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Rock Star Lifestyle Pt. 01

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The alarm beeped into life. James Wilkins’ long arm reached over and pressed the button, silencing it. He remained, lying there, for a minute, attempting to build up the confidence to get up. Finally, with a groan, he hauled himself out of bed and shuffled wearily down their upstairs hallway. At length, he reached the door to the bathroom and opened it.

Or at least, he tried to. The door was locked. He sunk down to the floor, back resting against the door, head filled with vague intentions of waiting for the room to cease to be occupied. These thoughts faded with much haste, however, and it did not take long before he slipped back into his slumber.


He felt himself dropping backwards then his head hit the floor.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, are you ok?” His housemate Laura, having just exited the bathroom, was wearing just a towel. While the hit on the head woke his mind up, the view of Laura wearing practically nothing woke his dick up.

After ascertaining that James was, indeed, ok, Laura left him to his shower – not knowing the effect she had had on him.


An hour later, James joined Laura – along with their other two housemates, Felix and Rachel – downstairs for breakfast.

“James, are you coming out tonight then?” Felix asked across the table in his not indistinct German accent. Felix was a beacon of male perfection: his muscles were huge and his body intimidated, terrified and impressed in equal measure.

“No, I think küçükçekmece escort I’m just gonna stay in tonight, I don’t really feel like activity.” James’ somewhat distracted reply came across as rather disinterested, but this was probably because he felt disinterested. Whereas Felix was the height of popularity and a social animal, partying most nights, James was much more tame and frankly less popular.

“What about you two,” Felix continued, talking now to the girls, “are you coming?”

As it turned out, Rachel was going but Laura would be staying home with James.


James sat in his lecture on the possible applications of Einstein’s theory of special relativity within quantum mechanics. Normally, he would be rapt at this topic, but he was distracted by what had happened that morning and the thought of what was waiting for him when he returned home that night.

Or more specifically, who was waiting for him. He imagined how it would go.

He kisses her passionately, as she retaliates with equivalent enthusiasm. His hand slips down her back to her ass, lightly squeezing it, and she responds by pushing her hand down the back of his jeans and boxers, aggressively squeezing his ass. She rolls onto him, one leg either side, as she briefly breaks their kiss to pull her top over her head.

James now moves both hands to her ass while she reaches behind her, un-clasping her küçükyalı escort bra. He moves his kiss away from her mouth, to her jawline then to her neck. He pauses here, kissing her neck and then lightly biting it, resulting in slight moans from her part. Satisfied with her response, James moves his kisses down to her tits, which he covers in kisses before focussing on the left one, taking the nipple into his mouth.

As he sucks on her tit, he moves one of his hands from her ass to her other tit. Her tit is just the perfect size to fit comfortably into his hand, and he rubs and squeezes it, kneading the nipple between his fingers. She moans at this and her moaning increases as James begins to swirl his tongue about her other nipple.

Pulling away from him, Laura stands up in front of James, before slowly dropping to her knees. She runs her hands up the inside of his jeans, stopping just before she reaches the top and running them back down again. She repeats this, before finally reaching up, undoing his jeans and pulling them down and off him. He is wearing skin tight boxers, and as a result his not inconsiderable bulge is readily apparent. However, she doesn’t pause to consider this for long, before the boxers join the jeans on the floor.

She reaches out and lightly grips his dick, slowly stroking up and down. Picking up speed, she looks up at him and winks, before leaning forward and giving a long maltepe escort lick up its underside. Now it is his turn to moan as she repeats this, until eventually she pauses as she reaches the tip and swirls her tongue around the head. He groans in frustration as she flicks her tongue over his tip, before she finally takes it into her mouth.

Still swirling her tongue about, she gradually takes more and more of his length into her warm mouth, before she pulls her head back again. As such, she starts up a rhythm, bobbing her head up and down, sucking on his sick as she does so. Meanwhile, one hand reaches up to cup his balls, massaging them and rubbing them, while the other hand goes down the front of her own jeans.

She rubs her pussy, making circular movements around her clit, before pushing too fingers inside, loving the feeling of them inside of her. She is soaking wet already, from a combination of the pleasure of sucking James’ dick and the anticipation of having it inside of her.

James, meanwhile, is in heaven and is rapidly progressing closer to his climax. Aware of this, he grunts it to Laura, tapping her on the head. Disappointed at being interrupted from her reverie, Laura pulls off of his dick and lies on her back on the carpet, quickly seeing the upside of the situation:

“Cum on me.”

Eager to oblige, James places one knee on either side of her stomach and starts furiously rubbing his cock. Closing her eyes in preparation, Laura encourages him:

“Come on, I want to feel you warm cum all over my tits, all over my face, I want to taste it.”

Her pleading was enough to push him over the edge, and with a moan he spurted his cum all over her, coating her tits and face with it.


With a start, James awoke from his cessation to find that the lecture had finished; everyone was leaving.

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