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Role Reversal

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“Turn away from me and look over your shoulder.”

“Unclip your bra, let the ends fall apart.”

“Turn and face me, slip one of the straps, the left one, off your shoulder and let it dangle down your arm.”

“Put your hands on your head and slip your fingers into your hair.”

“Keep the bra on by the cups sticking to your boobs and turn round.”

“Now, pull one cup off. No not all the way, just so we get a glimpse of pink, ok?”

“Now do the same with the other. That’s lovely, great nipples Deb.

“Ok ease it off your boobs, but keep holding the bra, let it dangle by your side.”

“Let it fall to the floor, show me yer tits, Debs.”

“Mmm, lovely, you have gorgeous boobs.”

“Turn round, slowly.”

“Now lay on the floor.”

“Get hold of your boobs Deb.”

“Push them together; push those lovely little tits together babe.”

“Raise your knees.”

“Put your hands into the waist-band of your panties.”

“No, just as far as your knuckles into those lovely, lacy shorts.”

“Slip them down a little.”

“That’s far enough.”

“Perfect, just a hint of hair.”

“Lift your bum up Deb. Yes off the floor.”

“That’s great, you have a gorgeous bum.”

“Push the panties further; show us all those lovely pubes.”

“Further Deb, slip them further down.”

“You still ok with this?”

“Ok, now slide them so that the waist-band goes down your thighs, but leave the gusset stuck to your lips.”

“Mmmm, that’s great Deb, fantastic.”

“Ok let’s lose them now, knickers off Deb, let’s get you naked.”

“Let’s see those lips, come on luv, show us, show me, show the camera, show Martin your pussy; we all want to see you, we want to see it.”

“I think I see some wetness there Deb. You ok with that?”

“You look soaked, your lips are glistening, they look lovely.”

“Ok babe, now raise your knees and slowly open those legs as wide as you can. Let me get right at your cunt.”


I had been on the other side of the camera long enough. I was near to graduating from college and would soon be applying for jobs. The risk was increasing that someone would find my secret and I would be exposed as a topless, well nude and other things as well, model. Whilst I could do nothing about my past and the risk would always exist, I could address the present and the future. I had always said I only did it for the money to help me through college and when I no longer needed that I would stop. So, I had, a few months ago.

I continually needed more money than my dad whose company had gone bust in the sub-prime fuck up and the subsequent Spanish property disaster could afford to give me. Part time work at a tenner an hour was a waste of time, especially when you had a habit like mine, designer clothes and a busy life-style, not drugs, to satisfy. So I decided to stop being a poacher and would become a gamekeeper. Instead of having lenses pointed between my legs, I would have the viewfinder against my eye. Yes, I had retired as a model and had set myself up as a photographer.

I attended a four-week crash course that taught me all I needed to know about lighting, focusing and all that stuff. I felt my modelling had taught me enough about posing, so I was all set.

I had a plan.

Firstly, I would offer the girls on the modelling circuit, my services to produce their portfolios. I could do that more cheaply than male photographers and the girls would not have to offer to ‘pay in kind’ as many were forced to do with men.

Secondly, I would advertise to women who wanted to have some shots of themselves for their husbands or partners. Sexy shots, of course. Added to that and thirdly, would be advertising to men who would commission me to take photos of their wives or girl-friends, again sexy poses of course. And, if they wanted, taking shots of both of them together.

Things had gone well.

I got loads of commissions from the girls I knew on the amateur photography circuit and that had given me the confidence for the more demanding in some ways, commissions from strangers.

I was absolutely amazed at just how many women booked me to photograph them as presents for their partners. Some were in sexy poses fully dressed and others were in various stages of undress, mainly bra and panty sets, sussie belts and stockings and basques, the usual glam posing uniforms. A smaller, but still ample, number wanted topless and nude and a few wanted the whole Monty, open leg and with toys.

I guess being a woman and stressing that and being an ex-model helped.

I was as busy with this new venture as I had been when modelling and although the income was not as great, it was still pretty good and increasing and I felt better about myself.

I had less men contact my website, but enough to show there was a market in them booking their wives a session with or without them being there and I had done a few where a couple wanted to pose together. That really was a buzz.

