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Roberta Gets An Education Ch. 03

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Day Five

As Roman makes his way up the walk to the front door; he is going over, in his mind, the details of the last few days. He is amazed at how quickly Roberta is catching on to the techniques and how open she is to learn. He checks a mental list to make sure he has covered everything he wanted to and what is still needed.

“Let’s see now. So far, things have been going much better than I had planned. Roberta has become a raving little sex machine. We have one more lesson today with two days of exams after that. I hope that she’s ready for today.” He muses.

Roman walks through the front door but doesn’t see Roberta in her normal spot. He burrows his eyebrows and wonders if she had an appointment that she had not mentioned.

“Roberta,” he shouts, “Are you here? “

“I am here. Sensei”

Roberta rises slowly, from lying on the couch. She sits up, stares blankly at him, and then collapses back down on the couch. He runs over to the couch saying, “What happened?, are you alright? Are you sick or something? What can I do to help?”

Roberta looks up and says, “No, Sensei. I am not sick; I’m just totally exhausted. I was up studying very hard last night. I had so many orgasms in a row that I could not count them all. I slept very well but I am so tired this morning. You been teaching me so much and I don’t want to forget any of it. I know that Tony will be thrilled, when he returns to see what I can do.”

Roman interjects, “Well, I appreciate your efforts; you have been a willing and attentive student. However, sweet girl today is a very important class. You need to be alert. Maybe a pot of strong coffee will do the trick. We can share a few cups while we discuss all the things you have learned and today’s lesson. You can call it a pop quiz.”

Roberta slowly rises from the couch, stretches with a big yarn and walks into the kitchen. She puts on the water for the coffee and gets the sugar and cream. She decides to put a few pastries on a plate also.

Setting up a tray with hot coffee, cream, sugar and the pastries, she returns to the living room. Placing the tray on the coffee table, she sits on the couch next to Roman. She pours them both a cup and gives one to her teacher. After taking a few sips, Roberta looks up at her teacher. “Sensei, I wanted to talk to you about my lesson today. I have been thinking about it and I don’t think I am going to be able to fit those big dildos in my tiny little ass. Furthermore, is it safe?”

Roman answers, “I can understand your worry but there shouldn’t be any problems. You know Roberta, many women says that a good ass fucking is the best of all. As long as you keep things clean and are mindful of what I said at the beginning of our lessons, you and Tony will be able to enjoy everything that I have taught you and that includes anal sex. In fact, anal sex is Tony’s favorite.”

Roberta perks up a little, “Oh, then I will try my very best. I don’t want to disappoint Tony. It would give me such great pleasure to make him smile.”

Roman continues with his lecture, “I’m glad to hear you say that. It is important that you understand that in certain aspects anal sex is not much different from oral sex or vaginal sex for that matter. You must learn to relax your anal muscles just as you learned to relax your throat muscles. The more relax you are, the better you can enjoy the act of having sex, whether it is vaginal, oral or anal. Trusting your partner is crucial in all regards. And basically, there are only two important rules that you must remember about anal sex.”

Roberta looks inquisitively, “What are those, Sensei?”

Roman responds, “You must have a great deal of patience and plenty of lubrication.”

Roberta giggles, almost spilling her coffee. Then she looks confused. “Sensei, I understand the patience, but where do I get the lubrication from. I know Tony works on cars and talks about lubrication but is there lubrication for a human body?”

“I am not kidding,” he says, “This is no laughing matter. Anal sex can be extremely painful if you don’t take the necessary time to let it happen. bahis siteleri The lubrication I speak of is simple oil. We will be using KY Jelly today, but I know people to use baby oil, scented oils from bath and body stores. You can also get different lubes from sex shops online and here locally. I would say you and Tony should experiment with a few to see what you both prefer.”

“I see” she replied.

“I did want to go what we have done over the past four days. Did you have any questions or need clarity on anything so far?”

Robert thought for a few seconds, and then shook her head no. “It all has been pretty clear. I do however; wonder if Tony would find pleasure watching me masturbate and do some of these things I have learned.”

He smiled, “You have no idea, how pleasing it is to watch you do all the things you have learned. Men are visual and I am sure that Tony will be overly excited to watch you masturbate. You can use all this as a form of foreplay.”

Roberta took another sip of coffee and placed the cup down, picking up a pastry. She asked, “For play? I don’t understand.”

“Foreplay, F-O-R-E-P-L-A-Y. Oh, come on Roberta, surely you and Tony have indulged in foreplay?”

“Is that what happens, when Tony says he wants to fuck? Sometimes, he says I am not wet enough and he spits on my pussy. Then he lays on me and fucks me until he comes. Once he is done he rolls off and falls asleep. Is that foreplay?”

