidental glance at her watch snapped her back to reality. Only 2 minutes to go! She stood up quickly and wiped herself before pulling the panties back up. Now they fit her like a second skin, constantly caressing her nude sex with the teasing lace. She buttoned up the smock and exited the room in a hurry. Room 146 was just a few doors down, so she had seconds to spare as she knocked on the door.

At first she heard nothing from inside and felt very awkward standing there in someone else’s used panties. Why had she played along? The tingling arousal answered that question. For years, she had secretly dreamed of someone who took command of her and now her dreams were about to come true. At least she hoped so.

At last, the door opened slowly. Ms. Winters looked regal in her long, flowing robe. The yellow light from the hallway gave the ivory white silk robe a magic gleam. Her black hair was mysterious in the low light. “Come in,” she purred and moved aside to let the petite Latina enter the warm room. Room 146 was rather large, two rooms and a spacious bath with a luxurious tub that had more knobs and dials than Ellie could count.

She stood hesitantly in the middle of the room and waited for the regal woman to say something. Several candles were already lit, bathing the room in a romantic glow. Ms. Winters circled the maid, studying every curve, before sitting down in the expensive sofa.

“Have escort şişli you followed my instructions, little one?” she asked, sweetly. She uncrossed her legs, showing wonderfully white skin, as smooth as the silk she wore.

Ellie’s mouth felt dry, so she just nodded, her gaze fixed on the beautiful woman’s feet…delicate toes with pink polish that gleamed in a mesmerizing way. “Well, don’t just stand there, tiny, show me.” The words both shocked the maid and aroused her. After this there was no going back. She would be out of a job if anyone found out, so she nervously started to unbutton the smock. She felt very conscious of her own body as she revealed more and more of it to the stranger sitting in the sofa. She also got a kinky thrill in undressing in front of a stranger, a beautiful stranger. Strong tan lines framed her small breasts.

“How I love a girl without a bra. So naughty. So slutty.”

Ellie blushed as Ms. Winters commented further on her body. “Those tan lines look wonderful on you, dear. But why go to the beach or tanning salon in a bikini and then go braless at work? The illusion of modesty?

Ellie wanted to tell the woman that she normally wore a bra and that she just forgot to put it on again after changing into the tiny piece of cloth that was now wet from her arousal. But nothing came out. As if in a trance, she continued to unbutton the smock while listening to the beautiful woman make humiliating comments. When the red panties came into view, the woman smiled. “They look stunning on you, little one. Small panties for a small girl.” The smock now hung open, and Ellie went back to staring at the pink toes again, not daring to meet the emerald green eyes. “Please hang the smock over that chair, and then be a dear and pour me some more wine,” Ms. Winters said casually.

Automatically the now almost naked Latina did as she was told. After draping her smock over the chair, she looked anxiously round the room for the wine. On a nearby table, a bottle gleamed dark red in the light of the candle next to it. Even though the room was warm, Ellie still felt goose pimples on her arms and neck. Now very conscious of her nudity and the ever-teasing lacy knickers, she moved over to the table and poured the red wine into one of the glasses standing next to it.

From her position, she could see the bedroom, where silky bed sheets reflected the light from a bedside lamp. The atmosphere felt charged with eroticism, and her nipples became even harder as she submissively returned with the filled glass. She gave it to the seated woman who accepted it and took a sip, leaving a pink imprint on the edge. After that sip, she handed the glass back to the maid. The awkwardness of the situation increased the poor girl’s arousal, and she trembled as she stood so close to the beautiful woman, enveloped in her expensive perfume.

“Come closer, poppet,” Ms. Winters whispered. Ellie inched closer, almost touching the hem of the silky robe. “Closer.” Obediently, she moved even closer, almost straddling the woman. Her thighs were on each side of the woman’s legs, and the cool silk seemed to send jolts of sensual electricity that went straight to Ellie’s erotic core. A low moan escaped the girl as Ms. Winters let her silk-clad leg caress Ellie’s naked thigh.

“This is how I like my lovers, close and on the edge,” she said, in a low and sultry voice. Ellie swallowed hard as the silken caress continued. Ms. Winters held out her hand again, signaling to the distressed maid that she needed more wine.