So, life was progressing nicely. I had more time to study and I worked hard keeping the site I built with a mate from college, glamourgirlphotographer.com up to date. I had established Sakarya Escort some tight procedures, see even blondes can be organised, at times.

The bookings were all made online and I followed them up with a personal phone call, to a landline not a mobile. Half of all fees had to be paid up front by credit card through paypal, I didn’t take chances.

I had got back in contact with Sandra, the woman who had initiated me into glamour modelling and a number of other things including rather aggressive les sex. She had a number of studios and I had heard she wasn’t doing that well with one so I was able to negotiate a good deal for a steady stream of bookings, and that was without me having to let her fuck me! Shit, I thought after, if I had let her do that I might have got it for nothing, see the astute businesswoman I was rapidly becoming?

One of the photographers who had become a regular, for both me posing and for extras was a website designer. For a ‘swansong’ of extras, well three songs actually, he designed my site


for that intimate memory

that special moment

that tender message

that erotic interlude

let me photograph you and capture your erotic spirit for ever.


all are welcome all tastes catered for

Whatever your dream, let me make it a reality.

I am a 22 year old ex-glamour model who has moved behind the camera.

I know the feelings, I know the shyness and I know the excitement of being photographed in intimate settings and poses. And I know how it feels to be in front of the camera, to reveal oneself to it and to make love to that lens.

Let me help you and your partner enjoy those feelings, overcome that shyness and experience the excitement I had in my career.

Contact me and let me help you make those dreams come true.

Sammi x

I used my real not my posing name of Debs.

When people accessed the site there was short questionnaire asking them about themselves, nothing too personal, more about the sort of poses they would like me to photograph. I would look at them each day then contact the enquirer, firstly by e-mail and then if that was ok by telephone either, me to them or, them to me if they preferred. I had bought a mobile that I dedicated to this business. Again, no point taking chances is there?

The software analysed them and then listed them by various categories. In the past few days, there had been:

4 females wanting to be photographed alone

3 males wanting their partners to be photographed with them watching

1 male wanting him and his partner to be photographed together

1 male wanting to be photographed alone.

Five of the seven females were for underwear glamour posing with two of them ‘probably’ wanting topless and two more ‘possibly’ wanting nude. The couple refrained from specifying what they wanted and instead ticked the ‘for discussion’ box.

The male was the surprise. He had given his name as Stuart, had written in the comments section that ‘he thinks’ he wants to be photographed nude and had ticked the box headed ‘uninhibited poses,’ but was not sure that he had the confidence.

I had never shot a naked guy alone before. The prospect, though somewhat daunting, interested me and, I had to admit, I found it rather stimulating.

I composed my e-mails to the others first and then to that last man. That read:

Dear Stuart

Thank you for contacting glamourgirlphotographer.com

I would be pleased to photograph you at my fully equipped studio in Docklands, East London at your convenience.

For your information, I have enclosed a recent photo of me, together with my fee schedule. A one-hour session for the type of posing you indicated would be £150. That includes the electronic delivery of between 50 and 100 shots and the printing of 20 exposures in colour or black and white at any size up to 12 x 6 inches.

I am happy to be totally directed by you as to the poses and nature of the shots you want me to take; after all, they are of you and for you. Of course I will offer advice and guidance where you feel you need it.

If you wish to proceed please call me on 09876 123456 or reply to this e-mail to discuss the arrangements.



aka glamourgirlphotographer.com

ps I enclose a shot of me that is yours to keep irrespective of whether you make a booking.

For some odd reason feeling quite excited I pressed send wondering just where this might lead. I quickly got some insight into that for within a few hours I received a reply.

Dear Sammi,

Many thanks for your reply, which I read with great interest. Your terms look fine. Would it be possible to book an evening appointment with you? I would like to come along after work if possible and, as I live in Yorkshire, I could catch a train, which would get me to Docklands for 8.00 pm.

