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Reward of Self Pleasuring

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I left for the pool early Tuesday morning with great anticipation of how much I was going to enjoy my toys. Using them was part of the reward that my Master had granted me after a very long, stressful week. I was to have a day of pleasuring myself and it would begin with my usual morning swim.

I carried the shiny silver ben wah balls safely in my pocket until I got to the community center. The locker room was empty, as I expected it to be. Not too many people use the pool or weight room at 7 am. There is a lull about this time, just after the early morning rush and before the seniors get there.

Finding my usual locker, I undressed quickly and got out my toys. I stood naked, with one leg propped up on the bench, and carefully opened the outer lips of my slit with my fingers. I inserted each ball slowly. I loved the feeling of the cold hard metal as each one passed over the wet folds of my pussy. Already pretty slick, the balls slid inside rather easily.

When they were both in, I stood quietly for a moment before putting on my suit. I could feel the tiny balls bumping each other inside me, finding their place, as I worked the muscles needed to keep them inside. My body shuddered. I was ready for the fun to begin.

I probably could have brought myself to orgasm right there. The balls tucked deep inside me felt very good; however, I heard the locker room door open. Two older women from the senior center came in and decided to stop in the isle across from me and talk. I didn’t think I should shock them so early in the morning. So I put on my suit, grabbed my towel and goggles, and went to the pool.

I got into the water at the shallow end and carefully worked my way to the other side of the pool where the lap lanes were. I could feel the metal balls collide with every movement. I was hoping they wouldn’t find their way out. It would be rather embarrassing explaining to lifeguard what I was looking for.

When I got to the other side of the pool, I was disappointed to see that Mary, the woman who usually swims next to me, wasn’t there. She had become the subject of many erotic fantasies lately and seeing her, in the state I was in, would have certainly fueled more.

Instead, there was a man I didn’t recognize in her usual lane. He was an older gentleman, very handsome, and he appeared to be in good shape. He stopped only for a moment to say hello, then went back to his laps. I smiled to myself knowing that this stranger had no idea I had a naughty little secret stirring inside me.

I started out with my kick board. Instantly I was feeling the incredible pleasures from the friction of my toys and had to slow down the speed of my kick. I didn’t want the fun the end too soon. With each length the excitement was building and it took everything Escort Büyükçekmece in me to keep from coming so early in my workout. It was time to get rid of the kick board and swim.

I was acutely aware of the powerful sensations that my toys were producing inside me as I swam back and forth. It was very distracting. The feeling was so intense that I found it difficult concentrate and I forgot what lap I was on several times. Length after agonizing length I swam, not knowing how much more I could handle.

A little more than half way through my workout, Erik came in. He has been swimming with Mary and me since the end of December. He is a big man, not exceptionally good looking, but very nice and always in a pleasant mood.

Erik and I talked for a few minutes as I rested at the wall, but I don’t remember much of what we said. My mind was very focused on my toys. I smiled as I thought of myself in the pool, between two almost naked men, who had no idea of the stimulation my body was going through.

As we talked, my aching pussy was quivering with increasing excitement. I think Erik could sense how uncomfortable I was getting as I shifted from one leg to the other. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

Politely I told Erik I needed to keep swimming, then put on my goggles and swam a quick freestyle to the other end. As I grabbed the side of the pool my entire body suddenly convulsed in rich orgasm. From deep within I felt the pulsing sensations overtaking my body causing me to feel a bit lightheaded.

I waited for a few moments, savoring every second, as I held on tight to the wall. I looked to see if anyone had seen what happened. Erik had already started swimming. But, as I looked to the other side of me, the handsome new man was smiling, and then he nodded, knowingly.

There was no way I’d be able to finish my workout now. I think I had about 8 laps to go, but I was now slightly embarrassed as well as drained of energy. I rested for a moment longer, regained my composure, and swam back to the other side of the pool. I retrieved my kick board, and then left the pool area immediately, with a smile on my face.

I walked back into the locker room and headed straight for the showers. My legs were still a bit weak and shaky from my incredible orgasm in the pool. I took my toys out, rinsed them and dropped them in my swim bag. They had done their job well and I thought to myself that I’d like to experience that again, real soon.

I took off my suit and stood under the spray of the hot shower for several minutes, thinking about what had just happened. I thought about how much I enjoyed coming in a public pool, so near to a couple of unsuspecting men. And how much more intense my orgasm had Çatalca escort been with my toys secretly inside.