As if she could read Ellie’s mind, she smiled. “You’d better not spill a drop on my robe. I’m sure you know how hard it is to remove wine stains, dear.” She took another sip and handed it back. Ellie was trembling from pent up arousal, which the continuing caress was increasing. Ms. Winters slowly teased her and listened to her heavy breathing. Ellie’s eyes were closed, and she was lost in a foggy land of arousal, her whole essence focused on the highly charged caress. The woman knew what would happen next and deftly caught the wine glass as her other hand was tracing the puffy lips under the clinging, transparent red silk. eskort şişli Ellie’s legs gave up for a second, and she staggered. The wine glass disappeared from her hand, and her mouth opened in a silent scream of panic. When she’d regained her balance and opened her eyes again, she was half expecting to find a wet and furious woman staring back at her. Instead, she saw the woman calmly sipping her wine with a coy smile on her pink lips.

“Careful, little one. You might explode if you’re not careful. We don’t want that, do we? At least…not yet.” She didn’t wait for an answer to her rhetorical question. Her perfectly manicured nail went right on to trace the outline of Ellie’s clit. With that, the young Latina threw all inhibitions out the window and gave a low moan.

She had never before experienced anything like this.

She had masturbated, of course, and often, even though that was a sin, but had never made love with another person, man or woman. The pleasure this woman had shown her had been beyond her wildest fantasies. Ms. Winters had played her like a virtuoso from the moment Ellie had opened that fateful letter. Now she was standing in nothing but a pair of slutty panties letting a woman she hardly knew touch her most secret of places. She moaned again as the fingers expertly manipulated her pussy lips. Her body now began to act without her conscious direction, as she humped against the playful hands that fingered her slit though the thin silk and teased the now-engorged clit straining against the wet material clinging to the lips.

She desperately needed release, or she feared she’d go insane. Her wetness had long since saturated the flimsy material and dampened her upper thighs as she felt the orgasm start to build. With closed eyes, she rode the hand that now had gathered the red panties between her pussy-lips and let the material saw her sensitive clit and lips. Dripping fingers pinched her left nipple, and she moaned. The fingers left her nipple wet, and she felt a chill as the air wafted over the erect nub. The fingers moved to her mouth and traced her lips, leaving a wet trail as they went. She let the sticky fingers pry open her mouth and tasted her own musk as the fingers played with her tongue.

Finally, she went over the edge and crashed into what must have been the strongest orgasm in her young life. She let out a low gurgle as she collapsed into the woman’s embrace and drifted down into a blissful fog. She felt herself being gently laid down on the couch and her whole body caressed as the orgasm rolled over her, again and again.

She came to sometime later and looked around the room. She was lying on the couch naked. The panties were gone, and so was the woman. Ellie struggled weakly to her feet, using the couch for support. She could hear someone humming nearby. She peaked around the corner into the bedroom and discovered that the music was coming from the bath.

Slowly she approached the open door. From inside, a warm light spilled out across the carpet. Someone had placed lit candles along the wall and on the sink, giving the room a cozy glow. In the large Jacuzzi, Ms. Winters lay amidst a mountain of sweet-smelling foam. She smiled when the naked maid timidly entered the bathroom.

“So, my sweet princess has finally awakened from her slumber?” She again used the little voice usually reserved for talking to children, but Ellie was too tired to object and just nodded. “I’m not sure when your shift ends, but I believe that there are still chores to be done….” Ellie woke up and gaped at clock on the night stand: 5:36. (Shit!) She still had several rooms to clean with hardly any time left on her shift. Hurriedly, she searched for her clothes and saw the nylon smock still hanging neatly on the chair. As she picked it up she realized that she had no underwear and blushed hotly as the cool nylon caressed her naked body. Her skin was still so sensitive from her super-orgasm, and every movement sent new waves of pleasure through her body.

“Thank you for a wonderful night, sweetie. Everyone should have a personal maid like you, my sweet little slut.” Ms Winters watched the Latina maid put her smock on over her naked body.

When Ellie had gone, the woman picked up her telephone and dialed another room. “I really can recommend the room service here, Yvette. Yes, her name is Ellie….” She chuckled. “Oh, I’m sure you’ll figure something out.”

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