Would you be prepared to shoot me in my suit and tie, maybe undressing and possibly with my zip undone revealing myself etc.? Would you be able to guide me as to some of the poses using your own experience? I want Sakarya Escort Bayan uninhibited shots but I am not sure what looks best, with your experience I am sure, you will have a much better idea than me. I am also interested to know how uninhibited I may be, to be honest with you, if I was to have an erection would that be a problem? To be even more honest, I think that may well happen and I would not want to offend you. Also, whilst being honest, I must tell you I am extremely nervous about this and I am equally unsure if I would be able to remove any clothes at all. This probably sounds very strange to you, but posing and being photographed by a woman has always been a fantasy for me. Seeing glamourgirlphotographer.com really got to me. It sounds as if you offer all that I have wanted for such a long time. I do hope so Sammi, but I am not sure how I will be when I am with you. I will pay the money in advance, just in case I lose my nerve at the last minute.

If you could let me know, ASAP I would be most grateful and if all is ok, I would like to make an appointment early in the New Year.

I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and will have a great New Year.

Best wishes,


ps thank you for enclosing your picture, it certainly gave me the confidence to reply, although you look so fantastic yourself, I feel totally inadequate at the thought of stripping in front of you!

I smiled as I read the mail. It sort of amused me. The way he couldn’t be sure whether he would even be able to pose nude, but if he did he felt he would probably get an erection. Nice contradiction, I thought. Interesting and quite an insight into his psyche and nature, I started to hope that we would meet.

‘Quite a variation of concerns’ I thought to myself remembering that I had experienced similar worries when I was starting. After all, no matter how morally upright a girl thinks she may be, if she is willing to pose naked to be photographed, it is only a small step to using her body in other ways, doing more than just posing!

Furthermore, being so closely located, one-to-one with a man who is taking erotic, nude and underwear shots of you is such an intimate situation that arousal, for both parties can never be far away. And if there is any degree at all of the girl potentially fancying the man, then who knows what can, and does, happen behind those locked studio doors? Actually I do know, and only too well.

Anyway that was my thinking when I first posed for one-to-one stuff and I was hearing similar views from Stuart. Amazing and encouraging, I thought.

I was also touched by his openness and apparent honesty. I liked that and felt that it bode well for a good session, if we got that far. As with many businesses, most, of my enquiries remain as just that, speculative enquiries and men just contacting the site for kicks, bloody time wasters.

But as I re-read his mail, prior to framing a reply, I had some other thoughts. A touch of excitement for sure, as I hadn’t yet had a one-to-one with a naked guy and I didn’t know how I would react?

Also, two of my senses or emotions seemed to fuse together, my commercial acumen and my erotic desires. I could see another opportunity for me. A different sort of posing and photography. A process where I could help slightly uptight men certainly, and maybe women too, give vent to their sexual needs, yet at the same time earn good money and gain some sexual pleasure from it myself. I hadn’t fully thought it through yet, but it was forming in my mind when I sat down to reply to his mail. I was, I realised, breaking one of my procedures by not making phone contact for that sorted out ‘the men from the boys’ more quickly. With Stuart, though, I wasn’t too worried about whether it would lead to business or not, I was enjoying the exchange and my mind was researching a new idea, so why rush things?

Hi Stuart

Thanks for your mail. I was most impressed with your openness and honesty and I completely understand your potential dilemma.

When I first posed, I had similar concerns. At the very first session, when the photographer said for me to take my top off I was torn. On the one hand, I felt shy and quite embarrassed at the idea of baring my breasts to a virtual stranger yet, on the other hand, it excited me. Being female, I do have an advantage in that my arousal does not show as obviously as a man’s does. So Stuart, please rest assured, I do appreciate your situation and if you decide to go ahead, you can rely on my sympathetic and helpful approach.

As to posing, I am happy and prepared to shoot you in any pose you wish to adopt. And yes, of course, I will advise you, both from a photographer’s and a woman’s point of view on positions and clothing.

I have no problem whatsoever in taking shots of you in sexually provocative poses or in shooting a series where we gradually undress you. In such a series we would, shot by shot, reveal more and more of your body until we have you naked. That is a fairly standard procedure in glamour photography and men have taken such series of me many, many times. I could send you an example if Escort Sakarya you wish.