“No. It seems Tony will be in for a few surprises. You can use all the things you are learning and have learned as a form of foreplay. Foreplay is what you do before you engage in the act of fucking. It helps get you and Tony in the mood and prolongs the enjoyment.

Robert smiles and nods her head in agreement.

“Well if you are ready, and feeling up to it, let’s start class.”

Roberta gets a very serious look on her face.

“There’s no need to worry though. Like I told you, patience and lubrication is the key.” He assures her.

Roman’s comforting words have removed the worried look from her face and her demeanor relaxes.

“So are you ready to begin your lesson?” he presses.

“Yes Sensei. I am ready,”

“Good. I think that we will be using the bedroom again for today’s lesson.”

“Can you teach me how to implement what I have learned as foreplay?” she says as an afterthought as she springs up from the couch, “Shall I remove my clothes now or once we are in the bedroom, Sensei?” she sweetly asks.

“Yes,” says Roman, “In the bedroom would be the place to remove your clothes, since that is where we will be studying today.”

Roberta bounces into the bedroom, as Roman follows. She starts to strip her clothing and soon she is completely naked only wearing a schoolgirl smile.

“Roberta”, he shouts, “What the hell are you doing?”

Roberta cowers slightly, “I am sorry, Sensei,” she says. “I disrobed, isn’t that what you said to do? I am eager to get started and wanted to get my clothes out of the way. Did I do something wrong?”

Roman tells her, “Making things quicker is not always the best way. A man likes to watch a woman remove her clothes. Sometimes, the slower she does it, the more excited the man feels. So I want you to put your clothes back on. You want to know how to implement foreplay, let’s start here.”

Roberta does as instructed and puts back on her entire outfit. She waits for more instructions from Roman.

“Now”, Roman instructs, “I want you to remove your clothes very slowly for me, beginning with your blouse. Think about Tony and I want you to see his eyes on you. Know this; you have something that he wants. You are a beautiful sensual woman, he is your man and you want him to enjoy seeing you.”

Roberta gives a very sexy smile to her teacher, as she removes her blouse. She slowly unbuttons it and sashays it off her shoulder. Letting her blouse fall to the floor, she starts to wiggle her hips in a small figure 8. As her hands rises to unhook her bra, Roberta’s beautiful breasts press against the black satin fabric. Once free, they pop out and lightly bounce. canlı bahis siteleri “Like this Sensei?” she asks as she shimmies her breasts with her hands now out stretched at her sides.

Roman eagerly responds, “Yes, Roberta, just like that.”

She then undoes the button to her jeans, unzips them and puts her thumbs into the waistband and begins to pull them down.

“No, no,” Roman interrupts, “I want you to turn around and show me your ass, as you remove them.”

Roberta turns around and begins to remove her jeans slowly. As the material reaches the top of her ass, she bends over so her firm pear shaped cheeks are poking at him. The material then clears her entire ass. Still fully bent over, she steps out of jeans and tosses them on the chair.

Roman’s mind is whirling, “It doesn’t get any better than this. I know it will later on but for right now, life is good.” He thinks to himself as he watches Roberta’s amateur striptease.

With a growing hard-on, Roman is shortly incapable of moving.

“Roberta,” he asks, “will you please go in the living room and bring my storage box in here.”

Roberta quickly prances her way into the living room to retrieve the box.

While she is out of the room, he adjusts his cock, so that he is more comfortable and tries to think of his ex-wife to cause him to calm down a bit.

When she returns, she is all smiles, “Shall I lie down on the bed?” she playfully asks.

“No,” says Roman, “you may get on the bed but I want you on your hands and knees. However before that, let’s chat a few minutes about foreplay and what you can do besides taking your clothes off slowly.”

Roberta places the storage box down on the chair and walks over to Roman. He takes her in his arms and starts to slowly and sensually kiss her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks and then he takes her right earlobe into his mouth and sucks gently. He continues to kiss her right below her ear and plants a few sucking kisses on her neck.

Roberta feels her body respond to him and tenses.

“Is something wrong, Roberta?” he murmurs as he descends down to her breast with more kisses.

“Sensei, this does not feel right. I am having a reaction to you that I should only have for Tony, my husband. I am confused.”

“Roberta, foreplay is a preamble to sex. If don’t right, what you are feeling will happen no matter who is doing the foreplay. Now you try, just think about being sexy and do whatever comes to mind.”

Roberta starts to kiss Roman, as he kissed her. He closes his eyes and enjoys her lips and tongue on his neck. However, since he is still fully clothed she can’t go any further down. However, she leans into his body and starts to grind herself into him.

“U-um, yes you have the picture. Now let’s get started with today’s lesson. Get on your hands and knees on the bed.” He says slightly pushing her away and breathing deeply to calm himself.