I closed my eyes, as my hands worked themselves over my body, starting at my breasts. I caressed them gently and lightly pinched my hardened nipples between my thumb and forefinger. My hands continued moving slowly down my torso until a finger found my bare pussy and started to play. Slowly I moved my right finger over my clit and circled it in and around the stickiness of my own cum. My hand went up to my mouth and I savored the taste of myself.

I thought of myself kneeling before my Master, with the water streaming over me. And I imagined His cock deep in my throat, His hands steadying my head in front of Him, while He forcefully pounded His engorged cock deep into my mouth.

I was ready to come again pretty quickly as I masturbated to thoughts of sucking on my Masters cock. I let out a soft moan as I started to climax. I shuddered as wave after wave came over me and my knees weakened. Adding to the intensity of the moment, I thought I heard someone in the bathroom near the showers and wondered if they might have heard me. After the feelings had subsided, I thought again of my Master. The reward He had granted me had started out wonderful and the pleasures of my day had only just begun.

I was tired by the time I dressed and left the community center, but I could rest on the drive home. I knew I was going to enjoy the next few hours; it was going to be filled with lots more fun.

I arrived back home about 11am. and readied myself for playtime. I shed only my pants and was left wearing a tight black v-neck sweater with a sexy black lace bra underneath and black silk panties that were dampening fast.

My Master had instructed me to use my time to read erotic fiction while I played with myself. I logged onto the computer and randomly picked a story from one of my favorite sites. The story was short and it got my attention rather quickly as I read about a little fun with exhibitionism at a store and eventually a poolside foursome. Not enough to get me off right away, but a good start at getting my juices flowing.

Next, I found a story about a threesome among friends. I liked the detailed description of a fantastic blowjob a guy got from a woman friend. As I read, my fingers slowly rubbed the crotch of my panties, which had become laden with secretions from my pussy. I felt the sticky liquid seep through my underwear and collect along my fingertips. With each paragraph my breathing got heavier and my cunt wetter until I couldn’t take it any longer. I brought myself to orgasm, through my soaked panties, about the same time the guy in the story did.

I sat back at my desk and composed myself while I Esenler escort bayan caught my breath. Then, I removed my wet panties and spread my legs wide. My cunt was dripping on the towel underneath me, but I wasn’t totally satisfied yet. I needed something more intense to read and decided to go to a story I had bookmarked as a favorite, about a sub meeting her Master for the first time.

I removed my sweater, pulled each breast out from the confinements of my bra and played with my hardened nipples as I started reading. The instructions the sub was given to bind herself in a hotel was extremely arousing. I thought of myself being in that story and how it would feel to experience what she did.

I continued to read more of the story while I pinched and twisted my nipples. My tongue wetted my lips as I touched myself, feeling my body respond to my own sweet touch. I read about dripping hot wax, ice cubes, and the sub being bare assed and plugged and coming for her Master in a restaurant. It didn’t take long for me to bring myself to another orgasm.

My fingers became drenched with hot, sticky cum, spilling out of my pussy and landing on the towel. My face was covered with beads of sweat and my breathing was heavy as I recovered from the lengthy climax. I rubbed my pussy, relaxing it as it purred against my touch.

It was 1:00pm when I finally got up from the computer. My legs were cramped from being spread for so long and my eyes tired from staring at the computer screen. I went into the bedroom and lay down, I was exhausted. I only had an hour left of alone time and just needed to close my eyes for a moment.

About 10 minutes later the phone rang, arousing me from my short rest. I looked at the clock and saw that I had just enough time to get in one more release, so I decided not to answer it. Instead, I reached behind me, unhooked my bra and tossed it to the side of the bed.

With one hand I reached down and spread my lips wide. I used the other hand to spread my cum all over, lightly brushing my tender clit. It was now pretty sensitive and every time my finger touched it, I shuddered.

I thought about my Master as I played and how much I’d like to cum for Him while He watched. He would enjoy watching me squirm, not being able to cum until He told me I could. I wondered how much control I would have at this point; if I’d be able to please Him with my restraint.

I enjoyed the last moments of my time alone. I slowly stroked and gently inserted two fingers in and out of my soaking pussy. I fucked myself with intense emotion. My body arched in pleasure and I let out soft moans as I lifted my hips off the bed. I checked the clock one last time and realized I needed to take care of this quickly. With a furious hand I rubbed myself hard to a final orgasmic release. I felt the warm slick wetness streaming down my inner thighs. My body shook uncontrollably and my skin tingled.

When it was finally over, I held my fingers against my lips and licked off the day’s juices. I was exhausted, but satisfied, and very thankful for my Master’s reward.

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