Great glamour or erotic photography requires a number of things, particularly, a close relationship between the model and photographer and a clear agreement on what the session is trying to achieve.

Let me describe the sort of relationship I would like us to strive for and what I feel you are trying to achieve.

My approach to the session would be to assume I was taking photos of you to arouse me, maybe as your girl-friend, wife or partner. Equally, I would try to look at it from a male point of view. Putting myself in the eyes of men that might see our work. That way, what we end up with will be highly personal to us, but should appeal also to an appropriate cross-section of society. It should combine a highly heterosexual appeal with strong undercurrents of a bisexual nature. I want to present you in the varying stages of undress as an object of erotic desire and sexual promise to all, not just one gender. To me, eroticism crosses and totally ignores sexual boundaries and sexuality.

As far as you becoming erect is concerned I feel that is an essential part of an erotic photo session. In short, Stuart, I would take it as a compliment to watch and shoot you hardening and fully erect. To me, as a female erotic photographer and as a female, the male erection is an object of great beauty and a vision of sexual power. There can be few props more appealing than an erection, other than perhaps shooting two or three at the same time, which, I hasten to add, has not yet been my pleasure.

So that’s part of what I feel we are after.

From what you tell me, you have a desire or fantasy or whatever to be photographed naked, but do not really understand why. The first comment I make on that is, don’t worry. It is quite normal, with both men and women. We all have streaks of exhibitionism in us and my job with you is to help you satisfy that. On a higher-ground level, I will become the conduit through which you can fully explore this aspect of your sexuality. That is one of the aims of erotic photography and I would be only too pleased to act as that conduit.

I hope this is all making sense to you, Stuart.

You see, if I am correct in my interpretation of what you wish to achieve, then you will be helping me take my art to a higher level. In addition to providing a photographic service that excites and thrills I will also be supplying a sexually and sexuality therapeutic process as well. That is highly appealing to me.

I can certainly arrange an evening session at a studio in Dockland. I hope that is convenient. Once we find a mutually convenient date, early in the New Year we would be able to start whatever time is suitable for you. With this type of session, there would not be a time limit. We would finish the session when we feel we have achieved our aims. Ok?

I can assure you of total discretion at the session and with the studio. The studio is on the ground floor of a fairly large double fronted house. There is only one door into it from the rest of the house and that can be locked. As it happens, I know the owner of the studio who lives upstairs will be away for most of January so we will be alone and undisturbed. There is an outside, almost totally secluded patio that we could use, but January weather is likely to prevent that.

One part of the studio is sparsely furnished with just different coloured, pull down and roll out backdrops. In there, such props as chairs, table, or easily manageable objects can be used. The other, which I have to say is more suitable for and is, of course, used more for female models, is set up as bedroom. We would also have a shower and bath we could use and of course outside, if you don’t mind your bum getting frozen!

I hope I have fully covered everything that you require at this stage.

Yours in anticipation


The idea of using posing and photography as a form of therapy was rattling round my mind. I had visions of helping people, encouraging them to be less inhibited, open up their sexual desires and fulfil some of their fantasies, at a hefty fee of course. I hadn’t worked out the details, yet, but I was sure I was onto something.

Feeling excited, both sexually and professionally, from what I had written and my thoughts for the future, I sat back in my chair. Turning and seeing myself in the mirror, I realised that my nipples had hardened. I couldn’t stop myself from touching them as I thought of the last time I had had sex and realised that was almost three weeks ago.

I made up for lost time, though, by masturbating there, in the studio and again when I got home.

I was living with my mother in the family home that dad had vacated and left to her when they split up a few months ago and he went to live in Spain. He had lost a stack of money and had been forced to sell the flat in Islington, which I had shared with my brother. So it was back to the Essex, five bedrooms, pile where I had grown up. The only change was that just mum and I lived there. Well there were other changes for she was now effectively single. I was pretty sure she had a very strong sex drive, far more so than mine, but of course, neither of us could satisfy that by bringing friends home. That wasn’t too big a problem for me as I could see my older lover, DD, from time to time at his place or in hotels, but I think it played havoc with mum’s hormones.

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