Roberta does as she is told. As she climbs on the bed, she looks around and gives another sexy little smile. Wiggling her ass, she says, “Like this, Sensei?”

Roman opens his box up and pulls out some of his toys. He also pulls out the bottle of lubrication. “That’s just perfect, Roberta. Now I want you to relax completely. I am going to start with some lube in your ass.”

Roman opens the bottle and squirts a small stream of the lube down the crack of her sweet buns. He uses his index finger to push it into her asshole.

“Oh!, Sensei, that feels very nice!” she squeals.

Slowly he keeps poking his finger in and out of her ass. Adding more lube, he now places a second finger in and keeps pushing back and forth with the full length of his fingers. Roberta begins to moan softly.

“I want you to rub your pussy.” He says huskily.

Her hand sneaks down between her legs and she begins massaging her pussy, as instructed.

“See, patience and lubrication does the trick. Just keep relaxing and enjoy the ride.”

Roman picks up the anal beads vibrator from the bed. He removes his fingers from her ass. She lets out a quiet but disappointing sigh. He canlı bahis places a little more lube on the beads and slowly feeds them into her rectum. Once again, she begins to moan with delight. He gets it all in and switches on the vibrator. Her ass jerks upwards at the sensation.

“Oh Sensei, she screams, “this feels wonderful. Please don’t stop. I want you to put it deeper in my ass.”

Well, he has run out of beads and he’s got the whole 5″ in. “Perhaps this will help,” he says.

Roman leaves the flexible shaft dangling from her ass while he reaches for the “Tsunami Wonder’. He runs lube down the 7″ of the vibrator’s shaft. As quickly as the anal beads are removed, He switches on the vibrator and plunges all 7” into Roberta’s twitching ass.

“Oh faster, Sensei, faster,” she cries.

As he is running the full length of the vibrator in and out of her ass, she is furiously rubbing her pussy. After a few minutes of this, her body can no longer contain itself. Waves of ecstasy roll over Roberta. Her hips and ass are bucking forward and back meeting her teacher’s plunging movements. With a thunderous scream, she reaches the highest level of pleasure yet. She explodes with another massive orgasm.

“Oh my, Sensei,” she pants, “I never realized how wonderful something could feel. I never…I never…well, I just never knew.”

With the vibrator withdrawn from her ass, Roberta rolls on her side and curls into a fetal position.

“I knew you would like it if we just took the time,” he says matter of factly. “It just takes a little time. Now do you think that you might be able to try the 9″ dildo?”

“I will try Sensei, but can we go slowly again,” Roberta answers.

“You can take all the time you wish because I want you to fuck yourself with it.” he says.

He hands her one of the 9″ dildos. She gets back up on her hands and knees and tries to place the head near her asshole but she seems to be fumbling a little. He instructs her to turn herself on the bed so that her ass faces the mirrored closet doors.

“This will give you a better view of things,” he adds.

Roman helps by placing some more lube in her ass and spreads some along the length of the dildo. Roberta looks around her side as she attempts re-entry. Without much effort, she slips the head of the dildo in her ass. Slowly she strokes it in and out, gaining more length as she goes. Roberta now has about 4″ of the dildo up her asshole and her moaning begins to rise.

“Sensei, this is so much bigger. I don’t know if I can fit anymore inside me,” she cries.

“Just take your time, Roberta,” Roman says, “You’re doing just fine. Just relax your muscles. Don’t try to fight it.”

It is clear that the extra width is challenging her. She’s a trooper though; wanting to be able to please her husband makes her eager to try even more. She keeps stroking the dildo in and out, in and out. Soon another inch has sunk into her depths. Taking her time and trying her best Roberta has now managed to get 7″ of the dildo up her ass. She now attempts to use her other hand to rub her pussy but has a difficult time maintaining her balance. Giving up on that, Roberta concentrates more on her initial task. Roman now sees that her hips are starting to grind again. More and more she tries to go deeper. In a short time now, she has the entire 9″ going in and out of her ass. The bed is shaking and her body is trembling. Her self-indulgent, fast speed plunging is peaking.

“Ah, ah, ah,” she cries, “here I come!” She collapses on the bed.

“Roberta, that was just fantastic, you are a born natural. I have never had a student who approached her lessons with such fervor. I am very proud of you.”

Roberta rolls over on her back and looks up at her teacher. She has beads of sweat on her forehead, “Thank you, Sensei. I never could have done it without you. You deserve all the credit. Well, now when someone tells me to ‘go fuck yourself in the ass,’ I will know exactly what to do.”

They both burst into laughter.

“Roberta, you are a treasure,” he says. “Now get plenty of rest tonight; and I mean rest. Tomorrow is the first day of final exams.”

As Roman turns to leave, a very pleased and content Roberta replies, “I will Sensei, but I will also study some more. I want to get the highest grades that I can get.”

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