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Room 209

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209. Same hotel, same room, very different night. You picked me up at the airport and we’d held hands the whole car ride back, and hadn’t been off each other since we got out of the car. Luggage? Left it in the trunk. I’ll get it later. Right now I just have you on my mind.

Embraced in the elevator, lips locked and kissing hard. I don’t know if I want the doors to open or not yet. They do. We walk quickly into the room and the door is no sooner shut than we’re on each other again. You have me against the wall, eyes looking longingly in mine. I reach for your pant button while you pop my belt off.

I kiss your neck while I spin you around. Your pants slide down easily and, with my hands on your hips, I bend you over the desk. “Oh!” you exclaim, surprised, but into it. With one hand, I feel you, already hot with anticipation; with my other I slide my own pants down, my heavy breathing mirroring yours.

I slide my penis between your legs and tease you, rubbing it up and down your wet pussy, intentionally striking your clit with each thrust. My chest is against mecidiyeköy escort your back, I kiss your ear, and you turn to kiss me over your shoulder. So soon, but you’re quaking already as you reach down and push me into you, then thrust your hips hard against me to take my full length. We both gasp, and you do tight circles with your hips, and I can feel you as you come, falling forward on the desk and letting me continue to slowly circle inside you.

My hands are on your hips when you reach back and remove them, pulling your hips forward and off of me. “Don’t move,” you whisper; a promise, not a threat. You turn around and kiss me, your hand reaching down to caress me. You look into my eyes while we kiss, like you’re deciding, then a wink tells me you’re going for it.

In one move, your stroking hand goes lower, cupping my balls as you drop to your knees. You never lose eye contact as you kneel teasingly before me, your impish smile tells me you want to see the look on my face as you slowly, merter escort so slowly, take me into your mouth. The taste of you on me makes you smile, and my moan turns you on. Out, then back in. And a third time. You pull my pants the rest of the way down and I step out of them, shoes kicking across the floor.

I reach down and touch your face, pulling you back up to me for a kiss. I lift you slightly and sit you on the desk, sliding off your shoes, then your pants. I lift your left leg and kiss it from ankle down your calf, your knee, your thigh, and a teasing kiss on your lips before I set your foot in the desktop. I do the same with your right, leaving you sitting and fully exposed, knees beside your chest. I step back for a moment to take in your beauty, and you love the lust in my eyes. You are gorgeous, like someone from myth.

I slide my hands down the inside of your perched legs, forcing them apart as I kneel down to taste you. Your head rolls back and you moan as I make slow, strong strokes mutlukent escort with my tongue. The neighbors better get used to it; it’s going to be a long night.

You hook your knees over my shoulders and pull me in. Small circles, then long strokes. Licking your lips, circling your clit, delving deep, and repeating. I take my time, letting it build, then dissipate just enough to build higher. “Reggie” you call between breaths. “Please. God. Let me come.” With light kisses beside your lips, and light licks, I make a last, deep dive with my tongue, tasting the depths of your lust. Sweet, sexy. I love the taste of you, the feel of your heat, the sound of your breath. You are trembling. A lick up to your clit and I suck it into my mouth, flicking it with the tip of my tongue, holding you tightly as you release. Your hips rock, your arms grab me, then the desk, then me, unsure what to cling to as the tension gives. Long seconds as you ripple, and I give the lightest, last, teasing flick before letting go.

You are breathless, your legs limp off the desk. I push them teasingly apart and slide into you as I hug you. You press your ear to my chest and can hear my heart pounding as I kiss the top of your head, you can feel me inside you, not in a sexual way; I’m not moving. In a connected way. In a way that feels like we can’t be any closer. Your heart is full: friendship, love, lust, all blurred here in my arms. I love you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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